The PlayStation Card: Maximize Your Gameplay and Points-Earning Power

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The PlayStation Card: Maximize Your Gameplay and Points-Earning Power

We’ve been hard at work with our colleagues over at Capital One to create a credit card with rewards designed with PlayStation fans in mind. That’s why I’m excited to officially introduce the PlayStation Card to you today!

PlayStation Credit Card

The PlayStation Card lets you earn points on all of your purchases, including 10X points on every purchase you make on PlayStation Network. That means you can earn 10X points on each of your game-related PSN purchases as well as PSN movie or TV episode purchases and rentals. EVERY purchase you make using this card lets you rack up points you can redeem for PlayStation games, accessories, and PlayStation Network content – along with other great products from Sony.

In addition to earning 10X the points on all PSN purchases, cardholders will receive the following additional purchase rewards:

  • 3X points on ALL PlayStation and Sony purchases at Sony stores and
  • 3X points at quick service restaurants, at movie theaters, and on your mobile phone bill
  • 1X points on ALL other purchases

You can also earn a $50 PlayStation Network code after your first purchase with the PlayStation Card. Additional details on the $50 PSN code offer can be found here.

It’s a great opportunity for any gamer looking to earn rewards just by purchasing the items you already enjoy. To learn more about the PlayStation Card and to apply today, click here. Happy shopping!

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  • I’m a bit confused….isn’t there already a Playstation Card?! I have it in my wallet! It’s a nice silvery gray. Do I get the same benefits? It used to be maintained by Chase but is now Capital One as well. It’s a Visa card. Please let me know!

    • Yes, there is already a PlayStation Card and we have good news for current cardmembers – your card will be automatically upgraded to the NEW PlayStation Card! Just go to to learn more

  • thats just what i need another credit card that i cant pay off !!!

  • I have a SonyCard will these new benefits apply to me or will I have to get a new credit card?
    I’ve always wondered why PSN purchases never earned me bonus points on my SonyCard since it is a purchase from a Sony store.

  • ok i already have a capital one platinum , can i switch to the capital one playstation card ?

  • is this a pre pay card ? i would get one if it is!!!

    • The PlayStation Card is a credit card that allows you to earn points for all purchases you make, including 10X on all PlayStation Network purchases.

  • yeah i’m confused as well. will this replace the playstation cards that you can currently buy at gamestop etc etc???
    also,the pic of the card can not be seen on the blog! >_>

  • i went to the rewards page and its very general on what Sony is offering. it says starting for 1500 points you can get PS Hardware, i would like to know what specifically i can get so i know if applying for this card is a good idea or not. especially since you get 10x on PSN purchases, i spend about 100 buck each year on map packs, songs, and whatever games looks good at the time so having this card maybe a good thing in the long run. are we talking console, controllers, bluetooths, eye toy, let me know a little more so i can make an informed decision

    • The points you earn on the PlayStation Card are good toward PS3, PSP and PS Move hardware, games and accessories, as well as PlayStation content like PSN codes to load your wallet and PS Plus subscriptions. In addition, your points can get you the latest Sony electronics, music, movies, gift cards and more.

  • i dont wanna have 2 capital one credit cards lol

  • Awesomeness. Is something like this coming to Canada? In the meantime I recommend the Best Buy Rewards card to any Canadian gamers. You get points pretty quickly on it! I have $50 I just earned, yet again, XD. I’ll be using it for Playstation Vita ^_^ But yeah if a PS Card comes to Canada, I would take a look into it

    • The PlayStation Card is not currently available in Canada, but this is something we are looking into for the future.

  • Holy crap! A 14% to 25% APR. Not even a small chance I would do something that stupid. Good luck on that and I am sure you’ll get plenty of financially illiterate people to sign up.

  • me and capitol one do not get along very well. one time they threatening to take legal action against me. morons:)

  • Needs to come to Canada…

  • oh and ginger i havent seen that avatar on the playstation store , hope you guys consider making a Heavenly Sword sequel

  • Nope. I will NEVER make a purchase on PSN with a credit card ever again.

  • Dear Sony,
    Given your past history with credit cards, why should we give you another number to play with?
    Stay out of the debt industry!

    Leave me out of it…

  • Giggity Goo

  • Financial illiteracy FTW. I will be applying for this card.
    Reward Points I can spend on games given to me for buying games. I think I am drooling.

  • @groovy341 didnt know that the card came with so high interests, i just hope this doesnt replace the “real” playstation cards, you know the ones that you buy at gamestop et tal….

  • @Groovy341

    This will attract plenty of financially literate people because financially literate people don’t let their credit cards receive any interest because they pay their bills on time. Therefore the APR doesn’t matter to financially literate people.

  • I need one in Honduras :D

  • @#10, as long as u pay it off every month u dont have to worry about finance charges. duh.

    that’s what i do with all my cards (well i only use two at the moment)

  • @10 That hardly matters to financially literate people. Since they don’t spend more than they can afford, thus can pay their credit card balance every month and not amass any debt and thus have no interest to pay, because they have no debt.

    I’d gladly get one, because I’m not a fool who spends more than I can pay off. Is it coming to Canada?

  • Yea, I am wondering about switching as well. I have a capital one card and would like to switch over.

  • I used it to buy am Xbox 360 game and it said DENIED.

