DC Universe Online: Free to Play Your Way on PS3

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DC Universe Online: Free to Play Your Way on PS3

DC Universe Online

Remember back in September when we announced that DC Universe Online was going to be Free-To-Play? Well, it’s here! Starting today you can download DCUO from the PlayStation Store for free, and play all you want with no monthly fee required. Experience the game play features that have gotten players excited about DCUO since it launched, including the intense, fast-action brawler style combat system that makes it feel more like an action game than a massive online game. Now, you can see for yourself how DCUO offers the best of both worlds. Fight, fly, speed, battle with friends, pummel your enemies, explore the amazing locales of the DC Universe, hobnob with Wonder Woman… all for free!

We’re really excited about this transition because you all have been asking us to make this change, and now we’ve done it – we’re making DCUO accessible to so many more players. We heard all of you out there who told us at conventions, on Facebook and elsewhere that you’d love to jump in to the game, if only it didn’t have that pesky monthly fee. Well, now’s your chance. With our three levels of access there’s something for every type of player. Free-To-Play. Your way.

DC Universe OnlineDC Universe Online

Are you a new player? Then just jump in and play for free. If you buy a few of the awesome items in our marketplace or a DLC pack (totaling at least $5), then you’ll get permanently bumped up to Premium Access, which gives you extra features such as more character and inventory slots. You can continue to play at Premium Access for as long as you want with the option to purchase extra features, or jump in to a Legendary membership for a monthly fee and get access to maximum game features and all DLC packs. Don’t want to pay that membership fee for a while? No problem, you’ll automatically become Premium Access if you drop your Legendary membership.

And for you current players, you may have already noticed that you’ve already been migrated to a Legendary membership. Former players, come on back! You’ll be granted automatic Premium Access as soon as you log in. We have all the details on our website if you want to know more.

DC Universe OnlineDC Universe Online

We look forward to seeing all of the new faces, and old friends, zipping around Metropolis and Gotham City. Let’s hear from you in the comments below. See you in game!

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  • already downloaded it , updating right now , its gonna take a while though

  • First!! Btw Nice Game


  • GREAT GAME !!!!Are you guys gonna keep updating the game monthly like you promise? and will there be anymore CGI films youll release?

  • Does this game have a story or quests to do ? or is it just mostly fighting all the time ?

  • take’s long to download and LIFE TIME MEMBERSHIP FOR EUROPE PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!

    i would love to have legendary or premium for a lifetime option

    by the way the game is amazing there are 3 types of downloads you need at least 15gb of space on your ps3 system

    for uk users go to





    then there will be dc universe full game there you go download it

    it’s a great game god why cant all game’s be as this fun

  • and also @ 5

    yes there is a story mode and quests
    there are flying challenges too

  • dowloaded and installed last night, hadnt played since beta. Made my villian, got past the 1st part. about to hop on. loved the beta minus the bugs. im sure i’ll be just as addicted

  • yes i was surprised my friend recommended it to me and told me it was free so i hopped of battlefield 3 to download it cause i knew since i played the beta it got 2 part download lol

  • It is possible to collect PSN Trophies with this free version?

  • heres what Im dying to know… in an previous DCUO blog post it was stated free players wont get access to trophies because Sony’s rules dont allow free games to have trophies, it was also confirmed that legendary members DO get trophies… however do premium members get trophies as well? I mean if i pay 5 bucks for premium access its no longer “free” so by sony’s trophy rules premium members SHOULD be eligible for trophies…

    So do premium members get trophies?

    Also lets say I meet a trophy requirement as a free player… i wont get the trophy, then next month i upgrade to legendary access.. would that trophy automatically unlock on login? I mean how would that work? Id hate to have to recreate a character and regain all the trophies again as a legendary member when I had already met those requirement as a free player.

  • i cant wait but cmon. i downloaded it 123mb, then immedately updated it to 133mb, then after 2.5 hours of downloading only to find it downloading 1/3 of the 14gb after in game. geez. i had to give up and turn off my system for the night, i hope it has a continuous download or else i may never play this game.

