UNCHARTED 3 – Join the Fortune Hunters’ Club

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UNCHARTED 3 – Join the Fortune Hunters’ Club

Are you a Fortune Hunter who is dying to get your hands on UNCHARTED 3: Drake’s Deception in just two short weeks? Can’t wait to find out what Naughty Dog has in store for you after you and Nathan Drake “UNCOVER THE TRUTH” on November 1st? Will you be scouring the PlayStation Blog in hopes of finding out when the next DLC release for Uncharted 3 will be? Do you want to get your Uncharted 3 DLC first and save a ton of money at the same time? Then you do NOT want to miss this! Announcing, the Fortune Hunters’ Club, a DLC Pre-order program that gets you WHAT you want, WHEN you want, and HOW you want it!

uncharted 3 fortune hunters' club

The treasure seekers and Fortune Hunters that Nathan Drake deals with are known to be smart, resourceful, and a very exclusive bunch. Similarly, you the UNCHARTED fans, have told us that you want an option to get your DLC at a discount, and you want to get it like a Fortune Hunter would (quick and easy). This is the club for you, and now is the time to join it!

The Fortune Hunters’ Club DLC program entitles you to the first four multiplayer map packs and the first three multiplayer skin packs for UNCHARTED 3: Drake’s Deception with the first DLC release coming in November. Pre-order now for only $24.99 and immediately score the exclusive Fortune Hunters’ Club THEME, then with each DLC release you will receive an XMB message on your PS3 linking you directly to the content on the PlayStation Store! Valued at over $45.00, these DLC releases will be must-haves for any UNCHARTED fan.

Join now to save over 45% on 7 multiplayer packs, get the FREE Fortune Hunters’ Club theme, and then get your DLC like a Fortune Hunter would with fast and easy XMB message links!

Available for pre-order today on the PlayStation Store and select retailers!

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  • I’m not impressed with this at all. Don’t be like you COD and look at us fans like walking dollar signs.

  • Come on people, the value of the product is that this is Uncharted we are talking about here. If you loved Uncharted 2 and love playing multiplayer you know you are gonna want this, otherwise stop whining about it.

  • Yeah but to say to fans- “Oh yeah, yeah, it’s worth about *snigger* $45” and show us NOTHING of what we’re paying for is just…wrong.

    What have we loyal fans done to deserve to be told to empty our pockets at extortion like this?

    It just makes me sick…especially to be an Uncharted Fa- EX Fan.

  • A pre-order savings for the DLC is a nice offer, and since I bought all the DLC for Uncharted 2 and will likely do the same for Uncharted 3, I’m interested. What I don’t understand, however, is why ND would release DLC the same month that the game comes out. I can understand added content being sold to keep people interested in the game and to keep revenue flowing after it’s been out for a bit, but DLC that’s released only a few weeks after the game goes gold? That just smacks of a shakedown. If you have add-on content already ‘almost done’ when you put the final lock on the game, at least humor your fans by holding on to it for a while before announcing it.

  • Uncharted 2 multiplayer was awesome. I don’t usually play a lot of online games but I really got into Uncharted 2. I eventually wanted more and bought the additional maps. I kinda felt ripped off because the additional maps rarely came up in rotation. I hoped they fixed it so you can play exclusively the new maps.

  • Has anybody who actually wanted to buy this been successful? I can’t find this…. I’ve looked over most of the Playstation Store. Where are you, ARNE?

  • Post launch support for multiplayer is a great thing and this is what Naught Dog is doing with the DLC.
    With more maps, skins and trophies the multiplayer will simply be a richer, more interesting, place that at day one and this is hardly a bad thing.

  • How many maps ship with the game?

  • @segreant_griffin you might want to try again when the store actually updates

  • YADA YADA OMG include the maps on the disc! BLAH BLAH why are you becoming like COD!? If you don’t like this Season Pass stuff then don’t buy it, and I’m sure majority of you are already signing up for COD Elite, so to the whiney people here, just go QQ in the corner please.

    And it’s hilarious how one person is disappointed because Nathan Drake has sold out to Subway, OHH NOES! Look man, it’s called promoting the game… People complain that Sony’s games don’t get enough promoting, then when it happens they kick, scream and cry, because they “SOLD OUT”.

  • I know I’m going to spend at least 100 hours on this game so this might be a must get…
    But… My wallets already going to be hurting this fall…
    Idk…. Im definitely going to need more details.

  • perhaps a link to where we might be able to buy this

  • That’s a lot to pay for DLC, regardless of content. As others have said, it’s almost the price of a new game. This is beginning to look like CoD and everyone knows what a rip off that DLC is.

    First time I’ve ever been disappointed in an announcement for an Uncharted title.

  • Available for pre-order today on the PlayStation Store and select retailers!

    Why do you say that if the store is not updated?

  • Ya why is the DLC coming in the same month of release? Do give us a bit of room to breathe, ya?

    Then again to be fair, DLC is optional but still. I also won’t be able to pay for this pre-order “Season pass” deal. I also happen to be spending my money on the collector’s edition. I’m spending quite a fortune of my own for Uncharted already.

