SOCOM 4 DLC Packs Announced, “Demolition” Free for New Players

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SOCOM 4 DLC Packs Announced, “Demolition” Free for New Players


The SOCOM franchise is a long and storied one, and today we’re very happy to announce that we’re revisiting its past and bringing back what is perhaps the series’ most popular mode, “Demolition”. Existing owners of SOCOM 4: U.S. Navy SEALs will be able to download the Demolition Pack for $9.99 with today’s PlayStation Store publish, which brings with it not only the Demolition competitive multiplayer game type but new maps, weapons and character skins as well.

SOCOM 4 DLC Packs Announced, “Demolition” Free for New Players

As a special promotional bonus starting tomorrow, new purchasers of SOCOM 4: U.S. Navy SEALs who buy the game at select retail partners will receive a free voucher for the Demolition Pack. When you buy the game new from Amazon, Best Buy or GameStop in the US or EB Games in Canada, be sure to ask for your free Demolition Pack code and then simply redeem the voucher on the PlayStation Network to download the pack at no additional charge. With SOCOM 4 now available at many retailers for $39.99 and with codes for both the Demolition Pack and SOCOM Pro Pack included for free, there’s no better time to pick up the game.

In “Demolition”, each team vies for control of a bomb placed on the map. Once a team grabs the bomb, they need to carry it into the opposing team’s base, arm the bomb and defend it until the base is destroyed.


The Demolition Pack includes four new maps, two of which are returning classics — “Bitter Jungle” and “Ruins”. All four of these maps support not only the Demolition game type but many of the retail competitive modes as well. Additionally, six of the existing maps will support the Demolition game type, making for 10 total Demolition maps. Additionally, the Demolition Pack also includes two new weapons, the HS-C3 and 552, as well as six new multiplayer skins to choose from.

Demotion Pack Details

Included Maps:
“Departure” – Navigate trains and tunnels in this subway station as you hunt down the enemy.
“Overflow” – Both distanced and close-quarters combat take place around a massive dam.
“Bitter Jungle” – Get out of the city and into the jungle in this classic SOCOM environment.
“Ruins” – Do battle in this classic SOCOM map’s ancient ruins.

Included Weapons:
HS-C3 – Low rate of fire but above average damage and very high accuracy.
552 – Average damage and firing rate, but very accurate when standing still.


Included Character Skins:

But that’s not all!

In two weeks we’ll also be expanding SOCOM 4: U.S. Navy SEALs’ cooperative mode with the new Evac Co-op Pack. Available November 1st for $7.99, the Evac Co-op Pack will introduce the “Evac” cooperative mode and include a new cooperative map, two new weapons and six additional character skins.

In “Evac”, players are caught behind enemy lines and must fight their way out alive. Your pick-up vehicle is on-route to a designated location, and it’s up to you to fight your way there and defend the point until your exit arrives.

“Evac” works across the original six cooperative missions as well as the new “Onslaught” location included in this pack. “Onslaught” also supports the original “Espionage” and “Takedown” cooperative modes.

Evac Co-op Pack Details

Included Weapons:
AM50 – It doesn’t carry many rounds and it’s slow to fire, but the AM50 will kill with a single shot anywhere on an opponent’s body.
M82A1A – A very low firing rate and lower than average ammo capacity is offset by the M82A1A’s ability to take down an opponent with a single round.

Included Character Skins:

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  • Hmmm, on the defensive again I see with the “post is awaiting” moderation. Yet the fanatics defending this foolishness are not censored in the least. Not the least bit professional.

  • What about SOCOM PRO???

    [DELETED] was the point in buying this when it came out? We got a couple weapons and one DLC….



    WTF ZIPPER ?!?!?

  • One question: will the guns in the Evac Co-op pack be usable only in Co-op, or will they also be available when playing Competitive?

  • One of the MAG DLC packs eventually became free so maybe these new DLC packs will become free for Pro members down the road. It would be nice if Zipper just came out and said that you can pay for them now or wait 3 months and get them for free. I know they wouldn’t sell as many copies of the DLC that way but their customers would be much happier.

  • I’m so mad at Zipper. This is blatent false advertising, but I’m sure they got some lawyer that would point out one sentance in a 15 paragraph small print exclusion. However You slice it. This is shady business. This is lying to Your customers. I so angry right now. I can’t believe how far down the ladder Zipper has fallen. I’m not even talking about the game. I’m talking about falsly advertising pro for 15 bucks, then charging for DLC. Be ashamed Zipper. I am going to scream this to every single person on facebook, twitter, work, school, everywhere. I am making it my point to tell every single human I know that Zipper interactive lied about a product, then tried to rip off the customers.

