UNCHARTED 3 Multiplayer Experience: Buddy System and Treasures

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UNCHARTED 3 Multiplayer Experience: Buddy System and Treasures

When you’re venturing into hostile territory, it’s important to know that somebody is watching your back. The Buddy System in UNCHARTED 3 multiplayer ensures just that. As we hit week two of the Subway Taste For Adventure competitive multiplayer experience, we’re excited to detail the finer points of the UNCHARTED 3’s Buddy System and how it impacts the pacing and flow of competitive multiplayer matches.

In addition to good buddies, good booty will also make your multiplayer experience more layered and enjoyable. PlayStation.Blog spoke with Game Designer Robert Cogburn to learn more about how to make friends and earn treasure in UNCHARTED 3’s multiplayer experience. Check out this video for some in-depth information about buddies and treasure:

If you still haven’t gotten down to Subway…well, what are you waiting for? We just added two new maps to the experience and will continue to roll out updates and content as we march towards launch (November 1st!). We will be rolling out another newly revamped map (any guesses as to which?) starting next week that those of you heading to New York Comic-Con this week can preview and play.

To get into the action, it’s as simple as purchasing any specially marked 30oz UNCHARTED 3 themed cup from a participating Subway, heading online to the Subway Taste for Adventure website and redeeming the Subway code printed on your cup. You’ll be granted a PlayStation Store download code redeemable for the full competitive UNCHARTED 3 multiplayer experience!

UNCHARTED 3: Taste Adventure Subway Cups

Aside from being able to win some seriously cool prizes like trips to adventurous and exotic locations and collector edition copies of UNCHARTED 3: Drake’s Deception, you will be one of the very first to play our full competitive multiplayer experience. What’s more, all aspects of your profile progress earned during the Subway Taste for Adventure carry over into the final retail copy of the game, so jump in to get your multiplayer battle plans ready!

Check back regularly for more multiplayer tutorial videos with tips and info that will amp up your UNCHARTED 3 multiplayer experience.

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  • cannot wait for 11-1-1. having a blast so far with the multiptayer


  • Eric, I’m serious. I’m going to marry this game.

  • Multiplayer is pretty good. Two things I wanted to mention:

    1) Buddy system is flawed. How? 5 v 5 deathmatch. Myself and two other friends are partied together, get matched up with a part of two. ONE of us will be a lone wolf. Kinda crummy, no? I know you can hive-five to change buddies mid-game, but I don’t like how there will always be one person without a buddy.

    2) Sprint >> Kal >> auto-aim hip fire >> melee. This is a little OP, no? Any thoughts on the fix for this?

    • Thanks for the good comments. We’re working on updates for multiplayer often. Head over to the ND forums to join the conversation if you haven’t yet!

  • The blind fire just destroys multi player for me

  • So far for treasure pick-ups I’ve been getting Subway treasure after Subway treasure. I guess that’s to be expected since this is a Subway promotion, but will these treasures eventually be phased out (before or after launch)?

  • Newly revamped map? Is it the frozen Facility level?

  • Can you change right and left over the shoulder views in this multiplayer. If so how? Cause it’s not like U2. Feels awkward without it.

  • Lovin the game, love the teamwork aspect of it.. more games need that. Not to mention OFFLINE splitscreen coop…..Naughty Dog you guys just keep outdoing YOURSELVES. Cant wait for the AMC event, please get us more info SOON!? I’m just wondering what we’ll be playing at the event, TDM or plunder? And wondering who from ND will be at each event. Thanks! Can’t wait to see it on the big screen, Uncharted DESERVES the big screen + 3D!

  • @8, yes you can.. just pause the game and look in the options menu.

  • Ok, whose Idea was it to start this post of with the line referencing Good Booty, and layered at that. O Yeah!, some Naughty Dogs make this game. I like a studio that can appreciate the value of Good Booty.

  • @depward

    You should check out the naughty dog forums

  • @8 – Click L3.

  • ^..While aiming to change shoulder view side.

  • I know, I know, it is going to be Facility Map. I saw a lobby with Drake and it resembled Facility.

    Can’t wait to play a little Uncharted 3 tonight. I love the new update, things are looking smoother, keep up good work.

  • if someone has a second code 4 uncharted beta please send me a message!

  • Keeping this short and simple: I’m enjoying the multiplayer.

  • i heard museum was confirmed for this game though, hope its true. but i dont want em to revamp the map, because it looks perfect. if its facility i aint mad tho

  • How do we unlock the Hero – Subway shirt, Naughty Dog guns, and the Footlong taunt for multiplayer? It says unlocked via codes, but they aren’t listed on the rewards page!

  • I’m having a hard time with getting into the multiplayer because it fails to sync the level data. It usually takes twenty tries just to get to the MP menu.

  • “A network error has occurred
    Failed syncing levels.”

  • @retiplehand you have to get them from the subway promotion. you cant earn them in game.

  • Please ND, lower the speed of your movement. Everyone is so fast now, it’s like everytime you encounter someone, they just run around in circles and just shoot from hip. You could atleast lower the aim when you hipfire to compensate! Anyway, looking forward to getting U3 :D

  • Will there be treasures in Co-Op mode?

    One thing I did enjoy about Uncharted 2 was you can just keep playing Co-Op mode to level up and that is pretty much what I did.

  • Can we get in on this multi-player at subway in canada?

  • LOL @trolls saying the mp is “awesome” or whatever. It’s a mess, that and the idiotic psn pass I’m ditching UC3 for good. I loved the multiplayer on UC2, the first UC is a very good game. But this one just blows. No thanks naughty dog.


  • LOL @the only troll on here.

    People like Uncharted, it’s the best action game/series this generation. You probably just suck at the multiplayer. How are you gonna say the game sucks when you have only played part of the multiplayer? So sad. You are the one of few who will miss out.

