PlayStation Home Update 1.55 Coming Thursday

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PlayStation Home Update 1.55 Coming Thursday


This Thursday, September 29th, we will release the latest update to the PlayStation Home client. PlayStation Home version 1.55 delivers a brand new start-up experience, updates to the Wardrobe and Furniture browser, and general enhancements that will result in improved stability and smoother operation. Here’s a look at what’s coming as part of PlayStation Home 1.55:

How to Apply the 1.55 Patch

If you are upgrading from an old version of Home (1.40 or earlier) then when you attempt to apply the 1.55 patch please wait for the orange “hard drive activity” light to stop flashing on your PS3 before commencing the patching process.



  • Improved the layout, design, color scheme and text of the start-up flow.
  • The start-up flow will now display a variety of information depending on how recently you last visited PlayStation Home.

Wardrobe and Furniture Browser

  • When you are browsing through a category of items in the wardrobe or furniture browser we now display the name of the object you have highlighted.
  • There is an option in the Menu Pad under “Options > Settings > Personal > Clothing / Furniture Names” to change this behavior:
    • Off: Switches the display of names off.
    • Selected: Displays the name of the selected object only (default).
    • All: Displays names for all objects.
  • You can click [L3] to display more information about the highlighted object. This will pop up a menu showing:
    • Name.
    • Description.
    • Image.
    • Whether it is a purchase, reward or part of the default inventory.
    • Date of acquisition (if relevant).
  • In addition to the name changes the overall speed of the wardrobe and furniture browser has been significantly increased.


  • Added an option to manually clear the cache of data that Home creates on your HDD. This can sometimes resolve problems that you might be having. You can find it in the Menu Pad under “Options > Settings > Personal > Clear Cache”.


Menu Pad

  • There is an option to view “Help” from the carousel on the Menu Pad. This is only available to new users.
  • There is an option to “Redecorate” on the carousel on the Menu Pad. This is only available when you are in your Personal Space or a Clubhouse that you own (i.e. somewhere that you can place furniture).

Loading Screen Tips

  • Different loading screen tips are now shown depending on how many times you have visited PlayStation Home.


  • Continued work to improve stability.

We also have new games, spaces, and items releasing this week into the ever-evolving world of PlayStation Home. To start, LOOT unveils the updated Active Camera, which allows you to record videos in PlayStation Home straight to your hard drive. Additional functionality includes the ability to pause and resume recording for smooth in-camera editing and the ability to upload your videos straight to YouTube. Since the LOOT Active Camera will work in any of your personal spaces, the possibilities are endless! Make it. Record it. Share it. What will you create?

Lockwood DoubleTimeAirsoftDesertCamo

Also coming this week to PlayStation Home: Lockwood’s Airsoft costumes , LOOT’s new Office Furniture line, nDreams’ Ansada Fone personal space, Hudson’s Elemental Monster Lounge personal space, a handful of new Granzella clothing items, new Access All Areas/Alice Cooper clothing and furniture items, and a variety of truly awesome Codeglue items (including my personal fave – Cardbot!)

Jurassic PetsCardbot

The Lockwood Showcase will be opening this Thursday. Be sure to head over to this new space and pick up five limited-time rewards!

Lockwood Showcase

Of course, the PlayStation Home Community Theater receives an update this week with new videos from Gamer Indepth “ShoutOuts” and Hip Hop Gamer. We’re also keeping our End of Summer community reward available throughout the week for those of you who may not have had a chance to log in since last Thursday – be sure to get in there this week or risk missing out forever!

See you in Home!

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7 Author Replies

  • Locust_Star hey when are you guys going to implement custom soundtrack? this feature seems to be a no brainier because there isn’t any sort of music other then the tunes that repeat themselves but seriously make this feature available, we want it please….

  • This all looks interesting. Can’t wait to try it all out.

    I would like to see more games like say’s global resistance, killzone 3′ shooter etc with cross game rewards…

  • Looks alright. Thanks.

  • So i have an idea, if you can use this LOOT active camera in playstation home to. Is there any possiblity of this swaping over so you can record what ever you do on your Playstation, i mean make game videos etc? I mean i think that would really sell! what does the recorders cost these days? alot atleast, so if this works in home, it would be awesome if it could work all over your playstation!

    So what do you think of this idea i have Locus?!



  • Tomorrow already? Now that’s how you do an announcement!

  • Hey Locust! quick question:

    How long will the LW lobby be open for? Last Thursday i went there when it was first announced and the doors were closed with a timer up above it. I was asking because i wanted to know if i missed the event since i got off of work late last week and wasnt able to log in until later that day.


  • how much will this camera cost.? or you cant say.??

  • I’ve been having problems with the lockwood showcase. When i arrive there, i cant see anything except some furniture and the people. everything else is blue. like the walls, ceiling and floors are invisible or something. and i can pass through the door thats supposed to be locked because on my screen there is no door. oh and i cant receive the reward item for going there. btw this also is happening in the mui mui ship space. will that be fixed?

  • ok this is really neat an 4 everyone with ideas on how too update home your insane i could sit here an say yeah make home full 3D every where i go or make my music playable anywhere possible woo im with a group of friends jammin an anyone could hear us @ da disco well NOT GONNA HAPPEN plus uu need too hold in your talk button i would say this upsacles the ability too make a youtube community rise u can bee havin sumtin lika rap session goin with ur peers then space out thru the world of home an have play dates or even spy on ppl conversation then upload it wateva ur desire is butthe freedom will never bee their an i simply couldn’t find a youtuber that uploads their experiance in home too this day like say HOW LBP2 has BLOW AWAY


  • Locust_Star how do you post one thing for image. That is twice sense PS team post something wrong. Always make sure to post the right thing before posting them.