  • Of course, my previous 3 paragraph comment was deleted. I must of made sense. I’m sure they don’t like that.

  • I HIGHLY RECCOMEND WE BOYCOTT ZIPPER. They have crossed the line.

  • What a brilliant idea. Let your long time players pay for DLC, and let new comers get it free. And you wonder why the community is pissed off at you. Either make everyone pay for it, or make it free for everyone.

  • Ya. Where is the uproar. We get up for a “Michael” ad? Yet, we allow this to happen? LOL. I’m delusional, I’m so mad. This isn’t ridiculous to anyone else? I mean seriously? What College class taught this logic? How can highly paid and educated adults come to this decision? How the hell isn’t this laughed out of the room? I don’t think they much care. I really don’t. It’s bottom line only. All they care about is numbers, and because they didn’t release a good product, They didn’t sell many copies. With the coming of Battlefield and MW (let alone uncharted, twisted metal, and other online choices), I don’t see this saving the game. I just think its dispecible. The way they handle DLC is disgusting. Other Devs…Look hard. This is HOW NOT to treat Your community. You have spit in the face of any of Your fans left. This is why they want new fans. They know anyone with a clue has moved on. I’m on a rant.

  • Not only is this another example of how digital distribution not supposed to work. Namely chopping up a game and reselling it in parts. It’s the digital equivalent of stock splitting, retailers get busted doing the same thing but online we’re supposed to think its OK. Dead wrong. So is the soviet style business model where we’re supposed to wait in line for shoddy substandard product without complain or face rabid censorship or be made to dissapear for daring to think for ourselves.

  • Bottom line, anyone who thinks $10, after five months, is something to have a hissy fit over, is someone I CERTAINLY would not care about having as a customer.

    I repeat: MOST OF YOU PROBABLY SPEND MORE ON WEED IN A DAY, then you have this kind of reaction to the chumpest of chump change charges.

    Ten bucks is one f’ing trip to Taco Bell, for god’s sake, get over yourselves.

    If you REALLY wanted them to care about what you wanted as a customer, you would be happy to support them financially, THEN ask for what you want IN ADDITION, that you’re also willing to pay for.

    You’re confusing Zipper with your mommies.

  • Not only defending a mediocre game, but defending a company lyng to it’s customers is very admirable. Good job sir. Hopefully, more companies can lie to me. I love shelling out 10 here and 10 there. I mean…Its only 10 bucks. I like the drug refrence too. Surely, because all gamers are potheads who live with their mommies and don’t have 10 bucks. Makes perfect sense. Wow. Thank you so much for clearing that up. Now I know to let everyone decieve me and take my money.. All this time, I thought I was the smart one, but You……You……You are so smart. Way to lecture us into submission. You have won. The game is great. I love paying the extra money twice, and I couldn’t be happier.

  • There, was that so hard?


  • I’m not here to argue. Honestly. It’s not the money. It’s the point. I feel lied too, and I would confront anyone who lied to me. Hell, I still play the game. LOL…It just really ticks me off. Everything is a season pass now. Every new game has a pass, and if this is how it’s going to go, who would buy the pass? I’m done. LOL

  • If you feel lied to, you did not read carefully. If you do not read carefully, you’re going to feel lied to a lot.

    Not trying to be mean.

  • Meh, I’m just on a political rant. This game died months ago for me. I just noticed Zipper being shady, so I said my piece. I’m not gonna dwell on it any longer. It’s not worth it. I just hope this isn’t sign of things to come, but I think it is.

  • SOCOM Pro Membership clearly states “Membership grants you access to periodic release of exclusive content INCLUDING EXPANSION PACKS”. “So you can experience SOCOM 4 to it’s FULL EXTENT”.
    How do you answer for this Zipper?

  • @118: See 87. Simple enough to understand, unless you just can’t read.

  • To make it even simpler: does it say ALL expansion packs? No, it doesn’t.

    If this confuses you, you are going to have real trouble with consumer contracts, etc.

  • It is so sad to see what Zipper did do SOCOM.

  • Really, really like Socom 4.

  • @TheZip

    Wow you must be an employee for the company. It is bad business to say “some” future DLC would be free. The first map pack was atrocious.

