Resistance 3 Survivor Pack: Invasion Mode, New Skins Hit PSN Today

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Resistance 3 Survivor Pack: Invasion Mode, New Skins Hit PSN Today

Hey folks! We’re excited to announce the release of the Resistance 3 Survival DLC pack today on the PlayStation Store for $3.99. First and foremost, the Survival DLC pack brings you a new game mode for multiplayer called Invasion. The Invasion mode forces Human and Chimeran teams to divide their resources with the goal of holding multiple control nodes on the map simultaneously. The more nodes your team holds, the faster you score points – and thus, achieve victory. There is a lot of deep strategy in determining which nodes to attack, as well as how many players should hang back to defend your nodes while retaining enough offensive force to successfully attack enemy nodes. We hope you enjoy it!

Resistance 3: Survivor Pack: Roses

Resistance 3: Survivor Pack: CharlieResistance 3: Survivor Pack: Herbert

That’s not all though – the Survival DLC pack includes special multiplayer skins of some of the major survivors from the game: Herbert, Jonathan Glenda, Jean, and Charlie. You’ll also get a bonus Resistance 3 Survivor Concept Art Static XMB Theme.

Resistance 3: Survivor Pack: Static Theme

It’s been just over a month since we launched Resistance 3, and we hope that you’ve gotten the chance to jump online and experience the game’s multiplayer and start experimenting with the wide range of loadout options, customizing them to your own play style. Over the course of development, the team at Insomniac has obviously logged countless online hours; in the process, we’ve created some tailored loadouts that we think are pretty effective. We wanted to share our favorites with you, so check out the video below as members of the Insomniac team, including Ted Price and Marcus Smith, walk you through their “go-to” multiplayer loadouts.

We are also working on another patch to continue to address issues. When we release this 1.05 patch, we will be including two brand-new maps for all players, the Creek and the Granary. To keep up with the latest news on the 1.05 patch, its fixes, and the new maps, please Like us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter, or join the conversation at the forums.

We hope to see you online in Invasion Mode! And keep an eye out for the announcement of our next DLC pack soon.

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  • too bad i sold my copy.
    i wasnt a fan of the MP

  • Hats off for one the best shooters I’ve ever played. I usually buy DLC’s if they include trophies but I’m making an exception for Resistance 3 because I absolutely love it.

  • Nice, SOLD!!! 8)

  • I love bacon.

  • Uhm… MP was too Effin Unbalanced…

  • consider this bought :D now where’s my chimera avatar?

  • Insomniac! You, along with Media Molecule are my favorite developers!
    I have been meaning to get resistance 3, hope you continue to make great games.

  • Keep it coming James and I’ll keep buying!!! 8)

  • Does this DLC pack add trophies?

  • I was hoping for some kind of survival Co-op missions, similiar to resistance 2. I honestly feel R3 is just Modern warfare; Science fiction!

  • I enjoyed Resistance 3, but not enough to purchase the DLC. But still I wanted to give you kudos for making a great shooter. I loved the campaign.

  • @5 What, how is it unbalanced?

  • I miss the MP from Fall of Man, tbh
    People don’t play that anymore :'(

  • @13

    everyone is suppose to suck apparently lol

  • Love the MP on this game. Really dug the game overall. Will get this at some point, but one of the things I love about DLC is extra trophies. Insomniac, where are the trophies for multiplayer???? You had some great ones for R2 (minus the 10,000 kill one), but none here?

    I’ll get this, but at the same time, I’m just curious as to why there are no trophies for multiplayer.

    @11 doesn’t really have a MW feeling to me. I feel like R3 is its own thing. Sure it borrows some booster abilities and the kill streak thing, but other than that, doesn’t feel too similar to me. That’s a good thing.


  • Seriously…a few of you guys still hating on one of your top markee PS3 Exclusives online…. have you played Halo Reach Online…how about how buggy Dead Island Coop is…Anyways R3 has been patch and is very polished at the moment. If you complaining about the loadouts being imbalanced ..I don’t understand why you would say that. There are plenty of Resistance fans still playing this as well as new guys. If you own a PS3 you should be sticking up for this exclusive and it multiplayer components. Insomniac are giving back the goods and making up for the bad times for the beta and I salute them. Good Stuff Insomniac , as a devoted fan and real playstation gamer(unlike these haters that only play multiplatform titles) I salute with my purchase today!

