Key Hardware and Software Developers Talk Genesis of PS Vita

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Key Hardware and Software Developers Talk Genesis of PS Vita

Hi everyone! Yesterday, we made the big announcement of PlayStation Vita’s availability in the U.S. Starting on February 22, 2012, you’ll be able to pick up PlayStation Vita and play the world around you!

A lot of hard work goes into creating such a powerful device. We wanted to you to hear first-hand about PS Vita’s development process and the many minds behind the product. Check out the video for a look at the movers and shakers behind PS Vita and the types of experiences you can anticipate come February.

With the price and release date set, we’ll have many more inside looks for you. We’ll be updating you on new game launches and providing you with deeper looks at all things Vita over the next couple of weeks and months. Be sure to check back on the PlayStation.Blog for more information soon.

Are you excited for PS Vita? Let us know!

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  • I’ll be first in line, sir!

  • Looking great. Has the launch line-up (from Sony at least) been solidified yet?

  • Can’t wait for Feb 22nd. Hopefully my local gamestop will have a midnight launch, so that I can touch my Katamari all through the night.

  • Come to Papa PlayStation Vita!

  • I read somewhere that the Vita can’t play the PS1 classics we have purchased through PSN so far is this true?

  • excited ? thats an understatement lol , anyways to the questions :
    1. will the ps vita have its own ps store ? i mean something like itunes on mac where you can download apps ?
    2. will the ps vita support youtube ? i mean i would love to record gameplay videos and upload them to youtube within the game or system
    3. what can you tell us about the web browser ? are we gonna be able to access it while playing games ?
    4. are we gonna have to buy twice a game that can be play on our ps3s as well ?
    5. what are the benefits of having 3G over wifi ? 3G plans ?
    6. launch line up ?
    7. this is a personal request , you guys need to talk to Evo ( who probably is busy on early ps4 development game) to bring Motorstorm to the vita or let Big Big handle it
    8. are we gonna be able to send messages / talk to our ps3 friends ?

    • All of your questions will be answered closer to launch. Maybe we’ll do a live Q&A where you can just fire away with the product manager here.

  • I personally can’t wait to play with a PS Vita. There’s so much hype for it.

    I’m still undecided on what model I should pre-order/purchase. Hope you guys explain the 3G plans for the Vita and what will be the actual US prices for games and accessories SOON!

    Keep up the good work and I’m looking forward to hearing and reading more info about the Vita!

  • @Jeff are the launch models going to be in any other color than black?

  • It’s all fine and gud, But could you tell us the Actual Price of PS Vita with and Without 3G ? Because there are soo many retailer’s stating different prices and I saw it in gamespot or somewhere that it would be for $300 or more (3G) but other places its more than that !

  • Awesome video, it was very smart to have even the 3rd party studios help with the development of the hardware. It all looks very promising. Day one purchase for sure.

  • And whoever thought of the Memory Card idea instead of UMD’s or Normal Disc seriously he should never give opinions because Memory Cards are not the Best Idea’s !

  • Life is Good! Can’t wait!

  • Twitter/Facebook app for the PS3 PLEASE! The web browser is no good. BTW Vita is looking great, day one for me.

  • The only question I have is: Now that PSN is starting to bring PS2 games to the store, will they be playable on the Vita? I understand that pretty much everything from PS1 classics to PSP games are compatible, but I’d really like to know about the PS2 games too.

  • Why is it that a memory stick will be required for the PS Vita? weren’t all the saves placed on the game flash stick?

  • When you make your launch line-up, are they actually going to launch with the system? Also, any potential bundles(please say uncharted abyss)?

  • Can’t wait!

  • Awesome video! I hope that this means there’s even more PS Vita coverage coming.

  • @11 How is it bad at all? memory sticks are lighter and contain just as much info. UMD was what made the PSP so heavy and bulky.

  • Would LOVE to see LittleBigPlanet launch with Vita, but I’ll be perfectly happy with WipEout, Modnation Racers and Touch My Katamari to tide me over until it’s ready.

  • yeah thats going to be pretty nuts when it comes out, wasnt sure about getting it at 1st but now im sure I HAVE to have this.

  • Will there be a FAQ post for questions about the PS Vita? similar to the one for the 3D Display.

  • Will you be announcing internet providers for regions that don’t have AT&T in the future? I know this is the US blog, but I’m not really sure as to where I would find that information.

    …Or perhaps I’m going to be disappointed and learn that they don’t plan on releasing the 3G model outside the US?

  • @Kchow23 Let me clear you on that, Suppose if you put the Memory Card in a table or near a couch or somewhere near your bed it’ll get misplaced because these chips are really small ! UMD’s were small i agree but UMD’s were basically disc’s and larger than Memory cards so less chances of them to disappear :P ..So this is the reason i don’t support Memory Cards ! And i bet first 2 months everyone will keep there PS Vita and Memory cards close to their hearts but after that when you’ll have more games and you will change your Memory card for every single games you’ll get what i was saying about misplace !

