Announcing Square Enix’s Winter of RPGs Campaign

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Announcing Square Enix’s Winter of RPGs Campaign

Hello everyone! You may remember me from such PlayStation.Blog articles as “Chrono Trigger Hits PSN This Tuesday.” I haven’t finished playing through it yet, but I’m back! Why, you ask, would I stop playing this classic game to write another blog post?

The answer: I’m here to announce Square Enix’s “Winter of RPGs” campaign. In some parts of North America, winter seems to have gotten an early head start. And while that brings a lot of headaches for those who have to contend with ice and snow, it’s also a perfect time for us to announce our latest group of titles coming to PSN. So, while you’re staying inside and out of the cold, icky weather, why not fire up your PS3 and play some classic RPGs? We’ve got some great games lined up to get you through the cold days ahead.

So what’s up first? Some of you may have noticed my responses to reader comments in my last column. And even last week, readers of “The Drop” were asking when we’d see this particular title arrive. Well, get ready to travel not through time, but through alternate realities when Chrono Cross releases. Join Serge as he finds himself in a world where he died as a young child, meets the enigmatic thief Kid, and goes on a quest for the artifact known as the Frozen Flame! The sequel to Chrono Trigger, Chrono Cross delivers on some great gameplay and fantastic story, which is probably the reason why the game is so highly rated. It won lots of awards when it was released, including Gamespot’s Game of the Year in 2000. Don’t believe me? Google it. I’ll wait.


Chrono Cross will release on November 8th—just five days from now. You have been warned.

But, you know, we can’t really call it the “Winter of RPGs” if we just announce one title—even if it is one as great as Chrono Cross. The second title in our “Winter of RPGs” lineup begins with a meteor and some crystals. It also expanded on the incredible job system and introduced us to the Time Mage, Blue Mage, Berserker, and Dancer jobs, to name a few. That’s right—it’s Final Fantasy V! Our main character is Bartz, whom many of you will probably know from his appearances in Dissidia Final Fantasy and Dissidia 012[duodecim] Final Fantasy. In Final Fantasy V, you take on the role of Bartz and help defend the Crystals that keep the evil sorcerer Exdeath imprisoned.


Final Fantasy V will be released on November 22, just in time for you to save the world over Thanksgiving!

We’ve got one more title to announce, and it’s a big one. This one made it all to #9 on IGN’s top 100 games of all time back in 2007. And in 2009, Game Informer went one better and named it #8, while G4TV named it #1 in their “Top 5 Must-Own RPGs.” Have you guessed what it is yet?

It features a crazy clown mage who is truly evil and the young female half-Esper who winds up opposing him. Welcome Kefka and Terra to the PlayStation Network just in time for the holidays!


Final Fantasy VI will be released on December 6th.

That’s all for now—Chrono Cross, Final Fantasy V, and Final Fantasy VI. To horribly misquote Shakespeare, “Now is the winter of our RPGs.”

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  • I want Versus XIII!!!

  • I sincerely hope that load times between menus and scenes are addressed before Crono Cross is released, was extremely disappointed with Chrono Trigger’s PSN release. Load times for an installed PS1 or PS2 game should be nonexistent IMO.

  • wrong blog post for versus XIII d-squad3… but yes I would also like to see it come out soon too…

  • This is fantastic news, I’ll probably be getting FF6 since there is so much praise for that game and I’ve never played it. Chrono Cross I’ll consider, I played and dug Chrono Trigger, so I’d like to continue the story(if its even one storyline)

  • How about some dang news on Versus 13. Any news at all, heck I don’t care what news as long as its not Versus 13 followed by is canceled. Please don’t pull a Capcom on us.

  • FF6,about time.

  • who cares for versus 13? just remake 7!

  • Gah! My wallet cannot handle all the money I’m going to be spending this season! First it was inFamous: Festival of Blood, now it’s these three. I still need to pay off my pre-order of Assassin’s Creed too… Not to mention that little-known game called Skyrim…. It’s a good thing I own a PS3 because I bet the Xbox can’t handle that much awesome all at once.