    Now charging $ (who CARES how much) for a mode that has been included in EVERY Socom on CONSOLES. Is bad. They should of charged for the extra maps (even the skins) then make the (MOST POPULAR MODE) Demolition and the guns free to pro members.

    The real sting is the whole “free” to new users (How you can not grasp this point?) while charging the current fanbase.

    AS I Stated, yes developing cost money. But pissing on your fanbase cost more. Word of mouth can be a pretty powerful marketing tool, which can do good and bad in a game that emphases clan, group, and co-op play.

    It is magnified even worse when most of the socom user base are adult males.

  • No one will miss the cheapskates.

  • Wow i am blown away at this lame attempt to continue ripping us diehard socom fans off! what a let down! I also owned every socom that existed included this trash for a couple of weeks and was deeply disappointed! Here I am thinking, finally a game that is nothing like CALL OF DOOKE! but boy was I wrong. However I hung on and kept hope alive thinking that zipper will fix this sad game. I also downloaded the pro pack and that was the straw that broke the camels back. Although I tolerated not having an authentic navy seal game, the seemingly impressive head shots from just about every gun while sprinting across the map and dealing with the shortage of people in other game modes, the fact that I did not see any of the new maps in rotation left me angry and feeling cheated! :-(

  • As a true socom fan and some of you may recognize my id, I was reluctant to go back to CODkie;) so i continued to hang on until i could not take it now more and sold my copy of sukcom!!!! As a result I was forced to play CALL OF DOOKIE WACK COCKS!! and MAG(which is an okay game especially if you have a clan:-) and use the proceeds to a pre-order of BF3 and MW3. Now I know I am going to get negative responses to this but for all you true socom fans out there, we know these negative people who talk trash to us disappointed socom fans, are new comers, glitchers, cheaters, players with no skill and zipper employees posing as genuine players:-) lol! So Zipper, I say to you, take your piece of turd demolition map and shove it up your behind so far that you can smell jester and specter being creamed by BF3 AND MW3!!!!! I will never buy a sukcom game brand new again cause now thanks to you as well as other game makers I have gamefly!!!!!! Now I can rent before I buy and see if I am being sold a no effort put in piece of turd game!!! farewell sukcom BF3 HERE I COME!!!!! YAY!!!!!

  • In case you doubting that I am a true socom fan here is something for you fellow and now potentially former fans out there, COMPUTER ROOM!!!!! AND CRASHED AT TOP OF MOUNTAIN PASS!!!!! you guys know what im talking about!! Only the new so called players wont know! later!!


  • Yah, now you can rent and not play online w/out an online pass, LOL. Good luck w that.

  • Maybe it is because I have played every call of duty but I just cant shake MW3 coming out. I am open to other games but that is all that I can think of. Some of the maps on socom look good though.

  • I thank every God from every denominaion that I am not TheZip. What a RAGING fanboy. Defending corporate America sticking it hard to mainstream America must be something Your parents taught You. I choose to have a voice. I don’t stalk the forums calling people poopy heads just to feel better. You’re an embarassment to gaming.

  • The series was on thin ice, but Sony still decides to DLC the heck out of the game anyway? Stupid. They should be GIVING AWAY all the content they can make just so they *might* salvage the IP. Then again, do I really want them to salvage it? This is getting too “Weekend At Bernie’s” for my taste, just how much will Sony drag this corpse around propping it up trying to pretend it is alive?

  • Yes, it must be SO much more pleasant and rewarding to “stalk the forums” continually screaming about a ten-year-old “dead” game than to be actively involved in enjoying a current release. How wonderful for you.

  • I say to all the people against TheZip! You will fail to reach his employee of zipper like mind! When a person continue to knowingly defend something that is false, there are one of two forces at play here! He is definitely a representative of Zipper trying to spread propaganda for the company or he is just a complete buffoon who just gets a kick out of getting on people nerves ;-) So I would just ignore him! Don’t waste energy trying to talk to TheZip its like trying to walk through a brick wall with no door and no way around it! Fck mw3 BF3 here i come!!! did you see the new trailer that came out today!!! it is beyond sick omg i am excited cant wait to get it tuesday!!! check it out!!———

  • You guys are just sad.

  • Hanging out on a forum for a game you claim not to even play, just so you can whine about your long-gone glory days. And anyone who enjoys the game must be lying or deluded. You guys are in for a rude awakening when you hit Real Life, LOL.

