Dungeon Defenders Takes Over PSN October 18th With Move, 3D Support

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Dungeon Defenders Takes Over PSN October 18th With Move, 3D Support

How goes it, PlayStation fans? Hopefully you’re doing well, because all of us here at Trendy Entertainment are feeling awesome. It might have something to do with all the awesome cable TV that was on last night…or it might be because we can finally and officially announce our launch date for Dungeon Defenders on PSN. Ready…October 18th!

For those of you who might not know, Dungeon Defenders is a four-player co-operative Tower Defense action-RPG. You can create heroes from four distinct classes to defend the land of Etheria. Throughout your journey you can customize and level your heroes, forge equipment, gather epic amounts of loot, collect and raise pets, play through multiple difficulties, and more.

But that’s not all! Today we’re also debuting our next developer diary video. This third of the series goes into all the details one of the most important and most FUN parts of the game – the Combat phase. This is where your strategies, tower and trap placements, upgrades and approach (and those of up to three of your friends if you’re playing local or online co-op) will be tested by wave after wave of baddies that are hell-bent on destroying your Eternia Crystals. The Combat phase is not only about testing out your defenses, but also testing out your skill. That’s where the action-RPG part comes in. You’ll have to take on the enemies first hand, and be able to pick up all the sweet loot they drop as well.

Dungeon Defenders - GameplayDungeon Defenders - Gameplay

Of course, you can still build, sell, repair and maintain your towers in the Combat phase. But unlike the Build phase, enemies can and will interrupt you as you work.

And all you PS3 folks are in for a real treat – the PSN version of Dungeon Defenders is the ONLY version to feature 3D and Playstation Move support!

We’re happy, excited and downright STOKED to be able to confirm our PS3 launch date today with the PlayStation.Blog – it has been one of our most-asked questions from fans since we announced the title over a year and a half ago. Stay tuned for more updates and developer diaries as we get closer to launch – and don’t forget to check out Dungeon Defenders on PSN October 18th for the low low price of $14.99!

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  • I am so happy that this is finally hitting PC/Consoles. I have been playing this baby since DD:FW dropped on the mobile platforms. It is so addicting. I almost lost hope of a release for PC/Consoles when you guys lost your publisher. I already pre-ordered my copy for Steam and I will also be getting a copy for my PS3. Trust me when I say that this game is totally worth it everyone. Pick this baby up. Thanks for bringing this bad boy to the masses. I love you Trendy!!

  • I am drooling and lusting for this game for a long time… please add it to the PSN very soon!

  • Soooooooo, is this thing coming out today, or what?

  • COME ON PSN WHY CANT YOU JUST UPDATE ALREADY SO WE CAN PLAY!!!! we should get something because you said we would get it the 18th and in like 2 hours it will be the 19th yall need to work on some things because i know im not the only 1 out here thinking this….


  • waiting……………………………………

  • Idk about the $14.99 price espeacilly for plus owners

  • When will it be out in europe? I’m searching the ps store almost every hour.

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