Announcing Square Enix’s Winter of RPGs Campaign

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Announcing Square Enix’s Winter of RPGs Campaign

Hello everyone! You may remember me from such PlayStation.Blog articles as “Chrono Trigger Hits PSN This Tuesday.” I haven’t finished playing through it yet, but I’m back! Why, you ask, would I stop playing this classic game to write another blog post?

The answer: I’m here to announce Square Enix’s “Winter of RPGs” campaign. In some parts of North America, winter seems to have gotten an early head start. And while that brings a lot of headaches for those who have to contend with ice and snow, it’s also a perfect time for us to announce our latest group of titles coming to PSN. So, while you’re staying inside and out of the cold, icky weather, why not fire up your PS3 and play some classic RPGs? We’ve got some great games lined up to get you through the cold days ahead.

So what’s up first? Some of you may have noticed my responses to reader comments in my last column. And even last week, readers of “The Drop” were asking when we’d see this particular title arrive. Well, get ready to travel not through time, but through alternate realities when Chrono Cross releases. Join Serge as he finds himself in a world where he died as a young child, meets the enigmatic thief Kid, and goes on a quest for the artifact known as the Frozen Flame! The sequel to Chrono Trigger, Chrono Cross delivers on some great gameplay and fantastic story, which is probably the reason why the game is so highly rated. It won lots of awards when it was released, including Gamespot’s Game of the Year in 2000. Don’t believe me? Google it. I’ll wait.


Chrono Cross will release on November 8th—just five days from now. You have been warned.

But, you know, we can’t really call it the “Winter of RPGs” if we just announce one title—even if it is one as great as Chrono Cross. The second title in our “Winter of RPGs” lineup begins with a meteor and some crystals. It also expanded on the incredible job system and introduced us to the Time Mage, Blue Mage, Berserker, and Dancer jobs, to name a few. That’s right—it’s Final Fantasy V! Our main character is Bartz, whom many of you will probably know from his appearances in Dissidia Final Fantasy and Dissidia 012[duodecim] Final Fantasy. In Final Fantasy V, you take on the role of Bartz and help defend the Crystals that keep the evil sorcerer Exdeath imprisoned.


Final Fantasy V will be released on November 22, just in time for you to save the world over Thanksgiving!

We’ve got one more title to announce, and it’s a big one. This one made it all to #9 on IGN’s top 100 games of all time back in 2007. And in 2009, Game Informer went one better and named it #8, while G4TV named it #1 in their “Top 5 Must-Own RPGs.” Have you guessed what it is yet?

It features a crazy clown mage who is truly evil and the young female half-Esper who winds up opposing him. Welcome Kefka and Terra to the PlayStation Network just in time for the holidays!


Final Fantasy VI will be released on December 6th.

That’s all for now—Chrono Cross, Final Fantasy V, and Final Fantasy VI. To horribly misquote Shakespeare, “Now is the winter of our RPGs.”

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  • I still own the original PS1 versions of these games, will be getting these as well. Thanks for the update and bringing them to us finally.

  • Final Fantasy IV Complete Collection. We have heard the promises. I would love some delivery.

    Also, where is the Dragon Quest Love? I have to play them on DS, my PS2 or not at all.

  • This is great news. Although i’m not a fan of any of these three titles they were ok i guess still this means some rpg love. Hopefully ff4 will be out soon as well as a trophy supported ff X and Kingdom Hearts collection with trophy support as well. Square is the greatest company along with sony ever so for the people who love these titles its a great start.

  • OH YEAH!
    Hey Charlie, tell the people at SE that Brave Fencer Musashi and Einhander are two great inclusions to the PSN as well as these 3.

  • Finally they are coming. Maybe there will be a PSN+ discount?

  • OMG, very good news!!!! Thank you SE!

  • WHAAAAAAT? This is awesome. I’ve never played Chrono Cross before so I’m psyched for that. I still own the other 2 but I’ll probably buy Final Fantasy VI again anyway. It’s the best game ever made.

  • I will play Chrono Cross again! :)

  • finally some final fantasy 5 & 6 ^_^

  • @2 there are only 2 dragon quest games they are allowed to release on this platform 7 and 8. Nintendo has exclusivety on others still.

  • Ah, I forgot to ask.
    Are you guys planning something for the PS2 Classics section?

  • All I can sey is wow.

  • Nice they are finally coming out. To bad it took so long, PSN Japan already has my money for these.

  • May I put a vote in for SaGa Frontier 2? As far as I’ve heard it’s been in the works for a PSN release for ages now.

    After all these years FFVI is still my favorite.

  • Excellent news. FF6 is the greatest RPG ever, no contest. Where’s the two saga frontiers, bushido blade and brave fencer musashi?

