PlayStation Home Redesign Coming This Thursday

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PlayStation Home Redesign Coming This Thursday

The next stage of PlayStation Home‘s evolution will arrive on your PS3 this Thursday, November 3rd. This enormous update integrates games, quests, community events and user-generated content, while providing players with additional navigation, shopping, socialization, and entertainment options.

This massive PlayStation Home redesign will launch with a number of new, free-to-play games, including:

  • Bootleggers ’29: Set in the seedy underbelly of the Roaring Twenties, this PlayStation Home exclusive first-person shooter found in the Action District pits cops vs. criminals in a Prohibition-era game of Capture the Cask. Boasting real-time multiplayer action, a variety of vintage weapons and unlockable rewards, and the unique ability to play as your PlayStation Home avatar, Bootleggers ’29 is a 100% free-to-play game that introduces a classic narrative to the modern shooter genre.
  • PlayStation Home Hold ‘Em: A series of backroom poker tables hosted in the brand new Sportswalk district, PlayStation Home Hold ‘Em squares players off in a no-holds-barred, winner-take-all battle of the bluffs. Only the best of the best will progress to the high stakes tables and collect all the prizes in this free version of the wildly-popular Texas Hold ‘Em card game.
  • PlayStation Home Sports Trivia: Test your sports expertise against the PlayStation Home community and unlock a series of themed rewards in this massive sports trivia game, found in the Sportswalk. Packed with over 10,000 trivia questions, this game will challenge the memories of even the most die-hard sports fans.
  • RC Rally: Build and customize your own remote controlled car and race against friends over multiple courses, performing stunts and tricks and unlocking numerous upgrades along the way. This fast-paced PlayStation Home original game can be found in the new Pier Park.
  • Cogs: A 3D version of Lazy 8 Studios award-winning Steampunk puzzle game, Cogs can be found in PlayStation Home’s new Hub. Build a variety of machines from sliding tiles and unlock exclusive PlayStation Home rewards in this highly-addictive puzzler.

PlayStation Home: Bootleggers '29

Bootleggers ’29 in PlayStation Home

PlayStation Home: Home Hold 'Em

Home Hold ‘Em

PlayStation Home: RC Rally

RC Rally in PlayStation Home

PlayStation Home: Cogs

Cogs in PlayStation Home

Your adventure will start at the Hub, which hosts a featured game front-and-center, an Activity Board that includes a robust questing and events system, and stores packed with games, personal spaces, and avatar enhancements. From there, players can navigate to genre-based Districts that are packed with exclusive games and content served up according to each player’s interests, style and game preference. The following game Districts and redesigned core spaces will be available tomorrow:

  • Action District: A gathering place for hardcore gamers, the Action District has a gritty, urban feel reminiscent of a first-person shooter level and provides a direct travel point to action and horror games. Visit the Action District this Thursday to play two classic PlayStation Home Total Game Integration events that allow players to unlock content in Killzone 3 and Dead Island.
  • Sportswalk: The Sportswalk has an exciting outside-the-stadium feel with instant major league sports scores, headlines and highlights and sports-themed games.
  • Adventure District: At the launch of the PlayStation Home redesign, the Adventure District will present the UNCHARTED 3: Fortune Hunter total game integration event, providing a third-person adventure experience including a partial recreation of the Yemen level from UNCHARTED 3: Drake’s Deception multiplayer mode and a cover-based shooting system complete with weapons and gameplay inspired by the hit series. Players can earn unlockable content that can be used in the Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception Blu-Ray Disc game as well as additional PlayStation Home rewards.
  • Pier Park: A waterfront boardwalk leads players to carnival, puzzle, outdoor and arcade games. Take a ride on the Pier Park Ferris wheel or visit the arcade for more games.
  • PlayStation Home Theater: The PlayStation Home Theater sports an ultra-modern architectural design and hosts a wide range of videos programmed specifically for PlayStation gamers, including episodes of Pulse and Qore, trailers and interviews from the PlayStation Blog, and exclusive user-generated videos in the popular Community Theater.
  • PlayStation Home Mall: The all-new PlayStation Home Mall is loaded with thousands of pieces of content from some of the most popular game and entertainment IPs in the world. Shop for PlayStation Home games, extravagant personal spaces, costumes, clothing items and other avatar enhancements, and tons more in the redesigned Mall.
  • PlayStation Home Hub

    PS Home: Action District

    PlayStation Home: Sportswalk

    PlayStation Home: Play Pier

    With more than 230 ready-to-play games, upwards of 10,000 virtual items, and new community events happening every day of the week, PlayStation Home is the place that the PlayStation community gathers to play a wide range of games with their friends. Whether you are a seasoned member of the community or someone that hasn’t visited PlayStation Home in a while, never has there been a better time to come into PlayStation Home join up with our community of millions of passionate PlayStation gamers.

