Dungeon Defenders Takes Over PSN October 18th With Move, 3D Support

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Dungeon Defenders Takes Over PSN October 18th With Move, 3D Support

How goes it, PlayStation fans? Hopefully you’re doing well, because all of us here at Trendy Entertainment are feeling awesome. It might have something to do with all the awesome cable TV that was on last night…or it might be because we can finally and officially announce our launch date for Dungeon Defenders on PSN. Ready…October 18th!

For those of you who might not know, Dungeon Defenders is a four-player co-operative Tower Defense action-RPG. You can create heroes from four distinct classes to defend the land of Etheria. Throughout your journey you can customize and level your heroes, forge equipment, gather epic amounts of loot, collect and raise pets, play through multiple difficulties, and more.

But that’s not all! Today we’re also debuting our next developer diary video. This third of the series goes into all the details one of the most important and most FUN parts of the game – the Combat phase. This is where your strategies, tower and trap placements, upgrades and approach (and those of up to three of your friends if you’re playing local or online co-op) will be tested by wave after wave of baddies that are hell-bent on destroying your Eternia Crystals. The Combat phase is not only about testing out your defenses, but also testing out your skill. That’s where the action-RPG part comes in. You’ll have to take on the enemies first hand, and be able to pick up all the sweet loot they drop as well.

Dungeon Defenders - GameplayDungeon Defenders - Gameplay

Of course, you can still build, sell, repair and maintain your towers in the Combat phase. But unlike the Build phase, enemies can and will interrupt you as you work.

And all you PS3 folks are in for a real treat – the PSN version of Dungeon Defenders is the ONLY version to feature 3D and Playstation Move support!

We’re happy, excited and downright STOKED to be able to confirm our PS3 launch date today with the PlayStation.Blog – it has been one of our most-asked questions from fans since we announced the title over a year and a half ago. Stay tuned for more updates and developer diaries as we get closer to launch – and don’t forget to check out Dungeon Defenders on PSN October 18th for the low low price of $14.99!

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  • You have caught me eye.

  • so.. can i play with my wife, when she plays it on her SE xperia play? read somthing about that somewhere

  • First ! Not going to buy it ! Thanks trendy !

  • cool
    ps 4th

  • why did it take so long to finally release this game seriously

    • We lost our publisher around a year ago and had to get the rights to our game back, find another publisher, etc. In the meantime we’ve been working on making the game even better and more polished. We’re glad we’re finally able to get the game out for everyone to enjoy!

  • IS THAT TV SAMSUNG!!!!!!!!!! :(

  • wait i thought dd was gonna be $9.99 what happened to that?

  • Well, dante341, you failed.

    Anyway, this game looks interesting. $14.99 is a good price, if it’s worth it. So, I’ll need a demo. Can we expect one, Phillip?

    • Yep, there will be a trial at release! You’ll be able to level up to level 8 and play multiplayer/local co-op. You can also keep your character/progress if you choose to upgrade to the full game!

  • yea dante341 YOU FAIL

  • I have this on my phone. Can’t see myself paying 14.99 for it.

    • We originally built Dungeon Defenders for console and then scaled down to release a mobile version. The console version has around 20-30 hours of gameplay just to see most of the in-game content and closer to 80-100 hours of gameplay if you want to reach the max level, get the best gear, beat the hardest challenges, etc.

  • NOT INTERESTED. It still looks slow and clunky just like on cell phones. NEXT!

  • Feels like a lot of these PSN titles were announced a year ago…and I’ve just lost interest in them. Heck, this has been out on the iPad/iPhone for seemingly ever…

  • Vibrant colors, that’s for sure. =)

    • Thanks we have some amazing 3D artists in our small studio who’ve been slaving away to make this game as pretty as possible.

  • You’ve peaked my interest

  • Does it still support cross platform play (ie; with players on PC, Android, etc.)?

    And can I import my character from the mobile version (ie; Android)?


    • It will be patched to support cross-platform play with PC and mobile. You will not be able to transfer mobile characters to PS3, but will be able to transfer them to PC if you wish.

  • RPG’ers (myself included) are getting spoiled this year so far…

    To name a few …

    Dark Souls
    Chrono Trigger-PSN
    DC Universe going free to play.
    Dungeon Defenders
    …and Ruin

    While all these titles excite me… One thing excluded from these releases that needs to see a ps3 psn-side release is Final Fantasy XI Online(mmorpg), It’s killing me that we don’t have this yet. Played WoW and it doesn’t compare in theme and community feel. FFXI is the greatest MMO to ever grace videogame history. So much so it deserves to not go ‘down’ in history…

  • Day 1 buy. Been waiting almost a year for this…lol

  • It’s an interesting looking game but every video I see makes it seem WAY too busy on screen to play.

    • We often take videos in the later, more expansive levels of the game on harder difficulties. The game is not nearly this hectic if you’re playing by yourself on the earlier levels :p.

  • Looks interesting, if there is a demo, I’ll check it out.

  • what’s the native rendering resolution? the screenshots say 1024×576, which I hope isn’t right..

    is there a platinum trophy?

  • The game looks very intriguing. It’s nice to see a game full of vibrant colours instead of the usual palette of brown and grey.

