Resident Evil: Code Veronica X HD Hits PSN Tuesday, 50% Off for Plus Members

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Resident Evil: Code Veronica X HD Hits PSN Tuesday, 50% Off for Plus Members

Resident Evil: Code Veronica X HD for PS3 (PSN)

More classic Resident Evil horror is heading to the PlayStation Network next week with Resident Evil: Code Veronica X HD! Claire Redfield, after narrowly escaping Raccoon City, is searching for her brother Chris. Captured while sneaking around an Umbrella facility and snooping for leads, Claire is hauled off to a maximum security prison installation on Rockfort Island. While making her escape, she realizes the island is being overrun by zombies and Bio-Organic Weapons. Claire meets another prisoner, Steve Burnside, who is also looking to escape … but will they be able to work together to make it out alive? The island is veiled in secrets and the family behind the Umbrella Corporation has a deadly agenda of their own. Relive the survival horror classic available via PlayStation Network on Tuesday, Sept. 27th.

Resident Evil: Code Veronica X HD for PS3 (PSN)Resident Evil: Code Veronica X HD for PS3 (PSN)

As we mentioned last week, we’ve got even more RE deals for PlayStation fans to help celebrate Resident Evil’s 15th anniversary. For PlayStation Plus members, we’re offering the same 50-percent-off promotion for Resident Evil Code Veronica X HD that you enjoyed for Resident Evil 4 HD last week. That means you can score both games for under $20! To top it off, anyone who purchases Resident Evil Code Veronica X HD will receive five free PSN avatars. Happy zombie slaying!

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  • Hello,

    How long do I have to get RE4 HD 50% off?
    I ordered a 20$ PSN card, which should arrive by Monday (hopefully).
    but I dont wanna miss out on RE4 HD for 10$.
    I’ll def. be getting RECV HD too :)


  • Nope… I’m pretty much done with anything from Capcom.

  • Crapcom

    I remember ten years ago when this company wasn’t a pathetic joke. Not getting a single dime this gen.

  • @9 becuase gow and sly copper are sony games. Thats why they had a platnuim on them. Its up to campcom to put a platnuim inthe game not sony.. dont blame sony. just ask campcom to put platnuim trophy inte game..

    vp-psn legionairee group

  • Wesker for President.

  • Hope there’s a plat trophy!

  • @Asylum3395 & TheForbiddenOne are absolutely right… people should stop crying about trophies, that is so stupid, they’re not even real… is like if were getting something like money or a free game just because u got some stupid virtual trophy :P .. I’LL BE GETTING THIS AWESOME GAME just because the fact that it is fun, and i don’t if it doesn’t even have a single trophy ..!!

  • @1: Where did you get your information?
    XBL/GoD version of RE4 is only 12 achievements for 200 points.
    Therefore, why is everyone expecting a Platinum trophy for a game that can be speedrun through in 2 hours?

  • Sorry I mistyped. It is 1000 points, but having only 12 achievements is pretty suspect that it was only meant to be a 200 score release at first. That makes for pretty few trophies on the PSN side I agree, but it’s still meant to be a bargain digital-only re-release. Maybe the inevitable disc compilation will have more?

  • Can’t wait. Thnx Sony

  • do you remenber the time when you played games on your ps1 and every game had trophies?… no?.. wierd.. you are telling me you enjoyed playing in the ps1 even thoug you dindt had trophies?…. so… whats the big deal about this game not having a platinum trophie?… the first time I played Code Veronica was in the dreamcast, and I dindt need trophies then… they are cool and all, but the idea of a game is to enjoy it, not to gain some virtual award so you can brag about your score…. if thats the case Im asuming all of you trophies seekers who only play games that have platinun ones, have the hanna montana game, or something like that? an easy way to get your beloved platinum…. sorry for the bad english…

  • Those trophy haters need to stop complaining with some people.

    Yeah, it’s ok to say it if the person has never played the game. But people like me who has played CV before and still have the game, I need ENOUGH reasons to get the game, especially at that price($20, $10 for +).

    I hope Capcom changes the trophy vaules by Tuesday.

  • if sony release a pack of trophies, just the trophies, no game, will you buy it??..$5 a pack with 30 bronze 10 silver 9 gold and a platinum

  • @60 i bet they will //people are so stupid these days !! haha

  • Who cares about a platinum trophy….These games are classics and we’re getting them for only $10 if you’re a plus member. Great deal

  • Already own the PS2 version. Only a platinum would make me consider it.

