PlayStation Home Redesign Video Tour – New Games, Genre-Based Districts, and More

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PlayStation Home Redesign Video Tour – New Games, Genre-Based Districts, and More

Hello again, PlayStation community! As you might recall from my previous post, I revealed the big plans we had in store for a complete redesign of PlayStation Home—including a brand new Hub, genre-based districts, Total Game Integration, and a new questing system that turns Home itself into a game. Now that we’re getting close to launch, I thought the best way to show off all the new features we’ve packed into the upcoming new core experience would be to give you a tour of the redesign. Check out the below video for a rundown on some of the most exciting new features you’ll be experiencing soon in PlayStation Home:

As you can see, PlayStation Home’s new genre-based districts include a number of diverse and exclusive games that cater to players’ different interests and styles. For example, in the Action District, you’ll be able to enjoy the free and exclusive first-person shooter game that runs inside Home itself, Bootleggers ’29. We’ll also be bringing back some of your favorite Total Game Integration events here such as Dead Island and Killzone 3, as well as feature teleporters to popular games such as Sodium.

If sports are more up your alley, you’ll definitely find yourself at home in the Sportswalk, where players will have access to games like Home Hold’em (a full-featured Texas Hold’em poker game), live sports scores and video highlights, as well as a game of PlayStation Home Sports Trivia where you can reap plenty of rewards. And in Pier Park, you can race your own remote controlled car against friends in RC Rally, or relax with friends and take a ride on the Ferris Wheel. All of this is tied together with a new quest system that turns PlayStation Home itself into a game. All you’ll have to do is check out the Activity Board in the Hub when you’re ready to get started, and you’ll be ready to start racking up the rewards!

I can’t wait for you to jump in and see for yourself all the exciting new things we have in store for you with the PlayStation Home redesign. Stay tuned…it won’t be long now!

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  • Are there finally going to be permanent spaces that are international?

  • I like home, and I enjoy messing in it, but the new stuff, looks the same to me.The fps is a nice touch though. What I would rather see is the world more like an FPS in general, with more direct world interactions and less slow moving menus. But that video feels like any incarnation of Home to date.

    The above is feedback, not a slam, I like home.

  • Oh, and no single player games like sodium one, I was so excited to play that, then pissed when I realized i was all alone, I felt lied to and I didn’t see the point of adding it to home. I never tried Sodium 2.

  • Here is a tip SONY – If you want to get ‘90%+’ of PS3 owners to visit HOME give them ‘TROPHIES’ for doing so :P

    i.e say –

    Visit HOME 10 times = Trophy

    Buy something = Trophy

    Stay in HOME for 30 minutes = Trophy

    Visit ‘LBP’ space in HOME = Trophy

    etc etc ;)

    Try it & i bet HOME will be soooooooooo full you won’t be able to move! ;-D

  • @ Tchanku

    Current games in Home that others can play with you:

    Sodium 2
    Dolphy Races
    Slap Happy Sam
    Ooblag’s Alien Casino
    Southern Island Hideaway Jet Ski Races

    There are more than I’m forgetting, I’m sure. And in the new one, the Killzone, Dead Island games, etc, are better played when others are helping.

    So I think there are some nice single player and multiplayer games for everyone to enjoy (I do). If you aren’t finding them, you simply haven’t been there because you can’t miss ’em.

  • Thanks Devilmosh, I do like home, and I will be sure to look at some of those games. That one message was just a personal pet peeve about Sodium One.

  • Looks promising! would still want the avatars and world itself to either get an upgraded look or aesthetic change. Also integration with the XMB/PSN ID.

  • just thought but is it possible to use home from the vita on launch (or perhaps a version for the vita specifically). that would really help people have the entire portable ps3 thing:) well anyway i look forward to the upgrade/update (not sure which term fits)

  • You guys need an RTS game in here and maybe capable with a mouse…

  • Whatever happened to the adventure district? :(

  • seriously sony, You need to bring HOME to VITA. that would be just perfect to use that social network on the go especially via 3G network. BTW Im getting the VITA day one with the bundle, I just wish the memory stick would be bigger.

