UNCHARTED 3: Drake’s Deception Available Today

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UNCHARTED 3: Drake’s Deception Available Today

It’s 11.1.11 and we are pleased to announce that UNCHARTED 3: Drake’s Deception officially storms store shelves in North America today!


Nathan Drake’s latest outing will force him to confront some of his deepest fears as he sets off on a globe-trotting journey that leads him into the heart of the Arabian Desert in search of the fabled “Atlantis of the Sands.” You’ve seen the power of fire (Chateau level), air (Cargo Plane level), water (Cruise Ship level), and most recently sand (Desert Village level) in the game. The Dogs strove to outdo themselves in all facets of production, as we aimed to innovate upon the core tenants of the UNCHARTED franchise.

Keeping the narrative compelling and the characters authentic and relatable while delivering a top-notch cinematic experience was paramount to our past success and the foundation of where we wanted to go when we undertook the blockbuster task of building UNCHARTED 3. Pushing the capability of the PlayStation hardware and using a myriad of technical innovations, we took our in-game physics, particle effects, and visuals to a whole new level. Aside from these elements, we strove to make Drake feel even more connected to his surroundings as players move through different situations in different environments. To that end we integrated high-resolution stereoscopic 3D into the architecture of the game. You owe it to yourself to experience the full stereoscopic 3D gaming UNCHARTED 3 has to offer. We feel you and your eyes will be delighted.

Additionally, the competitive and co-op multiplayer is more robust than ever with many gameplay refinements and the inclusion of those cliffhanger active cinematic experiences that can only be found in the UNCHARTED universe. Hopefully you had a chance to play some of the full multiplayer during the Subway Taste for Adventure promotion and you’re now ready, locked and loaded for the November 1st rollout of the full retail release. We’ll be updating and refining our multiplayer experience together as we all hit the maps for some fortune hunting.

Uncharted 3 - Fortune Hunters' Club

Along with the retail release of the game we’re announcing day-one DLC will be available as well. Three classic skin packs featuring a grand total of 25 character skins from UNCHARTED: Drake’s Fortune and UNCHARTED 2: Among Thieves will hit PSN as downloadable items for your UNCHARTED 3 multiplayer experience. Members of the Fortune Hunters’ Club will be getting these three classic skin packs for free and a second dose of DLC is just around the corner—very close, in fact – so if you haven’t become a member of the club yet now is an ideal time to do so.


We hope you’ll enjoy all the gameplay, graphical, and technical flourishes we packed into UNCHARTED 3 as much as we enjoyed developing them. Our goal was to create a truly unforgettable interactive cinematic experience that everyone can enjoy. We think we achieved this goal and we look forward to hearing about what you think of UNCHARTED 3: Drake’s Deception. So let us know what you think and thank you for playing our game! Have fun!

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  • I should be getting my copy any day now! <3

    Until then I'll eschew ANY spoilers or mentions of the game.

  • Will we get these in Europe too? Im tired of SCEE being WEEKS behind on content :(

  • My online pass isn’t working. Do I have to wait till the Playstation Store updates before I use the pass? Anyone else having problems?

  • EXCITED! EXCITED getting off work early CANNOT WAIT!

  • Been playing since 10:30 am. Loving every minute

  • “Members of the Fortune Hunters’ Club will be getting these three classic skin packs for free”

    It’s not “free” when you had to pay to get into the club.

  • Awaiting my copy of the game. Will these DLC bundles be available today?

  • I wish the DLC was “new” DLC instead of from UC2 but whatever.

  • My online pass worked first try at 10:30 am this morning

  • I cannot wait to get home from work to begin playing this masterpiece. What was done with the Fortune Hunter’s Club is genius. Became a part of it first day it released on the PSN Store.

    Any word on custom female characters for Heroes/Villains? My fiance would love to customize her own character when we play co-op instead of playing an in-game character.

  • OMG I just cant believe that the day finally arrived…and woow characters from UC2 as DLC…this is simple awesome as H……Cant wait to play.

  • Eric! This is the happiest day of my life. I asked Uncharted 3 to marry me and she said yes!

  • I’ll be waiting for the $39.99 GotY edition with all the DLC content bundled in. :) I wish all the early adopters who are going to make that future GotY edition possible the best of luck and enjoyment with this one!

  • Any idea when the Subway copies will ship really looking forward to the game.

    • Please contact the team at Subway for info on shipping. The site says “A: All winners of the SUBWAY® Taste for Adventure Promotion must complete their contact information on the site. Physical prizes will be shipped to winners within 8-10 weeks. Winners of digital prizes will receive an email with their exclusive redemption code and a link to the site to redeem their prize.”

  • Oh, haha. So it will be releasing today. Now I wonder if PS+ subscribers get discount.

  • Hey, quick question.. I remember back in June when the first beta for UC3 lunched that there was going to be something special for people who joined or ranked up something like that… any info on that?

  • Just got back home from the retailer. Opened up my copy, and so excited to open this baby! Can’t wait, now let me go play. :)

  • How are they free if the Fortune Hunter’s Club members had to pay for membership? I paid for some of these skins as U2 DLC and find it disheartening that they’re being sold to us again. Couldn’t this kind of stuff just come with the game? Or at least, I don’t know, be free for people who own previous Uncharted games? How about rewarding your loyal customers rather than trying to squeeze every cent you can out of them?

