PSN Top Sellers: October 2011 Edition

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PSN Top Sellers: October 2011 Edition

The numbers are in: It’s time to break down the Top 20 PSN games from October! Whether you’ve played them all or missed a game or two, we hope you’ll find this month’s numbers informative and interesting. This list tracks top games purchased, downloaded and installed; it does not track games given away as part of PlayStation Plus. With that, let’s get to the list!


In the chill of October, PSN gamers have been keeping warm with NBA JAM: On Fire Edition! But co-op bank robbery shooter PAYDAY: The Heist came in close (with a release in the later part of October as well), along with other new arrivals including Dungeon Defenders and Crysis. Also notable are the PS2 Classics that hit the Store with Odin Sphere and God Hand both cracking the top 20.

Which game was your favorite? Are there any titles you expected to make the cut for October but didn’t chart? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below, and we’ll see you with the next Top 20 next month.


1. NBA Jam: On Fire Edition: He’s on fire! This all-new NBA Jam hit PSN in a big way, scoring the coveted top slot. Bigger rosters, legendary players, monster dunks and robust multiplayer support round out this arcade-style basketball classic.
2. PAYDAY: The Heist
3. Crysis
4. Chrono Trigger: The launch of this beloved RPG on PSN led to it skyrocketing to the top five downloads for the month. All the more fitting as Square Enix’s “Winter of RPGs” is right around the corner with Chrono Cross, Final Fantasy V, and Final Fantasy VI releasing before the holidays.
5. Resident Evil 4
6. Angry Birds
7. Dungeon Defenders: This online co-op tower defense action RPG made quite an impression on PS3 players. If you loved PixelJunk Monsters, give this bad boy a shot.
8. Castlevania: Harmony of Despair
9. From Dust
10. Mortal Kombat Arcade Kollection
11. Saints Row 2
12. Resident Evil 2
13. Final Fantasy VII
14. Resident Evil 3: Nemesis
15. Odin Sphere: The PS2 classic returns with a bang! Part of the Only On PSN promotion last month, this RPG found new life as players stepped into the middle of a war between five nations.
16. Burnout Crash!
17. Real Steel
18. Castle Crashers
19. God Hand
20. Battlefield 1943




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6 Author Replies

  • Wow I cant believe NBA Jam beat out Payday both are amazingly great if I may add

  • Oh yea morgan is there a system firmware update coming for the PS3 today?

  • No Infamous?

    • It’s doing super well, but since it released in the last 6 days of October, the late release may have made it tough to chart. Just completed it over the weekend and really enjoyed it.

  • Wow… FFVII and Battlefield 1943 still hangin’ tough after all this time. Great games.

  • i have none of these games lol

  • Festival of Blood didn’t even make the top 20?!?! Lol.

    Glad to see Payday is selling but I got the demo for NBA Jam and it’s really fun. Have no idea why it’s #1

    Hope Crysis goes on sale soon I want to get it but am 25 cents short lol

  • Opps I mean it isn’t fun. I deleted the demo right away. Have no idea why it’s #1

  • Glad Odin Sphere is getting picked up. I hope we see more games like it in the future.

    We really need more of these types of games on PS3. Bring on the more PS2 RPGs please. Hoping Square has some surprises for us later this year that aren’t FF.

  • When can I get my darkstalkers? can’t wait for more ps2 classics. looking to pick up maximo soon.

  • I spent my $60+ in October but haven’t received my free $10 credit yet :(

    • If you haven’t received it by 11/15 (the last day that we’ll be sending the vouchers to your PS3 inbox; contact CS.

  • It boggles my mind what is actually purchased on this store XD

  • Thanks for the answer morgan I was just asking because the Music Unlimited post beside this one says something about a firmware update “Music Unlimited Delivers More Control with Latest PS3 Update”

  • @Basindo. Festival of Blood, had what, a week of sales? I’m sure it did better than you’re thinking.

    Good to see FFVII still going strong… Chrono Trigger at #4 is nice as well. Other than the load times it’s a decent port.

  • NBA JAM On Fire Edition is a terrific piece of software, especially for the price–glad to see it’s selling well. Also, it’s sad to see the piss-poor PSOne version of Chrono Trigger is selling well when there’s several better versions of it available for other platforms.

    I’m very interested in Dungeon Defenders, but not until one of two things happen: 1) price drop; or 2) addition of more single-player focused content.

  • i really wan t to get splinter cell trilogy from the psn store. then i sit here and think how long it takes for a simple game to download hours upon hours. i figured by the time splinter cell downloaded the ps4 will be out

  • Hey Morgan, this is unrelated but is there a reason I do not see the Heavy Rain Directors Cut posted on any major retail website. I buy off of amazon, thx

  • real steel…AWESOME GAME!!!!!!

  • @4 Or it is because PSN titles generally don’t sell too well and those are just simply anomalies ;) Don’t get me wrong, I love PSN games, just wish they’d sell better!!!

  • i know pay day the heist just came out and it was totaly awesome already looking foward to more any future maps comming out for this our level cap past 50? our more weapons pack or anything like that

  • @16 I’m guessing because it comes out tuesday, but you can’t preorder it so they’ll, put it up tomorrow. Just a guess though

  • Off topic..just bought the Camouflage Controller that thing is sick !!!!