  • when i heard the capitol one part of this headline i was out. A few years back i would receive constant offers to open credit with them and after not responding they assumed that i was interested. i got a statement in the mail and said i had to pay the monthly fee? are you kidding me? fee for what?? after calling and talking with customer service they said i accepted credit and i explained i never even received a card? the situation was insane! i will never deal with capitol one, so sorry playstation no thanks!

  • Just got mine approved! It’s simple…just charge only what you can pay off at the end of the month and just rack up the points. Plus no annual fee. It’s 1 point per $1 charged. (bonus points for exceptions) Also, after first charge they send you a $50 PSN code.

  • mw3 its so hot

  • Seems interestingly cool. Since I am missing out on a lot of things in the PSN store.

  • Any debit alternatives?

  • I would love to know if the Sony branded card (from Cap One) will get the 10x points from PSN as well. I called and asked about psn, they said they are only 1 point, sad face :(

  • Well, didn’t approve. Heard bad things about Capital One, so oh well. Would be great to make purchase with a nice Playstation card without the “pass by good credit” thing.

  • This just seems too good to be true. there has to be some catch to it. there is just too much pros for this creditcard mainly if you use it for psn/sony.

    Honestly though 2 things are making me hold back on this:

    1. which is really two complaints, but both are just as important. 1. previous issue with the psn. early this year when you were hack made me think twice about all the website that hold my info, and its something i will probably never do every again, So why should i buy and use another credit card that might get hacked again? 2. because of this i rarely buy things from the psn as it is. also mainly because nothing of my interest have been getting released (mainly psp) so again why buy a card im probably never going to use.

    2. Capital One, like other have stated they arent really that good of a choice for credit cards. my mother was with them and she had a terrible experience with them to the point where she was in debt for quite sometime, despite the fact she paid all her bills on time. They have poor costumer service and i dont think Sony should havbe chosen them.

  • Any chance this will come to Canada?

  • @10
    My credit card could be 1000% and I wouldn’t care, because I only buy what my salary allows me to pay. I’ve had a credit card for 5 years, lost my job during that period and never did I had to pay ANYTHING on my credit card. You shouldn’t have to if you can manage your money.

  • This just might be my first credit card. I do need one, I might as well get one that ties in with something I enjoy.

  • By “never did I had to pay ANYTHING on my credit card”, I obviously meant interests. I have always paid my bills fully, even when out of job.

  • I am very disappointed that this blog is peddling a credit card.

  • Can you please ask Bethesda to put Skyrim on PSN so that you can buy it and dl it to your ps3? Thanks ! :) Thanks.

  • I have the previous version of this card and I hate to break to everyone that purchases on the PSN do NOT count toward x3 or x5 points. I will say this again:

    THE POINTS FROM PSN DO NOT COUNT TOWARD x5 or x3 rewards. That being said, I do still use the card as x1 is still better than nothing, but it is very misleading so please make sure you read the fine print before you jump over and open up a new credit card.

  • Yeah, if it came to Canada, I’d think about it, but until then…

  • Wow, wow, wow…. 14% to 25% APR…. that’s ridiculous. I’m already having enough trouble paying off the ONE credit card i have now. and my APR on that card is lower than the 14%.
    So much for this idea, even though it sounds so damn inviting.

  • Please PLEASE PLEASE!!!!!!! Come to Canada, my life would be pretty much complete

  • If I wanted to use another credit card, maybe but probably not. Just like some people have said, why choose Capital One?

  • Sony… a personal [DELETED] from me to you now with that aside I will say this, as a company you have practiced a lot of bad business tactics and why should we have to sign up for a credit card just for points? We should earn them when we buy a PSN Cash Card, spend our cash in the PSN store. Not this… anything but this… your milking the fans far to often and far to much, this should have been implemented as a new feature… to promote spending. I cannot justify support such things and I hope others would think twice, but like I said… if this had been introduced in the right way… I would have supported it. I mean points… just for spending my money in your store, that’s what I’m talking about… I have a credit card all ready and I will never use it on your store! Look at the PSN outage… that’s the main reason, I don’t want anything like that to happen to my credit… change how the points are applied and talk to us again and it better not be just a PSN Plus Members Only screw over!

  • 1% on normal purchases

    3% on Sony hardware from authorised retailers

    10% on PSN purchases

    Man this is actually pretty good.

  • Also LOL at the people complaining about the interest rate. Pay your bill off every month and you won’t pay any interest.

  • ” *You will automatically receive 1 point per $1 when you use your PlayStation®Card to purchase Sony or PlayStation® products at an authorized retailer. To receive your additional 2 points per $1, submit a Bonus Points Form. Visit or contact Sony Rewards Customer Service at 877-718-7669 for additional information on authorized retailers or to access the Bonus Points Form.

    Purchase APR: 0% intro rate until September 2012, between 13.9% and 24.9% variable thereafter. Transfer APR: between 13.9% and 24.9% variable. Cash Advance APR: 24.9% variable. Penalty APR: 29.4% variable. APRs in effect as of 10/01/11 and may vary with the market. Cash Advance Fee: greater of 3% of the advance amount or $10. Minimum Finance charge $0.50.”

    LOL @ anyone who is stupid enough to get this credit card. Games are 2,000 pts = $2,000 had to be spent simply to get a video game for a reward.. and if you don’t pay that $2,000 x 25% with a penalty APR of 30%!


  • Nice idea, but partnering with one of the worst banks in the country is the best way for most people to keep away from it.

  • Sony and Capitol One . Two of the most notorious for terrible customer service . Sounds like a match made in heaven to me .

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