  • I have to agree that you should show whats all in the map/character packs in this Fortune Hunter’s Club. I’m a fan, not a stupid fan. I’ll never fork over any money not knowing what I’m about to get. That’s just common sense. Dish out some details about the pack and you may get more people willing to buy.

  • Thanks, I am not buying this game anymore.

    A TRUE fortune hunter knows when they are being robbed!

  • @KidCommando
    You are willing to skip a must buy such as UC3 only becuse they are offering an entirely optional set of multiplayer DLC?
    Rally they won’t make single player DLC, they confirmed it, so the story will be still there for you to enjoy and also you can perfectly have fun even on the standard maps so they are not robbing you of anything!

  • So… I really don’t want to pay for something without seeing it first. How will I know it is worth the money? Pre-ordering DLC? What is the world coming to… :|

  • And why not thank the people who will buy your game the first day with a free (interesting) DLC ?
    The game is not even out and you want that I spend again $25 after I bought the game at FULL price ?
    I thought that’s the reason to support your work and your “online pass” ?
    And this is not only for ND and their good games it’s for everyone who think we are sheep.

  • Wow. That is stupid of them to say that it’s available now and not account for the playstation store not updating.

    By the way, to all of you who don’t care about skins, (like me) get the pack. if the pack originally costs 45 for 7 dlcs, the average per dlc is $6.43
    This multiplied by 4 (because of the four multiplayer maps mentioned) is $25.71- making it cheaper to but the pak for $24.99 even if you only want the maps. My experience with uncharted 2 was that maps were more expensive. They should, in fact, cost more than the aforementioned $6.43 per map pack. Buying them all SEPERATELY will have you paying AT LEAST $27.96

    I hear the complaints, though. No, putting DLC out as soon as the game hits doesn’t make sense…. Yes, it does seem like ND is putting a stranglehold on your wallet…. The bottom-line is this, if you are going to pay for it, do it now and pay less. I know I will- and I don’t even care for the multiplayer. I just want to play the single-player campaign. Getting the little extras, like this, is just what happens when you are really a fan. Plus, I get to say I was a part of the club :p

  • I got playstation plus to get discounts. Now you’re telling me I have to buy something else? [DELETED] move Sony.

  • @KidCommando I know right? A true fortun hunter knows when to hold onto his treasure.

  • I’m not spending a penny unless I know what i”m buying. $90 for a new Game wow :)

  • Will the Club/DLC be region/user locked?
    You can play split screen co-op with 2 users on the same PS3 so I suppose it won’t be locked but it is always worth asking!

    I am from Europe and on the European blog we usually get answered: they do answer to you here too, isn’t it!?

  • Pre-ordering DLC…………this is what online gaming this gen has come to………
    It all began with EA wanting to charge “Online Passes” for their games,
    not wanting their games to sell in the 2nd hand market, or at least make money off it.
    Then came the extravagant DLC pricing, and then discs specifically being held out of
    some “content”, so that it can be sold as a separate DLC.

    Game Companies/Developers have become too greedy in today’s world.

    Long gone are the days of when game companies worked their butts off
    to make sure that NES/SNES/Genesis/N64 game was the best it could be
    and made sure it was bursting with content.

    Now, they just want to hold back on anything related to the game,
    so they can pawn it off and sell it “digitally”, mind you, not a physical actual product,
    to already wallet and economy suffering people.


  • I don’t get everyones whining here. You’re getting everything you love about UC3 at almost half the price. And your guaranteed that you will be the first to have it!

    Do all of you really not understand the idea that between when a game releases and goes gold there is nearly a month or more of downtime for the development team? You can’t pay people for not doing any work so they work on DLC during that time so you can get even more enjoyment out of the game!

    Considering COD has 5 map packs at $75 and here you’re getting 4 for $25 not including the skin packs all of you are crazy for passing up this deal!!!

    I’ll be there tonight with my wallet ready for!

  • To the people with negative comments,
    This is an “early bird” special. Your getting $45.00 worth of extra content for only $25.00 upfront. I don’t see the problem here. Servers & their staff cost money, so you have to forgive the big bad Sony Corp. for trying to find new ways to raise money. Or would you rather pay a monthly online fee like those sad Xbox users ? I don’t. This “early Bird” special is not false economics, it appears to be a good deal. And to the guy that says that we don’t even know what the skins & maps are yet.. come on man.. its Uncharted; I do not think the DLC will be terrible or weak. Please think next time before you type.
    I just hope they have Lara Croft as a promotional skin for the new Tomb Raider. I think Drake & ND do need to tip their hat to her.. and Indiana Jones. But Indiana is just wishful thinking. See you guys in UC3 Land !


    No, they rarely answer questions here.

  • What? The game is not even released and you guys are talking about pre-ordering DLC?