  • Excuse my language, but… [DELETED] YEAH.

  • I would rather have Final Fantasy X on the psn and Versus 13.

  • Awesome. I have the PS1 version of Chrono Cross but it’ll be nice to have it on the XMB. Favorite game of all time, still.

  • awesome. now if just square enix would put kingdom hearts on it would be a dream =O

  • Great games. I still have my PS1 copies as well. However this is a doomed false hope for having these directly ported to the PS3. Especially FF6. Horrid load times. If they would actually fix this (which I doubt since I heard they didint touch Chrono Trigger’s), then this would live up to the hype of everybody wanting it.

  • Yeaaa, especially Chrono Cross, finally!

  • I was just thinking how sad I was that I sold my copy of Chrono Cross a few years ago. Now I get a second chance. And if we’re throwing out ps1 RPGs we want to see how about Monster Rancher 3?

  • Sony you are missing a LOT of sales from ps3 owners as myself cause I prefer and BUY games download ONLy now. I will not and repeat WILL NOT buy disc games no more. So games like dead island, red dead redemption, GT5, All the call of dutys, all the battlefields, heavy rain, God of war 3 and all the uncharted games not being on PSN for download is a shame. Get the games I mention on PSN for downlaod and I’ll buy everyone of them untill then they can stay at the store cause I wont buy them.

  • Sony you guys need to consider some of us have multiple ps3s in the house as I have 3. Download works better for gamers like us with more than 1 ps3. My kids have there own and my wife and I. Why would I buy a stupid disc that the family wil fight over sharing when if I buy it as a download I get to put that game on 5 different ps3’s. I get 5 copies of that ONE game on download for the same price as ONE DISC. Plus our ps3’s last longer going download instead of wearing out the blueray drive faster. Get in gear and get us the popular games out for download to. My main game I want as a download is GT5.

  • … SquareEnix. Where to begin on this subject. I find it purely amazing how, they make a simple statement as this and everyone just “forgets” about their track record, and more precisely their lack of Q&A (Quality & Assurance.) I mean almost every other PlayStation Network store has already had Final Fantasy V&VI (including Europe.) As for Chrono Cross? Well, lets just admit that this should have been out earlier (and I even believe Japan may have this title already?) Anyway. This really does “not” and should “not” make up for their past failings.

    Though considering the audience it’s easy to know that as usual this will not be the case, and that SquareEnix will get off. The gaming industry really is a joke anymore. Community and all. I will not be giving Sony or SquareEnix a pat on the back for titles that should have been out ages ago.

  • This is awesome – I just beat Xenogears recently and looks like I’ll finally get a chance to play Chrono Cross. But if Square Enix wants to make it the REAL “Winter of RPGs” let’s go all the way and release Dragon Quest VII… I don’t care if you have to keep the Dragon Warrior name.

    ^ It’s going for $185 there, Square Enix, what are you gonna do about this???

  • So many great memories spent on those games. I will be very happy to own them again:)

  • Will I buy Chrono Cross? Hell yeah!!
    And how about a Dragon Quest VIII HD?

  • Can we get some sales on other games?

    PS2 classics!!!???? Get on it! I hope your just holding back for a holiday surprise. Want Radiata Stories please.

  • I want Final Fantasy X and X-2 for PS2….on the PSN…please.

  • Why not Kingdom Hearts,ive always been hoping that this game would be released onto psn.

  • Oh yeah! Had to comment. Definitely picking up Chrono Cross to play on my PSP (and Vita in the future? I hope) One of my favorite games, ever. Too bad the FFVI version is so shotty though. I’ll have to pass on another of my favs :P ah well. Yay for Chrono Cross though!

  • Fear not people who want FFX re-released on PS3. It was announced at the Tokyo Game Show that we are getting a HD remake of FFX next year.

  • Great! Now I can finally get Final Fantasy V (Since I already have Final Fantasy VI on another console).

    But there’s still one thing bothering me. When will Duodecim get the remaining costumes for Cloud, Tifa, Lightning, Cecil, Squall, and Gilgamesh on the PS Store?

