Sideway: New York is Only on PSN Starting Today

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Sideway: New York is Only on PSN Starting Today

In Hollywood circles, there is a well-known tradition where Steven Spielberg and George Lucas will skip town and go somewhere remote right about when they have a big movie opening. They do this mostly for good luck, but also to avoid the press and ignore the grosses. Basically, they generally try to get their mind off of the project they’ve dedicated much of their recent lives to create.

I mention this because our adventure platformer Sideway: New York is all wrapped and done and will be available only on PSN as of today’s PlayStation Store update. I also mention this because at this moment, a few of us here at the studio are out in Zimbabwe embarking on a new work project. (Oooh, I can just see the screaming blog headlines now: “Game Developer compares his game to Star Wars”).

I mention this preamble principally because my beloved perfect record for responding to questions and comments on the PlayStation.Blog is (*sniff*) about to be sullied and I don’t want you to think I am ditching. Basically what I am saying is that “It’s not you, baby…it’s me.” I just don’t think there will exactly be rich wireless access where we’re gonna be, so keep that in mind when you’re asking anything in the comments, which is to say it’s best to stick to questions that can simmer a week and to avoid looking for advice on burns and cuts, what tie goes with that jacket or general crises of faith that are best suited for immediate and professional help.

Anyway, this PlayStation.Blog entry is more about reflecting on going “from A-Z” in a “working with our partners at Fuel Entertainment to create something from scratch that we’re really, really proud of” sense. If you have no idea what I am talking about, and even if you do, check out this action montage from the game below:

Sideway: New York is a nice mix of platforming, exploration and action to keep things fun and interesting throughout. The game is easy to pick up and play, but it gets more challenging as you progress. There are a ton of unlockable paint powers, speed runs, puzzles, hidden tags and areas to find, and the levels and enemies get more and more twisted as you make your way through a single day trapped on New York buildings all the way to Times Square for the big finale.

Yessir, you can have all of that awesome permanently burned into your mind today for $9.99 — $7.99 if you’re a PlayStation Plus subscriber (this week only). In a lot of ways, Sideway was a way for us to bring some life back to the platformer genre, a genre that I think gets a bum rap as as being stagnant.

In any event, it’s been a positively rawkin’ experience getting the game ready for you guys, and we really hope you like it one-third as much as we loved making it. And hey, maybe one of you will be the first to find all of the score tags in the game…I’m not sure any our quality control guys or level designers have gotten all of them, yet.

Really, on behalf of all of us at Playbrains, Fuel Entertainment and Sony Online Entertainment, thanks for reading and following us throughout the game’s development, and I hope you get a chance to check it out on PSN today. And once you’re done playing the demo, you should definitely buy it, you cheap goober.

Hey, I’d buy your game!

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  • Thanks for pricing this right and for the PS+ discount.

    $7.99 looks like a steal for this.

    • I am a pricing machine. As a PS+ subscriber myself, I look at it as saving $2.

      (Clearly, I don’t know much about economics…)

  • Hey, Scott, saw u on tv yesterday, Xplay. Game looks great. Buying it tonight.

    • Awesome, glad you like it.

      For the record, they say the camera adds 10 pounds.

      Apparenly if you’re Canadian, it adds 250.

  • This looks… fun!

  • will be buying

  • interesting

  • This game looks great!!! I can’t wait to play it and for 8 bucks is just the perfect deal!
    The indies are coming! ^_^

    • Thanks!

      And ssssshhh! If you shout that too loudly, “they” will hear us coming and ruin our element of surprise…

  • $9.99? Heavy Graffiti themes? Definite first day buy. This game looks amazing!

  • $8 for PS+. Done deal!

    ““It’s not you, baby…it’s me.” – Scott, you aren’t cheating on me, are you?