  • I don’t think you can chalk it up to ‘greed’ exactly. It’s freaking expensive to produce and market a game these days. DLC means new stuff for us to enjoy after the game is out, and continued revenue for the developers while they work on the next release. Does it suck that games are expensive? Sure. Is it greed? Nah. It’s capitalism. If people couldn’t afford $65 for games and $15 for a DLC pack, they’d have to sell it cheaper. If people keep buying, it’ll stay expensive.

    Personally, I think $25 for a pre-order of all the DLC is a nice deal. I mean, I spend more than $25 on a tank of gas and I get *way* more mileage out of Uncharted DLC. I do, however, think it’s a little silly to release DLC right after the disc comes out. At least let people play what they just dropped $65 on for a couple of months before asking them to give you more. When you put out DLC right off the bat it gives people the impression (rightly or wrongly) that you’re more interested in their money than their enjoyment of the product. Holding off on releasing DLC for a month or two, even if it was ready sooner, at least creates the illusion that you’ve been hard at work on it since the game came out.

  • How long is this offer going to be up for?

  • For you people not seeing the problem in developers offering DLC weeks before a game comes out, that will almost cost more than the game if you don’t pre-order without knowing anything in it then buy it. Then that’s not my problem. But it will split the community of who has all of them and who does not and considering all of the DLC that will be horrible.

  • This is not the club for me.

  • I might get this if I know EXACTLY what I’m buying upfront. No way I’m paying $25 (or $45) if I don’t know what I’m getting.

  • Lets call this what it is, Naughty Dog is becoming Activision, except the multiplayer in the Uncharted series is no where near solid enough to warrant a 25 dollar purchase on DLC that probably won’t even be worth it, let alone 45 dollars all together. You’re nickle and diming the devoted fans who will buy your game on day one for what reason? You’re already pretty much guaranteed to get a lot of new sales due to the Online Pass, I don’t think there is any other way to see this as anything more than just Naughty Dog getting greedy.

  • ha i’m pre-ordering this with my eyes closed
    and people please complaining no one’s forcing you to pre-order ok thnx


  • Idk about you guys saying ND is becoming like COD, in fact its the opposite because COD sold all there dlc at set prices take black ops for example 4 map packs at $14.99 each with 5 maps in each at 3 bucks a map. That’s $60 for the game $60 for all the dlc. Not one promo to reduce prices as of yet.
    ND’s giving fans an opportunity to get 4 map packs at around $5 a map pack .(no word on how many maps there are in each pack or if fortune hunters allows discounts on the other 3 map packs)
    UC3 $60 for the game $24 for 4 map packs= $88 vs. $120 for B Ops game and 4 map packs.
    That is if I’m understanding the post right.

  • Jesus Christ, are you guys STILL complaining about DLC? Sheesh, NOONE has a gun to your head forcing you to buy it, I never bought the killzone 3 map pack and I STILL enjoy the crap outta that game. Its an OPTION. You can still play the freaking game without buying the DLC!

    Oh but dont worry, ill gladly pay, and im gonna brag about how awesome the DLC is :)

  • Will these packs add DLC trophies as well?

  • I bought all the Uncharted 2 DLC and still play the Uncharted 2 MP. Great deal for me!

  • Overall it sounds like a good idea but you should do this kind of announcement ahead of time.
    Hopefully you will let this “club” open until my budget catch a second breath :)
    Also i would appreciate if the DLCs were a little more detailed so i can make myself a better idea of what I’m getting into.

  • So its 4 map packs and 3 multiplayer skin packs all together . I thought it was 7 map pack ,that would be sweet. But still a good deal and I’m sad now I was all hyped up over 7 map packs that I’m not getting … I guess 4 will do -_-

  • Are we going to know what content (i.e maps/skins) are included? If yes, I’ll pre-order the moment it’ll go live tonight! I loved the idea, just hoping to know what’s in those packs.

  • Why is this such a big deal to some people? It as ridiculous as people complaining about online passes. Honestly, if you were already planning on buying all the DLC for UNCHARTED 3, then what’s wrong with purchasing it all at the same time AND saving money. It says it right there in plain text how this works. If I don’t want any of this DLC guess what, I DON’T HAVE TO PAY for it! Also, IF I do I can PICK AND CHOOSE what I want. IF I want it all AND want to save money, then this is best option for me. This was all explained in the last sentence of the first paragraph.

    So $24.99 for 7 multiplayer packs that I would have still bought months later, I can buy now, AND save some money. Makes perfect sense to me.

    On that note, thanks Sony and Naughty Dog.

  • This game just went gold a couple of weeks ago. Should have just put it on the disc. This is not the generous Naughty Dog that I know at all. Too bad. They were one of my favorite companies and it’s sad to see them getting stingy before the game even comes out. I guess I’ll just be sticking to the single player this round.

    PS: Sony, this really should be included free for + members, at least. It’s one of your biggest titles and you could have earned some new members, I’m sure.

  • Awesomeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee Game man . I pre ordered it

  • Hi there, Just want to find out, if this pre-order is for US only? Or will it be available for EU members as well please. I am base in Australia and would like to pre-order so would like to find out more details please. ty

  • Will most of these be on the Game of the Year edition that will be made next year? Most was included in Uncharted 2.

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