  • yay finally, i waited for this one last week. But great job and great game regardless

  • @twistedloyd

    sigh…that’s the one trophy i really miss, pissed that they removed it

  • @13 @15 Some Weapons are just wayyyyy too overpowered… Not like other shooter which are basically very skill oriented…

  • all i see is downloadable crap. it still needs a real hardcore mode, player/clan support, better ui (user interface), frame rate still drops, oh and yes most importantly custom matches. r2 had the best multiplayer components not multiplayer wise. they took out so many things from previous resistance they should be ashamed and they had what like 3yrs to make it. r3 sucks to be honest it lost all value of originality and fun.

  • oh and please don’t say haters will hate we only speak of the truth.

  • I found every aspect of this game to be very well done. It definitely exceeded my expectations and I am very much looking forward to all the new add-ons! Great job Insomniac!

  • let it be known that PoinTyNiPs is no good at R3 lol now that’s some truth

  • this should be free , just like all the Motorstorm Apocalypse DLCs

  • I didn’t get a chance to play MP due to the online pass.
    I am trying to boycot games with these passes or day one dlc.
    I didn’t even buy it used. Instead I rented it for 2 bucks, beat SP in a 24 hour period and that was it.
    Unlike Killzone 3(rented at first) I got to check out MP. Loved it and bought the game, the Move, the Sharpshooter, and the NAV controller too.

    Publishers are screwing us all. They coordinate promos with these used game stores. Special in game items and many other goodies. But then make the consumer of the same store pay more.

    Leave me alone. I ask this question, why can’t the publisher put a darn deal with there promos for the used game company to pick up the tab. Or here is a option, charge me 50 bucks for the game. If I want MP I will buy it when and if I feel like it.

    The problem isn’t the consumer, it is the company the publisher does business with.

  • I enjoyed the game and I’ll def pick this up! Although I totally suck at MP.. >____< oh well it's still fun! :)

  • An update already? wow guys lol I still need to get this game.

  • Bakerarmy is 100% correct. The online pass is inexcusable on any game not just this one. What makes it worse the online is so horribly bad to start with. That the too short campaign and the other reported problems with the game (graphics problems, pass not working at all etc) certainly Doesn’t help either. I liked the first 2 games but I won’t stuck with this mess. It’s time to face facts, the game was completely botched from the get go and has killed off what was previously a good series. This should be a lesson to other developers & publishers to avoid the same mistakes. The underwhelming advertising “campaign” if it can be called that was of little use in an already crowded release season. I’ve seen the commercial a grand total of twice as the game released thats it while its most direct competitor on that other system has been getting some really heavy advertising. A couple of screaming fanboys can’t compete with that, all they do is turn even more people off the game.

  • This games already flopped for a number of reasons including what Bakerarmy said, that being horribly bad online, psn pass and a too short campaign. Lack of proper testing didn’t help either nor did the almost complete lack of advertising in an already crowded release window. One minor DLC won’t save this game, Insomniac & sony both dropped the ball on this early on. Thats a total shame, They gook what was previously a good series and completely flushed it.

  • I miss the RFoM CTF on Somerset. Probably my best experience on PS3 ever. You could have ridiculously intense matches that lasted hours on end… I recall having several that were 4+ hours. As for Res 2, I really enjoyed the co-op for it, wasn’t too big into the competitive scene for it. If the psn would let me purchase things online right now I would get this for sure. Error 80023102 is preventing me from getting anything off of the psn. It’s a shame, I’m missing out on so much DLC and psn games… I’ve been on the phone with Sony 4 – 5 times and they just keep telling me the same thing over and over. Anyway, I’m rambling…

  • too bad I didn’t buy this game because of the online pass, it’s ridiculous that your hate over gamestop has been deployed over your consumers, and still you give that store the best preorder deals. Sony is caring less and less about their consumers, and I’m not supporting that

  • Sweet. Thanks guys, can’t wait.

  • Nice, I’ll be getting this

  • Just alert us when Resistance 2 style Co-Op returns. Only then will I worry about any online features of Resistance 3.

    And for those bashing on the pass. Did you guys ever stop to think that by saving $5 you brought this upon yourselves? I mean seriously it’s $5. You could always think that you’re buying an actual new copy of the game, supporting the developer, then getting the pass for half off if it makes you feel better. If you have an actual problem with the pass, here’s a thought. Buy new? Ya know, used game stores do sell new games too, meaning the pass is included.

  • I can’t wait to get this DLC when I get home. Thank you Insomniac for such an amazing game. Its so refreshing to have a game out like R3, a game thats not trying to be another freaking COD game. I’m so sick of straight up military shooters.

  • naughty dog and insomniac need to bring back co-op for me to even touch the MP side of their games.. not a big fan of deathmatch

    you cut out the best part of resistance and uncharted online when you decided to drop it

  • I seriously want some trophies to bring me back to the multiplayer in this game.

