Prepare for War With PTOM’s Modern Warfare 3 Multiplayer Expose

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Prepare for War With PTOM’s Modern Warfare 3 Multiplayer Expose

The mother of all shooters is about to hit and PTOM’s November issue has intel straight from the Call of Duty team on the changes to online multiplayer. We’ve got tips on strategy and tactics from Infinity Ward and Sledgehammer, as well as a sneak peek at two maps. It’s everything you’ll need to dominate in Modern Warfare 3 from day one…unless you’re like us and lack the ability to aim. Thank god for the noob tube…

PTOM November 2011 Cover

If modern war doesn’t have enough shooting to satisfy your trigger finger, how about a good ol’-fashioned American crime spree? We’ve got Saints Row: The Third’s Super Genius Man-Cat Professor Genki with an exclusive tour of the violence-ridden city of Steelport. It’s the wackiest spin on the open-world crime game that we’ve seen since….well, never. Honestly, in what other game can you fire a weapon that shoots a mind-controlling octopus that you can detonate for wide-scale destruction? Or call in an airstrike to take out rival gang members? There’s even a controller button dedicated to delivering nutshots! It’s outrageous—in that special, tasteless way we so adore.

Rounding out the issue, we’ve got big-time previews of THQ’s brawlers WWE ‘12 and UFC Undisputed 3, hang out with platform pals in Rayman Origins and Ratchet & Clank: All 4 One, and take spin in Ridge Racer: Unbounded. We’ve also got the final verdict on the latest PlayStation releases including Resistance 3, Dead Island, Warhammer 40,000: Space Marine, NHL and Madden 12, and the oh-so-special Ico & Shadow of the Colossus Collection.

We’ve also got first looks at Borderlands 2 and our new gamegal crush with Lollipop Chainsaw. PTOM is on newsstands September 27th and hitting subscribers mailboxes right now. Enjoy!

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  • Meh CoD. BF3 plox. And I’m dying for any info related to SR3. My GotY right there.

  • The only reason people play battlefield is because it takes no skill no recoil in the guns at all just like ea’s medal of honor. cod on the other hand cod takes skill and you suck so you dont play.

  • LoL the nagging mother of shooters that is. I will not be buying this game due to 1. Glitchy hacked mess it will be after a week or so. 2. Juvenile community that refuses to play the objectives and acts very immature over the headset 3. Gameplay is tailored for campers and K/D nerds only. 4. The PS3 version will be inferior to the Xbox 360’s due to contractual obligations between Activison and Microsoft. Sony needs to hype BF3 and EA because EA has far superior products on the PS3.

    I will buy Battlefield 3 for my PS3 and PC. Battlefield bad company 2 is far superior than any current Gen shooter IMO and the community is more mature. Just saying………….

    • LOL I may have to agree about the juvenile community, based on how often I have to mute the sound when I’m online. It probably makes me a horrible teammate, but it preserves my sanity. But not sure that this is a COD-exclusive thing. If the BF3 crowd is more civilized, THAT could be what sways me.

  • Call of Duty? No thanks… Battlefield 3 already won my total and unwavering respect. Nothing will change that.

  • I love COD and the game play. but as someone already said its arcade style. love the fast paced kill kill kill and stuff but i have found myself playing battlefield for the more realistic feel and team play. battlefield 3 will be call of duty for “grown-ups”. sad to say im torn and cant decide on what game to get. poor little ol’ me…..ill just have to buy them both!

  • Grrr, the app I refereed to in 46 seems to only be available in Spanish…only…

    W…T…F…?! No English?! That makes SO much sense. >_>

    • Yes, unfortunately, there is currently no digital app for PTOM U.S. There are PTOM editions for different countries throughout the world (with PTOM U.K. being the most widely known and distributed) and some of those mags have a head start on digital versions. It’s something we’re hoping to address in the future.

  • Game of the Year! BF3 will suck so HARD!

  • Apparently Pickle_Wood has not played as a Medic in BC2 there is plenty of recoil in the MG that class uses. And if you think an M4/M16 needs more recoil then you have not been through a real basic training in a real Military. I did and there is a difference between a 5.56mm round and a 7.62 round less powder and less stopping power farther down range.

  • Wow Really CoD on the cover? Even after Battlefield has been good to the Playstation brand? That was really stupid.

  • Too bad Activision openly admits to hating the PS3 and wishes they didn’t have to build games for it. Hence the early DLC contract with Microsoft and the crappy PS3 ports. Can’t wait for BF3!

  • MW3 doesn’t deserve it! Battlefield 3 is for PS3 fans much BIGGER game than some MW3 !!! MW3 is much more for Xbox 360 fans…

  • @51

    LoL, have you even considered that I don’t think no one has even complained about COD controls in here?

    The reason PS3ers(smart ones) are gravitating toward the BF shooter is they don’t treat us like crap.

    1. Exclusives/timed exclusives
    2. Game build for 360/crap ports
    3. Last for patches/everything
    4. Money hungry marketing
    5. Month or more waits for the timed

    Not JUST/OR because of some dumb sight drifting…I don’t even play COD(check). I and many others are just so sick of game developers treating either console like a second class option/afterthough.

