PlayStation Home Update 1.55 Coming Thursday

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PlayStation Home Update 1.55 Coming Thursday


This Thursday, September 29th, we will release the latest update to the PlayStation Home client. PlayStation Home version 1.55 delivers a brand new start-up experience, updates to the Wardrobe and Furniture browser, and general enhancements that will result in improved stability and smoother operation. Here’s a look at what’s coming as part of PlayStation Home 1.55:

How to Apply the 1.55 Patch

If you are upgrading from an old version of Home (1.40 or earlier) then when you attempt to apply the 1.55 patch please wait for the orange “hard drive activity” light to stop flashing on your PS3 before commencing the patching process.



  • Improved the layout, design, color scheme and text of the start-up flow.
  • The start-up flow will now display a variety of information depending on how recently you last visited PlayStation Home.

Wardrobe and Furniture Browser

  • When you are browsing through a category of items in the wardrobe or furniture browser we now display the name of the object you have highlighted.
  • There is an option in the Menu Pad under “Options > Settings > Personal > Clothing / Furniture Names” to change this behavior:
    • Off: Switches the display of names off.
    • Selected: Displays the name of the selected object only (default).
    • All: Displays names for all objects.
  • You can click [L3] to display more information about the highlighted object. This will pop up a menu showing:
    • Name.
    • Description.
    • Image.
    • Whether it is a purchase, reward or part of the default inventory.
    • Date of acquisition (if relevant).
  • In addition to the name changes the overall speed of the wardrobe and furniture browser has been significantly increased.


  • Added an option to manually clear the cache of data that Home creates on your HDD. This can sometimes resolve problems that you might be having. You can find it in the Menu Pad under “Options > Settings > Personal > Clear Cache”.


Menu Pad

  • There is an option to view “Help” from the carousel on the Menu Pad. This is only available to new users.
  • There is an option to “Redecorate” on the carousel on the Menu Pad. This is only available when you are in your Personal Space or a Clubhouse that you own (i.e. somewhere that you can place furniture).

Loading Screen Tips

  • Different loading screen tips are now shown depending on how many times you have visited PlayStation Home.


  • Continued work to improve stability.

We also have new games, spaces, and items releasing this week into the ever-evolving world of PlayStation Home. To start, LOOT unveils the updated Active Camera, which allows you to record videos in PlayStation Home straight to your hard drive. Additional functionality includes the ability to pause and resume recording for smooth in-camera editing and the ability to upload your videos straight to YouTube. Since the LOOT Active Camera will work in any of your personal spaces, the possibilities are endless! Make it. Record it. Share it. What will you create?

Lockwood DoubleTimeAirsoftDesertCamo

Also coming this week to PlayStation Home: Lockwood’s Airsoft costumes , LOOT’s new Office Furniture line, nDreams’ Ansada Fone personal space, Hudson’s Elemental Monster Lounge personal space, a handful of new Granzella clothing items, new Access All Areas/Alice Cooper clothing and furniture items, and a variety of truly awesome Codeglue items (including my personal fave – Cardbot!)

Jurassic PetsCardbot

The Lockwood Showcase will be opening this Thursday. Be sure to head over to this new space and pick up five limited-time rewards!

Lockwood Showcase

Of course, the PlayStation Home Community Theater receives an update this week with new videos from Gamer Indepth “ShoutOuts” and Hip Hop Gamer. We’re also keeping our End of Summer community reward available throughout the week for those of you who may not have had a chance to log in since last Thursday – be sure to get in there this week or risk missing out forever!

See you in Home!

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7 Author Replies

  • Sounds pretty cool, definitely will have to check it out that is for sure.

  • I have to admit, I haven’t been in Home in a while, but this video camera definitely adds something different to the table by itself.. I will definitely get reaquainted with Home.

  • hey i was reading whats coming out, and i was wondering if a wardroe update allowing u to store ur old hairstyles is coming out anytime soon? i mean who wants to scroll thru a ton of styles just to find one? plus it might help speed things up alittle. like everything else cna be sorted and stored but not ur hairtyles? im sure there alot of ppl with styles they dont use and hate scrolling to find one style the want, like being able to store ur default styles and any others u dont use much

  • I really like this new cam thing where we can record on home. Can it be used to report perverts that bother us?

