UNCHARTED 3 – Join the Fortune Hunters’ Club

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UNCHARTED 3 – Join the Fortune Hunters’ Club

Are you a Fortune Hunter who is dying to get your hands on UNCHARTED 3: Drake’s Deception in just two short weeks? Can’t wait to find out what Naughty Dog has in store for you after you and Nathan Drake “UNCOVER THE TRUTH” on November 1st? Will you be scouring the PlayStation Blog in hopes of finding out when the next DLC release for Uncharted 3 will be? Do you want to get your Uncharted 3 DLC first and save a ton of money at the same time? Then you do NOT want to miss this! Announcing, the Fortune Hunters’ Club, a DLC Pre-order program that gets you WHAT you want, WHEN you want, and HOW you want it!

uncharted 3 fortune hunters' club

The treasure seekers and Fortune Hunters that Nathan Drake deals with are known to be smart, resourceful, and a very exclusive bunch. Similarly, you the UNCHARTED fans, have told us that you want an option to get your DLC at a discount, and you want to get it like a Fortune Hunter would (quick and easy). This is the club for you, and now is the time to join it!

The Fortune Hunters’ Club DLC program entitles you to the first four multiplayer map packs and the first three multiplayer skin packs for UNCHARTED 3: Drake’s Deception with the first DLC release coming in November. Pre-order now for only $24.99 and immediately score the exclusive Fortune Hunters’ Club THEME, then with each DLC release you will receive an XMB message on your PS3 linking you directly to the content on the PlayStation Store! Valued at over $45.00, these DLC releases will be must-haves for any UNCHARTED fan.

Join now to save over 45% on 7 multiplayer packs, get the FREE Fortune Hunters’ Club theme, and then get your DLC like a Fortune Hunter would with fast and easy XMB message links!

Available for pre-order today on the PlayStation Store and select retailers!

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  • how much are we looking at here?

    • Hey LiRican, It’s $24.99 to join the club which would save you over 45% if you were to purchase all of the content included in the FORTUNE HUNTERS’ CLUB separately!

  • and any discount for ps +?

    • FORTUNE HUNTERS’ CLUB membership saves you over 45%. PS Plus discounts range from 10-20% on average, so you’re already saving more than had we just done a promotion with the Plus program. There’s really no room to offer an additional percentage off over the 45% discount already being offered. Also you’ll be getting the exclusive theme and the XMB message links to your DLC as some other cool perks of the club!

  • So this is like a Season Pass?

  • Sounds pretty awesome. I’ll be there like shareware.

    • Thanks FooBear, this is just a way to provide our consumers with an option to purchase DLC for their favorite game that they would have gotten anyway, but also save over 45%, get the exclusive theme, and get their DLC the quick and easy way through the XMB message links that will take you straight to your download.

  • Why is this content not included with the Retail release?
    Paying an extra $45 (without the preorder offer) is ridiculous. That’s nearly the price of a new game.

    And people give COD a hard time about DLC prices.

  • I would have to agree on some sort PS+ discount…

  • This is a good idea, there’s nothing worse than having to pay $15 every two months to keep enjoying your game and by that time you’ve paid for the game twice!

  • This is a really neat deal for those who love multiplayer. I don’t know how much I’m going to be playing online, so I think I’ll hold off and just buy the DLC when as it comes out. Great bundle though.

  • Apocwhen your argument doesn’t make any sense at all, do you know how to read?

  • is the Fortune Hunters’ Club theme is dynamic? it better not be static.

  • So it’s like CoD Elite – 3/4 of the features?

  • Whats the point in coming out with this when you have playstation plus? I bet the same discount you get for this will be for ps plus because, if not whats the point in owning plus.

  • Personally, after spending more money on the Explorer Edition and seeing the Subway promo and now this. I am regretting my decision more and more.

    This doesn’t justify online passes. Extortion is just extortion and you look like [DELETED] because of it.


