PlayStation Home Redesign Video Tour – New Games, Genre-Based Districts, and More

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PlayStation Home Redesign Video Tour – New Games, Genre-Based Districts, and More

Hello again, PlayStation community! As you might recall from my previous post, I revealed the big plans we had in store for a complete redesign of PlayStation Home—including a brand new Hub, genre-based districts, Total Game Integration, and a new questing system that turns Home itself into a game. Now that we’re getting close to launch, I thought the best way to show off all the new features we’ve packed into the upcoming new core experience would be to give you a tour of the redesign. Check out the below video for a rundown on some of the most exciting new features you’ll be experiencing soon in PlayStation Home:

As you can see, PlayStation Home’s new genre-based districts include a number of diverse and exclusive games that cater to players’ different interests and styles. For example, in the Action District, you’ll be able to enjoy the free and exclusive first-person shooter game that runs inside Home itself, Bootleggers ’29. We’ll also be bringing back some of your favorite Total Game Integration events here such as Dead Island and Killzone 3, as well as feature teleporters to popular games such as Sodium.

If sports are more up your alley, you’ll definitely find yourself at home in the Sportswalk, where players will have access to games like Home Hold’em (a full-featured Texas Hold’em poker game), live sports scores and video highlights, as well as a game of PlayStation Home Sports Trivia where you can reap plenty of rewards. And in Pier Park, you can race your own remote controlled car against friends in RC Rally, or relax with friends and take a ride on the Ferris Wheel. All of this is tied together with a new quest system that turns PlayStation Home itself into a game. All you’ll have to do is check out the Activity Board in the Hub when you’re ready to get started, and you’ll be ready to start racking up the rewards!

I can’t wait for you to jump in and see for yourself all the exciting new things we have in store for you with the PlayStation Home redesign. Stay tuned…it won’t be long now!

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  • OMG I cant wait PS Home is awesome!

  • Nice! Let’s just hope it’s not too little, too late. ;)

  • Hey it will be worth the wait…This is what the Originators of the PS3 envisioned when they created the PS3 as a game platform. I have the Opinion that Home could replace the XMB with the correct vision. You can watch DVD/Blu-ray discs from the Theatre or personal space. Listen to Music at the local “Pub/Disco/Lounge” depending on your style of music or an appliance in personal space. Plus other ways to integrate the “Home” experience.

  • The video looked kinda interesting…. I may try to figure out Home again after this update…. first time I tried it, I was stuck in an empty apartment and couldn’t go anywhere, so I thought the whole Home thing was LAME… better explanations are needed for newbies, or we just exit back to the XMB…..

  • This definitely looks great. When I first heard about the redesign, I was hoping it meant a reason to go back to Home besides meeting with my friends. Some of the games currently up are hard (that cube thing in the center of the hub) and some are fun (the uncharted game).
    I haven’t been able to get a game started for the bootlegger, though. Never fully loads up.

    • Thanks DarqueDragon! This redesign will be packed with games of all kinds. Everything from shooters and racers to poker and puzzlers will be featured on day one, and we will be frequently updating with new games from then on!

  • All this redesigning and you overlook trophy support? What’s wrong with you people? Gamers like me enjoy earning trophies. If you’ve really implemented a boat load of games, then associate trophies with them and get on board with the rest of the PlayStation community…

  • PS Home I <3 u. :-)

  • Good job Jack! The team, and content providers, are kicking some butt.

    • Thanks gravislord. The whole global PS Home team has been working so hard to get this new core experience to you. All of us at SCEA as well as SCEE and the other global Home teams, the Home Platform Group, all of our partners like Lockwood, Hellfire, VEEMEE, NDreams, Codename and Heavy Water…we’ve all been cranking around the clock together to bring this to you. We’re almost there!

  • bravo :)

  • I’m with Strathmore. Where’s the trophy support?

    This redesign doesn’t look like its going to do much for home. Its basically a reskinned environment with a few new things that most people won’t care about.

    Virtual unlockables for Home do nothing for me. I want unlockable content for real non-Home games. Eg. Similar to the Uncharted 3 space.

  • this is the update i’ve been waiting for!

  • is the store wprking now or are they adding this new update?

  • I always thought Home was an interesting experiment, but this update has me really excited to try it!

