PSN Top Sellers: October 2011 Edition

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PSN Top Sellers: October 2011 Edition

The numbers are in: It’s time to break down the Top 20 PSN games from October! Whether you’ve played them all or missed a game or two, we hope you’ll find this month’s numbers informative and interesting. This list tracks top games purchased, downloaded and installed; it does not track games given away as part of PlayStation Plus. With that, let’s get to the list!


In the chill of October, PSN gamers have been keeping warm with NBA JAM: On Fire Edition! But co-op bank robbery shooter PAYDAY: The Heist came in close (with a release in the later part of October as well), along with other new arrivals including Dungeon Defenders and Crysis. Also notable are the PS2 Classics that hit the Store with Odin Sphere and God Hand both cracking the top 20.

Which game was your favorite? Are there any titles you expected to make the cut for October but didn’t chart? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below, and we’ll see you with the next Top 20 next month.


1. NBA Jam: On Fire Edition: He’s on fire! This all-new NBA Jam hit PSN in a big way, scoring the coveted top slot. Bigger rosters, legendary players, monster dunks and robust multiplayer support round out this arcade-style basketball classic.
2. PAYDAY: The Heist
3. Crysis
4. Chrono Trigger: The launch of this beloved RPG on PSN led to it skyrocketing to the top five downloads for the month. All the more fitting as Square Enix’s “Winter of RPGs” is right around the corner with Chrono Cross, Final Fantasy V, and Final Fantasy VI releasing before the holidays.
5. Resident Evil 4
6. Angry Birds
7. Dungeon Defenders: This online co-op tower defense action RPG made quite an impression on PS3 players. If you loved PixelJunk Monsters, give this bad boy a shot.
8. Castlevania: Harmony of Despair
9. From Dust
10. Mortal Kombat Arcade Kollection
11. Saints Row 2
12. Resident Evil 2
13. Final Fantasy VII
14. Resident Evil 3: Nemesis
15. Odin Sphere: The PS2 classic returns with a bang! Part of the Only On PSN promotion last month, this RPG found new life as players stepped into the middle of a war between five nations.
16. Burnout Crash!
17. Real Steel
18. Castle Crashers
19. God Hand
20. Battlefield 1943




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6 Author Replies

  • I’m very happy with Castlevania: Harmony of Despair, it’s one of the games I have played the most with my girlfriend!

    I just love how she wants to play it in co-op mode when we are both home!

    BTW, I haven’t played this title online or solo yet, so I can’t comment on the gameplay of these modes…

  • I have payday and festival of blood… FoB was sick, the writers at suckerpunch really know what they’re doing…. as far as payday, what more do u want for $20, but infamous definitely deserves to be in the number 1 spot the From Dust demo was pretty cool tho…

  • i like that this is being publicly tracked lets me gauge the online games that will have alot of players an also shows me which games could use more support keep up the great work an please update firmware instead of home thank u

  • Of that list Payday easily is my favorite, followed by From Dust, but I also bought Angry birds and played the Real Steel demo almost bought it.

    But yeah the month of Halloween and no one was buying Infamous FOB, I bought it and made sure it was beat before Halloween. It was a good time, I really enjoyed the flying mechanic, and also really apprieciated the increased difficulty level. I need my games to be hard or I get bored very quickly.

    Heads up all, Sony is taking away 3 system activations for all purchases past the 18th of this month!!!!!

    This means no more purchases off PSN for this guy, and I have spent well over $1000 in the PSStore to date.

    From now on only disc based content for me, and the online pass issue doesnt bother me that bad as i have a solution which doesnt involve payin $15.

    Sony you are cutting the final cord here, I highly suggest you increase that to at least 3 systems as that is the most systems the average family will own.

    Or we are forced to buy all conent twice from here on out???? I think not my friends.

  • I spent $75 last month, and some of the games on your list I bought before October.

    Your losing me as a online shopper if you really take 3 of my activations away on the 18th!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Dont do it, I thought we were friends??? ( even though you never game share with me!!!! LOL)

    Seriously Sony I been with you from the start, dont send me away now, after all we’ve been through????

    I know you still love me baby, lets stay together.

  • Do you have, or plan on eventually having 3 or more PS3’s?

    Then from now one you will need to purchase everything at least twice if you want to enjoy the content you paid for on all these systems.