  • @Euthanasia: Really, you’re talking this kind of cr*p with your .45 KDR and *29% win* ratio? I’m laughing so hard I’m literally choking.

  • Wow, so that’s what Zippers new fanbase is like? Glad I didn’t involve myself with this game, I’d probably be associated with degenerates like TheZip.

  • And here is still yet another of you dweebs posting on forum about a game you claim not to play.

    How very, very pathetic.

    If all these changes were simply to get rid of the kinds of fans you appear to be, Zipper has made a wise move indeed.

    You are ungracious, overwhelmingly illiterate, whiny, intellectually impoverished, unwarrantedly self-righteous, cerebrally enfeebled twits to a man.

    My friends list is entirely full of people who enjoy playing this game. These forums are filled with people who, while they DO NOT PLAY THE GAME, have nothing better to do than bash it.

    How very, very sad for you.

  • That ruins map looks pretty bomb. I haven’t really played this game that much. Could play that for the maps though. Rock on House

  • The gameplay video looks pretty cool too but I have been a COD for a long time and with MW3 coming out sort of sticking to my guns. Not saying I am not open to try it though.

  • The map designs seem to have more subtlety and complexity than the last COD I played (MW2)… you might really like it for that, although the “3rd person” view is unrealistic (and fosters weird kinds of “corner camping” etc.) in a way that you might have trouble getting used to.

    But you’ll end up playing with a lot of players that have a bit more tactical approach than you’ll see in a lot of other shooters. (Although there are a lot of “shallow” players that seem to play Suppression — all about just kills — rather than really pay attention to the objectives, you can find a lot of gems among the rabble.)

  • (To clarify: I mean players that seem to be playing Suppression no matter what mode is actually being played at the moment.)

  • “Demolition” Free for New Players” — THIS IS SUCH BULLSH@T ZIPPER !!

    I guarantee you guys if you do not honor the Gamers who bought the Socom Pro Subscription as I did, your next game sales will suck….

    I definitely WILL NOT buy it !

    I keep checking the store and no change……. WTF?!?!

  • @TheZip- from his/her post – on October 20th, 2011 at 9:05 pm said:
    “‘And here is still yet another of you dweebs posting on forum about a game you claim not to play.”

    How very, very pathetic.”

    “If all these changes were simply to get rid of the kinds of fans you appear to be, Zipper has made a wise move indeed”.

    ———- sure, that’s what Zipper is thinking….piss off your Fan base so you lose customers.. I bet you are in college too…

    “You are ungracious, overwhelmingly illiterate, whiny, intellectually impoverished, unwarrantedly self-righteous, cerebrally enfeebled twits to a man.”

    “My friends list is entirely full of people who enjoy playing this game. These forums are filled with people who, while they DO NOT PLAY THE GAME, have nothing better to do than bash it.”

    “How very, very sad for you.”


    Our money slick so who are you, the Gaming God of Socom? Get a life…




    TIME SPENT 1D 5H (Multiplayer: 20H 26M)

    CLAN PHRT (one person listed in clan)

    Rank: 33,915

    Kills: 513

    XP: 17,375

    KDR: 0.75

    Games Played: 88

    Win%: 41 %

    Oh, yeah, you should be calling me a noob.

    (TheZip- : 26,733 kills, 889,028 XP)

    Keep playing it “whenever you want” (all TWENTY HOURS of it, averaging out to about 4 hrs A MONTH) and then rant about how I’m a noob… seriously, keep ranting: the “I bet you are in college too…” line gave me a real nice belly laugh. Unintentional comedians are ALWAYS the funniest, LOL.

  • Who is this dweeb trolling a blog post? Seriously, who does that? It’s a Blog, of course there’s going to be people who don’t play the game on here. This isn’t the SOCOM forums so grow up little boy, go back to the forums and troll your game stats there.

  • Wow, miss the point much?

  • Thezip’s initial argument was that “it’s only 10 dollars stop whining” (basically). Now that He realizes He is outnumber in opinion by many, He resorts to Our stats (which have zero to do with this blog/thread). It’s a typical deflect tactic to take the emphasis of the fact that He was losing the argument and popularity contest. Hopefully, He doesn’t spend all day looking up my Facebook and Twitter. I wouldn’t want him making fun of my post count. And, if Anyone has noticed, I have not resorted to petty name calling or picking on. I have a valid argument pertanant to the blog presented. Get off my level kid. You are a joke.

  • U off the clock TheZip? Or are You working at Zipper today?

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