  • i am FOR SURE getting everything that come out new in stores c(8

  • too little too late. How is it that Home is still beta, still boring, still super buggy, and still taking way too long to load? later this fall? You guys have had years to make Home more than a trumped up psn store front. Its boring and people who dont play second life dont return after a few days.

  • “PlayStation Home is closed for essential maintenance.” Anyone else seeing this when they try to get on Home?

  • hey what also would be nice is you know when you press L1 it shows words like hello and goodbye well that would be nice if we had the choice to edit what that says so we can pick like 5 sayings that we always say on home and just click L1 and it will be up there.

  • Anyone else notice that everything is now spelled wrong?

  • how can i play in playstation home without updating playstation so later i can update it ???

  • Ok I just downloaded the new version of home and so far all it’s doing is lagging and glitching so much for you guys saying it’ll run smoother I love playstation don’t get me wrong but so far nothing changed and it reset my character back to being a noob WTF is that BS I love playstation my first system was a playstation 1 I was Hoping you guys woul let us equip more hand items and head and so on almost like gaiaonline but I can see that will never happen

  • I been getting that Home is closed for essential maintenance, how long is that gonna last?

  • Hey I just wanted to touch on some key things that most people wanna see on playstation home.

    First things first for the male avitar’s can we please get a seperate wardrobe slot for jewlery you know like for bracelett’s and chain’s so that we can wear our itmes with any shirt we choose to wear. Same for the females because im sure they would want to wear a nice necklace or a ring and bracelett think about it.

    I wont go to detailed in this post because there is so much that i wanna say but you will see me in the future posts. Keep up the good work and please improve home alot more because some people are losing intrest.

  • as usual with every update , something goes wrong …………its been 2 hours since i logged in and there are NO PRICES in any of the items i want to purchase , Please fix this . its Thursday 4:17 pm easter time

  • What an update this is the start of wonderful things to come yeah being able to make movies and see what’s the name of furniture and outfits is a great added feature, ooh yeah we need live music now streaming to what ever personal space we have and TV Go Home your just gonna get better:)

  • It takes about 15 minutes to log into home now. you guys do know what an update is supposed to do right? because it seems like you went and jibbered it.

  • So much for improved stability. 20 minutes on Home and booted. Get back on (after what now seems to be a longer, not shorter, start up sequence) and system freeze. But hey, the wardrobe does move faster! I mean, so what if the platform still crashes and boots and freezes so much that the faster wardrobe doesn’t mean anything, cause you can barely stay on long enough to use it.

    Excuse me, I have to go restart my PS3 now.

  • When does the beta for the redesign start?

  • What a great update now i have a defalt avi cuz mine is gone and i can get the auto save on tell i del the 200+ homes saved files then what do i have to do re download them all….homes is fast becoming a joke…

  • Okay…

    Locust_Star – I am having an issue with this version. I faced freeze-ups twice, and both in the bowling ally. It removed a item I had gotten at the new LW space, which was a female version of those box items. I got that back. It says that I received a new item every time I log back in.

    I did the cache clean-up, but it seems the next step is to completely remove and reinstall Home. If you have any other suggestions to how this can be resolved, and any answers to why I got only the female and male box hat item, I’d also like to hear these things.


  • Honestly, I can’t see myself enjoying home

  • SERIOUS FOLLOW-UP: There is something wrong here. I do not know if it is tied to the new Lockwood Space or the version 1.55 patch… If not both. But I redid Home on my PS3. Same issues.

    1) Even after removing and redoing Home, the “YOU RECEIVED AN ITEM” pop-up still shows up.

    2) Whenever I was rewarded/re-rewarded the Lockwood wall-based item, it removes the Grimace Face (Female) item from my inventory. I had to go back and get it yet again.

    3) 1 and 2 also have me worry about the stability tied to the bowling ally now.