    There was a time when Sony would allow you to play purchased content on 5 personally owned systems, that time is today.

    Very soon this arrangement loses 60% of its value when Sony reduces the number of systems usable by well over half!!!!!!!!

    Tell me Sony, will the staore prices be reduced by 60% as well to compensate??? No???

    Well what is the arrangement here, you keep changing the rules due to the few dishonest at the expense of the honest, thats really classy guys.

    “It is better to release a 1000 guilty men, then to convict a single innocent one” By better men then you.

  • Please respond, I really need to hear Sony’s justification of this removal of our rights.

    I know we signed over all of our rights recently to be able to continue playing online, but this is distressing.

    Whats next?

    I have $1000 spent on PSN, next thing you know they are gonna say, its time you paid for PSN, or you will no longer have any access to your entire library of purchases.

    They gonna say,
    “want to continue playing those games off PSN you paid full price for?? That’ll be $20 a month please”

    I realise this now and will not be digging my grave any deeper.

    I always knew PSN purchases had restrictions and reduced value due to absolutely no resale value.
    This was compensated for by the increased convienience of having on the HDD, cant lose them.
    But I see now we can lose them, and all it will take is another single greedy stab in the back by Sony.

    The worst part is I have just bought a yr’s PSPlus and still have $20 in my PSN wallet, they get you coming and going I suppose.

  • Dungeon Defenders and Burnout Crash! are both awesome. Add me if you play either.

  • Just a reminder to third party Developers and Publishers who release content on PSN that sonys recent unethical behaviour, the latest being removal of users system activations starting Novemer 18th. As has been pointed out already this is breach of contract and an illicit cash grab. As a result a large number of users will NOT be purchasing content on PSN going foward. So enjoy it while it lasts as this will be the last of the top sellers for a long time.

    No doubt nobody from sony will publicly reply to this but instead hide behind cowards and trolls who only insult and try to intimidate with the same repetitive tired old attacks. It won’t work any longer. Theres too many people upset with being treated like trash.

  • By the way sony I was going to buy Payday and a number of other things on PSN later this week including the GT5 dlc. But no longer. Now what your getting from me this point forward is exactly $0. Many others are doing likewise. Now run along and tell the developers and publishers who keep you afloat about how your the grinch who stole their christmas along with your customers.

  • It’s a shame Rochard isn’t even on this list.

  • @61 you said it best sir.

    Sony please rethink your strategy!!!

  • @ Phillyblunz cry some more.. it just say you can only have two systems that are active. U can download the same game over and over on different systems but you have to deactivate it to download it to another system. And your on here crying about that. I ‘ve had all of my DLC since 2006 (100%)and have went threw 4 PS3’s.

  • Awesome!

  • Wow, Final Fantasy VII still on the list. It’s a lovely game indeed, I only didn’t buy it because I still own the PS1 discs. Now Square give us a remastered HD version with trophies please. :)

  • @ 64,

    So you are happy to buy everything twice from now on?

    So everytime I want to play a game I need to mess around deactivating and reactivating systems every single day from the 18th onward???

    And to be clear you are happy about this?

    I have 3 systems, and that is no solution.

    And for online games with 5 systems I think I could be using them all at once on the same game, so potentially have my whole family playing the same online game together at the same time.

    Whats your make shift solution for that one??

    Take one activation, maybe two, ease it in slowly at least, dont rip me wide on the first push.

    If I buy 3 PS3’s I should be able to use them all!!!

    I suggest the average house hold will eventually all have 3 PS3’s.

    One in Bedroom, one in living room, one for the kids. Thats 3 if you werent counting.

  • YAY more games I cant play after november cause you removed one of the best things the ps3 ever had, move along Sony, nothing to lose here…..oh wait yes there is.

  • I had QORE since day one, I got into PSPlus on day one, I supported Sony at every turn.

    I resisted the console of popularity for the console of quality, or at least it used to be more so.

    When PS3 exclusives were consistantly top of class in any genre they appeared in, sadly this is becoming much less common and outright rare to find a high quality PS3 exclusive.

    Sure we still have Infamous and Drakes, but R3 was a let down, KZ3 was a let down, DCU was a let down, etc.

    This year has been full of Sony fail, we were even invaded due to Sony’s perpetual attitude of take until nothing is left, like barbarians.

