Sideway: New York is Only on PSN Starting Today

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Sideway: New York is Only on PSN Starting Today

In Hollywood circles, there is a well-known tradition where Steven Spielberg and George Lucas will skip town and go somewhere remote right about when they have a big movie opening. They do this mostly for good luck, but also to avoid the press and ignore the grosses. Basically, they generally try to get their mind off of the project they’ve dedicated much of their recent lives to create.

I mention this because our adventure platformer Sideway: New York is all wrapped and done and will be available only on PSN as of today’s PlayStation Store update. I also mention this because at this moment, a few of us here at the studio are out in Zimbabwe embarking on a new work project. (Oooh, I can just see the screaming blog headlines now: “Game Developer compares his game to Star Wars”).

I mention this preamble principally because my beloved perfect record for responding to questions and comments on the PlayStation.Blog is (*sniff*) about to be sullied and I don’t want you to think I am ditching. Basically what I am saying is that “It’s not you, baby…it’s me.” I just don’t think there will exactly be rich wireless access where we’re gonna be, so keep that in mind when you’re asking anything in the comments, which is to say it’s best to stick to questions that can simmer a week and to avoid looking for advice on burns and cuts, what tie goes with that jacket or general crises of faith that are best suited for immediate and professional help.

Anyway, this PlayStation.Blog entry is more about reflecting on going “from A-Z” in a “working with our partners at Fuel Entertainment to create something from scratch that we’re really, really proud of” sense. If you have no idea what I am talking about, and even if you do, check out this action montage from the game below:

Sideway: New York is a nice mix of platforming, exploration and action to keep things fun and interesting throughout. The game is easy to pick up and play, but it gets more challenging as you progress. There are a ton of unlockable paint powers, speed runs, puzzles, hidden tags and areas to find, and the levels and enemies get more and more twisted as you make your way through a single day trapped on New York buildings all the way to Times Square for the big finale.

Yessir, you can have all of that awesome permanently burned into your mind today for $9.99 — $7.99 if you’re a PlayStation Plus subscriber (this week only). In a lot of ways, Sideway was a way for us to bring some life back to the platformer genre, a genre that I think gets a bum rap as as being stagnant.

In any event, it’s been a positively rawkin’ experience getting the game ready for you guys, and we really hope you like it one-third as much as we loved making it. And hey, maybe one of you will be the first to find all of the score tags in the game…I’m not sure any our quality control guys or level designers have gotten all of them, yet.

Really, on behalf of all of us at Playbrains, Fuel Entertainment and Sony Online Entertainment, thanks for reading and following us throughout the game’s development, and I hope you get a chance to check it out on PSN today. And once you’re done playing the demo, you should definitely buy it, you cheap goober.

Hey, I’d buy your game!

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  • I’ll definitely be buying this. I love some old-time platformers, and the visuals on this look amazing. Nice continuation for Only on PSN. Now just to wait for inFAMOUS: Festival of Blood in two weeks.

    • Thanks! We’re big platformer nerds as well.

      (Yes, I had to put that qualifier in…we’re quite studly otherwise…ESPECIALLY THE WOMEN)

      Note: I don’t even know what that means.

  • “+ candycabngfl on October 11th, 2011 at 4:06 pm said:

    Waaahhhhh You might hurt someones feelings bye telling them their game sucks Waaahhhhhh.
    Lmao … You know what they say about opinions.
    I’m not seeing anything particularly special with the game, looks like a pretty run of the mill platformer.
    PS+ price is about right so I don’t think there is much to loose.”

    That’s not the point, buddy. Everyone’s welcome to have their own opinion about any game. There’s just a little thing we like to call ‘tact’. When you’re calling something “crap” and “a turd” and that Sony is “wasting their money” on it, you are not only being completely unhelpful, you’re outright insulting the people who made it. I would say that’s crossing the line of general decency.

    • TESTIFY!

      Nah, really– easy to ignore the hyperbole (both ways). The best thing you can do to a developer is tell them why their game is a shovelware piece of crap– because if you can do that, it’s actually helpful and you might get a better game next time.

      Well, maybe not if the game really *is* that bad, but I think empirically speaking, we’re a few titches better than that…

  • Wow, finally watched the video and was impressed. Started out like a 2D Jet Grind Radio and turned into a 2D platformer on a twisty turny 3D world. Don’t recall ever seeing anything like it. Max and the Magic Marker in DeBlob’s world. Nice contrast. I passed on the demo yesterday b/c it was huge but I’m going to go get it now.

    And good choice releasing this week, too much other stuff going on next week.

    • Yeah, fall is a busy time to release anything, but this seemed like the right place at the right time.

      Glad you invested the time for the big-assed demo. The good news is that once your socks are BLOWN OFF, it’s, I think, a 6k download to unlock the game, so yeah. good times.

  • Based on the demo I am finding this a wonderful game. Reminds me a bit like the game Premiere on the Amiga.

    • Is it now I admit I was an Atari ST guy, so I wasn’t cool like the Amiga kids?

      (Note: Neither the Amiga kids or the Atari ST kids were in any way cool…)

  • lol… Legends in our own minds ;)

    BTW. I meant reminds me in a good way.