    Consider all the facts…

    • All fair points. I’m expecting two very good games and looking forward to playing them both, but the points you bring up could determine which of the two I keep on playing.

  • Could not care less about Call of Duty. Also couldn’t care less about printed games coverage. Everything PS related I need is right here on the blog, thanks.

    Why don’t you quit wasting people’s time with over-hyped crap we already know everything we care to about and give us some intel on Last Guardian and whether or not Final Fantasy Versus XIII is actually a hoax?

  • pickle_wood you have terrible Black Ops stats, I wouldn’t toot your own horn too loud.

  • this is kinda unrelated but i need to check am i the only one who some guy with a god of war head avatar sent a message saying “hey im from sony and we need you to reply to this message otherwise your account will be canceled” please tell me i am and was just spammer because i kinda blew him off

  • Because nothing is more American than Cawadoody, amirite?

  • 60 post, I count two supporters….what a lovely new trend.

    Any one in Sony feelin this??

  • Cool. Hope I get my issue soon.

  • Why is MW3 on the cover…

  • Battlefield 3 all the way.

  • Why focus on a game that is proud of disrespecting PS3 gamers with delayed DLC?

    The game isn’t that good either. I would’ve preferred a Dark Souls or Battlefield 3 cover.

  • I never got my FREE issues from when I bought my PlayStations! I always sent the offer… Grrrrrrr!!!!!

  • Oh, yeah, Roger, I know you’re probably new because Gary left, so I should have warned you about the sometimes very rough crowd here, lol. Get used to it!

  • MW3 is such a joke..

  • So Battlefield 3 is pro PS3, but Playstation is pro Modern Warfare 3, somethings not right here.

  • CoD on the cover – I have to agree with everyone here… they basically suck on the “teet” of Microsoft – Battlefield has always taken the approach: “Alright – you want Microsoft, you can have them. We got Sony.” Why would you support a game that panders so obviously to one specific market? Call of Duty Platform + Game bundle –> Microsoft. CoD exclusive pre-orders —> Microsoft. CoD map packs –> earlier to Microsoft. Would I buy CoD even if it never ever ever did anything to screw of Playstation owners – no, because Battlefield is better (in my eyes because I look for realism over simply aim and fire). But the point is still there – it’s not so much an “eye for and eye” mentality as much as it is – “screw me once – shame on you… screw me twice – shame on me… screw me 15 times – I’m done with you for good, you don’t deserve my money or my interest.”

  • Battlefield 3 is supporting PC players..

  • Does that mean you need to pander the whim of only Battlefield? No. But think about all the developers you have, big or small, working tirelessly around the clock who are with you because they believe in your product. Put someone like THEM in the magazine; give them the attention and limelight – 15 minutes of fame or whatever. They at least deserve the front page a whole heck of a lot more than some company who likes to make us their sloppy seconds.

  • At response to 48….

    You mean mother of all profits then…

  • I’m getting both, battlefield is by far my most anticipated fps for this year though, farcry 3 being my most anticipated for next year. But my most anticipated game in general is definately U3. That game looks soooo beautiful. But on another note, i agree with alot of people on here, it seems as though activision is milking the COD thing, with COD elite being almost the exact same thing as what battlefield has already had on their website for quite a long time. And you dont have to pay for that one.
    Not to mention the fact that COD only makes minor tweaks and improvements to the series; just barely enough to justify new games, and then somehow people clamor to them anyway.
    I buy them because of the campaign experience, not for the multiplayer, because honestly, i feel that if i wanna play against real people, i want it to be more of a diverse experience, and while calling in an airstrike is fun, Flying the helicopter or airplane that fires it, is alot more fun.
    Not to mention i hate the twitch gameplay of the COD series, Battlefield is alot more realistic with it’s movement style; even knifing accounts for the amount of time it’d take to pull the knife out, raise it, and THEN slash.

  • Which brings melee combat to an actual SKILL level, not just a “CRAP I’M GUNNA DIE I HAVE TO PRESS A BUTTON TO KILL THEM FIRST” reflex.
    Not to mention activisions obsession with 60 fps and TINY maps,
    Idc if it’s 60 FPS, battlefield is 30 fps, and is still GORGEOUS.
    If they paid a little more attention to giving the players large enough maps to even justify having sniper-rifles in the game, then that would be alot more impressive then the 60 fps.
    Not to mention the fact that they only actually care graphically about your gun and your hands; all other textures in their games are alot more pixellated and bland than in the Battlefield series. whereas DICE focuses on the graphics as a whole, and because they aren’t limitting themselves to the 30 fps constraint, can deliver higher quality frames than the counterpart, which ends up in a crisper, and more realistic appearance to the game as a whole.

  • MW3 cover FAIL!Game will suck like mw2.

  • @response to 55…

    Sweet, il still buy a digi PSM if you release it, despite all my negativity. (:

    Just not the COD issue…LoL.