    We were made to sign over ownership of our consoles very recently if we wanted to continue using the content we purchased over the last several years. What kind of choice is that!?!?!?!?! Give up thousands of dollars worth of content, or the ownership rights to the only device they have value on. I would LOL, if it wasnt so sickening.

    We been duped, the only thing to do now is inform others that Sony cant be trusted to make purchases with.
    And stop giving them any more money via PSN, or only blame yourselves when the inevitable occurs.

  • @ Phillyblunz you probably remember the BIG Hack last month when Sony had problems with multiple users logging in at the same time. I guess this might be a way to stop it. But my money is on that problem. And is probly doing this because of it.

  • And Uncharted 3 is The best Game by Far!!!!

  • I feel bad for the people who own more than 2 ps3’s, but don’t blame Sony, blame the kids who have been abusing the system. Every time some kid shares a game with 4 of his friends, the developers get cheated out of 4 sells. I’m sure the developers have been pressuring Sony to make this move for a long time. It’s not all bad news though, because after the 18th, maybe we will see the true ps1 and ps2 classics released. No offense to the 5 people who are gonna buy FSW or Stuntman, but I want GTA SA, FF 12, dragon quest 7 and Legend of Dragoon.

  • @49: You realize Castlevania started 2D right? And pretty sure Harmony of Despair came out before Lords of Shadow on 360 anyway.

    Plus, aside from Soma being overpowered like crazy and some overpriced DLC it’s a great multiplayer game. Very addicting. If you don’t like it, fine, but it not being like another game in the series (which some fans seem to think is nothing like Castlevania anyway) is silly.

  • Lord you people are entitled and foolish. It’s not a breach of contract to change how they do things for future content.

    If amazon starts charging more for shipping after Jan. 1st of 2012, it’s not a breach of contract to consumers who buy things at the former price in 2011. They got that former benefit of price and any orders placed before that, but not yet shipped, will be honored at the original shipping price.

    You still have your 5 for all the content you already bought. You paid for 5, you got 5 and still do and ALWAYS WILL for the CONTENT YOU BOUGHT BEFORE the date the change takes place for FUTURE CONTENT.

    Get over yourselves. Plus you’ll easily be able to deactivate and activate consoles now. I can’t help but feel 90% of the people complaining aren’t legit users of the 5 limit, but cheap people who are the reason this change is taking place. (ie; gamesharers) Otherwise, I’d think you’d be more reasonable with your complaints and not throw around some b/s like “ZOMG DA BREEEECHZ JU EVEEELZ SUNY”

  • Crysis si in 3rd :D and Final Fantasy VII is still in the 20 NICE!!!!

  • @4 guitarded77, BF 1943’s a great game; DICE could have released more maps & I’m sure gamers would support it.

    @22 liquidypoo, the cost of SotN really put me off. Way too expensive for me.

    @ Phillyblunz, I understand your grief. But be sensible, 5 activations is rather absurd. It’s game-sharing (or Acct. sharing) which many users (particularly dorm buddies) exploit. You have 3x PS3s, I have 4x & will purchase another on black Friday. Designate a game & film room- it’s as simple as that.

    @61 CaptainJames99, how does limiting activations violate anything when Sony can “revise” their terms? After all, console activations didn’t disappear- it’s down to 2x. Conversely, would these terms be violated if they raised the # of activations? How does this affect devs & their publishers except to limit “game-sharing?” … and “Many others are doing likewise.” Who are these many others? Stop talking nonsense.

  • Elvick_, summed it up nicely.

    So far, Payday IMO is the surprise hit for a $20 title. Totally worth it if you enjoy FPS! There’s great value w/ the maps included & the gameplay is well done. The only issues that needs addressing are the odd learning curve for player upgrades/leveling & a more efficient match-making/MP joining browser is sorely needed.

    Dungeon Defenders is killing me; fun title but difficult. I do not regret buying it.

    Infamous was the value of the year @ $10. If I had + then, my mind would be blown.

    As much as I like PS/PS2 classics, they cost too much & a sale now & then would be great! (=

    As soon as Crysis drops, it’s in my cart. For a $20 title, it’s another superb value. Yet I played it to death on my PC. Drop the price & I’ll don that awesome suit ready to invade N. Korea.

    I’m looking forward to 2012 w/ Vita, Twisted Metal, ME 2, & various Vita titles… I know I’ll be blindsided by some hit PSN titles too. 2011- probably the best year to be a gamer!!

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