  • Questions about trophies…

    1. Do you have to be Legendary to earn the DCUO trophies?
    2. I purchased the Fight for the Light DLC. Do I need to be Legendary to earn the trophies for that DLC?

  • danmm this game took long to download,is took me like 7 hours to download,i cant even download it as a background,which suck.I hope dc universe or sony fix the way people download it.becuase people will give up if they spend 8hrs with the ps3 on,downloading it without having to do nothing on the ps3.

  • Just wondering about the trophies (like many others here). Simply put, are the trophies retroactive? If I meet the requirements for any trophies as a free member and then pay to become a legendary member, would the trophies then unlock? Or would I have to start all over as a legendary member and earn them again?

    I have it downloaded and I look forward to playing, but I don’t think I’ll start until I get this answered (as I don’t want to “waste” time doing things twice)

  • i was a current subscriber to DCU and was shafted because according to SONY (i called them) the new Fight For The Light DLC is tied to the Free to Play client…so i cannot install it (does NOT show up on PSN store for me to purchase). SONY said i would have to uninstall old client and redownload new client to purchase new DLC. NOT going to happen (over 18GB and a waste of my time).

    i wish there was another option.

  • wow took about 7-8 hours to download it -_- IT WAS A PAIN!!! Doh love the game so far.

  • this makes me wish i never deleted the massive beta file i had installed :/

  • spent all night downloading and plowed through the brainiac escape so i’m all set…just need to get through 8 hours of work now ;p

    Glad to get to try the ps3 version, i picked up the pc version on a steam sale a while back and didn’t think it was quite worth $15/mo but did enjoy it a lot.

    I’m sure i’ll end up dropping the $5 shortly ;) debating between some badass wings or the latern dlc ;p

  • awww man!!! that’s awesome!!! but now I’m torn between this and Battlefield 3 hmmmmm decision, decisions………………..

  • Nice to see companies are finally realizing that there are WAY too many games out there to be able to charge a monthly fee for just ONE.

  • I bought the Green Lantern dlc ($10) and an auction slot increase ($1) yet I am still a free player. When will I be upgraded to a premium player?

  • Can we have a definitive answer of whether or not Premium players also get access to trophies.

  • @ 2 lmao I don’t think so. Hehe haha, u people/kids crack me up!

  • Haven’t dowloaded the patches yet. Need a block of spare time to be able to let it sit and download. Whenever I do that I’ll be playing the game.

  • Downloaded yesterday. Is it working today?

  • I was going to download it but its 18GB or 22GB? I have GB monthly download limits LoL GOD i really hope SONY stick with games on discs next gen or my gaming days will be over or limited to erm playing demos :-/

  • Wow awesom game dude, the whole watching the green bar go across the screen is amazing. So far I have been playing this for 45 minutes hands free and feel that as long as my eyeballs dont lose to much fluid whilst I glaze intently at my 40″ tv, that I will beat the 1st level of this game and get the most sort after trophey of all time…Platinum Patience award for most annoying download. I really cant wait till I get the 2nd most sort after trophey – Gold Cannon Fodder award, for taking a beating by paid members whilst Sony uses you as target practise to make up for the lack of people actually buying into this. And after seeing the prices for this game, no way am I willing to even pay for a month of this – no matter how great the game is.

  • I can’t wait to play this again. I have been waiting to play this since it came out. Now I get the chance to play for free at least for awhile. I know I will pay to go up the next level but, at least it will be affordable to some. Thanks SONY!!!

  • OMG soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo slow

  • so is this like the game they sell in the store? why is it free? Im glad I didnt purchase the game when it came out, not knowing it was going to be free. Just like on Call of Duty: Black Ops last zombie dlc, I paid $14.99 and they ended up giving it for free??? I dont understand, they couldve given me a theme or something for that. i got screwed by treyarch

    someone explain that to me?

  • @ all unsure about trophies:

    NO trophies unless you sign up for a paid monthly sub. The ONLY way you can receive trophies for a free game is if the game does not require a monthly sub. fee. (Even the new Home activities will NOT have trophies)

    The only 2x games that were free (not sure if still are) are Back to the Future Epi. 1 & Blue Toad Murder Files Epi. 1. (These have trophies)

  • fools!!!! I really wanted to play this game but now Drake is out!! Why couldn’t it come out in October?!