    • Hi Ryahwind, The FORTUNE HUNTERS’ CLUB has nothing to do with “Online Pass”. Online Pass also won’t even affect you if you are purchasing the game new by purchasing the “Explorer Edition” as you say you are. The FORTUNE HUNTERS’ CLUB is simply a way to get your DLC you are already going purchase at a discount for Pre-Ordering it. If you don’t want to join, you simply don’t join, and you always have the option of buying each DLC release on the store individually as they come out. It’s all about options, and the club just gives you the option to save a ton of money if you know you are going to get it all anyway.

  • I apologise for my language but this is really taking the mick out of fans now.

    Is this how Uncharted is going be ‘up there with the big boys’ such as CoD and BF?

  • Quick question instead of pulling a pass on us why not include the DLC with the game? Stop trying to make us pay for stuff we really don’t need. And the character skins should at least be free since you basically copy and paste the skeleton of the character on the new skins. Which is why the female characters look so off. And I hope these are actually real “new” maps not old ones redone for Uncharted 3. I can’t believe you have done this.

    You could have also made one really big DLC which adds stuff to make the re playability last, with new guns and a higher level cap.

  • I got it now. It’s just a pre-order program. It’s a nice option.

  • I hope Naughtydog also make this avelibel in EU

  • That is alot of money for a DLC.

    • Hey there, The cost is $24.99 but that is for 7 Multiplayer Packs, so it’s actually a huge savings of over 45%.

  • @renomano – how exactly? that the $45 value of this DLC (which it will cost if it is not preordered) is disconected 45% to $24.99 IF you preorder?

    This is exactly what I stated previously…

  • People complain when bundles come out at a discounted rate after all the packs come out. Now they complain when discounted rates come out before DLC. No one can win!

  • They need to tell us exactly what is included here. How many maps? How many skins? Are there new co-op missions included? New weapons? New kickbacks? Etc. Without this information I do not want to preorder because I am unsure of the personal value for the price. I like dlc that extends the gameplay value of the game it is designed for. I wouldn’t want to pay $25 for 5 maps and 10 skins, when I could pay $10-$15 for 5 maps and 0 skins.

  • $45 dlc the month the game released is ridiculous. It should have been included with the game or at the very least it should have been included in the Collector’s Edition of the game. I won’t be buying any dlc for Uncharted this time around. Especially since the multiplayer is such a wreck in its current state.

  • I’ll be pre-ordering this! Hopefully some new Uncharted avatars are added too.

  • I can promise you I will not be giving a cent for multiplayer DLC.

    You guys kind of screwed over every non American player by giving US gamers a one month head start on the multiplayer. I think it’s incredibly unfair that I’m put back at a one month handicap just because I’m Canadian (as are other gamers in other parts of the world too). That means when I finally do get online next month, everyone else is going to have the maps memorized and most people will be a way higher level. I can’t even play with my online friends because it would just be too unbalanced.

    Oh and seeing Nathan Drake sell out to Subway like that just made me sick to my stomach and it does take away from the experience overall.

    I absolutely love Uncharted and I’m still buying the game. But it’s pretty much just for the single player. I was looking forward to Uncharted 3 Multiplayer more than Modern Warfare 3 or Battlefield 3 this year, but you guys just ruined that for me.

    The way I see it is that you guys don’t think I was worth the money to expand the promotion to. Therefore there’s no point in me buying your $45 worth of DLC as clearly you didn’t want me playing.

  • Man, this sucks. Now you are following microsoft’s steps. Arrgh.

    Don’t do it Sony.

    • Hi ZZmaro, Actually, this isn’t true. Without the club, the ONLY option you would have is to purchase the DLC at full price individually. All the club does is offer you another option, give you a free theme, and help you get your DLC easier and faster!

  • I have a question: can we get this pass after release or it is for pre-order only?

  • Oh, and this could mean ps+ subscribers won’t get more free DLC like in Killzone 3 =(

    If that ever happens, guess I’ll wait for the GOTY edition.

  • Lastly I think you might have lost a customer in me..