  • The Ferris wheel is fun and relaxing, the Poker is awesome and quests are great. More to come. Thank you Jack Buser and the Home Team.

    May I suggest Blackjack for a quick card game?

  • Im exited about the ingame shooter, the gangster one. And the faris wheel. I wanna meet some new people when it comes out. I keep telling people in home about new home and they have no clue. lol. Now they know.


  • How soon can we expect to see changes , a month or two? or less

  • Wow just another reason of what makes PlayStation great. Y’all keep a constant dedication to bring the best product out for consumer enjoyment, simply incredible. I can see myself on home again for hours. i was shocked by the magnitude of what’s being added to home. Great job!!!!!

  • @Jack Buser

    Not gonna lie. I am ready for this update. I am gonna miss all the times I spend standing on the bench. And playing exclusive games in the main plaza.

    Just got question. Say like Halloween. You had the giant pumpkin game. Gave a wonderful prize. Which I thank you and the PlayStation Admin and developers. But is the new plaza gonna be able to have special events? Like you used to change out the plaza for new game events etc.

    I so like when you have something special going on and earn special awesome prizes?

  • I just went back in to Home tonight for the first time in a long time and had a blast playing the Uncharted mini game! If Home can deliver more of these fun types of games like the video shows I will have no problem spending time in Home.

  • I dont even have a ps3 but im getting one now

  • Sony, the answer to get every PS3 owner to log back into Home is so easy I can’t belive everyone has missed it!


    You’r putting in a quest system which is great news, follow that up with TROPHY SUPPORT, and like Charlie Sheen, you will be winning!

  • I must say this new Home Update has gotten me very excited again about PlayStation Home :)

    Just one thing I need to ask 2 things.

    Will there finally be Checker Boards in Home? I have been asking for this for like ever.

    Also are we ever going to get a full fledged Casino in Home? I always thought it would be so cool to be able to walk around a Casino in Home and play all the same kind of games you would see at a real Casino like Video Joker Poker, Slots, Roulette, Craps,baccarat and so on.

    And I know wecan not play for real Money so instead you could play to win Prizes or tokens which then could be used in the Mall in Home :)

    Please Sony make me and my Mother who loves the Casino happy!! And give us another reason to LOVe our Playstation 3!

  • Good to know that Home is being worked on. My major gripes about the current version is:

    1) Slow and tedious to start up and load (not download!) of different locations

    2) Poor frame rate and stuttering.

    3) Annoying muzak and no support of custom sound tracks

    4) Dull and lifeless avatars

    5) Requirement to stand in queue to play virtual games (WTF!)

    Have any of these areas been improved on?



  • while done Sony with the Playstation Home revamp keep up the awsome work. plus when will we get to see on ps3

  • Carl-G on October 31st, 2011 at 5:22 pm said:

    Stay in HOME for 30 minutes — 30 minutes in home…a persons average stay in home is 45 mins…staying in home for 180 mins (3hrs) would be harder with out falling asleep (having a back soon over there head) = Trophy

    visiting all areas in the hub in one visit = trophy

    having 5 of ur friends in a single public space space = trophy

    wearing an entirely free outfit=trophie

    wearing an entire prized outfit=trophie

  • I deleted Home and no one on my FL uses it but I’m willing to give it a second chance. The loading times were always too long and the mini games boring and poorly made. The world was always sterile. Would like to see a gaming site review the new Home. Hope the loading times have been reduced or eliminated and the world made less sterile by adding ambient noise. Voice chat is needed too. Also more movement, jumping, climbing etc. like one finds in an open world game.

  • Will this have features people using home actually ask for?
    When will it be ready for full release?
    Will it really work any better than the existing version of home and correct any of the longstanding bugs?

  • With this update, is Home coming out of Beta now?

