UNCHARTED 3: Drake’s Deception Available Today

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UNCHARTED 3: Drake’s Deception Available Today

It’s 11.1.11 and we are pleased to announce that UNCHARTED 3: Drake’s Deception officially storms store shelves in North America today!


Nathan Drake’s latest outing will force him to confront some of his deepest fears as he sets off on a globe-trotting journey that leads him into the heart of the Arabian Desert in search of the fabled “Atlantis of the Sands.” You’ve seen the power of fire (Chateau level), air (Cargo Plane level), water (Cruise Ship level), and most recently sand (Desert Village level) in the game. The Dogs strove to outdo themselves in all facets of production, as we aimed to innovate upon the core tenants of the UNCHARTED franchise.

Keeping the narrative compelling and the characters authentic and relatable while delivering a top-notch cinematic experience was paramount to our past success and the foundation of where we wanted to go when we undertook the blockbuster task of building UNCHARTED 3. Pushing the capability of the PlayStation hardware and using a myriad of technical innovations, we took our in-game physics, particle effects, and visuals to a whole new level. Aside from these elements, we strove to make Drake feel even more connected to his surroundings as players move through different situations in different environments. To that end we integrated high-resolution stereoscopic 3D into the architecture of the game. You owe it to yourself to experience the full stereoscopic 3D gaming UNCHARTED 3 has to offer. We feel you and your eyes will be delighted.

Additionally, the competitive and co-op multiplayer is more robust than ever with many gameplay refinements and the inclusion of those cliffhanger active cinematic experiences that can only be found in the UNCHARTED universe. Hopefully you had a chance to play some of the full multiplayer during the Subway Taste for Adventure promotion and you’re now ready, locked and loaded for the November 1st rollout of the full retail release. We’ll be updating and refining our multiplayer experience together as we all hit the maps for some fortune hunting.

Uncharted 3 - Fortune Hunters' Club

Along with the retail release of the game we’re announcing day-one DLC will be available as well. Three classic skin packs featuring a grand total of 25 character skins from UNCHARTED: Drake’s Fortune and UNCHARTED 2: Among Thieves will hit PSN as downloadable items for your UNCHARTED 3 multiplayer experience. Members of the Fortune Hunters’ Club will be getting these three classic skin packs for free and a second dose of DLC is just around the corner—very close, in fact – so if you haven’t become a member of the club yet now is an ideal time to do so.


We hope you’ll enjoy all the gameplay, graphical, and technical flourishes we packed into UNCHARTED 3 as much as we enjoyed developing them. Our goal was to create a truly unforgettable interactive cinematic experience that everyone can enjoy. We think we achieved this goal and we look forward to hearing about what you think of UNCHARTED 3: Drake’s Deception. So let us know what you think and thank you for playing our game! Have fun!

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  • I will not support the Fortune Hunters’ Club or anything similar and would advise against doing so.

    You are simply encouraging developers to develop content alongside the main product, in many cases content that is already included on the retail disc and is simply locked out to make a further buck. Nothing like paying full price for a full game experience and then having to pay extra down the road to enjoy content that you already technically own if it’s already on the disc.

    You also have no idea what content you are paying for, how long they will support the title and whether or not they will even bother to maintain the online community correcting exploits, cheats, etc. This may not be a problem with Naughty Dog but it certainly leads the way to some very bad experiences down the line with other games.

  • Have to wait to tomorrow to get it :( BUT, i cannot wait!
    Conrats Naughty Dog!

  • Day one DLC better be free, because I’m not paying for content that should have came with the disc.

  • Can’t wait for the Nathan Statue it will sit right between my Helghast Mask/Head and my Ratchet and Clank Figures.

  • I would have brought it if this was a Full digital game but, whatever.

    Also, why you guys don’t have the other Uncharted games as digital games too? Since I’m too lazy to keep taking out and putting discs in.

  • Took the whole day off from work. Pick up my collector’s edition. amazing game so far. how long will fortune hunters club be-available to download for.

  • If we haven’t joined the Fortune Hunters club yet, and join tomorrow, do we still get the free Uncharted 1 and 2 bundles??

  • Such an overrated series.

  • Are these three skin packs the ones mentioned under the 7 pieces of DLC for Fortune Hunters or just an additional bonus for Fortune Hunters?