  • Was willing to give DC Universe a chance after trying it before… but why has the download not been changed? 128 mb and 125 mb patch and then you have to download 14 GB and you can’t do anything while its downloading for possibly 10 hours. It should just be a 15 GB download instead of 128 mb.

  • Had this downloaded last night, kind of sucks I lost my old character from the Beta.

  • @ 31- The retail game had some perks & some unique digital content. Being free-to-play, you can only level/participate to a certain degree. As in there are areas which req. your hero to be a higher level, in which to achieve you’ll need a paid membership. This model is very similar to Free Realms.

  • Downloaded and paid $9.99 for DLC from in game store and received no upgrade to premium.

  • @37 Same. I got the Green Lantern pack and no premium upgrade. Can we at least get a response saying you are aware of the issue?

  • @ all inquiring about Premium Access-

    As far as I can tell (by reading the post, unlike some here…), purchasing at least $5 worth of DCU DLC content you automatically become a Premium Member. This means extra features such as more characters, inventory slots, assorted perks, etc. But NO trophies.

    ONLY paid subs (Legendary Members) can attain trophies.

  • Hmm, might give this a try, but I think I only have 11GB left on my hardrive lol. Damn you PS+ free games!

    It looks pretty fun, but BF3 will keep me busy for a long time. Not to mention AC:R when it comes out. Too many goodies!

  • “Are you a new player? Then just jump in and play for free. If you buy a few of the awesome items in our marketplace or a DLC pack (totaling at least $5), then you’ll get permanently bumped up to Premium Access, which gives you extra features such as more character and inventory slots.”

    Curious as to when that above statement takes affect, as I downloaded the game, and then bought a DLC an hour after!?

    Of course I notice the servers all went down for maintenance just now so maybe I’ll get the premium bump, or something ^-^

  • “Free to play your way” unless the name you want is taken already. Why can’t the name be linked to your PSN ID, so you can play whatever character name you want? I mean, seriously, the comics have 3 different “Flash” characters.

    Bleah, didn’t even get past character creation. I’m not going to combine letters and numbers in a superhero name, that’s just stupid.

  • Also- 15 gig of downloads, and you have to let the GAME download it, you can’t download it in the background? Thanks a lot for tying up 5 hours of my gaming time just to find out your name system stinks. :p

  • Make trophies available to Premium members and i’ll buy the DLC right now.

    Don’t and…. well you won’t be seeing a cent. I don’t do subscriptions for games.

  • I downloaded it last nite xD I ran into it by accident lol… DCUO plays amazingly… Thanx guys for listening to us. (The players) u guys rock my socks

  • Hey Executive Director of Sony Online Entertainment, why don’t you show your SONY console some love and put the rest of your DCUO wallpapers and avatars in the Playstation Store? While you’re there, you could also add some of your webcasts for those who don’t visit the DCUO website. Follow the LBP model and drop something in the store occasionally to keep your game in the new releases storefront. Out of sight out of mind. You’re SOE fer cryin out loud! Use the PSN Store! Old E3 concept videos don’t cut it!

  • @ 44 SolidusSquirrel- So spend $5 & receive all game trophies & a Platinum? Sure. :/

    You might want to start w/ Toy Story 3 or Vanquish instead (both @ $20).

    In terms of DC U,

    1. Try the game for nothing.
    2. If you like it & want a better experience, buy $5 worth of DLC. (grants you Premium status, although there’s some initial problems as this just went live)
    3. Should the experience make a worthy impression, purchase a monthly sub. (Legendary status entitles you to trophies)

    IMO, DC U is entertaining. Playing w/ tons of people is nice & the devs. have promised more free content.

  • Great deal, i do feel bad for those who spent the $$ for the cd. I am downloading it now. it takes long as heck though! I’ll check it out, but UC3 has me pretty busy right now.

  • @41

    How about fixing the Fight For The Light DLC for those that already have client installed when originally purchased so i dont have to redownload the entire client again….!!

  • Darn if only my console wasn’t in for repairs -___-……

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