  • luv uncharted series and cant wait for 3 but the mp is confusing to me. i cant figuire out why people dont die when u shoot them. i mean if im emptying a ak47 clip into them as they are running at me . they should not be able to get to me in time to melee me they should be fragged….just saying

  • Please fix the broken multiplayer (hipfiring) and also change the final box art of Uncharted 3.

  • We need more information on the AMC Events happening soon.

    P.S. The multiplayer is great post-patch. If you’re still getting killed to much maybe your just not as good as the rest of us. :-) BTW I use L1 to aim and kill blindfire noobs more often than not.

  • how come Co-op isn’t unlocked, I enjoyed playing it during the Beta & I was hoping it would be included during the Subway promotion.

  • Please be the sanctuary! Hands down my favorite map from uncharted 2.

  • Can you just release the game tomorrow please?……please :(

  • @dilbag,

    Still comin back with the lame buffoonery as always. You’ve never seen me playing on UC2 or the UC3 online promo and I have played both. On UC2 I”ve passed lvl 50 quite a long time ago. But you wouldn’t know that being a lame flunky who fills his shorts whenever the truth is outed. Pathetic, its no wonder everyone is speculating if your representing the competition. Even sonys far from stellar PR department wouldn’t come up with something so decrepit but then you’re underage and the legal liability you represent is just too great. Back to your Will little boy, leave the adults alone for a change.

  • In the beta everyone said the movement was too slow and it need it to be more like UC2, NOW, you are saying that it is too fast. Seriously? Make up your mind.

    My only complaint is, the hip firing is,,,, well, everyone knows how unbalanced and overpowered the hip firing is, just tweak that and I’ll consider myself one happy folk. So far loving this MP a lot, even more than the UC2 MP and boy, that is one my favorites MP out there. : )

  • @sciteach

    I said it wasn’t listed on the Subway Rewards page. I know you can’t earn them. The only available rewards redeemable by codes are

    – Subway Drake
    – Uncharted 3 Dynamic Theme
    – Cash Bonus (currently unavailable where I’m at sadly)
    – Playstation Home Costumes
    – Drake’s AK
    – And of course the Multiplayer component itself
    – DC Universe Online is available for the first week of November as well.

  • im wait for 3 but i just got the dual pack and all this fancy stuff but i cant play multiplayer becuase all of arent. makes me upset. come find and try

  • @Troll

    There is a thing on PSN called a trophy system. Anyone can look another’s trophies. You say you love the Uncharted series but you haven’t played Uncharted 2 since last year and even then you only played like 2 or 3 chapters of the story and the rest multiplayer. Not only that, you just starting playing the first Uncharted a couple months ago. You don’t like Uncharted. It’s clear to anyone that looks at your trophies. And why would you play a promotional early multiplayer on a game that you have no interest in getting?

    Everyone? Competition? You don’t count as everyone, more so you don’t even count as competition. You are a poor excuse of a “gamer”. I doubt anyone can consider you one. You just whine and complain on every single post that you comment on. Resistance was one thing but I doubt anyone cares of your negative thoughts on Uncharted 3, especially when you aren’t getting it. It’s clear that you are the kid here.

    Will? I assume you meant Wii. I have one thank you. But you will more than likely need one seeing as more and more games will use the online pass, games that you have played. Pathetic hypocrite.

  • Why europe plus members have access to the BETA and we don’t !!!

    I don’t live in USA and I can’t play this… SO UNFAIR!!!

    I want an explanation… :/

  • idk if anyone will answer this, but is there a way to unlink your facebook account, or pair it with a different one?

  • I am hoping that by next week my PS3 will be fixed after pulling the Red Light of Death move. So I can play this.

  • Please tune the game more like UC2 levels of multiplayer…

    Spamming of R1 is getting atrocious…


    L1 4 LIFE!

  • Dilbag how many times must you be told before you get it through your thick skull, you’re an abusive idiot, nobody wants you here. In short, get stuffed. Nobody really cares for your illiterate spew. People get into gaming for fun and to relieve stress not to be subjected to moronic tirades by lunatics like you. I could tell you to get a life once again but its clear you can’t and won’t so leave the adults alone. You’re a lost cause since the kind of psychiatric help you desparately need is far more than your meagre mcdonalds salary can ever afford.

  • @ 7 – or maybe museum.

    BTW I cant wait…uncharted is the best game ever made along with God of War….but I’m just waiting for the single-player….this online sucks compared with uncharted 2.

  • sorry for double post but I have a huge question…..why you guys took away the cut-scenes…I cant believe because that was one of the awesome features in the first BETA.

    Also please make Temple and Plaza for UC3….Both maps are te best in Uncharted 2.

  • Funny how the Troll ignored everything I said.

    Nobody? You are the only one who has said anything. You do no constitute for everyone.

    Illiterate? You must not be able to read, so I guess I have to space everything out for you.

    Fun? Hobby? You do nothing but complain and whine about the games you say you “love.” Not only that, you hardly play any games.

    I doubt you are older than me because your only “defense” in any arguement is calling people “kids”, “trolls”, and “name calling”. I’m pretty sure that it is you who is a kid with no job.

    According to your trophies, you barely play games. You probably mostly likely rent most of your games or buy them used. That is the only reason why you could even complain. Not only that, you complain about online passes for games that haven’t even been released yet. So if you did want them, you would have to buy them NEW either way.

    Adult? No mature adult talks in the manner you do. More like kids on Call of duty. Get your mom to buy your more games and stop complaining.

  • How dare you show Cluster Bomb in the video… GIve it back.. pleeeeeeease…. Make is cost 20 medals I don’t care.. Cluster Bomb in beta was fun as hell. Carpet Bomb = WEAK

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