  • @Eric and All the PS Members:

    I got this game on 28th October im from United Arab Emirates, Dubai…It just leaked in my place… You can also add me in PSN or check my trophies in Facebook… Im quite far in this game… If you ask for my opinion Its worth every penny !!! Freaking awesome game full movie type game.. Really realistic.. I played on 1080p (Dont have a 3D yet :P) Its totally awesome !!! Trophies aren’t that hard just the same as Uc 2 and Uc 1 .. I dont wanna Spoil the game for you guys :D..

    Uncharted 3 Rated E For Epic !!! :D :D :D :D D :D

  • Got my Collectors Edition at midnight, but there is a problem. I went to save last night after playing for awhile and I was shocked when I hovered over my playtime to see how long I’ve played and the percent done. It said my playtime was 1:05, but the percent completion was 22%. I was shocked, how am I almost a quarter of the way done with the game when I barely played an hour!? Granted I only died about twice, but it was on Hard mode too. I seriously hope the rest of the chapters are longer than the beginning because I was in Chapter 5 already in just about no time. Of course the game is fantastic so far, but its really a shame that it seems like its gonna be the length of Uncharted 1 (8 hours) instead of Uncharted 2 (10-12), hell I thought it would be more since its the third installment and people want more of it.

    All in all I love the game so far, but was seriously saddened that this will take me a mere 2 days most likely. Maybe things get harder later on which it most likely does, but as it stands its pretty easy even on “Hard”. I was worried about this too, ND focused a bit too much on MP it seems and (not that didn’t focus on SP because its fantastic) kinda gimped the game’s length.

  • Hey #50 “TUSTIN1”

    You’re totally free to believe and support what you believe in. However, as someone who owns the game and has finished it (thanks to the AMC event) Let me say that what they are offering through DLC is entirely optional. All the pay content its all multiplayer related, which is quite feature packed and robust with what is included on the disc already. Secondly, IF you are interested in the multiplayer (not everyone is, therefore its not mandatory you purchase it) they are giving you almost 50% off the content. All DLC I’ve seen only discounts their DLC after its long faded into memory. The way ND and Sony are doing it is releasing it while the game is fresh, and has the most people playing, and your getting discount. I’m not knocking your decision as there are some pretty unscrupulous practices out there regarding DLC, I;m just saying that this is in fact, not on of those cases.

  • @ #60 Took me a little over 10 hours to beat on hard.

  • I have a question, will i be able to buy fortunes hunter club a later time or is it limited time. Cant spend 25 more bucks today, i have them but you know is too much.

  • Got Uncharted 3 @ midnight. Playing it right now.

  • Playing right now, so far ( and i am looking at the intro movie LOL) it looks epic. Congratulations ND, definitely one of the best games this year.

  • A quick question so I do not make a hasty decision.

    If I decide to buy the Uncharted Fortune Hunter’s Club, does it include every dlc pack intended to be released for the game? If so, I would buy it in a heartbeat.

  • Picked up my FREAKING AWESOME collector’s edition this morning and will be joining the HClub later today!!! 8)

  • Picked mine up at a midnight launch and played til 2:30am even though I had work at 9am! I couldn’t wipe the stupid grin off my face the entire time! Great game so far…absolutely perfect. Thanks Naugty Dog!

  • The copy I received from the AMC event did not include a code for the online pass, just the Starhawk Beta. Am I going to have to purchase an online pass to play multiplayer?

  • Yup, got my copy. Now I just need to get off of work… and put my kid to sleep… and then move the PS3 to the front room…. THEN its game ON!

  • I’m listening to the epic Uncharted score that I downloaded of off itunes my copy should arrive thursday.

  • Picked up the game this morning at Best Buy after they opened… been enjoying the first few chapters.. game looks great… love the sounds and voice-acting… top-notch, as always…
    one thing i’ve always been wondering with this series- where are all these enemies coming from…?? seriously, in some places in first 2 games, you’re traversing puzzles and traps and whatnot to get to these hidden locations only to find enemies already there.. and since they are pretty brainless enemies, i have to wonder, seriously how did they get there… some of those locations were pretty closed off and treacherous to get to… or some ya had to work some sorta puzzle that only Drake knew, so, how were these enemies there ahead of him…??

    anyhow, great game.. while im staying away from Multiplayer(its just not my thing), i am happy to have the game and always grateful for the team at Naughty Dog for putting effort into the great Uncharted series…

  • Man, I’m anxious to get Uncharted 3 today, but there’s no way in hell I’m grabbing the Fortune Hunter ‘pass’ if all we’re getting is stuff I already paid for in Uncharted 2. These SCEA marketing tools think they can get me to pay for the exact same thing twice without any additional content?? Think again. Thanks for dialing down the excitement.