  • my ps3/ 60GB died 5 mins into this game!! But whatever got a slim right when it happend!!Not missing out on this game and Call of duty next week!!

  • While I’m disappointed we have Day 1 DLC (especially the fact that I bought some of these already for Uncharted 2)… Will we at least be able to buy individual skins? There are a couple skins I’m interested in, but I really don’t care for most of them. So can I buy them individually? And where is the map Dry Docks? Please be free DLC since that was first revealed over 6 months ago!

  • Going to go get my Collectors Edition very soon here. Can’t wait! <3

  • I’ve just finished my first few.multiplayer games. Good fun so far.

    …but…. Where is the option to have.two-player splitscreen with different PSN IDs? It was in the beta but seems to have.been removed now :-(

    That’s one my household’s favourite features

  • SO excited!!! About to pick mine up here in a few. Been playing U2 all over again in preparation for this one. Super awesome to play with the PS3 headset.

    Quick Question:

    Is the Fortune Hunters Club only available now or can I wait til later this week to buy it when I get more mulla$$$?

  • @Street_Killaz Wow, that sucks!

  • I already have these skins for Uncharted 2.
    Can they not just carry over?
    Are you guys really trying to get people to repurchase content they may already own?

  • Selling skins we already bought in Uncharted 2, right…

  • Are those considered the 3 p[acks out of 4 in the FHC?

  • i hope to get this game one day

  • Kinda relates to this post – anyone know where I can find a full sized image of Drake being on the horse that you see in the background on this page? I’d like to use it for my desktop wallpaper. XD

  • Day 1 rehashed paid DLC. Sorry, can’t support your game.

  • Wait I paid for rehashed content from Uncharted 2? ugh…. I’m sorry but that’s really kinda stinks.

  • im picking up my copy today also couldnt get my collectors edition cause was broke barely managed to pay off the original,naughty dog i have failed,also are those day 1 dlc remaked to uncharted 3 graphics or the same as the old ones,and can we get fortune hunter club anytime or is it time sensitive!!

  • and you STILL haven’t outlined what is included in the Fortune Hunters Club.

    Man, they REALLY know you Uncharted fans are lambs.

  • Anyone know when we get Drake’s PS Home outfit for preordering in PS Home? I already got my preorder DLC’s from Amazon but, no PS Home outfit yet… :(

  • Maybe now that it’s finally released, we’ll stop seeing blog posts about it four times a week.

    That’ll be nice.

    Yay for Uncharted 3.

  • Picked up my collector’s edition on my lunch break! Finishing the day at work is killing me!!!

  • Fortune Hunters Club: be the first to pay to download ancient DLC from old games! Yay for rehashed DLC! I bet you anything the first DLC MP map will be an Uncharted 2 MP map! lol dang.

  • Is this day 1 DLC the same exact DLC as from U2 ie if I have already downloaded the U2 DLC, I won’t have to download these again, or will they be brand new U3 only DLC packs?

  • I didn’t get Hunters Club. Yay me!

  • I’m going to pick up the my copy from GS and my CE from subway should be here any day now!

    When will those who participated in the summer beta expect to get their bonus content?

    • Rewards for the Summer MP beta will be sent to your PSN email today and throughout the week. So be sure to check your PSN email account address this week.

  • So I just read that there is no game modifying unlockables like in previous Uncharted titles.
    You know like cheats, character skins, weapon selection and so on.
    Is Naughty Dog going to sell it back to us as DLC like the rehashed Uncharted 2 skins?

  • How long with we be able to buy the Fortune Hunter’s Club access? I’m interested, but I want to know exactly what I’m buying and sink my teeth into the full game before putting down money on it. I’d like to see at least some of the new maps and new skins.

    So, will it be available for a long time, so that we can buy it if we see a few pieces of content down the line that we want, or will it be taken down before most of the DLC is released?

  • WHERE IS THE UPS MAN? Desperately waiting for him to get here so I can get my U3 on.

    Can’t wait, ND. You guys are some of the best in the business!

  • What ? There is a new Uncharted game ? and its releasing today ?
    How come no one told me about this! Sony, it would have been nice to have gotten some warnings or information ahead of time, so we could prepare to buy this game!

  • please please i want the eye of indra skin packs as well ;O

  • Eric i have some questions. 1 so for people who won there copies from subway have to fill out something to get the game if so put a link on that or we have to call subway about that. And 2 we r gonna get an email with a code from the june beta for that dlc u guys r gonna give us.

    • Hi!

      1. Please contact the team at Subway for info on any prizes won. The site says “A: All winners of the SUBWAY® Taste for Adventure Promotion must complete their contact information on the site. Physical prizes will be shipped to winners within 8-10 weeks. Winners of digital prizes will receive an email with their exclusive redemption code and a link to the site to redeem their prize.”

      2. Check the email address you used for PSN all week. Code vouchers for the rewards from the June beta are being sent out starting today.

  • Ha I got my copy since friday. Germany FTW ;)

  • Speaking of Fortune Hunters’ Club,

    Can we expect an Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception Fortune Hunter Edition release? :)

  • OMG!!!! Eric you and you’re team out did yourself this time… It’s amazing THANK YOU SOOOOO MUCH!!!! for this epic masterpiece dude i don’t know what to expect for Uncharted 4… [DELETED] i’m getting goosebumps just thinking

  • Woo, hoo, finally! Just waiting on the UPS guy now

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