  • Those who want a platnuim trophy in the games. please write campcom about it.. sony cant make any platnuim for a gme they dont own. Only campcom can do these things. So write them and worry the heck out of them about it.. Also most psn games dont have a platnuim they have go as high as gold. only retail games have platnuim.. I think a few psn have platnuim but not many.. Me persoanlly i thnk it just xbox trolls coming out to troll on this good thing for us..becuase this was nvr a huge issue before>??

    vp-psn legionaire group

  • I’m no platinum junkie (check) but I completely sympathize with people who are.

    Playing a game for trophies is really no different than selecting one genre from the many available and enjoying what YOUR choosing to do. Trophies are a virtual requirement for a game to be called a full title now’a’days. And the fact these are missing one a competitor is given is quite frankly shrewd biz, and a sad yet successful attempt to generate another revenue stream by providing exclusives.

    If that’s not irritating to you obviously you don’t care much for trophies OR exclusives politics and that’s your OPINION….just an opinion…

    I just can’t stand seeing people say it’s not worth complaining about, just because they can’t/won’t respect others opinions. And then expect theirs to somehow contain relevance if their targets does not…

    Let Them Rant.

  • I would like to ask a question to everybody who says they are purchasing this and / or Resident Evil 4.

    Do you own these games on another console? If so, then why are you purchasing this port of the games?

  • @ 64

    Did you bother to check the posters name and occupation of this article?

    Mike Lunn, product Maneger, Capcom.

  • I would get this instead of 4 because this has that original feeling with the better graphics. I liked CodeV

  • Great deal, and great price for a classis RE game. And are we STILL complainin about a PLATINUM TROPHY for a PLAYSTATION 2 ? Please stop the madness.

  • From reading these comments, I am actually surprised that there is no platinum trophy for these games.

    Granted, I bought RE4 and will be buying this because RE is a great game series (Plus I never got to play Code Veronica), but I can understand why people are upset about it.

    At a $20 USD price point, there should be a platinum trophy. This would probably be the first time $20+ USD titles have been released onto the store without platinums.

  • @ 66

    I personally just don’t have space for physical copies of games anymore. If I can, I buy my games digitally. I don’t sell my games since I always go back to them, so why not have them all on my hard drive? Ease of access.

  • @65 , NO , we cannot just let them rant. This is a port of a game tha was released on past generation hardware. Sony is doing more that enough by adding trophies to the game, much less even offering us the option to download it digitaly. Try going out and finding a copy of ths game at your local gamestop. Good luck.
    Next they will be ranting about not having trophies in the upcoming release of Chrono Cross. Pixel Junk shooter 1&2/ Shank/ Outland/ Lara Croft:GOL/ Shatter & Braid, just to name a few, all DO NOT HAVE a platinum trophy, but I have not seen anyone complain about that. Dont mean to be rude, but some of you gamers complain just for the hell of it. PLEASE STOP THE MADNESS.

  • @51 mcbuttz78

    Uh, last I heard, it was Sony who told developers what games get a full set of trophies, and which do not. And where did I hear this from? Dylan Cuthbert of Q Games, you know, the company who makes all the PixelJunk games? Where did you get YOUR information from?

    To everyone complaining about those of us asking questions about trophies: shut up, we’re allowed to ask questions if we so choose. I still bought RE4 for PS3, even though I’ll probably never play it since I have hundreds of other games to play and not enough time for all of them, especially the ones I finished years ago (without trophies) on other platforms. I’ll buy Code Veronica X as well, because I never played it. Lacking a full set of trophies (it’s not JUST one trophy – games with platinums have many more trophies, or at least higher-quality ones) won’t stop me from buying a game, but it’d sure be nice to know SONY’S reasoning for this.

    And don’t tell me “it’s because it’s not on a Blu-ray” because that’s bull. There are many examples of download-only games that have full trophy sets, including Anarchy Rush Hour that cost $7 or 8 when it released.

  • Sad comments, as usual around here. And this is why trophies and achievements have ruined gaming.

  • People complaning about others’ complaining about trophies should not tell us how or where to spend our money.

