Prepare for War With PTOM’s Modern Warfare 3 Multiplayer Expose

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Prepare for War With PTOM’s Modern Warfare 3 Multiplayer Expose

The mother of all shooters is about to hit and PTOM’s November issue has intel straight from the Call of Duty team on the changes to online multiplayer. We’ve got tips on strategy and tactics from Infinity Ward and Sledgehammer, as well as a sneak peek at two maps. It’s everything you’ll need to dominate in Modern Warfare 3 from day one…unless you’re like us and lack the ability to aim. Thank god for the noob tube…

PTOM November 2011 Cover

If modern war doesn’t have enough shooting to satisfy your trigger finger, how about a good ol’-fashioned American crime spree? We’ve got Saints Row: The Third’s Super Genius Man-Cat Professor Genki with an exclusive tour of the violence-ridden city of Steelport. It’s the wackiest spin on the open-world crime game that we’ve seen since….well, never. Honestly, in what other game can you fire a weapon that shoots a mind-controlling octopus that you can detonate for wide-scale destruction? Or call in an airstrike to take out rival gang members? There’s even a controller button dedicated to delivering nutshots! It’s outrageous—in that special, tasteless way we so adore.

Rounding out the issue, we’ve got big-time previews of THQ’s brawlers WWE ‘12 and UFC Undisputed 3, hang out with platform pals in Rayman Origins and Ratchet & Clank: All 4 One, and take spin in Ridge Racer: Unbounded. We’ve also got the final verdict on the latest PlayStation releases including Resistance 3, Dead Island, Warhammer 40,000: Space Marine, NHL and Madden 12, and the oh-so-special Ico & Shadow of the Colossus Collection.

We’ve also got first looks at Borderlands 2 and our new gamegal crush with Lollipop Chainsaw. PTOM is on newsstands September 27th and hitting subscribers mailboxes right now. Enjoy!

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  • Nice cover, but probably wont buy the game

  • off topic , hey guys whats up with the new youtube video where you guys hint at a lot of playstation exclusive games ? is it some sort of new service or game ?

  • You should have put another game in the cover. MW3 is more popular for Xbox.

    Also, noticed that you put the PSVita in the platforms, but should have been PS3, PSVITA, PSP.

  • Hopefully Sony in time will advertise as it should “Killzone Next” in order to have better sells. Games like Uncharted and GOW are sellling great because of the game on its own, and not because of TV adds, so I wonder how fantastic those 2 games would sell if they have a proper advertisement campaign…..sight :(

  • Mother of military shooters? Eh, the series gets way too much praise. It just got lucky and became a trend. Trends are exempt from basic quality issues that most games have to deal with.

  • Great cover. Anxious to read your R3 and DI review

  • I love Playstation Magazine but I’m kind of disappointed that Modern Warfare 3 is going to be on the cover of my next issue. I’ll probably rip it off due to my strong distaste for the game and Activision in general. Looking forward to the other game coverage, like Lolipop Chainsaw and Rayman.

  • To be the “mother” you have to create… CoD did not create!

    Bad tagline.

  • Great cover but Battlefield 3 DESERVES this a whole HELL of a lot more than Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3.

  • @EnigmaNemesis..I Software made the mother of ALL shooters lol

  • yeah, BF3 has been good to PS3 lately, and then this thing hits, lol COD paid more for ads.

  • @xoiea..You have to remember that magazines are written 2-3 months in advance..

  • If they are advertising on the PSM then the PS3 port of MW3 is going to be complete garbage, what other way to try and sell something broken

  • That’s an excellent cover. Too bad it represents a garbage game.

  • niiceee ill try to pick up MW3 as well….regardless of all the hate, the game is still good…tbh if BF3 didn’t exist or would not come out till next year. EVERYONE will be hyping MW3 right now. no doubt.

  • P.S everyone here has Playstation Plus…lolololol i need to subscribe!!

  • If Activision doesn’t care about me as a PS3 gamer, why should I care about MW3?

  • @ xCh0z3n-0n3x

    Well thank goodness for competition now huh?

    Or we would be forced to play the same ole game in the CoD series every… single… year!

  • I want this

  • Meh getting BF3, Activision can bite me

  • COD dosnt deserve to be on the cover of a playstation mag…unless it was exclusive to a MSmag last month that is, right?…lol.

    What the heck guys?!

    Playstation needs to stop supporting them as much as they have us. I will be skipping this issue. No thanks.