    • Awww, of course not, baby…

      *pats head…

      Now come and sit on my lap and tell me about your day…

      *massages shoulders

  • Really excited to play this demo later today. If the animation assets are of a decent resolution, and the audio encoding is decent quality, I’ll definitely buy. Can you give some technical details on the native resolution and FPS of the character animation assets, and the audio encoding codec/bitrate?

    How did you get hooked up with the musician?

    • Glad you’re excited to play; hopefully enough to shell out money so I can fix my dog’s broken leg*.

      The game runs at a solid 30FPS, we can burst to 60, but because of how we’re rendering and looking at the 3d world, we couldn’t get it to 60 consistently enough for our tastes, so we thought it looked great at 30, anyway.

      Mr. Lif comes to us through the good folks at Skullcandy who our partners at Fuel Entertainment brokered a deal with. It’s a huge add for the game for sure.

      *note: dog does not have a broken leg and was stated here purely to guilt you into buying

  • I’m surprised you didn’t use Paul Wall – Sittin Sideways for the trailer lol…looks good though

  • Holy crap $8? Soooooooooooooooold!

  • For $8 I’m getting this as soon as the store updates. Looks fun.

    • As soon as I have your $8, you will be my newest best friend ever.

      infamousXX87XX meant nothing to me, baby…

  • You should change the title of the article. It sounds like it’s only available to download today only. Instead of it sounding like a PSN exclusive.

    It should be “Sideway New York is available for download today only on Playstation Network”


    • Actually, when I submitted the post, it had a dumber title that I can’t even remember (sleep deprivation, I accuse you!)

  • @ 13 It actually sounds more confusing your way, methinks. Either way, this game will be mine when the store updates.

  • @14 – I actually just realized that when you actually click INTO the article the title sounds better. But from the PS Blog home page it says “Sideway NY is only on PSN today”. THAT’S the title I was talking about that sounded confusing. Haha.

    And yeah, my version didn’t sound any better. Haha. Just realized I should have had a comma in there. Here…how’s this one “Sideway New York releases today, only available on PlayStation Network”.

  • Graffiti is for losers.

    Not wasting money on a garbage game like this while there are a mountain of high quality PS3 exclusives to buy and play.

  • I can’t wait to check out the demo.

    However, unless the demo is absolutely terrible, judging by the videos, I’ll be buying it ;)

    • Awesome, hope you like it. The Demo should be pretty representative of what’s what, so I look forward to spending your $8 soon…mwahahaha…

  • @16, *not sure if serious*

    Anyway, Playbrains working on ANOTHER game is excellent news. You guys are wacky and awesome.

  • No one cares what you think Kirkpad.

    What a junk developer. Go dump garbage games like this on the Xbox 360 where they belong.

  • For $7.99, I’m all over this. Keep up the great work and keep encouraging SONY to release such great indie games at terrific price points.

  • I was on the fence about this game, but for $8 I can’t really lose.

    • Well, technically, you could lose $8.

      Not that I think you will– it’s a bargain at twice the price, as they say. Just you know, pointing out the potential downside.

      Maybe I’ll just shut up now and move to the next comment while I have the sat signal…

  • I’m buying this game 100%. Don’t listen to these “special” people with twisted views of what is a good game. Keep at it guys you make ’em I’ll buy ’em.

  • When I saw the snippet of this in the “Only on PSN montage” before I said it looked cool and I will get it. Now that I see more of the game there is NO DOUBT! that I WILL be getting this. Can’t wait for the VITA to come out so I can remote control my PS3 to download stuff.

    Ray “WrekGar”
    The PS Blog Stalker

    • Cool, dude.

      And hey, was that you outside my room last night with the binoculars? That’s a dedicated level of stalking, I must say.

  • My god does this game look like crap.

    Wouldn’t bother to download this turd even if it was free. Come on Sony, stop spending money on lame developers like these. Less shovelware crap like this and more amazing devs like PixelJunk and thatgamecompany.

    • /shrugs.

      Pixeljunk Shooter is awesome, for what it’s worth. You’ll want to be picking that up when it comes out.