  • @WastelandDan..You’re on a roll broheem lol..I really can’t say much about this or it would make me a hypocrite since i had already pre-ordered MW3(i know i know)..But BF3 should have been on the cover..I am only getting MW3 to beat, talk trash about and then move to the better (BF3) game(which will never leave my collection). ActiVision really choked the PS3 users w/the Microsoft DLC deal but hey so has other devs for that matter..At least WE get the beta this week..Alot of my time will be spent playing RAGE next week till UC3 hits the shelves :)

  • I like how i typed two long of a comment, so i tried to post it in to parts, and then the first part of my comment just didnt show up, while the second part did, thus making my comment seem out of context. Which also made it make little sense.
    Not having a good day with Sony today,
    My laptop said it was bluetooth enabled when i ordered it, and now almost 6 months after i got it i find out that in fact; It’s not.
    Even though it is supposed to have Bluetooth,
    It doesn’t.
    So I now cannot use my laptop as my keyboard for my ps3.
    Which i was rather excited to do when i found out how.
    Only to find out that my laptop is not what it was claiming to be when i bought it.

  • @JoeTheBeast16…Bluetooth enabled on a comp means that you can use a Bluetooth mouse, keyboard, headset etc. etc..NOT meaning you can use your comp as a device for your PS3 lol

  • OR split cover that observes the obvious contest/rivalry between the two…..YES!

    That would excuse cods presence, considering what they stand for to PS3 USERS not stock holders….

    Obviously ignoring profit/marketing/advertising incentives…ya feel meh PSM?!

  • You know who should have been on the cover, Nathan Drake! Both Uncharted and MW3 come out in the same month and lets face it everyone who owns a PS3 is more excited about getting tips and tricks for that multiplayer than MW3. Besides I know i won’t have to wait to play DLC and I’m pretty certain the game won’t be a rehash of last years blockbuster.

  • ht tp://w feed/blog/post/716769/battlefield-3-99-prob lems-video-the-full-version/

    Take out the spaces :) I just hate the fact they put rap to the vid..

  • @WastelandDan..Good point…That would make for a better cover :)

  • “+ Roger Burchill on September 26th, 2011 at 11:58 am said:

    The “mother of all shooters” line basically refers to the fact that Modern Warfare games sell a bazillion copies.”

    Then “The Madden” of all shooters, or “McDonalds” of all shooters would be more appropriate. Not “Mother” which iimplies creation.

    But I will not argue semantics… just tired of the stale Activision greed they perpetrate to gamers.

  • Call of Duty? Pfft only truly new thing that matters to years end is Dark Souls screw that military war nonsense.

  • @86 Agree with you on that least that game will be worth some time.

  • Do you people seriously have to rate down a blog post on the PlayStation Official Magazine just because Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 is on the front cover? Come on, stop acting like five-year old’s. There’s more to the magazine than one game. If you don’t like it, then just ignore the article, or skip the game. Don’t go ranting on the blog about MW3 and BF3 just because of something simple like this.

  • hahaha we ALL know that in the end only 1 game has the MOST sales and the MOST people playing online and that my bf3 fans is MODERN WARFARE!!!!! and no one has even play bf3 u dont know if the multiplayer is awesome or no, i will buy both anyways but im 99.9% sure Mw3 will beat bf3 in sales, and ppl playing online.

  • Roger Burchill, you said
    “I realize that many gamers have issues with Activision, but why write off a game before you’ve even played it a bit?”

    I did agreed with you at one point in time. I thought that about mw2 and black ops, tryed them both and was very upset that i wasted the money. i have learned my lesson with all cod games and have decited to never touch them. You only get so many chances and they have failed mulitiple times. Ill stick with BF3 and Dark Souls. Right now BF3 IS the King of all shooters in my book.

  • Nice some Playstation mag coverage! I was wondering why you guys don’t bring that bad boy up more often it is the OFFICIAL mag. I remember the days of Playstation Underground and the demo discs that were essentially what Qore is now :) Glad to see you all haven’t forgotten about your own magazine.

    But I’m a little shocked you are covering CoD3 the game that gives all its content to Xbox first and hates on the Playstation community??? Shouldn’t you be showing some Battlefield 3 love since they are the one that Sony has struck a DLC deal with and from what i hear around the web and see with all my friends the better game that may just take all of those CoD fans away and introduce them to a much more expansive and incredible experience. I’ve never played a bad Battlefield (though i prefer BF over BF:BC YES there are differences) I have played plenty bad COD games 1-3, World at war and black ops are pretty terribad (solely opinion not fact)

  • Lol COD, i don’t like to hate COD (i won’t be buying the game in the first month, and if i do maybe i’ll get it used) But man SONY games like Uncharted, Resistance, and Killzone should be selling more than COD. Try to market those games more instead of COD. Create so much hype for those games that you sell so many. I just hate it when COD gets the front cover in news…

    Also until they actually innovate their games this will be that last time i buy a used COD game lol.

  • @ Evolution_ten VF3 is giving us a Beta tomorrow, And the amount of good new that the press is giving is almost crazy, even COD commentators on youtube who have played BF3 say COD is in trouble. I think i’ll take my chances LOL

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