    Hopefully, these things can be resolved ASAP. (=_=)

  • It’s the 1.55 patch. If this happens tomorrow, I’m going to call up about this. Because losing and regaining rewards is annoying. (=_=)

  • I checked it out.

    It was worth it. You have definite tweaked the speed of the loading. Which wad nice. I would like to see some more loading speed on the later date.

    You have done a good job removing the lag and tweaking the load to top preformance. Good job.

  • so we finaly get a record option for the active camera but why not any of the others like in the stage sets or the gb fire house why culd you not make it so you can recored with all cameras would it realy be that hard i mean with the other cameras you get to move around and have 3 with the active camera your stuck in one spot and only have the one ya you can put it in any space but you half to manualy move it arouned and its a pain for the stage sets that have a better camera that just cant record i just dont get it

  • Where is the private beta forum?

  • I hope that the voice function will be improved because it very often cuts out or chops up. :o\ Also, more dance animations and animations in general would be most appreciated! :)

  • Can anyone tell me how i can recieve beta invites i feel left out..

  • Since this new update the look of home is pretty cool! I just have sum issues that i thought was going to be dealt with that wasnt. Smoother?? Since the update i have been booted from home much more often. I freeze and lag everytime i go into a new area such as lockwood publishing and granzilla. In my opinion the problem is the lack of servers. Sony I love your concepts and ur products are amazing so why is it so hard for home to create either more servers or improve them. Facebook deals with millions of people (customers) everyday and you will never hear about people getting booted or freeze up using their server. Please sony get this Fixed!

  • I have discussed the issues that home still has not fixed with many of my friends on home. Some of my friends are about to give up on sony and even though i try to talk them out of leaving to go to xBox I am also disapointed with this update. Home might be free and their public spaces also but i have put thousands into my home account. I just want to be able to get on home and not have issues such as lag and freezing up or get booted, I mean come on sony. You have the smartest people working for sony playstation home and this continues to be a problem. Y? My only question is WHY? I Love sony I love ur products and games. Please…. And if others can speak up with the same complaints, then a 100 voices are better than ONE.. Thank You!!

  • Loot active camera trailer is very misleading, the camera itself doesn’t record in “public” places like Central Plaza, but only in your own “personal” spaces.
    This is something that should be addressed and hopefully an update could allow free video recording in all of home’s spaces.

  • when is the new update gonna happen and will the centeral plaza go away

  • PS Home a great place to get falsely reported and banned!

  • I Honestly can’t believe you decided to patch personal space glitches. It didn’t affect servers or disrupt other users. This is a sad thing for Home. These options gave us the option to break outside of the norm and get truly creative.. Without this option, I see myself spending much less time/capital on Home. I am truly perplexed by the management decision.

  • una pregunta … porq no se puede usar el playstation home para los usuarios de latinomerica????

  • Okay so I went on home this morning till now. I have already purchased a few things from the update but here is the problem,, When going into the lockwood store I was recieving error codes. Then after trying to finish up shopping I decided I was going to vote for my friends dolphy at the hudson. I went there and before the dolphys were picked I froze up again. It happened 3 times yesterday and I was racing my dolphy during one of the times. I lost out on that race. Needless to say I was disappointed. And today again, I went to race one of my dolphys just about 15 minutes ago and after my dolphy was picked to be in the race and before it started I FROZE UP AGAIN… WTH…. Can anyone tell me what is going on? Last weeks update was suppose to make things run smoother and for whateva reason ITS WORSE. HELP ANYONE,,,,, answers please!!!

  • Version 1.55 has many issues with bugs. Mainly in the areas where the loading splash-screen does not go away even though everything else is loaded perfectly in the background, locations not loading properly, avatars falling through floors at various locations like Central Plaza, word censoring is not working, several locations very laggy and even freeze. The full details about the bugs is too long to place here, but I have placed it in a playstation community forum here:
    I honestly love playstation home for the sole reason it’s a nice place to chill and talk with friends, but some bugs don’t fare well. I’m looking forward to any new updates that will come in the future because there were allot of nice concepts that already have risen.

  • @+ Locust_Star, sir,

    On the next PS Home update, please allow PS Home to be viewed on NTSC display, PLEASE!

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