  • please tell me the quests wont require you to buy stuff, and is this adding any new games? or just pashing them all together

    • This redesign is going to add tons of new games, all free to play. There’s a new multiplayer FPS, a full-featured Texas hold’em poker game, a wild RC racing game, a super fun puzzle game, tons of quests, and much more. And, yes, it’s all totally free!

  • Jack buser. Thank you for ps home. It’s a great project that is developing well.

  • Having been part of the Beta for this, I have to say i have seen it get better and better has more games get added, RC Rally really does rock and earns you some mega cool rewards also :)

    So I’m sure many people will love it for the better :)

    • Thanks Carla_Birch! As one of our most active community members, that means a lot coming from you :). Big thanks to you and all the private beta testers who have been a part of this. We couldn’t have done it without you.


    I want to make a platinum mural!

  • Should add some Move/Nav controller compatibility to Home. The store/internet browser could use it too but you are the wrong guy to talk to about that probably.

  • you know what would be a great addition to the new Home rollout? data validation. i’ve had problems with corrupted Home spaces when downloading, and i’m so surprised there doesn’t appear to be so much as a simple hash check or something to make sure the data isn’t corrupted. with people spending money on Home this would be essential to incorporate.

  • Jack, you mentioned Pier Park, Sportswalk and Action District, and while I’ve seen the potential of all these spaces, I need to ask… is there any news on the Adventure District?

  • just means i have to download all the spaces all over again…. and possibly re-decorate my Home space all over again…. sometimes thats a pain… tho honestly, most of the actual homespaces are pretty boring if you can’t afford the paid ones… but i look forward to how it looks and feels after the re-design… some of the games sound cool… its nice to see people still working on Home and making it something unique to the Playstation Experience… haters are always gonna hate, but there are always plenty of people in Home anytime i visit… i’m no socialite, but it has plenty of things to see and do…
    just wish chatting with others were easier… like an easier way of Private messaging other users or whatever… but then without a keyboard or mic, thats pretty pointless….

  • If you’re gonna have recreations of real games like the Uncharted 3 one make them good! That sucked. The graphics were horrible and you had to press buttons to switch between cover. I’ve played Uncharted 2 and that made U3 look bad. C’mon. Every time I get on PS Home which is very rare I usually end up leaving pretty quick. I think it’s kinda stupid sometimes. Hopefully the update makes it better but i’m kinda doubting.

    Uncharted 3 comes out at midnight!

  • I’ve been in Home since the original private beta years ago and I can’t wait for this! Home is always changing and keeping us involved and entertained. I’m really hoping that the spaces that we love like The Playground, Lockwood and others don’t disappear.

    From the looks of The Hub, it looks like a very cool and exciting place, very modern and futuristic all rolled into one. Any chance we’ll be getting a Hub personal space above all the action, like we do with The Playground? Maybe something with a lot of windows so we get a great view of everything…

  • Quite frankly, from what I’ve seen on YouTube of the new spaces, they’re horrible. The Hub for one is WAY to artificial compared to Central Plaza. The Action District is sorely lacking any “action”, and looks like a bunce of assets from 5 games were all thrown together haphazardly. And the Sportswalk is downright boring, save for the poker game. In my opinion, the Pier is the only saving grace. Even then though, the ferris wheel goes ahem… backwards.

    If you ask me, I’d rather they just left everything alone. This new coat of paint (and that’s all it is) doesn’t fix any underlying problems. I’d rather have an update that DOES fix the myriad of problems that hold Home back.

  • What happened to Trophy room and rewards that we were promised back in 2007 or 2008?? I guess it was a lie after all..

  • Thanks Jack for the PS Home update. Spent some time in the home beta and loved the Sports Bar with Playstation Hold’em. Can’t wait til its complete.

  • Ps Home is going to be EPIC… Cant thank you guys enough :)

  • Its cooh yah are updating, but I hope all the important things are updated as well. Like load times and etc. The loading from the beginning is longer than the previous one. My biggest concern is control. Home is not known for having great control, with just the basic walkin around itself. I worry cause of the fps game yah got goin. In order for a fps to truly have a good start, its in control. Although home controls are some what accurate, they are far from fast, responsive and clean. Yah need to fix that before making a game thats heavy on that. So fix the first problems first. I believe the community has said this many times. But to no avail.

  • Very ambitious. I will check it out after launch.