  • I’m surprised Castlevania: Harmony of Despair even made it into the top 10. After Iga made that boneheaded decision to wait a full year for a PSN release, I just kind of figured only hardcore Castlevania fans would remember to pick it up.

  • 1) How come the “Top Downloads” on PSN Store don’t reflect the top downloads here? For example, Street Fighter was number 1 there for pretty much all month, but it’s nowhere to be found here.
    2) Any chance of doing a Top 20 online multiplayer games? Kinda like how they have it on XBox?

  • Nice looking list! When did Sideway: New York drop? I am a little surprised not to see it on the list. If any of you reading haven’t tried it, do yourself the favour and pick it up…great little game!

  • Wow, that’s the top 20 list? I spent almost $200 in October, and the only things on that list I own are Odin Sphere and Castle Crashers, and I didn’t buy Castle Crashers recently.
    I’m sad that neither Beat Hazard Ultra nor Rocketbirds is up there.

  • I’m looking toward to ps2 classics.. grand theft auto San Andreas would be a good one.. and some marvel and capcom stuff

  • “It boggles my mind what is actually purchased on this store XD”

    I agree. All those fun indie games released this month, and not 1 makes it on this list. And there are so many re-releases on this list, I only count 8 of 20 that are actually original games and not re-released in some form.

  • I contributed to the Castlevania:Harmony of Despair sales!

  • @27 Maybe because this month is November, and this covers the top games of October.

  • Any news on Machinarium PSN?

  • @29 My mistake, I meant to say last month. I was referring to games like Rocketbirds, Rochard, Sidway, Okabu, PixelJunk SideScroller.

  • Is it okay if I say I wasted my money on InFamous?


  • Please release Burnout Revenge……………..

  • I think it would be a lot better if you also did a TOP 20 list of just current PSN games that were sold. Meaning NO ps one, or ps 2, or disc based games that became downloadable.

    There are people out there that would really find it more interesting to just know what TOP PSN PS3 games are selling.

  • Any chance that you guys could put Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas on PS Store? I really miss that game and my PS2 is broken!

  • How’s Okabu doing? It’s great! I hope it does well, because it really is worth it.

    I hope Final Fantasy VI when it comes out does really well.

  • I still haven’t received my Email for my $10 (From the spend $60 get $10 back deal) should I be worried?

  • Its kinda interesting that most of the “only on PSN” games that were so heavily promoted did not make the list…. such as Rochard, Sideway, Okabu, Pixeljunk sidescroller, and Infamous FOB…. shows people will still go and buy what they want, no matter how much you push certain ones, lol

  • Guys buy infamous festival of blood its worth 10 dollars not much and its a great game TRY IT

  • I forgot please try to put gta San Andreas

  • COME ON PEOPLE, GET SIDEWAY!!! it was awesome.

  • Yeah another SONY commercial :-)

    Do any of us as gamers who buy and play games really care about how many units, downloads etc were most popular or sold x amount of copies ? I know I don’t…

    This really comes off as another unneeded SONY commercial imho. Its pretty simple … I bought the product and like it so supply us with good product and we will continue to buy and enjoy it. Sales numbers aren’t going to pump me up to buy more product which is exactly how these kind of posts / reports come off regardless of what console it may be about.

  • Hey you guys are doing PS2 classics now so how about Killzone 1 & GTA San Andreas???

  • Like thwip and several others have stated, it is sad that so few people are buying these newer psn games. Pixel Junk Shooter is a blast, and sideway NY is one of the best games ever released on psn. Any one reading this, do yourself a favor and download the demo. You get to play a full 2 levels in the demo, and if you don’t like the game after that, then you are not cool enough for me lol.

  • I just logged in to say this….. Square Enix u still don’t want to remake FF7….after so much time FF7 its one of the best sellers on PSN! Don’t that tell u something??? !!! Damn Sony give the last Push to SE so they do it!!! PLS!? and EXCLUSIVELY FOR PS3 ok??? Do not let what happened to FF13 again…..

  • @DarkOne_PR

    They probably more than likely won’t make a remake of FF7 because a remake might ruin it.

  • Castlevania: Harmony of Despair should be included alot suckers like myself got it.
    The game had complete i liked Castlevania: Lords of Shadow and think they should kept similar.

    Worst 10$ dollars i ever spent wish go get my money back on it.
    I was disapointed remove from ps3 few days after purchase.

    I can understand the other titles on their selling well but Castlevania: Harmony of Despair do not even get started what diskliked.

  • Castlevania: Harmony of Despair should be included alot suckers like myself got it.
    I liked Castlevania: Lords of Shadow and think they should kept it similar.
    It’s completely different type game when back to it’s platformer roots but was very badly done.

    Worst 10$ dollars i ever spent wish could get my money back on it.
    I was disapointed removed from ps3 few days after purchase.

    I can understand the other titles on their selling well but Castlevania: Harmony of Despair do not even get started what diskliked.

    Sorry for double but did not word first right as all can see.

  • Suikoden Not on the list? I am Disappoint!

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