Resistance 3 Survivor Pack: Invasion Mode, New Skins Hit PSN Today

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Resistance 3 Survivor Pack: Invasion Mode, New Skins Hit PSN Today

Hey folks! We’re excited to announce the release of the Resistance 3 Survival DLC pack today on the PlayStation Store for $3.99. First and foremost, the Survival DLC pack brings you a new game mode for multiplayer called Invasion. The Invasion mode forces Human and Chimeran teams to divide their resources with the goal of holding multiple control nodes on the map simultaneously. The more nodes your team holds, the faster you score points – and thus, achieve victory. There is a lot of deep strategy in determining which nodes to attack, as well as how many players should hang back to defend your nodes while retaining enough offensive force to successfully attack enemy nodes. We hope you enjoy it!

Resistance 3: Survivor Pack: Roses

Resistance 3: Survivor Pack: CharlieResistance 3: Survivor Pack: Herbert

That’s not all though – the Survival DLC pack includes special multiplayer skins of some of the major survivors from the game: Herbert, Jonathan Glenda, Jean, and Charlie. You’ll also get a bonus Resistance 3 Survivor Concept Art Static XMB Theme.

Resistance 3: Survivor Pack: Static Theme

It’s been just over a month since we launched Resistance 3, and we hope that you’ve gotten the chance to jump online and experience the game’s multiplayer and start experimenting with the wide range of loadout options, customizing them to your own play style. Over the course of development, the team at Insomniac has obviously logged countless online hours; in the process, we’ve created some tailored loadouts that we think are pretty effective. We wanted to share our favorites with you, so check out the video below as members of the Insomniac team, including Ted Price and Marcus Smith, walk you through their “go-to” multiplayer loadouts.

We are also working on another patch to continue to address issues. When we release this 1.05 patch, we will be including two brand-new maps for all players, the Creek and the Granary. To keep up with the latest news on the 1.05 patch, its fixes, and the new maps, please Like us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter, or join the conversation at the forums.

We hope to see you online in Invasion Mode! And keep an eye out for the announcement of our next DLC pack soon.

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  • 103kb download… Seems like this stuff was already on the disc. Thanks Insomniac for taking $4 + $60

  • Resistance 3 followed the KZ, COD and BFBA plastic mould type of shooter because they thought they could make bigger dollars appealing to fans of the aforementioned series’. However, by alienating their hardcore fans and trying to rip of some killstreak perk game that isn’t what R:FOM was about at all; they have effectively severed ties that will never be repaired.

    R:FOM – the best game ever.

  • An new info on OverStriike?

  • A little bit off topic but what are the benefits for Global Resistance if you play Resistance 3?

  • Mr.Muty made has a nice loadout with the bubble shield and pumping :D

  • @ 43 & 44

    i feel the same way !!! im quoting as well …

    “After injecting CoD into R3, I am surprised you are not borrowing their pricing structure as well.
    Insomniac, you guys need to catch some ZZZZZZ’s.”

    Loved FoM
    R2 left me in a WTF haze
    I skipped R3 completely

  • @50

    So you plan on strategy in COD? Because COD you just rush and kill. Resistance 3 is more like a Halo game if you’re a xbox 360 player and played halo you’d love this game. This game is just too damn fun like Halo.

  • oh yea i almost forgot, i loved how the end was in R3… sike!! i hated the ending like wtf was that about? you guys are really trying to make another Resistance??? really? this game series should have ended in R2 where Hail dies… im glad i rented this game from gamefly instead of wasting money… and the online pass? really? ok… im the type of person i rent first and if any good then i buy… inject CoD in Resistance and you have a SiFi CoD … kill streaks and all … sad … oh well on to the next game.

    Loved FoM
    R2 left me in a WTF haze
    I skipped R3 completely

  • People seriously keep comparing this to COD. It is not COD like at all. It is more like Halo: Reach without the vehicles.