  • I’ll take a look.

  • That camera looks pretty neat.
    Also the manual cache management sounds great!
    There are spaces I don’t use anymore and I’d like to remove em without having to download other spaces;)

  • THIS is awsome…so glad we have a cam to record with,been waiting along time for this,spectacular update,i wont sleep tonight!…wooot…lmao…

  • when is sony going to patch these clothing merges, Im sick of my PS3 being frozen because some jerk thinks its funny?

  • Bootleg ’29 looks hot can’t wait to play that and hopefully the sports walk space will have videos as well… I see Sony signed a deal with ESPN so I’m assuming this scoreboard app will somehow be tied to the sports walk space for realtime scores and hopefully mor… I like the LOOT camera as wel.

    So new music coming, is there no way to submit tracks?

    Bring back the HIPHOP Dance that was in Home Closed Beta from ver .98 or .97


  • Lisa_1991 has a valid point, my ps3 froze x’s and that 2nd time really has me scared to enter the jet ski place… I NEVER saw my ps3 freeze to where I HAD TO unplug it to restar it.. I saws the future and it contained a curated 640gb HDD

    I was honestly more scared then anything about that!

  • currupted hdd*

  • Awesome update. the Dinos look cool, but i wish one came in black or something the bright colors dont work well with me! Keep up the good work!

    Also like others have ask will we ever be able to load up custom music/video on to home hopefully through our Personal Space? i have a couple movies and music i have saved on my ps3 and it would be nice to share them with friends when we are just chillin on my boat!

  • Every bit adds up. Thanks people I know its hard work but I’m sure you guys & gals have fun along the way ;)

  • any news on Missing Rewards from the 1.40 update like the Criss Angel Mind Freaking Coffin Couch as like are we getting these back?

    Let us know?

    By: DCS

  • The only reason I can see for Sony still wasting their time with Home is that they intend for Home to be the actual PS4 dashboard.

  • wow, seems like a lot of people still use home, while you guys are busy with this update ill be playing some resistance 3, uncharted 3, and god of war…

  • Home is getting a makeover very soon that will SHOCK all Home users… Nuff Said!

  • Just wanna say I’m buying the LOOT Active camera – Period! Thank you.

  • With so limited control of our avatars I fear it’s going to be very limited in term of what you can record. Implement body and face movement recognition using the PS camera and microphone, now this will give us endless possibilities.

  • Is the update for the hub and the new stuff coming on Wednesday 5th October?

  • Tomorrow’s update is looking good! I am glad I was able to get my PS3 back for this! I LOVE PSN and PSHome and I will never leave again! Thanks! I just hope everything goes good! I can’t wait to make movies in my personal space with the LOOT active Camera! BTW I will miss Irem :(

  • Will this update include in fixes for the spaces not working right for some people, including the UFC spaces?

  • Instead of updating that no life world named ”home”,Sony should focus on updating the browser and adding more features to the PS3.

  • lets just hope it really is DIFFERENT

  • i’d like to see a patch where my items i purchase don’t magically disappear, then magically return in my storage box. but i am looking forward to tomorrow.

  • i’m surprised that a machine as powerful as PS3 doesn’t allow its users to play custom music while playing games like the xbox 360 allows me to do. oh well, life goes on.

  • omg i now this isnt the big update but this looks great i saw the video i cnt wait to use the camera it looks really fun u guys r doing great so keep up the good work i will never leave ps3

  • -•When you are browsing through a category of items in the wardrobe or furniture browser we now display the name of the object you have highlighted.

    OMG THANK YOU. This is one of the few wardrobe/furniture upgrades I’ve been yearning for!

  • please reallocate resources from home to better features on XMB

  • Omg thank you guys soooo much!! i’ve been waiting so long for this update can’t wait for tomorrow so i can get my rewards from the lockwood showcase and check out this new home! ^-^

  • you know what would be cool to watch movies in your personal place like netflix and so on i know it could happened and music also play your own music in ur places also i just hope it happens

  • Loot’s Camera is gonna really record this time?! No capture card required? If so looks like I got some shopping to do!

  • Wow home is getting way more better, now I have little hope for success in it.

  • is this patch gona fix gitch in Granzella lsland space?

  • can…not….WAIT!!!!! ^^ TY SO MUCH

  • Hi,
    Maybe this is old news, but what about images that we put on picture frames?, when I take a picture with my Home camera they show black frames and that is ugly…

    Will be the same with that video camera?, will we see only black pictures frames in our recorded videos…?????


  • I understand that this is just a regular update and that’s cool, but I just wonder if the new core PS Home will come in either October or November this fall *just a bit curious* so keep up the good work PS Home staff I hope the next core update will be awesome. :)

  • Looks, cool can start a show

  • browser update? lol

    well must wait for play station 4, actually a few more months.. the vita will have a better one

  • Home Has Changed SO MUCh! OMG.. Updates on my birthday too!!!! :) Sweet gonna check this out!

  • Yay!! Can’t wait to see what people start to make!!

  • haha…and by make, I mean shows and videos, of course ;)

  • Awesum

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