  • $9.99 game always sell better unless they got Pixel Junk at the beginning so at $14.99 i’ll just be apprehensive on buying it or just wait til it hits $9.99

  • Move Support AND DualShock 3 Support, right/??

  • OMG. I just recently got a Ipad, and found this game and started to play it a few weeks ago. The controls are impossible for me to use and I was wishing they would bring it to consoles because of how much fun it its. You just made my day dude! I am already getting Ratchet All 4 One on the 18th, but I will gladly pay a little more for this game also. CANT WAIT!!!!

  • Dang! I’ve never heard of this game but I seriously think I’ll be making a purchase.

  • 720p is okay is you’re hitting it out of the park with next-gen quality shaders, lighting, and particles. any technical details on how you’re taking advantage of the SPUs and other PS3-specific hardware?

    I ask this because Dungeon Hunter Alliance looked like an upscaled iPhone/Xbox1 game. This definitely looks more original and worth the dollarage, but relaying these kind of details might help allay people’s fears of a repeat of Dungeon Hunter.

    • Dungeon Defenders was actually originally made for consoles and the mobile version was a serious reduction in terms of graphics and game play. The PS3 version supports stereoscopic 3D at 720p with no upscaling, 4-player splitscreen, over 100 enemies on-screen simultaneously (even in 4-player splitscreen). It is also on the Unreal Engine 3, so it features dynamic lighting & shadowing, high dynamic range rendering, full shader effects (specularity & normal mapping), postprocessing (ambient occlusion), and TONS of complex particle effects!

  • I just wanted to say awesome job :) I’ve been looking forward to this for months. Actually, this is prolly one of the main reasons I GOT the Move, so I hope it lives up to it ;)

  • I really like the style, the designs and colors! The whole dark and “realistic” environments are getting old!

  • Will this be on the Vita as well with cross platform play? That would be a day one buy for me, especially with all the inputs for control!

    • Yes! There will be a Vita version of the game with cross-play with the PS3. We don’t have a release date for the Vita version yet though!

  • Is this still coming out on the vita? Or was that just a tech demo?

  • demo? check. plat trophie? check. RPG? check. what more could i ask for?

  • Ok quick question. I have reserved/bought a Vita and I noticed that on Gamespot.com that you will be putting this game out on the Vita as well. So my question is that if I buy this game for my PS3 does that mean that I will have to but the game all over again for my Vita or will you make it were I only have to purchase the game once.

  • This game looks loud.

  • been waiting for a while day one buy for me

  • FINALLY!!!!!!!!!! been waiting for this game 4ver, i just might cry. I just wished it came with a plus discount

  • All i have to say is, About TIme!! this will definately be a day one buy for me. bought it for my android and it was fun tho my cell was a bit slow… ive definately been waiting to buy this since it was announced previously on the ps blog, glad it is finally coming out!!

  • So another ipad/iphone/mobile game that is under $4 being marked up to $14.99 and resold on PSN (Dungeon Hunter Alliance being).

    • We actually originally made the console/PC version of the game and then due to publisher issues weren’t able to release it for the longest time. We then made the mobile version of the game while we waited to release the true, console version we wanted to release in the first place!

  • Hey Phillip

    I saw that ps plus members get some free dlc on october 25. What kinds of future dlc can we expect? And what will be the price of the dlc for non ps plus members?

    • We haven’t announced additional DLC yet. That said, immediately after we locked certified builds of the game we started creating more, even awesomer content for the game. They are going to be very reasonably priced, and I think fans of the game will be really excited. We tried to take the DLC to a whole other level ;).

  • One more question, does this game have trophies?

  • awesome. been waiting to get my hands on this game for a long time =)

  • 4 player co-op releasing the SAME DAY as R&C:A4O? If you’re going to wait a year to release a game, pick a different date.

    My kids play a lot of Swords and Soldiers and PvZ so they’ll probably really like this, but they’ve been dieing for R&C:A4O, especially since the beta expired. It looks fun and we’ll try the demo, but maybe not for a few weeks.

  • Thank you Phillip, this will be a day one purchase from me, I already have the money waiting for you guys and if there is any type of dlc ill scoop all that up too . This is actually my most wanted,anticipated downloadable offering to date.Ive checked the official site and forums alot , keeping up with the game and hyping it way up. Very anxious to play this!!!

  • Looks great :)
    But I still don’t know if I want to get it on PS3 or PSVita :S

  • This game actually looks really fantastic. I love the idea of cross platform play too….like someone sitting on my droid x playing with my on my ps3 or something.

  • Will there be a demo?

    P.S. – The video doesn’t play properly.

    • Yep there will be trial that can be unlocked into the full version. You can play online multiplayer with it and level up to level 8 and keep your progress if you unlock the full game.

  • All these concepts with the move sometimes seem overwhelming but at the same time really cool.

  • when this game comes out do u have to buy it? someone please reply me i really want to know!!!!!!!

  • on the pc do u have to buy it when it comes out? someone please reply!!!!!!!!

  • I suppose I’ll get this on Playstation. I originally saw the add for it on Steam, and hoped I could get it on my Macbook. All I have is Portal 2 and TF2. Will this game ever be compatible with OSX, or am I going to have to get it on PSN?

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