  • @58

    it kinda barrows the kill streak method the CoD offers. either way this isn’t a real Resistance … RFOM was the best Resistance the second had me like wtf !!! Hail died and really it should have just ended there. but hey if its kinda like Halo i really don’t care. lol

  • IG I think you should have gave this away for free to the few little followers you have left over and my you have perfect timing releasing it a week before the real games start to drop R3 population drops to under 2,000 starting next couple of weeks.Oh yea i sold your piece of crap back 3 days after release Socom 4 lasted longer than that SMH @ You. Oh yea I noticed how your the only one of the PS3 exclusive developers who doesnt reply on the blog it speaks in volume for you

  • hmm, I love this game and the MP online. I played Battlefield, Call of Duty and the rest, this is the first one I’ve enjoyed other than Duke Nukem. Duke is good because, it’s freakin’ duke and there was DLC for that today as well :) Resistance may not have a call for strategy, but, It is more fun to play an online MP shooter where you basically just go out and shoot to kill. As Tony Stark says in the new Avengers trailer, “I don’t play well with others” I’m not a “team Player” so, I like running into a room full of people “working together” and killing as many as I can before dropping a Turret just before I die to finish off the rest. Maybe fragging the room first to clear a path. I LOVE the fact that we get some new maps FOR FREE when the next patch/update comes out. much better than having to pay for some new maps. I’m ok paying for new skins and modes.

  • I hate to continue the negative tone of these comments… but really Imsomniac, why did you remove the competitive coop mode from R2?

    That was the best part of the Resistance MP, and what kept me always coming back for.

    Everybody is a little tired of the basic competitive MP in every shooter, and R3 as well, and the coop was a great change of pace and very addicting. If you come somehow patch that mode back in, I would be on board.

  • everygame cannot be compared to COD…but i guess if thats all you play, then i see why you wanna make the comparison, haters gonna hate regardless, i love R3 still haven’t beat the SP because i play online all the time! the loadouts are epic, u have to have skill to get the amount of kills u want, its not unbalanced, its a sci-fi shooter so if your not working towards getting all the unlocks to give yourself an advantage, then u just suck. plain and simple. cheap asses need to suck it up and quit crying over the online pass.. some of us appreciate the purchase and dont need to rent games at all..i support my exclusives, and this is probably the reason insomniac is going multiplatform now, because of ignorant babies that complain bout the smallest things. the majority of the media says R3 is the best in the series and some of yall bashing it like its the worst game in the world..have u played R;FOM i dare you to tell me that game dont feel sluggish or tacked on in regards to control scheme, they didnt even use real motion cap in the first one..B3YOND

  • what? why insomniac ask us in the resistance network what we want in the dlc if the do what the want?

    Insomniac show us some respect please. Its the worst dlc and the 3 dollars doesnt worth it.

    We hope a decent dlc, it doesnt matter the price.

  • Really Insomniac. How stupid do you think we are. I paid full price for this game, including buying a second copy for my sister so we could play online coop together like in R2. Then I find the ‘online pass’ codes printed inside the sealed games are not valid (for either of us). I wasted another $10 downloading an online pass (I consider this one of the stupidest things I have ever done, but I was so invested already I went ahead). Sadly my sister is in a country where they pay even more exorbitant prices and get pretty much zero service from Sony et al so she did not want to risk buying the online pass on her end (if it was even available there). In short a complete waste of time and money.

    If the game disk turns to gold I may feel less cheated, but there is no way on earth I will waste another penny on this game, DLC or not.

    It is highly unlikely I will ever spend a penny on an Insomniac game either.

    Just not worth it.

  • I just played the demo yesterday and MY GOD it felt awesome. Everything I hated about resistance 2 is gone and replaced by all the things i loved about resistance 1. Weapons Wheel, Hunting for Health packs and guns that actually felt like guns. Mucho Kudos Insomniac.

  • Resistance 3, you shall be mine very soon.

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