    I have a very idiosyncratic criteria, as many others do, when it comes to purchasing new games.

    Yes, if it doesn’t have a platinum, I will NOT buy it. Plain and simple, unless you’re my accountant, you can’t tell me what I can and cannot do with my money. It’s my money and I do with it whatever I damn well please.

    Yes, you have every right to express your opinion, but mind your own business when it comes to others’ personal choices and how they choose to spend their money.

  • In a sense i would agree with the haters of trophies, but in a case like this i agree with the people complaining about no Plat trophies. I mean whats the point in buying this game (for 20$) if you already own the game on another console? its nothing different than playing it on another console (which yo could get dirt cheap now a days) so why bother?

    The only reason why i am passing on this is because i am not really that into RE series. Now if they ported Outbreak file 1 or 2, with online then i would be up in arms. We really dont have any games like that out now and the fact capcom hasnt made a file 3, or any game like that now that online is a big hit is pathetic.

  • This is the million dollar question; Any chance we can get Resident Evil Zero and the Resident Evil Remake?

    Those two games deserve to be on another platform. I am sure it is almost impossible becuase a certain console maker has the rights, but come on strike a deal.

    Sidebar: Probably same reason we wont get Mass Effect 1. This is why we need to use some of the collections of ours (MGS, Silent Hill) to bargin instead of just saying here

  • Also this shouldnt be called HD. RE4 looks good, but it was a game that pushed every drop out of the last gen. So the upscaling worked and seemed to be enough. This is not the case with RE Code Veronica X. It dosent feel like anything was done. Still debating to pick this one up.

  • I want RE Zero and the RE Remake………Please

  • @ Mike Lunn, what are the chances of getting us RE Zero? RE Remake?

    I understand some console maker probably owns the rights, but lets work something out.

  • I need a $20 card.

  • So let me get this straight. Your playing a game to get trophies ? If the game does not have a trophy set plus platinum trophy , you WILL NOT BUY the game ??!!
    So your saying that if AAA games like UNCHARTED 3 & The Last Guardian, is released WITHOUT trophies, YOU WILL NOT BUY THEM ?…..If thats the case, your status as a gamer is highly FLAWED !!

  • @81

    Again, you fail to read the arguments brought up by others. These RE games have come out on other consoles in the past; unless there’s incentive to purchase the game (i.e. PS Move Support or a Platinum Trophy), and unless you’re a diehard RE fan, it’s a hard sell.

    Where your logic is flawed is by mentioning Uncharted 3 and The Last Guardian; two titles which have not seen release yet, therefore, they have no reason to give the consumer an added incentive.

    A lot of people here have already played RE4 on PS2/GC/Wii; what’s the point in replaying it on PS3 when there are so many other stellar, new titles coming out.

  • @81 onslaughtree

    Why do people always insist on comparing new games to old in terms on trophies. Of course people will buy a new game if it didnt have trophies as they never played them before/didnt buy it more than once on a different console.

    The whole reason why people are complaining about trophies not being in this game is because it adds nothing NEW to the table. Like i said before if you already own this game at one point in your life (which i assume most people did) then why rebuy it again if nothing is changed? it would be easier/cheaper to just hook up past console and play it.

    Granted this is only my opinion on why people might not be buying this game. Like i said before i am not a big fan on RE so i probably wont be buying this again.

    Plus you might never know maybe down the line capcom will update the game and be able to have Plat trophies.

  • @82 “what’s the point in replaying it on ps3? ” the answer is that they are really great games simple as that …
    … and if that so called added incentive is just a simple worthless virtual plat trophy is what people are crying about and not the gameplay itself then they don’t deserve to call themselves gamers !! i’ll be complaining if i get a free game or money every time i get a plat .. or something more real !!! not just some stupid virtual trophy

  • @83 and what does a plat add to the table? a new chapter perhaps ? or download content? new characters … the answer is NOTHING .. !!!

  • Honestly, I don’t care. I haven’t played either of these games yet, and in fact I’m still trying to even get anywhere in the first RE game. I missed these during their initial run and I’m glad I’m getting a chance to grab them now.

