Resistance 3 Survivor Pack: Invasion Mode, New Skins Hit PSN Today

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Resistance 3 Survivor Pack: Invasion Mode, New Skins Hit PSN Today

Hey folks! We’re excited to announce the release of the Resistance 3 Survival DLC pack today on the PlayStation Store for $3.99. First and foremost, the Survival DLC pack brings you a new game mode for multiplayer called Invasion. The Invasion mode forces Human and Chimeran teams to divide their resources with the goal of holding multiple control nodes on the map simultaneously. The more nodes your team holds, the faster you score points – and thus, achieve victory. There is a lot of deep strategy in determining which nodes to attack, as well as how many players should hang back to defend your nodes while retaining enough offensive force to successfully attack enemy nodes. We hope you enjoy it!

Resistance 3: Survivor Pack: Roses

Resistance 3: Survivor Pack: CharlieResistance 3: Survivor Pack: Herbert

That’s not all though – the Survival DLC pack includes special multiplayer skins of some of the major survivors from the game: Herbert, Jonathan Glenda, Jean, and Charlie. You’ll also get a bonus Resistance 3 Survivor Concept Art Static XMB Theme.

Resistance 3: Survivor Pack: Static Theme

It’s been just over a month since we launched Resistance 3, and we hope that you’ve gotten the chance to jump online and experience the game’s multiplayer and start experimenting with the wide range of loadout options, customizing them to your own play style. Over the course of development, the team at Insomniac has obviously logged countless online hours; in the process, we’ve created some tailored loadouts that we think are pretty effective. We wanted to share our favorites with you, so check out the video below as members of the Insomniac team, including Ted Price and Marcus Smith, walk you through their “go-to” multiplayer loadouts.

We are also working on another patch to continue to address issues. When we release this 1.05 patch, we will be including two brand-new maps for all players, the Creek and the Granary. To keep up with the latest news on the 1.05 patch, its fixes, and the new maps, please Like us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter, or join the conversation at the forums.

We hope to see you online in Invasion Mode! And keep an eye out for the announcement of our next DLC pack soon.

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