  • Looks great! Might be getting this.

  • guys you know when we said kid friendly games

    this is not it

    oh i heard jak and daxter collection is coming in 2012

    just waiting for a ratchet and clank collection to be confirmed

    by the way i’d like to form a glitch on prince of persia sands of time

    when you go to those secret fountins you know the blue nice sparkling place where the king is like i dont think im in asgard anymore

    if you go to first person view he dies then goes back to the game and his body is stretched like really stetched

    • Well, it’s a little late for that kind of feedback, Juhal.

      *gets in time machine…

      Nope, didn’t work. We’re stuck with this game (which wasn’t intended to be super kid-friendly. Rated E10+ which is about what we wanted, FWIW).

  • where the prince is like *

    it looks good but not worth £6 in uk


      Sorry this ain’t the game for you, but your fun fact of the day are my two dogs are named Jake and Dexter, for reasons that may be obvious to you.

  • I have a feeling FredPunella and TerryVSL are the same person, but why hate on this game? (Don’t like it? Don’t comment!)

    Anyways this game looks fantastic! SOLD

    • Oh, I am sure there are “a few” more than two people who won’t like the game, so be it.

      We like what we built and think most platform fans will feel the same, which is all we care about.

      Life is to short to hate on haters, young Padawan…

      Go enjoy the game instead, thanks!

  • OMG this looks awesome

  • $8? YES! How long will the discount last?!! Please answer!

    • I actually don’t know, but I think it’s for the first week of release (so until the 17th).

      BUY NOW BEFORE WE RUN OUT OF 0’s and 1’s!!!

  • Not sure if or when you’ll be able to respond to this, but, if you do, it’ll probably be something witty.
    Anyway, been looking forward to this ever since last October when you showed it off. Definitely a Day-One Purchase.

    • We only get about 30-45 good satellite minutes a day here, it seems, so the answers are a) answering now and b) the sun is not in the right place for something witty. It’s the sun or the lack of beer. One or the other.

  • @30 D-Squad3

    1 week.

  • $0.25 short FML…

  • looks fun

    • This is true.

      Also true is that we’re about to lose the sat again for a few hours, so I’ll be back later to MOP UP THE REST OF THESE QUESTIONS LIKE THEY WERE…YOU KNOW…SOMETHING MOPPABLE ON A SMOOTH FLOOR.


  • Where is it? I cannot see it in the PSN STORE in US yet :( When the store is gonna be updated?

  • It’s up in Canada (1668MB) dont know about anywhere else if it’s up, just do a search in PSN store.

  • I’ll have to check out the demo first, but it does look like a lot of fun.

  • I can see it now!!! Wiiiiii :)

  • “+ TerryVSL on October 11th, 2011 at 1:49 pm said:

    My god does this game look like crap.

    Wouldn’t bother to download this turd even if it was free. Come on Sony, stop spending money on lame developers like these. Less shovelware crap like this and more amazing devs like PixelJunk and thatgamecompany.”

    You know that there are actual, real people who made this game, right? As much as you might like to think it’s just some inanimate corporate entity, they are developers who poured their heart and soul into this game and they probably are reading these comments. We after, after all, their primary audience, over here. Next time you’re about to post a completely asinine comment like this one, how about to consider whether or not you’re being a complete and utter jerk? Then do the right thing and don’t post it. Sheesh.

    • Thanks for having our back, Zeerster. I am guessing you’re a baseball-bat-with-nails-in-it kind of individual, but really, it’s fine– the game won’t appeal to everyone, and that’s okay.

      No, not shovelware. A year-and-a-half of a couple dozen people at its peak, so it’s not like there was not care and effort to create it.

      Meh. If Terry wants more downloadable CoD game, so be it. Hope there are plenty for him/her to choose from.

      Until then, we’ll do the games we like and hopefully enough people like ’em for us to keep making ’em…

  • the game looks pretty good, unfortunately I only have enough money in my wallet to get Rocketbirds

    • I would be upset, but you’re right– Rocketbirds is awesome and a worthy “other use” of disposable funds.

