Key Hardware and Software Developers Talk Genesis of PS Vita

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Key Hardware and Software Developers Talk Genesis of PS Vita

Hi everyone! Yesterday, we made the big announcement of PlayStation Vita’s availability in the U.S. Starting on February 22, 2012, you’ll be able to pick up PlayStation Vita and play the world around you!

A lot of hard work goes into creating such a powerful device. We wanted to you to hear first-hand about PS Vita’s development process and the many minds behind the product. Check out the video for a look at the movers and shakers behind PS Vita and the types of experiences you can anticipate come February.

With the price and release date set, we’ll have many more inside looks for you. We’ll be updating you on new game launches and providing you with deeper looks at all things Vita over the next couple of weeks and months. Be sure to check back on the PlayStation.Blog for more information soon.

Are you excited for PS Vita? Let us know!

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  • HMMM…??? one of the guys said call of duty? MW3 on VITA?

  • Will we be able to stream games from the ps3 (or ps4 in 5 years) while watching Netflix or Hulu on the ps3 (4)? Also will the communication between the home console and the Vita be expanded compared to the PSP (so much missed potential).

    Looks great, super stoked!

  • On the 3G version of ps vita will 3G be free? If not how much will it cost? Also what call of duty games will be released on Feb. 22?

  • Have you locked down the price for the games yet? I was just wondering as I have a few per-ordered and payed off (according to what they say they the games will cost).


  • i know that once i buy it i wont be walkin around the projects with it :P somebody out there will be shoplifting i will be shopping online it seems cause mine aint gettin stolen


  • @ shaikhrabi i like the memory cards an i hated the umds, also look at walmart they have the right prices, other stores are trying to make it look like it costs 2 much ( nintendo fan stores i bet ) i have look at gamestop but thats because im tried of hearing people that work there lie an make the xbox sound better when its not

    @sony why can’t you tell us if the vita will have phone capabilitys? i want a iphone but my payee says i have to wait an see if the vita will have phone capabilitys? im gonna preorder the vita but i would really like to know if it have phone capabilitys or just internet an downloading? also i mad because i highly doubt you gonna answer me before the iphone sale ends

  • @juggalorider they have said there is no phone functionality in the system so long ago that it isn’t even funny.

  • This will be my first handheld gaming system I’m getting since my GameBoy Advance. Looks really good. I’m considering getting the one with the 3G coverage, but how much will the 3G coverage be per month?

  • @ Apollo4x will i would like a link for proof, i read all blog posts on the vita an i havent seen anything about the phone functionality, im not trying to be funny i really want to know, so show proof or your just another kid who thinks he knows everything

  • you wanted my proof

    There go there a read the faq there. I don’ t feel like copying and pasting.

  • can’t wait to hear the release day!!!!!!’

  • Yes, very excited. I really hope you guys at Sony pull through and allow things like PLAYSTATION 2 CLASSICS that i’ve purchased from PSN to run on the PSV. I would love to play my copy of Ring of Red on the go or during my lunch at work.

    Day 1.

  • Man!!! These are great news! Can’t wait to play the ps vita. thank you Sony for making such a powerful machine. I want it so bad, the game line up is amazing !!!!

  • I’ve never wanted an electronic device as badly as I want the Vita.

  • @Kchow23
    Vita is not only for games as you know. like the PSP it can be used to play music and video. And there’s also PSN downloaded games. and of course it have to be saved into the memory card.
    Sony never said Vita will have internal memory like PSP GO. but even if it have, having the option to add more memory is a good thing.

    Bad idea because of misplaced and lost your thing is not a good excuse… if it is, then memory stick especially micro ones are a stupid idea too. Sometimes people take out their memory stick to put into card reader, and with more devices/gadget you will have more memory card. and when you remove it from the device, it will be prone to be lost somehow or someway.
    You don’t want to keep changing your game card? use a PSN Downloaded games, all your games in 1 memory stick. they say it will be cheaper than the retail price too.Sony also have implemented a single submision system for game developers, so all Vita games should also have PSN Downloaded version.

  • Are there going to be multiple colours at launch?

  • Anyone else using Chrome have trouble seeing embedded video?

  • I love this device. It dwarfs the PSP in so many ways. I love my PSP and all, I bring it with me to college every day, but the Vita does so much more. The hardware is just so ridiculous, the launch titles look insanely awesome, and the camera is nice too, I like the idea of having a camera with me to take pictures, since I don’t have a cell phone or camera. If it holds my music too, since my PSP is what I use to listen to music in my car, it’s perfect.

    I’m happy with a ton of the new features, especially the fact that Trophies and the Friends list are now available. I’m also really happy that this was developed in conjunction with 3rd Party developers. I think the Vita will create a bright future for mobile games, and will stop these non-dedicated devices from dumbing down the mobile gaming experence.

    I really think you guys have got the Vita itself right, now just make sure the press for it is much better than the press treatment (or lack there of) PSP got. Get the word out, get this amazing thing into peoples hands and make sure everyone this side of Cupertino knows why it’s far better than anyone else out there.