  • I thought Final Fantasy V was already been released on PSN lol
    A lot of people were waiting for this announcement (especially me), só, thank you very much for bringing this up!
    And I’m longing for some awesome Square Enix games on the PS2 Classics catalog as well ;D

  • all of this is nice but i want to see Brave Fencer Musashi and the ps2 version Musashi: Samurai Legend on the store and Einhander as well.

  • Oh hell YES on all of these!!!

  • the anouncement i was waiting for have lots of history with ff6 cant wait to dl it dec 6th ty square enix

  • What about your PSP games? Europe already has Final Fantasy 1&2 but they haven’t arrive here yet..

  • This is great!

  • OMG!! Finally!

  • These versions of Final Fantasy 5 and 6 are nearly unplayable messes of lag, loading, and audio problems.

    Do yourself a favor and avoid them.

  • I know they won’t be, but V and VI should be $6 games, not like Chrono Trigger’s $10 price point. These are all great games, but they are SNES games closing in on 20 years old. Price them accordingly and I’ll bite.

  • Brave Fencer Musashi PLEASE!

    Chrono Cross is a great addition, but I don’t really need to buy ff5 and ff6 for the 3rd and 5th time! If they wan’t to gauge the interest level in the final fantasy franchise after the lack luster sales of 13 and 14, they should release final fantasy type-0 out here (as a download for the PSP and maybe as an HD remaster for the PS3).


  • All awesome games (I should know, I bought them all waaay back on the PS1). I might consider buying them again just to put on my PSP and play on the go.

    And hey, if you want to continue the winter of RPGs later on, might I suggest SaGa Frontier? I remember renting that when I was like…11 years old and never really getting to finish it (there were tons of scenarios and I got stuck on one particularly difficult end boss).

    If not, that’s cool. I’m still happy you guys put Parasite Eve II out there so I’m not going to complain.

  • You guys want Chrono Break to happen? Then BUY this game!

  • holy sweet jesus, thats awesome. Chrono trigger is by far my favorite rpg of all time but I never finished chrono cross. I bought a copy on ebay a while ago but the game froze early on so I never got around finishing it. thats great news. Something awesome to play on my psp go.

  • This is the reason why I still own a PSP… Playing priceless memories from when I was a teen on the go… (even at work) lol… Thank u McCarter and everyone else for another great Ps1 classic release… (Thumbs way up for all of you) xD

  • I hate this news because they’ll never release Chrono Cross in Europe, and I’m very jealous.

  • Just frustrates me thinking of how they released the PS1 Chrono Trigger – hideous load times and all.

  • All they need to bring out now is Legend Of Dragoon…


    To those that have never played Final Fantasy IV and Final Fantasy VI (aka Final Fantasy 2 and Final Fantasy 3 on SNES) do yourself a favor and play them.

    FF 4 & FF 6 were 2 of the best Final Fantasy games ever made even before FF 7.

    Just hearing the name Final Fantasy IV & VI brings back so many good memories and a ton of time savoring those games.

  • Charles, please know that I absolutely love you. I’ve no interest in Chrono Cross as I dislike Chrono Trigger, but Final Fantasy V and VI? I’ve never been able to play those. You have NO idea how much I want those games. Thank you, Square!

  • Awesome! This will give the PlayStation Store even more of a steroid shot in the arm.

    I have but one more request for the PSOne Classics…..The…….Legend……of…….Dragoon…..


  • @37 LOD is out on either the japanese or european psn so I can’t see it being too difficult to bring over here. We’ve been asking for a looooong time

  • Will they work on the PS Vita? it seems like PS One support isn’t set in stone since SCEJ says no and SCEA says yes.

  • Also how soon is soon? :P and why don’t PS One Classics have demos?

  • ps 1 classics are always pretty affordable, I don’t believe demos would be cost effective

  • A I really want Musashi: Brave Fencer!!!

  • Definite buy for Chrono Cross, a great game that everyone should try.


  • in before “Just kidding!” and FF6 gets pulled from the scheduled launch again.

  • I want Dragon Quest VII and Dragon Quest Monsters Caravan Hearts.

  • Final Fantasy 5? *** Squeal ***

    Now I have no reason to get Skyrim early. I’m going to use my PSP/PS3 all winter and play some of the greatest RPG games.

  • Since PSOne imports are being released on PSN, how about Tobal 2? The game that introduced me to the wonderful world of importing videogames.

  • Damn, PSN is getting continuously more manly by the week!!! It has even been making Steam look lame by comparison lately! I wonder how long Sony can stay on top in term of content. With the strong yen keeping Sony in the red, will they continue to have the money to fund the Playstation like this? I’d really like this awesomeness to continue!!!

  • OH YEAH! My only complaint is that these won’t come out fast enough!
    I’ll be getting all 3! … well maybe. It depends if VI is the altered script GBA version. I’m a purist. :x
    Now if Suikoden II publisher would get it in gear…

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