    • That sounds about right…I definitely took it in the good way (as much as you can take that sort of thing in a good way…)

  • It felt like it was made for a younger audience than me, I’m in the 30+ demographic !! So not my cup of tea, But I pre-ordered inFAMOUS: Festival of Blood, Yay cant wait .

    On a totally unrelated topic,
    I really don’t like the people running the PS.Blog.Share, I always make a deep search before posting ideas to see if it wasn’t already posted by someone else and 100% of the time I always get the message that my Idea was already posted so I post it anyways but they never get published Grrrrrrrrr.

    I wish that they would link me the Idea that was similar as the one that I submitted since they must make a search on their side ! a nice generic email would be nice like “Dear M X your ideal was rejected because this one (link to the idea) was already submitted” This would assure me that my ideal was not on the mercy of a frustrated disgruntled employee and if I’m not pleased with his verdict I can make an appeal !!

    I am writing this here because I don’t know where else to post my complaint :-(

    • Well, I am glad you felt comfortable enough to complain to me. I have no power to help, so that makes me feel even more…special.

      Sorry the game wasn’t your cup o’ tea, but hey, thanks for trying it out!

  • Game caught my eye when i first saw it. After playing the demo, yall got my 10 bucks. Digging the graphics, music, and overall style of the game. Graffiti & hip-hop? Must be some b-boys/girls working for yall. I can dig it, can you? *stands in b-boy stance*

  • I love the game but last night I quit after I made it to Jamaica 1-1 and when I started it up again I found all my progress was gone. I also read a post on GameFAQs that someone had lost all their progress after they had beaten the game. Just thought I’d give you guys a heads up in case you need to patch it or something.

    • Hmmm…I can assure you the developers are presently chained in the basement at Playbrains HQ awaiting any bug reports that come in. There is just enough room under the door to slide pizza and flan.

      Sorry to hear of your troubles– we’ll look into it for sure.

  • Im not one fore hip hop but the beats are actually good in this game. I also really enjoyed the demo the game really stands out. Ill pick it up once my broke ass has money.

  • Hi, Scott, I forgot to check for your replies till now. Re: the platinum trophy, I was just answering somebody else’s question earlier in the blog since you were allegedly in Zimbabwe. The platinum question, in case you don’t read anybody else’s blog post, is asked in EVERY freakin game blog. I have no plats myself, and am resigned to just being a happy, albeit mediocre, gamer.

    I hope Sideway is selling well. I know the reviews are good.

    • Ah, so you were truly doing God’s work helping out while I was gone (en route back to Canada as we speak– yes, was really out in Africa this week).

      Thanks again, Tsumani.

      (May I call you Tsu? (Ha!))

  • I was also reading on boards for this game saying that they also lost all their data for the game as a few of the players are saying that there maybe a saving issue so will that be looked into as I’m one of the few that really wishes to buy this game as it looks awesome.

    • Hmmmm…Not sure if I should increase the pizza frequency (for energy) or withhold the flan (motivator).

      Really, we’ll be looking into this ASAFP. Thanks for the heads-up.

  • Also I saw the preview that was showed on X-Play this week as I have it taped and that was where I really liked what I was seeing so I will get this game but just to make sure could you check on the saving issue just to be safe?.

    • Yep, I am sure it already is being looked into, really. We were already planning an early polish patch and all the bugs we can smash will be fixed in that, too.

  • Since replying to every comment, How many trophies are in this game? Multiplayer? Still getting the game these are just some perks I’m always in search of.

    • Hola, sir. We gots the usual (10) trophies (Bronze->Gold).

      No platinums, sorry…*sad trombone

      No online multiplayer (*melancholy French Horn?), but we do have local drop-in, drop-out couch co-op (loads o’ fun).

  • So many great psn titles I need to purchase this month. This of course, the new pixeljunk game, okabu, and the infamous stand alone title are all must buys.

    Also love to see you responding to so many questions and or just comments. Shows that your devoted to what your doing and appreciate the fans. Off to go buy a psn card for this right now, as this looks like the perfect break from the frustrating mind numbing depression that the continuous hours of dark souls puts you into :D

    Anyways hope the sales goes well so we can get another awesome game from you guys.

    • Thanks for the note!

      Coincidentally (if I were a sportscaster, I would have said “ironically”), we were going to call the game “Happy Souls”, but chickened out at the last minute…

  • I would like to buy this game soon but only when the saving issue has been fixed so I just wanted to know how long until there is a patch released?.

    • We will be submitting a patch “soon” and it will then go through Sony’s QA process like any release and be out “sometime soon after that”.

      So…”soon-y soon”-ish?

      Damn, I am specific…

  • @56 I am 38 and i LOVED this game, so I think it’s for all demographics. Well maybe not the great grandma demographic. By the way, sorry if I ruined Scott’s 100% response rate.

    • You didn’t ruin it– i have an implant that notifies my frontal lobe anytime there is a comment here.

      And yeah, *maybe* we missed on the great-grannie demo, but that’s just because we dropped the “find the yarn” side quest.

  • Are there going to be more games to this series?.

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