  • Is the FFV PSone classic the same game from the Anthologies collection that has the piss-poor translation? Or will it be replaced with the updated GBA version?

    Sorry, don’t think I can play with Faris’s pirate accent and everyone calling Exdeath, X-Death again. That translation needs to go straight to the Interdimensional Rift…..or as they call it, the N-Zone.

  • Kingdom hearts 1& 2 for ps2 games!!! plz D:

  • ill believe it until i see it

  • I already have Chrono Cross on disc and have never got into it cuz the combat system is really weird, but I might look into FFV and VI, I’ve never played them. What I would REALLY like to hear (and it would fit well with the “Winter of RPGs”, expanding to non-square games) is the release of Suikoden 2! That should be a high priority for you guys because physical copies are so expensive, and from what I’ve seen, a lot of people would like to see it.

  • The load times were bad when they were being loaded from a disc, they are now being loaded from your ps3 HDD or PSP memory card. Load times are significantly reduced as a result. Why is there confusion about this?

  • Sorry for posting twice, but I’d also like to add that Kingdom Hearts 1 and 2 for $10 each as PS2 Classics would be fantastic. I know they very well might do an HD collection, but I hate that idea… I don’t want to pay double just for improved graphics and trophies, I’m 100% fine with the originals.

  • I’m glad to see Chrono Cross finally making its way to the US PS Store, but please do a PSP update for:

    Chrono Trigger
    Final Fantasy III
    Final Fantasy V
    Final Fantasy VI

    If you do that, then you have my $30 ~ $40 (each game).

  • If you haven’t played any of these games before, do so now. Chrono Cross is especially incredible, with an amazing setting, music, and plotline.

  • Yes! Been waiting for Chrono Cross. Thanks!

  • *gasp* is it true!!!!!!!!! IS IT TRUE!!!!!!!! YOU KNOW YOU CAN’T TAKE IT AWAY NOW THAT ITS POSTED!!!!!


    *shakes person next to me* its almost here!!!!!!!

  • thank you thank you thank you!!!! been waiting soooooo long for CHRONO CROSS!!!! :)

  • is Final Fantasy V and VI are remakes like the IV on psp was? Final Fantasy IV is just awesome on the psp, I really love it and I was hopping a remake for those.

  • Finally Chrono Cross november 8 i will be here all day reloading the pages over and over until the store update is announced
    Nah joking i wish i could do that but i have to work that day but this is a sure buy as soon i come back from work.

  • Can’t wait!

  • More RPG to PSN? Well you must think in adding Tales of series…and the Two SAGA Frontier!!

    And from PS2: Soul Nomad, Unlimited SAGA, FFXII (if not a HD remake for vita),Ookami, Ar Tonelico chapters, Dark Cloud/Chronicles, DotHack series, Xenosaga trilogy, The two Baldur’s Gate dark alliance, mana khemia 2, atelier series… la pucelle tactis, etc… on PS2 there’s a LOT to CHOOSE!

  • I already own FFV and FFVI, but I was never able to pick up Chrono Cross. Now will be the time to do it, plus it will let me play on my PSP =)

  • @ 4 … EINHANDER!!!! <3

  • To quote post 25: “These versions of Final Fantasy 5 and 6 are nearly unplayable messes of lag, loading, and audio problems. Do yourself a favor and avoid them.” Also, the GBA versions have retranslations and a few extra things.

    However, Chrono Cross is awesome! Serge kinda inspired my username.

  • Awesome… we’re getting a fantastic soundtrack, and two extremely mediocre PS1 ports of great SNES games.

    And yet still no word on Suikoden II.

    Still, yay for those that have been waiting for these.

  • The reason I will not buy a Playstation Vita on launch day is because it will nto feature the ability to play PSone classics. I sure hope it gets this feature in the future.

  • Please please PLEASE bring SaGa Frontier to American PSN, it was one of my favorite PS1 RPGs and I really want to be able to play it again…

  • I want all 3 of these. I’m definitely looking forward to getting each one.

  • This is why PS3 is THE best console!

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