  • Hi i want to know if in this redesign you guys think to put a feature where we can start a games we have in our ps3, psn, psone or on the blue ray disc, like a the first start of home. This is a part of the reason why i dont go in home. Like #4 said Home need to replace the xmb, there so much potential with this. Player need to start home and then go in their games, that will make me start home right when i press the power button (this can be a good sugestion ;) if we can have a option to start home when we power on the ps3 ). So keep up the amazing work you doing guys :)

  • will you have to constancy download the hubs from cache on your hhd that was nerve racking i think it was an unnecessary will we able to earn trophies in home

  • looks great

  • Seems i switched to the PS3 at the right time all these cool things are happening it awsome cant wait

  • I see all these cool games but sometimes I just wont to hang out and dance like in the CP.

    In this new HOME I have not seen a place to just chill in HOME.

    That’s how i like to meet new people.

    By seeing open chat logs and getting involved in to what people are saying.

    I have not seen this kind of place in this new HOME.

    Will their be any nice places in HOME to Dance, Chill out, Listen to Music and talk to people.

  • have been in the private beta since wave 2 , am loving many of the features (: being able to post Events is glorious ! bringing back the tgi’s was pure genius , hoping they have an original CP option too . too many memories there to just let it go . a trophy system would be great and we desperately need a bigger friends list ! as a Homeling i have to constantly add and delete . is painful . c’mon Jack , help us out here please (:

  • The beta is cool. But it would be cool to have a trophy wall in my personal space. Wish it was easier to access then all those teleports. Just waiting till it goes live and I can hit start.

  • Looks interesting, even with these changes and improvement, is it still in beta form?

  • I live it !

  • I agree with the people stating Home needs trophy support. I really think trophy support could get more people coming into Home.

    Also, please add “custom settings” for the different games. As many people know people play games differently. Take shooters for example. Some people like their controls loose and some like them tight. By allowing users to set their own sensitivities for different games within Home you could potentially get all crowds involved with the different games Home is set to offer. I do believe this would keep users coming back as well.

    So, now the question… Can we finally expect to see The Hub launching to the public this week? You all have teased this a few times already in and out of Home, but yet no Hub is available to the general public yet.

  • When did playstation home get so much SWAG. This is going to be like a revolution or some like that. Can’t wait for it to come out!!!!!!!!!! :D

  • Awesome Video Tour, I was happy to have been a “Hub Beta Tester” myself. :D

  • Hahahaha, it’s like he’s talking to us in the video, telling us information, but he doesn’t have the courtesy to actually look at us as an audience. And action-packed, progressive camera angles.

    What excellent, student-grade camera and direction.

    You’re a business. Do clean work. Never let someone handicam your footage.

  • Jack Buser you seen pictures of the LBP2 HUB HOME levels?

  • I’ve been loving the beta for this, so it’s an exciting change for Home. I’m having a rough time figuring out Cogs (instructions don’t help much) but hey, I love a challenge! I played the RC game the other night and it’s a blast! Also, major kudos for making Killzone, Dead Island, etc, a permanent part of Home.

  • Awesome job. I can’t wait to try it out.

  • I can’t wait for the new PS Home to come, I’ve been at PS Home since closed beta and things got a little bit better at every update and now with the new update it will be alot more awesome, keep it up dudes!! :)

  • Hey Jack, I’m really diggin the RC Cars in the park. Its bringing me back to the days when RC Pro AM was king of RC games. This whole new push towards TGI has got me really excited for Home’s future. Bring on the games and keep up the good work. I always respected how well your team keeps in touch with the community. Glass, Locust and the rest of the group do a great job of keeping us informed and addressing our concerns. Fortune Hunter has got to be my favorite Home TGI so far. If that is just a small sample of what is to come, then everyone has a reason to be excited. :-)

    On a side note: Do you have any advice for a current video game programming and design major? Home is one of the many reasons why I just started this major and some day, I would like to develop for Sony either directly working for your team or indirectly as a third part developer. My mind is brewing with ideas for Home and I would like to make them a reality one day

  • I cant wait for all the complaints about cogs toughness and those who know nothing about sports. People dont like missing out on rewards. Thankfully I wont be one. Really also am hoping once these places[all of em] are finally public they are kept fresh and interesting and not the same thing 6 months after launch.

  • Needs moar than just poker. We want roulette and craps, damnit. Other than that it looks pretty epic.

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