The PlayStation Card: Maximize Your Gameplay and Points-Earning Power

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The PlayStation Card: Maximize Your Gameplay and Points-Earning Power

We’ve been hard at work with our colleagues over at Capital One to create a credit card with rewards designed with PlayStation fans in mind. That’s why I’m excited to officially introduce the PlayStation Card to you today!

PlayStation Credit Card

The PlayStation Card lets you earn points on all of your purchases, including 10X points on every purchase you make on PlayStation Network. That means you can earn 10X points on each of your game-related PSN purchases as well as PSN movie or TV episode purchases and rentals. EVERY purchase you make using this card lets you rack up points you can redeem for PlayStation games, accessories, and PlayStation Network content – along with other great products from Sony.

In addition to earning 10X the points on all PSN purchases, cardholders will receive the following additional purchase rewards:

  • 3X points on ALL PlayStation and Sony purchases at Sony stores and
  • 3X points at quick service restaurants, at movie theaters, and on your mobile phone bill
  • 1X points on ALL other purchases

You can also earn a $50 PlayStation Network code after your first purchase with the PlayStation Card. Additional details on the $50 PSN code offer can be found here.

It’s a great opportunity for any gamer looking to earn rewards just by purchasing the items you already enjoy. To learn more about the PlayStation Card and to apply today, click here. Happy shopping!

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  • i find it easier to walk to a gas station and buy a 20 dollar PSN card and use it not a big win on the hands of playstation

  • Missed opportunity. If there were Trophies attached, I’d sign up.

  • I will get one…. Once I get a job lol

  • So is Sony Canada canceling the MBNA Sony Points Card?? That’s what it looks like on the Sony Canada site..

  • I might be interested if I thought this card would ever come to Canada. Do it through RBC and I’m in.

  • LOL@Games are 2,000 pts = $2,000 had to be spent simply to get a video game for a reward.. and if you don’t pay that $2,000 x 25% with a penalty APR of 30%!

    whoever wrote this makes themselves sound poor…

  • Will there be a canadian equivalent of this?

  • Can we have one if we are from Canada?

  • Will this card be available for us here in Germany too? :) If so, then i’m gonna get one for SURE! ^^

  • if this is like a actual capital 1 card well have to pay money so i guess i’m sticking to my lovely psn prepaid cards sorry sony

  • 10X points on purchases on PSN? Alright! Wait, that means I have to use a credit card to pay for my PSN purchases. Nice try, Sony! Never again!

  • I am so tempted to sell my PS3 and just get an Xbox 360. But then I’d miss out on those wonderful 1st-party Sony games.

    Sony’s customer service this gen has been horrendous.

  • Screw credit cards. I don’t have one and don’t need one. I buy all my digital games using pre-paid points cards (PSN, Wii). The only time I use my debit card for this stuff is on my 3DS. Nintendo doesn’t save your card data, so it’s somewhat safer to use a debit card on the 3DS.

  • I am a little nervous to get this card, PSN has been hacked a lot. How do I know my credit card number and information would be safe?

  • Sounds great, but will that card get the error code: 80023102 while trying to buy games off the store? Because I have not been able to buy any games for months now, I got a new card a week ago and nothing. I already called in for the issue, did everything I was told to in order to “fix” problem and no luck so far.

  • Sure complain all you want about Sony and credit cards, meanwhile the exact same things happens to Valve and people can’t stop throwing money at them for virtual hats.

  • Sorry Sony, but this is a strike against you. With all the Occupy movements, the financial crisis, debt loading, and every other bank related buffoonery going on, you release a CREDIT CARD with ties to the PSN, whose security is suspect at best!? Very disappointing.

  • Is it available in Canada? You need to list the countries in he description.

  • $50 PSN code = free cod elite?
    just for signing up. hmm maybe

  • Mmmmm Tempting, but no thanks. I fell in that trap . . . not again. You know that saying, “Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me.” I’ve been fooled once.

  • @MORGAN!!!

    Please, please, please, push for this to be available in Canada!

    I need a new Capital One card as mine doesn’t even get any points bonus~ :(

  • I called MBNA and Sony Canada tonight, and they both told me that the Canadian Sony MasterCard is still available and not planned to disappear. Why don’t you promote it here, Sony? Instead you tell everyone that there is no Canadian option? It’s like the whole Sony Care / PlayStation Protection Plan all over again. Existed in Canada for years, then the US gets something and all the Canadians complain despite the fact that we’ve had something actually better at the time… Left hand doesn’t know what the right hand is doing, is what this seems like.

  • I do not understand why anyone would jump at this, Capital One is one of the worst for a company. No wonder Sony went with them, they have outrageous interest rates & charges such as ” Fraud Protection ” that charges you 10bucks a month so that if your card gets stolen you are not liable.. I had a CO card at one time, will never ever go with the company again. I will not be going with any CC Company for that fact either.

  • Too bad this will take ages to come to Brazil.
    Otherwise I would rack a good ammount of points…

  • i want one for sure now

  • Save on interest with our lowest introductory rate. Get a 0% intro APR on purchases until September 2012. Then you’ll enjoy a variable rate between 13.9% and 24.9%. And best of all, there’s no annual fee.

    ARE YOU TRYING TO ROB ME!? MY GOD thats insane hahahaha

  • Spending $20 a month with 10X points on PSN purchases, it would take me over 18 months to get enough points to redeem for a single PS3 game.

  • i want this : / but i dont like credit

  • Please look into bringing this to Candian PS Gamers!!! I want one!

  • it’s more better for puting it on network lither doing it on card

  • iv’e got it but more better on network

  • Haaa, again not in Canada, lol. Would be nice if you could simply merge Canada and US for pretty much everything. I mean, it’s not like it’s far away, and Canadians generally love to use their wallet on videogames.. So I would definetly use a Playstation Card if I could have one…

  • i like that my points will go to something i care about

  • Will they check my credit score before approval ? Yes ? what a surprise….
    Sony needs to come up with some reward points programs for those who spend money on PSN with debit cards or store-bought prepaid cards…. even if it was only 5X bonus points instead of 10X, at least those of us who use other means to buy the same products should get some reward or recognition

  • I do hope that Sony can taste the irony of a playstation credit card…

  • Does anyone know if this card is available in just in America? Or are there terms and conditions to view?

  • I dont really get it is it a credit card for psn?

  • where can i buy one?

  • Hi guys I think this is a great offer . . . but I live in Mexico City, Can I get one? How? Please answer me.

    Have a NIce Day.

  • what am i doing wrong i couldnt apply for the playstation credit card? saying app not found is the card out yet?

  • Whats the catch?

  • So,can it be gained in other countries outside usa or uk? as in Bangladesh?

  • whoever wrote this makes themselves sound poor…

    Whoever wrote this makes themselves sound extremely un-educated. I mean at 25% APR, only a retard would actually accept that outrageous APR simply to get a free video game or s PSN card.

  • Do you have any plans for a Playstation Card in Brazil? I really want a Playstation Card.

  • this sounds like heaven

  • This is S T U P I D!!!!

    Capitol one does not need to know what is imn my wallet, and I will never apply for a high interest government subsidized credit card. Capitol one will have to find someone else to STEAL from!!!!!

  • When will psn be available in croatia or montenegro? Does anyone know?

  • Is this only for the United states? can i not apply for one if i am in London united kingdom?

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