  • really? come on PlayStation blog know your community. call of duty modern warfare 3 is an arcade style game like halo which sole purpose is to challenge the player. Battlefield 3 on the other hand is like socom and MAG a tactical game which challenges the team which leads to better communication, social behave and better awareness of the battlefield unlike halo and call of duty where trash talk over unfair methods are dormant.

    Xbox Live = Call Of Duty noob play

    PlayStation Network = Battlefield 3 teamwork and tactics

  • And no I don’t care if it’s a diff dev…

  • BF3 all the way!!!

  • Bye bye COD. Battlefield 3 is here.

  • lol.. cod on the cover of playstation magazine( have you guys been drinking?).. You know i should give roger burchill and the psm guys some tars(ear) for that, but im let them off off this time..

    Cod s the mother of all crappy shooters.. ps3 really dont need cod onthe brand but becuase the guy up above (maybe they are drinking just as heavly as psm staff when made this cover) want the money thats why he have it.. Just like when the joker said in batman dark night movie. “Money aint every thing. its about sending a message”!!. and sony shooters are sending message they are ment to be played with skill..!!

    money a dont define wast good or bad if it bad it be bad. regardless.You guys should piut the whiskey coffee down .. please.! oh and this rated a 1.. sorry nothing personal but i does break my heart ..

    vp psn legionairee group.

    • Man, you guys are rough! Just because MW3 is on our cover doesn’t mean we hate BF3. In fact, we’re really looking forward to a head-to-head battle when we sit down with the review builds. Truthfully, I’m not sure which I’m going to prefer yet. BF3 may offer a more realistic experience, but I do love the Modern Warfare series’ arcade playstyle and epic set pieces. I realize that many gamers have issues with Activision, but why write off a game before you’ve even played it a bit?

  • The flag background is so awesome…then you had to smear poop all over it…

  • Why would Sony want to advertise a series which boasts shipping DLC maps first to their competitor. Sure COD is the top selling PS3 title year-over-year, but it’s the same for the 360 too. If I were PSM I’d be advertising BF3 and how Sony is locking eclusives for that game.

  • Early intel on Maps the PS3 users won’t get until 2-3 months after Xbox! lol

  • Something smells FISHY here. Oh, it’s just COD.

  • Thankfully the slip up of “the mother of all military shooters” has been removed. Not sure how you can call it that when quite possibly the ONLY reason I would even touch the game is because of Zombie Mode. That being said…Military shooter, really…how do you include this theory of Zombies & the Military? Battlefield has been dominate for a long time now, because they took a leave of absence doesn’t mean that CoD became the “mother.” while apparently were just throwing out random titles for games…id like to suggest Battlefield 3: The Leader Returns; Domination through Tactics & Teamwork.

  • BATTLEFIELD 3 FTW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Why isn’t Ratchet on the cover?

  • Surprised seeing this on the blog/OPM.

  • i got it last week and was hoping it was an ad cover i could remove

  • Wont pick this up. Hate everything that has cod on it. Ratchet and Clank should have been on the cover.

  • @29

    LoL, right?

    PSM must be crazy…

    Thank goodness my sub ran out two months ago. Because I’m not going to have to go outta my way not to par’take of this issue.

  • Yawn, another FPS. Can you people play other games.

  • yeah sorry Roger

    excellent cover


    i have the issue as a sub

    you need to focus on cover stories for exclusives and ocassionally multiplats (Bioshock Infinite for example)

  • Hi, I love PTOM. Already got this month’s & yes, I was surprised to see the cover go to MW, when the logical choice was Ico.

    Anyway, please make the magazine an electronic option. I would prefer to read & download some articles. The magazine is beautiful & my favorite read, but storage space is a problem.

  • I’ll be skipping this month; CoD is generic.

  • Im excited for the Saints Row Third :)

  • Love the new Battlefield 3 slogan:

    Above and beyond the Call.


  • I’ll be playing BF3.

  • This gets a 1/5…even that is generous.

  • UU.oo…where is the MW3 branded barf bag…..oh thank you *BARF*

  • @40

    I just dipped into the app store on my pad here on your suggestion of a digital medium.

    I was unaware they even had an app. Not article by article,BUT a nice digital option none the less.

  • How dare you

  • The “mother” of all shooters is Wolfenstein.

    • The “mother of all shooters” line basically refers to the fact that Modern Warfare games sell a bazillion copies. Innovation, quality, historical impact are separate issues.

  • Zieg waffenstien!

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