  • Is it possible to offer Uncharted: Golden Abyss bundled with a memory Card?

  • at 25 i think it is most likely to get a Little Deviants bundle than Uncharted Golden Abyss


  • Woo-hoo! Yup, very excited. I’m one of your zillion pre-orders so 2/22 can’t come soon enough!!!!!

  • more ps vita videos please !!!

  • Man i love this thing


  • I cannot wait!!!! I went to the DC Uncharted Event and surprisingly enough, Uncharted Golden Abyss was a hot topic lol. I’m hoping to get a Vita on Day 1. Will be getting Uncharted:GA, Gravity Daze, and ModNation Racers RT for sure.

    Please, can someone confirm whether Downloaded games will run cheaper than hard copies? I am a disc person usually but seeing as this is a handheld it would be nice to have all my games with me on the memory stick(which is already going to cost us a pretty penny i might add). DL versions should be 5’10bucks cheaper. If you do this it will encourage more ppl to buy DLable new versions where the option of selling it back to be resold as used is void. Oh and I do hope they do the buy back thing that was in a poll, it basically said DLers could sell back game for PSN store credit. I love that idea :)

  • The operating system on the Vita looks amazing

  • OMG I can’t wait for this thing! I’m just curious how they will integrate the whole PSN ID from PS3 to Vita. I think people should also have the option to change their PSN IDs once for free and additional payment if they want to keep changing it.

    I also hope that the “main menu” will be customizable to our likings, such as themes etc. cuz right now that main menu replacing the XMB doesn’t feel “PlayStation” to me.

  • It’s amazing to see all the effort and the collaboration being put in one of the biggest handheld franchise in the market but please dont forget the PS3… When is that getting an XMB redesign?? Xbox gets one like every year… Give us something new Sony please!!!

  • Really looking forward to the Vita. Also, why can I not log in from the Blog Share site? It just refreshes when I try and on the Blog it refuses to keep me signed in anymore for some reason.

  • Genesis would have been a great name for the system.
    Oh, wait…

  • This video is why I have faith in Sony. They really understand gaming from the developer’s view and the gamer’s view.

  • I love that the developers had more say from the beginning this time. All ist person shooter developers please watch this video. Bethesda you could port skyrim!

  • on the official PS youtube , it shows a video with the ps vitas thumbsticks being concave, yet in this vid their convex. So which ones are we getting at retail ?

  • The PSVita Games Trophys will count on my PS3 profile? or we need to start from Lv. 1.

    BTW- Day one Buy or Midnight

  • @ 24

    While true, I have never lost a game for my DS, they’re pretty small and I have yet to lose one. You just gotta be careful with them, if you just put them on your table and get them later you’ll be fine and when you’re done playing the game, put it back in its case so there’s less of a chance to lose it.

    Anyways I’m excited for the Vita, when the Q & A comes out I will read it and based on that and the launch lineup I will decide if the Vita will be a day 1 purchase or not.

  • I’m afraid that I found 1 problem with this handheld…. IT IS TOOOOOOOOO… BEAUTIFUL!!! and why i think it is a problem is because I’m afraid that the next PlayStation handheld (released in the far future) wont be able to beat this design, you set the bar to high with this one Sony ;)

  • Letting software developers give input on hardware development is something Nintendo does all the time. A real team effort.

  • I know no one is gonna ask, but are there any plans on bringing Shinobido 2 state side at launch?

  • Jeff please help me buddy !!!! i am so hyped about ps vita and want to join launch event . Maybe you forget it but i make comment on these before …

    İ am from Turkey/istanbul and be in Arizona/Phoenix next month for the english course . İt will be my first time in states and i want to return my country with unforgetible experiance . What i want to know which city in ps vita launch premiere and where / when ? for example if event is in NYC i will buy ticket and come for launch …

    İ want to meet with you and other ps guys and want to be in line and take my vita from Mr. Hirai or Tretton

    This is once in a lifetime experiance for me HELP ME JEFF , HELP ME SONY …

  • Can’t Wait!

  • Are you guys going to add PSOne games emulation to the Vita in the near future?

  • Jeff, could you make a post about the games that will launch with the system, and which games will come soon after? Also, could you show a picture of the game case in NA, will they be the same as in Japan? What are the size of the boxes?

    There is a lot of information to know!

  • I was waiting for this. Now all that is left is to make the decision between the 3G and Wi-Fi. I saw so many games that I have been waiting to get my hands on. I haven’t seriously gamed in a long time, and this is bringing me back to it, and my lighter college load. I can’t wait to see more videos from you guys, and the Q&A session if you do one. Great job you guys, this is a beautiful device.

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