UNCHARTED 3 Multiplayer Experience: Buddy System and Treasures

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UNCHARTED 3 Multiplayer Experience: Buddy System and Treasures

When you’re venturing into hostile territory, it’s important to know that somebody is watching your back. The Buddy System in UNCHARTED 3 multiplayer ensures just that. As we hit week two of the Subway Taste For Adventure competitive multiplayer experience, we’re excited to detail the finer points of the UNCHARTED 3’s Buddy System and how it impacts the pacing and flow of competitive multiplayer matches.

In addition to good buddies, good booty will also make your multiplayer experience more layered and enjoyable. PlayStation.Blog spoke with Game Designer Robert Cogburn to learn more about how to make friends and earn treasure in UNCHARTED 3’s multiplayer experience. Check out this video for some in-depth information about buddies and treasure:

If you still haven’t gotten down to Subway…well, what are you waiting for? We just added two new maps to the experience and will continue to roll out updates and content as we march towards launch (November 1st!). We will be rolling out another newly revamped map (any guesses as to which?) starting next week that those of you heading to New York Comic-Con this week can preview and play.

To get into the action, it’s as simple as purchasing any specially marked 30oz UNCHARTED 3 themed cup from a participating Subway, heading online to the Subway Taste for Adventure website and redeeming the Subway code printed on your cup. You’ll be granted a PlayStation Store download code redeemable for the full competitive UNCHARTED 3 multiplayer experience!

UNCHARTED 3: Taste Adventure Subway Cups

Aside from being able to win some seriously cool prizes like trips to adventurous and exotic locations and collector edition copies of UNCHARTED 3: Drake’s Deception, you will be one of the very first to play our full competitive multiplayer experience. What’s more, all aspects of your profile progress earned during the Subway Taste for Adventure carry over into the final retail copy of the game, so jump in to get your multiplayer battle plans ready!

Check back regularly for more multiplayer tutorial videos with tips and info that will amp up your UNCHARTED 3 multiplayer experience.

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  • great game, can you tell me how many maps are in the multiplayer?

  • You realize of course that your so-called “buddy” is just going to shoot you, laugh, and leave the game. Right? I mean, thinking that anyone is going to work cooperatively in an online video game is utterly comical at this point in time.

  • Since uncharted 3 been at Subway,i have been Subway and code cazy LOL :)

  • the uncharted series is one of the best ive every played. the beta if uncharted 3 was extremely fun, the new game modes and perks are just amazing. im just wondering if the beta is still going go ive tryed to use it and its saying error and my friends can play there but mine it just not working. can i have some assistants plzz.

  • damn so all your stats move over .. that’s hot! :D

  • @52 / jack1982cp

    I guess you haven’t played the game since iv been playing alot of it and i can say that everyone is pretty respectful. This isnt the 360 in terms of losers gaming. Yes you get the jerk that makes the games less fun for being a child but so far I havent seen one in this game. Take it from me when I say that even the high fives work well with random people. I hit the button and they do the same, we both win.

    So give it a try and see for yourself before you play Mr know it all.

  • I cannot wait for this game to drop.MAN! the new trailer looks dope.

  • No lie, Uncharted 3 is the best video game I have ever played in my life so far. I’m a serious, dedicated, daily player, so if you want a trustworthy buddy, add me, Spyman09, rank 35.

  • Huh… still don’t care.
    I just want this for the campaign. Uncharted excels at story and characters. Don’t need multiplayer…

  • cccccccccccccccooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooolllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll its going to be awesome

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