    See you in Home!

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  • BRING IT!!! Spectacular news L_S, so ready for the new adventure district! If it’s as good as the other spaces then this will be a completely satisfying makeover. Glad to know ther will be more core updates to look forward to as well! Can we possibly see the Capcom sky lounge in the future? I would love to have that come to us too, the space is epic and would be a nice gathering spot. 8)

  • will we still hve tha bowling nd some of the old stuff or no

  • you guys had to bring it out thursday when i work 5am all the way to 7PM :( dammmm now im going to be going crazy at work waiting to gett off to play on home

  • This looks great. One step closer to getting home where it needs to be. Looking forward to the redesign.

  • The beta was awesome! can’t wait till tomorrow! yahooooo! hey LS, any chance of a new bowling ally? :)

  • EPIC! Thanks for the update that by tomorrow, it’s new!

    I can’t wait to tell my friend about this! because me and my gal pal met before in home. ah, the memories…

    Now me and her are excited to go there. see you tomorrow there!

  • It looks amazing. :-)

  • The Beta was great, thanks Locust, I can’t wait!!! 8)

  • Was in the beta and its a nice refreshing change. Can’t wait for it to go live so everyone can enjoy it!!


  • Looks promising

  • Well seems like Tomarrow will be a Big Day!

    I hear there are gonna be Tons of Item’s in the Mall On Sale? But Are there going to be any FREE item’s in The Mall as well?

    U Know we Like FREE stuff…. HA HA HA!

    Oh Yeah!

    By: DCS

  • Thank you very much for answer me a few post behind Locust, it’s great to know that you actually read the messages ;)

    See you tomorrow on Home!

    Eager Snake.

  • @Locust_Star

    First I would just like to thank all the wonderful programmers at Sony for creating such an amazing Gaming Social place for us all to enjoy on the PSN :)

    2 Questions!

    Will there finally be Checker Boards inn the new Home?

    You have Chess boards why not my favorite Checkers?

    Seconds Question!

    Are there any plans for a Full Casino in Home someday?

    With all the same games you would see at a real Vegas casino like Poker,Craps,Black Jack, roulette Wheel,Baccarat,Keno, Joker Video Poker, Slots and so on?

    You could win tokens which could then be used in the Mall in Home :)

    I would love this in Home someday!

  • are the ps hold em games gonna be like the pool in the old plaza, where you have to wait a LONGGGG time for an open spot?…also can you have private games?

  • The avatars need to be re created. The current ones are just so lifeless

  • sweet, one question…where did that girl get that shirt in the picture of the sports walk? the girl under the NHL poster?

  • locus please tell me, cuterridge estate, still be in the store, is that demand playsation network cards are rare and not had time to buy one

  • 1stly, thanks for the Beta invite, I have always liked Home ever since it was available.
    2nd, Poker is awesom and I love the sensible changes that have been made.
    Cheers all.

  • You guys blow my mind. Redesign the CP again and then you release it before its Birthday… I love the fact that you keep listening and adapting Home to be more user friendly every week.

    I was planning on Dec 15th being close to the Anniversary of the Open Beta.

  • What type of content will be streaming inside of the Sports Walk again? If it’s actual pro sports games, I’ll eat my hat.

  • I just wanted to say THANK YOU Home crew for this new update.

    I quit Home long ago because I was tired of signing into a virtual Facebook world. My PS3 had become a social medium rather than a gaming device… but now all that can change, with this one simple(rather LARGE) update. I love how Home is going to be a GAMING platform rather than just a social platform. I remember signing into Home wishing I could meet a gamer to play my favorite online game with, and instead I get swarmed by people who don’t even know what “RPG” stands for, much less that it’s a gaming genre.

