DC Universe Online: Free to Play Your Way on PS3

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DC Universe Online: Free to Play Your Way on PS3

DC Universe Online

Remember back in September when we announced that DC Universe Online was going to be Free-To-Play? Well, it’s here! Starting today you can download DCUO from the PlayStation Store for free, and play all you want with no monthly fee required. Experience the game play features that have gotten players excited about DCUO since it launched, including the intense, fast-action brawler style combat system that makes it feel more like an action game than a massive online game. Now, you can see for yourself how DCUO offers the best of both worlds. Fight, fly, speed, battle with friends, pummel your enemies, explore the amazing locales of the DC Universe, hobnob with Wonder Woman… all for free!

We’re really excited about this transition because you all have been asking us to make this change, and now we’ve done it – we’re making DCUO accessible to so many more players. We heard all of you out there who told us at conventions, on Facebook and elsewhere that you’d love to jump in to the game, if only it didn’t have that pesky monthly fee. Well, now’s your chance. With our three levels of access there’s something for every type of player. Free-To-Play. Your way.

DC Universe OnlineDC Universe Online

Are you a new player? Then just jump in and play for free. If you buy a few of the awesome items in our marketplace or a DLC pack (totaling at least $5), then you’ll get permanently bumped up to Premium Access, which gives you extra features such as more character and inventory slots. You can continue to play at Premium Access for as long as you want with the option to purchase extra features, or jump in to a Legendary membership for a monthly fee and get access to maximum game features and all DLC packs. Don’t want to pay that membership fee for a while? No problem, you’ll automatically become Premium Access if you drop your Legendary membership.

And for you current players, you may have already noticed that you’ve already been migrated to a Legendary membership. Former players, come on back! You’ll be granted automatic Premium Access as soon as you log in. We have all the details on our website if you want to know more.

DC Universe OnlineDC Universe Online

We look forward to seeing all of the new faces, and old friends, zipping around Metropolis and Gotham City. Let’s hear from you in the comments below. See you in game!

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  • One more thing, what do comic book fans love? Comic book art! And you’re sitting on a stockpile of art assets. Look at the Uncharted 2 PSN storefront, 60 items are available compared to the DCUO measly 11 (including your 4 subscription items). Uncharted 2 has 28 avatars and a 4 chapter motion comic! I can get Uncharted static and dynamic themes. And you’re SOE! Yet, you haven’t even released the existing wallpapers and avatars you DO have (except to the PC community)! I guess it’s too much to ask why you haven’t done a motion comic, why would SOE and DC make an exclusive motion comic series available to the PSN store? You don’t even have to come up with a story or artwork, just use the DCUO comic book series. And make a couple of themes. Step your game up SOE!

  • A recommendation to new players, use the PvE servers. Max level players have been camping the starting zones in the PvP server repeatedly killing new users. Gets annoying after a while if you are trying to play with a new character or starting for the first time. And using the PvE servers you can still do PvP you just have to toggle it on for your character.

    Aside from that the game is fantastic. Should be even better now that more people will have access to the game and the world will be even more populated.

  • think ill give this one a try

  • I need a bigger hard drive grrrrrrr too many good demos and full game demos I haven’t gotten to play yet lol

  • no trophies for premium members confirmed

    A friend of mine just got the game, got a premium account (it has him listed as a premium member) he just did his first race and got a platinum.. but didnt get the trophy for it.

  • @luvtoseek – I wouldn’t take the cheap way out, I would buy the Green Lantern DLC at the very least. Perhaps a few character slots too. I’d even support the game later by buying more DLC add-ons. I like trophies, i dislike subscriptions. Simple. Besides, i’ve gotten games with platinums for $5 and even less. I can understand locking free players out, but locking out a standard PS3 feature even if you paid into the game makes me not want to give SOE anything.

  • Lol, you don’t get a trophy just doing a race and getting platinum.

  • 7 & half hours for 24%??? Why is this so slow????

  • The game took like 17 hours to download but O was it worth it. This game is hella fun. I wanted to play it but didn’t want to pay a sub for it. Thanks Sony

  • AWESOME game! i love it… i hope you also ^_^ Enjoy FREE to play

  • It’s a shame MAG didn’t see support like DCUO.

  • People are saying it takes like 8 hours to download? Huh it only took me like 1min n 20sec. And this was like at 1 o’clock lmao, check your router, might have something wrong with it..

  • i jus started to download it n its at 11% adjfuabdjgbauibfivakdbf9vabkdfng0aubdojgandfgn ahhhhhhh y cant it go faster


  • WHOO!! 30% =P

    @ Sasuke87X, AAAAAAAAAAAH HAHAHAHAHA. 15gigs in 1min & 20.

    Thanks, I needed a good laugh. XD

    I read on another blog of someone who had 19% in 8hrs

    Free Game = a load of people trying to get on.

  • whats the max lvl for free?

  • @ ScarReaper83, 30. same for legendary.

    @ g2985057, yes for both =)

  • Does anyone know if u can download Green Lantern DLC in game at marketplace….??

  • why cant you make it that premium players get trophies. They are going you real money the least you can do is give them fake trophies.

  • Downloading my 15GB update and going to bed … Lol Awesome free to play, I dug the demo/beta but I was afraid I wouldn’t play it enough to justify a subscription. Now I can play as much as I want w/o feeling like I won’t get my $ worth. I’m sur e I’ll pick up some DLC … What’s the best for the $ ? The light pack?