      Hey, there’s always next month…

  • @39, Zeer…very nice post. You make a great point. I certainly hope the devs are reading our comments & I bought this game mostly because I appreciate Scott usually answering all of our comments. I can’t wait to see what he replies to the 2 jerk wads who have spewed their prejudices on the blog so far.

    It’s hard to believe any gamer would not appreciate how Playbrains brought something fresh to the most over used genre of all, platformers. Maybe it’s something personal about graffiti. Like, he/they had their double-wide tagged by some teenager once?

    My copy is downloading now. I’ll come back & say whether there’s a platinum if nobody beats me to it.

    • Awww yeah. And in addition to the baseball bat, we now have the tire chain left flank.

      (this is cool– all of a sudden, I feel tough…)

      And be ready to be disappointed about platinum trophies…

      *sad trombone…

      (Sony (rightly) keeps those things to a minimum with small games like ours…)

  • Looks like a lot of fun, I’ll pick it up.

  • Zeer0id

    Waaahhhhh You might hurt someones feelings bye telling them their game sucks Waaahhhhhh.

    Lmao … You know what they say about opinions.

    I’m not seeing anything particularly special with the game, looks like a pretty run of the mill platformer.

    PS+ price is about right so I don’t think there is much to loose.

    • Indeed, opinions are everywhere. We already know many will like the game…(hopefully) many less will not like it. A remarkable size in the middle will have no opinion at all.

      Totally cool with us. Hopefully, you check the demo and discover that you can’t live without it!

  • Re: platinum trophy– No, this game doesn’t have one from my viewing of the trophy list.

    • And today, my heart shrinks two sizes as I realise I have disappointed The Tsunami.

      Somebody get me a Jameson’s…

  • forget the demo let me get my allowance out and buy this

    • I like this plan.

      I totally do not advocate rummaging through your parent’s dresser to find spare cash, but just in case you do, I should warn you– LOOK OUT! THEY’RE STANDING RIGHT BEHIND YOU!!!

  • Sideway! Been waiting several months for this one. Looks great.

    • Hopefully it’s worth waiting waiting the extra five seconds to have all of your kernels pop instead of breaking your teeth if you take the corn off the heat too early.

      (Yes, this is the best analogy I could come up with at the moment…)

  • OMG, no replies from Scott!!!! Something must have happened!

    • Dude! I’m in Africa with, basically, 30-45 minutes of satellite connection every once in awhile.(no prediction as to when or how strong).

      For a guy used to be connected 18-20 hours a day (still haven’t figured out how to be online when asleep), this takes some getting used to.

      That being said…yes, I feel shame. *sniff.

  • This game is fantastic! Downloaded the demo soon as I got home, and later I bought the game because how fun it is!

    You are very right. The developers do read this and I would hate to see someone like that jerk Terry guy just say stuff like that. I’m pretty sure these guys put in alot of time and effort into this game just to put a smile on our faces. If he doesn’t like there are other ways of saying it (NICER ways to be exact).

    • Sweet! I am totally buying comics with your $8,

      As for the folks who don’t like the game, meh– don’t worry about it. Developers have to have thick skin dealing with publishers. (Zing!)

      That said, SOE has been pretty much the opposite of most pubs we deal with– they’re frickin’ awesome.

  • @1

    Don’t be cheap it’s just 8 buck….that’s lunch right there. 1 less meal will help your diet. I’m so getting this game can’t wait to play it once i’m done with my midterms!

    • I can see it now– The Sideway Diet.

      Yes, there is lots of jumping around which keeps you fit. But come on, you get turned into 2D– losing a dimension is a surefire way to lose weight.

  • Downloaded the demo cuz´ I was hyped for what I saw in Pulse but found this game to be an average lame plattformer. I also can´t stand the hip hop music of the soundtrack.

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