    Simply put, I look forward to entering Home to finally meet gamers… not 12 year-olds taking a break from CoD xP

    Again, thank you Playstation Home miracle workers ^_^

  • PS Home is a waste of time if you ask me. Why can’t Sony use their “creative ideas” to change the XMB interface. It was cool that it looked like the PSP but come on 6 years later and its still the same…or at least combine PS Home with the XMB….I’m sure that’s possible because Playstation3 can do Anything.

  • AWESOME. I knew it was gonna be soon but not this soon lol. Can’t wait to walk around and walk around the Action District. Thanks Sony. Always will be a fan since I was a kid

  • REALLY SONY??!! You got all this time and money to re-design Home but you can’t even fix the XMB, the browser or install Flash….pffft sad

  • Oh good, I’ll finally be able to talk about it all! I’ve been dying to talk about how amazing it is!

  • Home isn’t going to change it’s going to be the same thing with the same problems minus central plaza. It’s still going to be plagued with people who don’t know what RPGs are and the only game they have ever played is Cawwa Dooty or (insert generic shooter game here). This update isn’t going to bring gamers back to home, that ship done sailed. The best home can do now is try to embrace the casual players and get them in. Also I don’t think there was a party in Aurora either, maybe I missed it but I went there on and off, seemed the same as usual.

  • why people continue to take Home so seriously is comical to me. aside from the virtual items, it’s a free service. if we had to pay a monthly subscription for Home with the problems erickafollie pointed out, then i’d be extremely angry! but i don’t want to discount what erickafollie says because those of us who do use Home, would like these problems solved…but i don’t expect much from a free service so…i’m surprised the developers even listen to us at all. but they have to because the virtual items we buy is what keeps them going i suppose. best way to hurt a company is through the pockets. don’t like the service, leave that service alone.

    but no one is forced to use Home and those that feel it’s a waste of time, simply don’t go on Home. some of us enjoy it. there is no way on earth to please everybody all the time, one man’s trash is another man’s treasure.
    using these forums to complain about something being a waste of time, can also be considered a waste of time. there are other games that exist if Home is not for you. i am curious to how people react once the newness wears off from The Hub.

  • Well in that case if Home Tomarrow is gonna be a Game Platform then it needs to be 17Plus then!

    Nuff Said!

    We can’t have the kiddies playing these games now can we….

  • This looks like a lot of fun. I can already see myself spending a lot of time at that Poker table. . .

  • This is looking like PS Home is finally heading in the direction it should.

    I’ve always wanted to do FPS action in PS Home where everyone uses their Home avatars. At long last? :D

    (PS: I still want to play Saucer Pop, man. Can you hide that *somewhere*?)

  • I was bummed I wasn’t chosen to be in the beta…becoming a usual thing for me though…I’m never picked for beta testing…I sure wish I knew exactly how they pick people for that, because as much as they want to say it is random, it’s awfully funny to me that all my friends that were beta testers for the original closed beta Home were also “randomly” picked to beta test for this new hub as well as for lockwood testing…I signed up months before my boyfriend on the lockwood gift machine, and he got a message instantly when he signed up! I feel like I am blacklisted from being a tester. Why does Sony hate me?

    I am looking forward to the new hub tomorrow though, looking forward to playing poker in Home again…and finally being able to ride the ferris wheel with my beta testing turd of a boyfriend. :P

  • I’ve waited for this for a long time and now i finally get to experience the NEW home!!! Thanks Sony and Home Dev Team! I’m so excited!

  • And, man, I don’t need a trophy room, but what I’d LOVE to see is a minor Profile revamp.

    I’m talking more than a measly – what – 21 characters for our statuses?

    Then a row of 8 trophies we PICK to display.

    Then a row of our most recent 8 trophies.

    That is my dream PSN Profile and it doesn’t seem like a major revision. The trophy picker would be the big thing, but that’s essentially slick looking radio buttons capped at 8.

    (Plz pass this on to the relevant folks?)

  • @Locust & Glass: to my eye, this update looks like the most amazing social gaming virtual space ever. Kudos. All the more amazing because it’s free & from my small experience there, unpoliced.

    However, since I’m antisocial I’ll be spending all my gaming time in the U3 campaign. As awesome as the 2D looks, my socks are knocked off by playing in Bravia 3D.