  • Got my copy at about 9:30 this morning.
    Had to go to school but i started playing at 3:00
    EPIC!!! :D

  • Got the game at midnight. It’s awesome so far, as expected. I also purchased and activated the Fortune Hunters’ Club deal as well when I got home. So my question is: when will the aforementioned bundles be available for downloading? Will they (and future downloads) come via a message over PSN or will we get them from the PSstore or the Store section on the UC3 multiplayer home page (which is empty at the moment)? Hopefully, members will get DLC content at the same time it’s available in the PSstore. The worst possible scenario is if DLC is uploaded to the store for purchase before those who’ve prepaid are able to download. We’re getting a discount of course, but it’s not worth it if we’re getting items late. (That scenario is also pretty shady.)


  • Does anyone know how many chapters there are?
    Currently on chapter 5… I think. Just taking a break now.

  • theres been lotsa hype 4 this game. i would get it release day but unfortunately mw3 will release soon after

  • I would be very excited but I canceled my preorder when I knew that this game would have the lame PSN Online Pass, and now you are rehashing Uncharted 2 DLC for U3? shouldn’t it be free or supercheap for people who already bought those skins for Uncharted 2? Sad days of gaming aproaching fast

  • How long will the fortune hunter’s pack be on PSN?

  • This is good news and when I get enough money or can get for paid looking for (other than unemployment that ended the end of June) employment I will buy a copy of most this have game of 2012.

  • I’m only interested in the online portion of this game. Please consider offering just the multi-player as a PSN download and I’d happily spend $29.99 for it.


  • This stuff was already on the disc in Uncharted 1 & 2. This time, there’s no unlockable skins, cheats or tweaks. NO DOUGHNUT DRAKE. Why? Because they want you to pay extra for these things starting from DAY ONE. Don’t be a sucker.

  • And what about us European hobos who don’t have access to the Fortune Hunter’s Club? Do we get the classic skins for free as well or can we only dream about it? No way I’m going to buy again skins I already paid for in U2.

  • The game is great, but I still feel there are some things to be fixed in the Mp. First off expect for the “G-Mal” & sniper guns, the recoil for most weapons expands to fast and to big. The worst part is that it takes so much bullets to kill an enemy. About 5 minutes ago before I was typing this I was playing UC3’s MP. It took the entire clip size to kill one person for me. IDK, those are my problems for the MP aspects so far

  • Had the day off and bought it this morning at Target along w/Deux and Dead Island to take advantage of the free game deal. Bought the first two parts on day one as well and loving this so far. Makes we really wonder if Arkham City or this is gonna take GOTY. Great games at the moment and so little time.

  • The Uncharted series is one of the best, but because of Sony’s new entry of the PSN pass system, I will buy this game used just for spite. Plus even for a awesome game like U3, $60 is a massive rip-off.

  • This is an EPIC game.

  • Finally! Now, i need to “liberate” some treasure, so I can afford it.

  • I was one of the lucky ones who got the game 6 days before release (yay me :D) and I must say that I absolutely loved every second of it. I really REALLY hope there will be Uncharted 4. I’d also like to thank ND for being so AMAZING. Thanks!

  • Good gosh this game is sooooooooooooo boring hope it picks up soon

  • Great job done ND! U3 is simply the best game on PS3. Now, take a break from Nathan’s adventures, and start making Jak 4. I’ve been waiting for it for 7 years.

  • Please respond this question, its vital for me!!!

    I have a question, i have played Uncharted with his spanish voices since the beginin of the franchise, but since SCE its making latin voices for the america’s version (and they just sucks) i wanna know if like with U1 and U2, U3 will be coming with the spanish voices (not latin)?, cause it will be strange to hear Drake, Sully and company with new voices, and even worse when this new voices are just ugly (to be polite).

  • Wow. The first three chapters are amazing. Cutscenes are beautifully directed, the dialogue is as excellent as Uncharted 2’s, and the voice acting is perfect.

    I’m patiently waiting for Uncharted: Golden Abyss

    Please make Uncharted 4 a launch title for the PS4…you owe it to everyone to make a 4th game, I mean Jak X was the 4th Jak and Daxter game…..

  • Got my Collector’s Edition today, now just waiting for power to play it :p (no power since the snow this last weekend -.-) looking forward to it & enjoying the CE. Packaging for it was awesome :)

  • pretty lame that the UC1 & UC2 skins aren’t free unless you buy the Fortune Pass

  • I still haven’t play the first 2 games

  • I cant purchase the pass until Nov. 5… will i still the skins that were just released still be included with the season pass???

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