  • WOW, they charge people for an online pass. And then nickle and dime you for 1 game mode. Amazing. . . . . the online content is already limited in itself. As of now I am just using R3 to pass the time till I can move on. This is ridiculous what happened to RFOM I feel in love with.

  • Dear imsomniac could you please include trophies for multiplayer? I totally love the vid posted above and inspired by it I would like to suggest trophies based on weapon experimentation (because that’s something we really like about the resistance universe). The problem with R2 trophies was that they required a lot of time and were tedious (yeah I’m talking about the 10000 online kill trophy) but it would be very nice from you guys if you add trophies based on weapons in this game. Something like” kill 100 enemies with the bullseye” or “sniper master” or “mad bomber” (based on the landouts mentioned here) I’m sure that this will help a lot the multiplayer. Not because it’s boring (my fav multiplayer this year) but because an award for our strategies would motivate us even more ;)

  • yazter i totally agree with you. Resistance 3 is one of my favorite shooters of all time. Im definetly gonna get the dlc today and i can’t wait for the free maps! I hope there will be more soon.

  • After injecting CoD into R3, I am surprised you are not borrowing their pricing structure as well.

    Insomniac, you guys need to catch some ZZZZZZ’s.

    Loved FoM
    R2 left me in a WTF haze
    I skipped R3 completely

  • @43 KidCommando
    I would like to quote you. That was perfect
    “After injecting CoD into R3, I am surprised you are not borrowing their pricing structure as well.
    Insomniac, you guys need to catch some ZZZZZZ’s.
    Loved FoM
    R2 left me in a WTF haze
    I skipped R3 completely”

    Exactly how I feel

  • R3 MP rules. Sits at the top of the genre along with BFBC2, and KZ3. I’ll be purchasing today. Can’t wait for the next update, and the new maps that come along with it. Hopefully sooner rather than later! And fix the online split screen PLEASE!!! LOL.

  • @comments 43 and 44.
    so, you guys haven’t even played the game and you are judging it? O.o

  • Is there anybody who even plays this game? I see maybe one friend of mine play it once a week, if that. I’m not getting R3 until i can score it for $30 or less (used with working PSN pass). I am a big fan of the Resistance series, however Sony and/or the devs need to learn a lesson about screwing people over with this pay-to-play junk. And I hope more people will take a stand against it.

  • I played the R3 beta, and YES, I am judging it.

    Don’t give me the “it’s a beta” speech. The gameplay MECHANICS don’t change from beta to full game release.

    The Resistance franchise has an identity crisis.

    You are obviously an Insomniac fan; I held them up pretty high too. Bought every single game they made this generation. Even though I didn’t really care for R2 online, I still bought that game day one because I loved the Resistance franchise (the edition with the Chimeran figure) and wanted to support Insomniac.

    TO ME, it feels like Insomniac made a CoD Resistance. I can’t blame them, everyone wants a piece of the CoD pie. I would just rather support games that have their own identity instead of supporting the ones who copy whats hot.

    To build a successful franchise you have to build on the previous versions, not release a totally different game each time.

    If you like the game, that is awesome. I don’t, can’t that be awesome too?

  • @TheUndertaker85, if it is only 5 or 10 bucks I buy new for sure. Rather have all the stuff like a new disc, box or what ever.Plus I only buy used when stores don’t have a game new. I support games devolpers that make good games and don’t try to take even more. I don’t blame the developers, I blame the publishers.

    Think of it this way, I buy a game used. Play MP and enjoy it. Then you make a sequel (once a year for most games) and I decied to buy the sequel new. In the long run they still make out. Other wise I don’t try number one and never get hooked enough to care about number 2.

    I bet it was publishers that pushed for MP in games like AC and UC. Now I hear Mass Effect will have it too. WTH

  • Im sorry I have to say this but I feel like IG just screwed me a thousand times when I bought this game, sure the campaign is one of the best ones out there to date and a pretty long one too. But when it comes to multiplayer/move this game sucks. The freaking move problem didnt got fixed until after 3 weeks the game was out. I even bought a freaking sharpshooter just for this game and now I dont even wanna touch the box. I have never seen a game with so many glitches on multiplayer on its release date and the multiplayer is so pointless that all u have to do is go out there and kill the other team if its on TDM. Not even a little bit of strategy is required to kill ur enemy which gets way to boring after a while. 3 years of work on this game for nothing. 1 year of work for black ops and not a single major glitch on the multiplayer. I hope IG is successful on future games but im done with them, not a single game from IG is being bought to me ever again.

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