    I will check out the new Home when Nate & I finish our latest adventure.

  • I’ve been having a major blast in the Hub beta. The only downside has been not enough people, and that will certainly change tomorrow! I’m looking forward to playing Bootlegger with a full warehouse!

    To all those involved, great job! All your hard work and love for PS fans shines like a beacon in the Hub.

  • I certainly hope that all the bugs with freezes and being booted off in a middle of a convo or game is corrected as well. Otherwise all the upgrades are not gonna mean anything if you have to keep logging back in every 5 minutes. Just saying….

  • it looks gr8 but idk if im ready 2 never see Central Plaza or the current mall again. i still miss Club Fight Night

  • Ok, so let’s get down to some meat and potatoes questions now then since this announcement is finally out and The Hub is actually getting released to the public…

    1) This has really been bothering me too. Will we see customizable sensitivity options for games within Home? I’m part of the beta for The Hub and while games like Bootleggers is something different going into Home and it will peak interest in Home, it just feels… Off. I play a lot of shooters. More shooters than anything else. To me Bootleggers just feels kinda… Clunky. I think this could be remedied by simply allowing players to set up customizable sensitivity for themselves. While I know some do enjoy Bootleggers in its current state, you should know that I am reassured that many that try out Bootleggers and other games in Home will agree with me. While the current sensitivity will be good for some, it won’t be for all.

  • People ALWAYS like to have different feels to their games. While some like tighter turning and movement, others will like it loose, and some will just like it in the middle. This is one problem I see going into all of this. No real way for the user to set settings how they want to play. I think this could turn users away from Home games rather than keeping them there.

    2) Will we see upgrades to the Home application itself in the near future? Like trophy support and more support for things our PS3s can already do like video and audio playback? Not talking streaming here, simply playback. This has been my biggest urk with Home to date. It REALLY disconnects itself from the PS3 which is very disappointing.

    3) Will Home ever support 3D? Some users can currently upscale to 3D but users without 3DTVs that can upscale are left without a 3D Home. I think the interactions being in 3D could increase immersion and bring an all around more natural feel to Home.

    4) Will avatar animations like walking, running, and emotes ever be upgraded? I really believe this is why Home avatars seem so… Fake. The way they use these movements just ruins it.

  • I do have to clarify too. These aren’t “bashes” on Home. I do think Home is getting better, slowly but surely. I fully believe though that if you address these issues and the many the community has been having with missing items and give Home that real feel you could have a killer product. As it stands right now though… I don’t think The Hub will keep people in Home. These spaces are nice and the games coming in are good, plus these changes orienting more with games is good in its own right, but I think to get people into Home and keep them there you’ve got to be serious about changes taking place and DON’T completely eliminate the social aspect of Home that’s already there but seek to add to that too.

  • Although I’ve been super busy lately, I’ll be checking out the new and improved Home later on tomorrow after class. This is a huge step forward for Home and a great reason why everyone should be excited. Locust, Glass, Jack and the rest of the crew, keep up the good work. I look forward to a more interactive Home :-)

  • Something we have all been waiting for :) i really am going to miss the plaza tho… to many memories there. hopefully some day they will bring it back… since 2nite is the last nite i will be on for a few hrs hoping to meet new ppl to start 2mrws new home with new friends. anyone want to add me plz feel free to do so

  • Alright! I love Playstation Home and i’m gonna love it even more! ^^

  • I wonder if they will update the PlayStation home graphics engine after all it’s kinda looking dated at this point compared to frostbite engine 2 and cry engine 3. P.S. don’t get me started about uncharted 3.

  • Published under LBPpsHOME there are 3 HUB lbp levels. 2 of the levels are still locked till tomorrow untill reall hub goes live.

  • Locust_Star For all those who get emotinal and may miss the central plaza on LBP2 look up PSN id: LBPpsHOME to play a LBP2 level that is a faitful recreation of central plaza, old theater, and old Mall.

  • goodbye old home we’re moving in to our new home woot woot

  • Locust_Star i really enjoyed being a private beta tester in playstation home & did my best to make sure that i gave my opinions on the forums of private beta. thx Locust_Star

  • Is this an update of bought through ps store?

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