  • Is there ANY way to make the download go faster? It’s taken me 6 1/2 hours and I’m only at 25%.

  • I guess I’m too new to understand the significance of trophies. But I like that the game’s free. I’m going to try it, what could it hurt? But I’m glad everyone’s fair-warned me about the download time. I’m going to download it overnight while I sleep.

  • I downloaded this last night, and played it this morning for about an hour with no problems. Now it’s unplayable. It constantly freezes and keeps giving me corrupted data errors. Now my PS3 keeps locking up for about 3 seconds after every 30 seconds. WTF is going on!? It’s a 160gb Slim model.

  • SWEETTT !!!!

  • man this is crap its taking to long to download

  • The day I signed up for PS+ and started noticing all the games I was accumulating including previous purchases, I went to Fry’s….got a Seagate 720GB 2.5 inch 5400RPM SATA hdd and popped that sucker in my PS3. This is the reason I upgraded my harddrive, it really is convinient and a good investment. I would recommend at least a 250GB and up, especially for my fellow PS+ members. Theres no doubt i like to see all 60+ of my games on my PS3 folders. Do it now and get it out the way its not hard.

  • Great. I tried it one last time before I was going to delete it for freezing and Corrupt Data issues. Now it’s too late. My HDD is now fully corrupt. It just keeps trying to restore itself over and over. I must of turned it off while the HDD was busy during one of the many freezes and errors. I hope nobody else has the same problem. This sucks. It was a fun game from what I played though. I really wish it didn’t come down to this.

  • pretty good game if u ask me…. love the fights but long download. :(

  • @ 56 SolidusSquirrel, well since you bring up “cheap,” & since you can’t really guarantee to the devs. that future DLC will be purchased- let’s be honest, the user can effectively obtain a Plat. for $5… & in an MMO where hefty support costs, free DLC, & constant evolving story elements are a must Vs. for example, a complete single player experience like Dark Souls. Come on, I hunt for trophies too & the titles you bought for $5 (way under market price, even for a used title) must be used, rented, & in the realm of Hanna Montana quality.

    Ever wonder why more PSN titles are having Plats.? It’s a business, & Sony knows that.

  • @ 71 Badboyami9, if there are other people using your connection, can you restrict them? Basically, they’re using your bandwidth, which means your speed’s taking a hit.

    @ 76 driftersgonewild, I have a 300GB HD that I installed 1 year ago. It’s now 90% full w/ HD movies & PSN games. I’m going to sign up for PSN+ (due to that Telltale promotion), back-up my save protected games via Sony Cloud, & then stick a 750GB or a tetra in there. I’m guessing longtime PSN+ users must have at least a 300-750GB HDs due to all the free games…

  • patiently waiting! woohooo!

  • Great game! Well worth the download (I just got it started last night and went to bed – it was waiting for me in the morning).

    I’m sure @62 will feel pretty foolish typing the entire download took a minute, twenty seconds, then realized he/she had only downloaded the installer. LMAO!

    Anyway, I really appreciate this, and I’ve already bought the DLC. I was interested in it when it came out, but the subscription price was a major turn-off. Like with Home and Free Realms (bought lifetime), I continue to support these things by buying items/spaces, but I like the option of not having to pay “x” amount if I’m running short that month.

  • I was always curious about this game. Now that it’s F2P I might give it a shot.

  • Sony game with No Home content. Your sure missing out on a whole lot by not coming into Home with stuff from this game

  • Also,I still cannot sign in the SOE website with my Sony Account..This was a huge reason I quit because I want to be part of the DC community but I cant sign in

  • Glad I’m playing it again. Love it! Hope more people will join the EU server. The game is very nice!

  • If I have the disc can I play free or I need to download the installer and then the 15gb to play free?

  • The Game is awesome

  • how long to download any body

  • cool, was waiting for this

  • Well hate to be a downer but finally!

  • I downloaded the first file, then the update, which were only about 140 megs each. Then, when I tried to play the game, I thought it was stuck. Turns out it wants to actually download the game, and the other files were only the beginning! HA! I’m such a noob. I may wait until the excitement dies down… hopefully, the download will be much quicker.

  • 16+ gigs in under 1.5 minutes? thanks I haven’t had that hard a laugh in a very long time. But really this should’ve been stated up front in the psn store that its a lot bigger than 122 megs. Add to that server congestion from a huge influx of new players all downloading it. I almost went looking for a disc copy because of that but reports are apparantly theres a very large download that way anyways. To be honest I do like the game, it is well done overall but the inevitible hiccups should’ve been thought out more in advance. Also should’ve put more info out about what the 3 levels of play are and are not etc. One more thing: forgot who said it about people deliberately newbkilling but unfortunately it isn’t a new thing. As long as theres been online games theres been cheap no talent players who take the easiest way out.

  • I’m not gonna download 15GB for this ….

  • this is the reason why i got 25 up and 25 down

  • I need help everytime i launch the game it keeps telling me that i have an invalid subscription you must be signed into your PSN account And Connected to the online network to play .. i deleted my saves and everything and keeps me saying the same thing i DONT WANT TO RE-DOWNLOAD the client please help !!!!!!

  • And the worst part is that i paid for the dlc just to play as a green lantern bummer -_-

  • says the same for me there doing maintenance on the servers

    http://forums.station.sony.com/dcuops3/posts/list.m?topic_id=36061 supposed to be done at 9 am now its 11:30 lol

  • check out there facebook for updates its more real time then the website lol

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