  • I hope the spaces will look a bit more alive when they are released, the environment is a bit lacking. No bees or pollen or moving leaves.

    Personally I hope the evening setting of the spaces will be changed to daytime, the spaces are way to dark as they are now and the light in the spaces just makes our avatars look plain and without detail.

    The overal look of the spaces is good, except the action space, that space is a bit poor in design.

  • So, what’s the point of this blog post? You’ve already posted that Home is being updated. You’ve already posted that Home is being updated in the fall. I don’t see any new information at all in this blog post, not even a release date, what’s the point of posting this?

    (see how annoying it gets when you just keep repeating the same thing over and over without saying anything new)

  • This really is a waste. The spaces are nothing special and if anything it adds less. Also the inconsistent time eras are annoying. I can understand for game spaces but home core spaces should be the same time era. The main area feels futuristic while the docks or whatever feels like a dark ghetto area(already a home space for that), the sports is modern day pier. There are way too many inconsistencies.

  • You should have made trophies available within Home.
    I’d play it all the time then.

  • As long as I can still play Chess somewhere like in the Mall, it’s all good.

    I only really play Home for the free games, so this is perfect, I was disappointed when I learned that Sodium 1 cost money to get past that 5th level. So all this new content will be great, I might actually play again sometime.

    I guess when I’m done beating all the amazing games that are out and/or coming out for the rest of this year, I’ll have something fun to fall back on when I’m bored.

  • And heres something I’ve been wondering

    Will there possibly be a version of Home for Vita? I don’t know if I’d play it a lot personally, but something tells me it would be an interesting place to develop technology to use with those new features and such.

  • IT’S ABOUT BLOODY TIME!!! Home is soooooooo boring… now it will be somewhat entertaining.

  • Will we ever be able to watch NetFlix in a party in Home?

  • I’m Still waiting on being able to listen to my music and watch my videos from home and my friends being able to see and hear them as well. Very old promise, during the Home beta days, that we have yet to see. Whats up with that?


  • also add 360 waves to the hairstyle, cut the loading time and stop the forcing us to download places so we can do things, just put it all in the upgrade (if you can i understand if you can’t and i won’t mind because i can’t make any of this happen myself yet)

  • The beta has been very fun and interesting, I think many people will be pleased to see some of their concerns are being addressed with this makeover. love Cogs! this is a game you can wrap your brail around instead of mashing buttons. thanks for all the fun new spaces and the new experiences they are bringing, it’s been fabulous being part of the upcoming changes! XD

  • i’m too old si i’ll just sit and keep playing poker, yea!!!

    thanks it looks amazing, can’t wait!!!

  • @rjejr, i cannot agree more.

    maybe this will give the Home harassing idiots something to do when they get bored…but harassers are idiots so maybe i’m hoping for too much…once they get bored with the games they will do what they do. but the ignore tab works so…

    i like variety, so the different eras don’t bother me.

    first person shooters, i’m probably the only person on the planet sick of those.

    hard to say it’ll be good or bad based on this video for me. after the new car smell wears off, i wonder how often i will be on Home. i would like the PS3 in general to allow users to listen to their own music with any game like the Xbox 360 does.

    and when will the words swag/swagger get played out? oy vey!! regardless, life will continue.

    time will tell how well The Hub does once it’s out.

  • WOW..just seen your walk through jack,very nice,and THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THE NEW HOME SPACES AND THE GAMES,ive been blessed to be in the beta for a while now and i absolutely love all that is the new hub,what a treat to have all these exciting and fun new spaces to explore,play and just to hang out in and meet and talk with friends,love the throwback killzone 3 space,my personal all time fav,i could go on and on but i wont here…lol..all it needs now is folks, you guys have really outdone yourselves this time,awsome uc3 event that let us peek into the envelope as to what home and a great imagination can take us,yup its official…WERE SPOILED!…SONY RULES…

  • That FPS game looks awesome cant wait……. gd job guys

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