  • @Apocwhen how is 24.99 the price of a new game? And how can you compare it to Call of Duty when there is now $60 of content for black ops and all must be purchased separately at full price!

  • Wow a lot of money. Maybe if the level cap is like 75-100. I’m already at 26. Uc3 has some badass multiplayer, so ok I’m gonna drop the money on it now! Lol

  • @RocketJohnson

    Yeah man. I don’t understand it either. Some people love to complain and make a King Kong dung pile out of a little gorilla turd ball. This is just the gaming world we live in.

  • @renomano – wow, it looks like you’re the one that cannot read. I stated $45 is NEARLY the price of a new game, not $24.99.

    If this content is not pre-ordered, it means customers will be paying $45 for it. Understand?

  • Eh. I realized I wrote 45 instead of 24 in my post. Too bad we still can’t edit posts on this blog. :|

  • So what exactly do you get in this deal?

  • Shouldn’t this be called: Uncharted: ELITE?!?!

    I don’t want to preorder (not just because I’m $5 short of the preorder price in my funds) because I don’t know what the hell the dlc packs are. What if I preorder then preview the maps later and hate them or never use the characters? What if I preorder but found I would only like one more the others, I just spent extra for the other ones!

    I mean…I seriously doubt the value of all this dlc *cough which should have come with the game cough* is $45. All of Uncharted 2’s DLC was less than $10.

    Tell you what…Naughtydog if you fix the blindfire and quickboom grenades very very very soon I will go out, buy a $10 card, and preorder this. Just please for the love of all that is holy please fix these problems they are ridiculous and makes the game unplayable.

  • @Apocwhen, $45 is still less than black ops DLC, and I agree it is too much to pay for DLC, which is why I think this is a good offer. Sorry if I missed your point.

  • This is dumb. DLC is going to come out the same month the game is? Why not just include it in the disc?

  • >Playing Uncharted 3 for the multiplayer
    >Supporting “season passes”
    I seriously hope you guys don’t do this.

  • I just don’t get why people are [DELETED] and moanin’ when they are giving you a way to get the stuff for less! It’s never good enough though, if it was full price you’d want a discount, if it was discount you’d want it for free, some of you are never happy. I’m looking forward to this game and I’m sure it’ll be worth the money because I’ll get hours of play out of it.

  • I like this idea since I’m already going to get each and every pack for Uncharted 3! But I have a few concerns, if I’m a PS Plus subscriber, won’t we get any discounts already on these packs? Because I don’t want to pay now and then regret later.

    I’m willing to get this today, but first please reply if it’s discounted for us. If not, then I’ll be pre-ordering tonight! :)

  • @renomano – no worries man :)

    I would just like to see more specifics on the deal here as I’m usually reluctant to pre-order any games or DLC without knowing what it’s going to be like.

  • I hope the quick part means we get the xmb message in the morning of the store update (like payday) and not the next day… actually getting it early would be a nice incentive.

    anyways, love the idea.

  • I don’t give a crap about the online passes. SHUT UP about the online pass. Why would you not get this game on day one any? How can you pass on this campaign and coop?

    This is more important than any online pass. We’re buying DLC that we know nothing about yet! We don’t know any of the maps, characters, etc. And when we do, this deal will be gone.



  • Why can’t I find this on the playstation store? Anybody know what links to follow to get there? I can’t even search it…. :(

  • Sony and ND lost their minds?
    No way I gonna buy this.

    I have to play a good amount of time to decide if is worth it to buy new maps.

  • People will have to pay an extra for the online pass only if they will buy the game used; buying UC3 new, at release day or 6 months later, will always grant you the pass no extra charge so, really, where is the problem?!

  • For all the people talking trash about not including the DLC as part of the disc. DLCs like these that release one month after the game’s release require a different amount of work with a different budget.

    They’re not lieing to us, they work on them AFTER the game goes gold so we don’t get bored when we reach the level cap.

  • When’s the last day to Preorder?

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