  • I am so hyped for the Vita

  • I want this more than I wanted a PS3!!! Viva la Vita! :D

  • If this thing is as good as it sounds I may never touch another handheld.
    Please announce more color options soon!!

  • I know the dinosaur at 4:36 is likely just a tech demo (I love alot of Sony tech demos, but am sad to see them never be released in a more polished form, or heck, as they were shown! Like the Move stuff they showed off with the tank on the tabletop and such), but I would love the heck out of that! Any possibility you can confirm that it is a game?

  • well, maybe does’nt belong here but for some reason my ideas doesn’t appear and they aren’t duplicated. When starting a game, i don’t want to see the company logos over and over, that takes time and battery life. At least make them visible once the first time I start the game and that’s all.

  • @24 If you really have that much trouble keeping track of it then that is your own personal issue. Put the game back on the box after you finished or keep it inside the Vita’s slot? Or buy a memory card and just get digital copies.

  • @66 I know that the PS Vita isn’t only for games, but “required” gives off the vibe that the system won’t work without it and my impression was that you could go on without a memory card unless you want to store music, pictures, etc.

  • I love Playstation, but WAY ARE they saying that the VITA is beautiful on a big screen. The vita wont have a VIDEO OUT!!! The price is GREAT, IF THE VITA CAME WITH A 4GB MEMORY CARD. You will need to buy it separately. The smallest memory card is 4GB an it will cost aproksimetly 29$ in USA or 29€ in EU. AND the best part is that it is NOT SD so you WILL NEED TO BUY A SONY SPECILA MEMORY CARD:
    PS: I have:PS3, PSP2 , PSP3000,NEW Bravia 55Inch, SONY HX100V camera, VAIO VPCF23Z1E….

  • Hi
    Hope you guys are doing fine.I had a few questions.
    1-Is PS Vitas screen scratch resistant or gorilla glass or something?
    2-will PS Vita be available in other colors than piano black?
    3-will we see leather cases come from sony or third party?
    I would be very thankful for your answers.

  • Calm down Deathspear go look on DC Universe website it still says coming soon STOP spamming the blog post with your rants about the PS3 getting hacked again you whiny spoiled brat

  • I was wondering is the 3G locked to be used only with single operator or it can be used with a SIM card from any GSM operator

  • Awesome video, but some of the comments brought up a new concern. There better not be any games that include location-based/gps-based trophies, as I don’t plan to pay AT&T for 3G, and Wi-Fi out and about isn’t exactly the most feasible option ever. Any game that is stupid enough to include trophies like that will be getting a pass from me, outside of the must-have launch titles. Just saying.

  • I really hope we get a better version of FIFA12 on the Vita then the one we have for the PSP!

  • will the games have built memory on are will you still need to buy a memory card

    this psp look so amazing cant wait to preorder it Sony Leading The Way In Everything

  • Read my COMMENT: time17. No INTERNAL memory, for saves, downloads, films… every one will need to buy PSP VITA MEMORY CARDS! So the PSP VITA is NOT 249$, it cost more because of the MEMORY!

  • I probably won’t by day 1, but will definitely get it sooner rather than later, but only the wifi version. Restricting the 3G Vita to Sata-… I mean AT&T and giving it a download cap of 20Mb makes the 3G Vita a total and complete waste of an extra $50.

  • add trophies to this and I’ll “think” about it … it’s becoming too expensive to be a gamer these days .. I need more “kickbacks”

  • ok im sold.

    any pre-order incentives planned?

    if this had cell phone w/in , it would define perfection. also it would pawn any device out there in regards to a portable gaming/phone/web etc.

    iphone who? lol
    maybe vita 2

  • @deafwing.

    kickbacks are good, and yes after spending over $1,000 bucks to playstation and accessories since feb. of this year, and 2 more expensive months left, well kickbacks would be nice.
    and next will be close to double of monies spent , jan. starting w/ a bang and holding steady through march and the vita feb 22.. so also games for the vita,lol. im going to have to start working again or pick out a shelter which has outlets for my ps3. :)

  • anyone else notice the rarity of getting a response from on the blog after the 1st page?
    better chance of alien abduction.

    sorry bout 3peat post

  • @Kchow23 Dude Personal issues = Feedback’s so if i’m sharing my Personal issue’s im actually giving Feedback’s to Sony regarding PS Vita !


  • To KANE8891, from what I have read, VITA game cards come with writable memory inside to allow for the game to save data, put DLC, etc. on the actual game card versus requiring the user to have a separate memory card.

  • I can’t wait to get my hands on one!

  • AWESOME! It comes out three days after my birthday! I can last that long for a present.

  • ok so i like the vita ALOT it looks AMAZING but my question is, is it difficult to get used to the analogs i mean they’re 5 – 6 inches apart where as my ps3 controller analogs are not that far they are about 2 – 3 inches apart so honestly will that be an issue?

  • @91 BostonJohn: pretty funny & very apt analogy.

  • @74, gak, thanks for the link. Yes, that’s only proof that Sony loves their Japanese customers more than “north” Americans. Have you seen the various special edition PS3’s only for the Japan market over the years? Grrrrrrrrr

  • Crap-cakes, got to finish paying mine off at gamestop!!

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