    Also, @44,

    Sure, you can look at it that way, but the reality is that for $50 I already have gotten $40 in games I want to play (including the $10 discount on RE4) and plenty of games I haven’t even tried yet. Then there’s the original RE games. I already had them, but you could factor those in too and in just 2 months I’ve gotten around $62 in games I want to play for $50. I’m not on an advertising mission or anything, just pointing out that while, yes, you’re paying for the PSN+, you’re easily getting your money’s worth out of it.

  • no Sony no… not under $20 …. FOR $20 bucks remember you changed the price from 9.99 to 10.00 remember! lol

  • Not to be the buzz-kill to anyone who likes Resident Evil (I like the series), but it’s going to take a lot to convince me to buy this even at half price for a Plus subscriber. As excellent as Resident Evil 4 is, the HD upgrade was just poor – if I can even call it HD. I can barely see much of a difference other than slightly better clarity, and the fact that they can’t even include a Platinum just shows the effort Capcom put into these re-releases. I like the games, but Capcom seriously needs to improve their effort in these titles and re-releases instead of putting out half-baked efforts that the fans of the series don’t deserve.

  • @86

    You missed my point entirely…this has nothing to do with what PS+ has to offer, it has everything to do with the fact that Capcom is charging $20 each for both of these non-HD “remakes.

    I am a huge Resident Evil fan and even bought the Gamecube solely because it was getting the RE1 & RE0 games, but Capcom is a much different publisher today and they seem to solely be out to make money by doing half the work.

    These games deserve more than a cheap upressing. They’re two of the best RE games ever made (and one of the best games ever made). Surely Capcom could have done better than what they did. They will undoubtedly clean up in sales off of this since they probably didn’t spend very much by just putting it on PSN & XBL.

  • I like getting trophies adds new elements to the game but not going to cry over it cause they don’t have X number of trophies or a platinum I play games cause like them not to trophy whore I got RE4 cause haven’t played before but not sure about CV doesn’t look much better then my PS2 copy

  • Well gosh, i think these games are swell but i’m just not sure i am capable of having fun with them if i don’t earn a platinum trophy. Thats why we play games now, right? /trollface

  • Another great game for $10. I like trophies a lot, but I like games even more, so the lack of a plat won’t stop me from buying this one.

    The only problem is that my backlog is getting pretty intimidating. Got to find more time to game…

  • Most of my ps1 games that I purchased on psn in wich I already have a pysical copy of , ie- crash 1,2 &3/ CTR/ Castlevania.S.O.T.N/PE2/MGS1 and others all come with no trophy support. I bought those games again so that I could play them on my pspGo. Granted, I still have my original classic ps1 in the closet. I bought these games for the sheer option of being able to take them on the go. There is nothing added to these games, there is no new online mode added, no special unlimited ammo code, no added levels, just the classic GAME. I among others do like the sound of collecting trophies, but to complain about a last gen game being re-released and not including a platinum trophy, is just silly. plain and simple.
    Again, If you never played the game, cool, go ahead get it. If you already have it and want a digital copy to play on the go, yup that works. But if your purchasing it just to collect 5 bronze, 4silver, 2 gold and 1 PLATINUM trophy, you my friend, are playing games for all the WRONG reasons.

  • I emailed Capcom in responce to the 1000 GS for 360 and the cheap 12 trophies(200pts) on PS3. this was my reply from them:

    “Hello Chris,

    We understand why you would think we are short changing the PS3 versions due to no platinum trophy for each game. Please know we are meeting the criteria set forth by Sony and Microsoft for digital titles, and we do think the games are of such high quality, that you will be very satisfied with the end product when they release later this month. Thank you for contacting us!

    CAPCOM Customer Support”

    Meeting the criteria set by Sony and Microsoft!? wait they mean just Microsoft; they could have given 12 golds. Trophies dont mean that much to me but I have beaten RE4 30+ times GCN(12) PS2(27) Wii(3) so a trophy for random stuff i have done would have been nice. I have done a lot in the game and after my 30 plays trophies do warrent a purchase (I did buy RE4 and will buy RECVX) due to my love for the franchise. but play em again die hard no thanks

  • Did it not occur to you guys that maybe Capcom wants to pull in more new fans of RE series? if this is the case than the trophy whining is irrelevant if someone wants to play a game that is new to them and seems fun

  • @asylum3395 i totally agree with you, a real gamer will buy a game for fun, i mean you don’t need trophies for have fun, perhaps be more fun or something but you still having fun with or without trophies.

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