Resident Evil: Code Veronica X HD Hits PSN Tuesday, 50% Off for Plus Members

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Resident Evil: Code Veronica X HD Hits PSN Tuesday, 50% Off for Plus Members

Resident Evil: Code Veronica X HD for PS3 (PSN)

More classic Resident Evil horror is heading to the PlayStation Network next week with Resident Evil: Code Veronica X HD! Claire Redfield, after narrowly escaping Raccoon City, is searching for her brother Chris. Captured while sneaking around an Umbrella facility and snooping for leads, Claire is hauled off to a maximum security prison installation on Rockfort Island. While making her escape, she realizes the island is being overrun by zombies and Bio-Organic Weapons. Claire meets another prisoner, Steve Burnside, who is also looking to escape … but will they be able to work together to make it out alive? The island is veiled in secrets and the family behind the Umbrella Corporation has a deadly agenda of their own. Relive the survival horror classic available via PlayStation Network on Tuesday, Sept. 27th.

Resident Evil: Code Veronica X HD for PS3 (PSN)Resident Evil: Code Veronica X HD for PS3 (PSN)

As we mentioned last week, we’ve got even more RE deals for PlayStation fans to help celebrate Resident Evil’s 15th anniversary. For PlayStation Plus members, we’re offering the same 50-percent-off promotion for Resident Evil Code Veronica X HD that you enjoyed for Resident Evil 4 HD last week. That means you can score both games for under $20! To top it off, anyone who purchases Resident Evil Code Veronica X HD will receive five free PSN avatars. Happy zombie slaying!

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  • Will it include a Platinum trophy?

    The lack of it was the reason I didn’t buy Resident Evil 4. Especially considering that XBL version is 1000 gs.

  • Any comment to rise of price of RE4 in EU?

  • *cough*PS Move*cough*

  • @yazter
    No platinum. Check – PS3trophies.ORG for the trophy list.

  • There’s no Platinum for this game either.

    (I just looked it up on

    I probably would have instantly downloaded both RE4 and Code Veronica HD if they had Platinum trophies! Unfortunately, I’ll have to pass on both.


    Good games with great prices, but I really like my trophies! =P

  • people need to stop crying over trophies either you like the game or you dont but trophies dont make the difference

  • Just purchased Resident Evil 4 hd yesterday. Will be getting Code Veronica as well. Two awesome games for a great price. Thanks Sony.

  • @yazter
    What IDOLO1013 said, RE Code Veronica will not include Platinum. It will only offer 12 Trophies, 1 Gold 2 Silver the rest Bronze. Just like RE4, really it’s a shame that it doesn’t include a Platinum, because it is a HD re release, just like GoD Collection. So really Capcom, you lost my buy for that, especially when in Japan it comes bundle on 1 Blu-ray both games.

  • I’d like to know why these and BG&E don’t get platinums, but if you buy the Sly Cooper Collection you get three on one disc, two for each of the GoW Collections, etc.

    Makes no sense…

  • @6

    It’s not the fact that there aren’t Trophies, it’s the fact that there isn’t anything “new” to warrant a purchase. I’m sure most of us have already played this on GC, PS2, and Wii (RE4); without Trophies, let alone PS Move support, there’s little to no reason to pick these games up again unless you’re a hardcore RE fan.

  • definitely getting this regardless its a childhood memory and since my old one has been misplaced il be enjoying this one

  • Already downloaded RE4 but I haven’t played it yet and I will definitely get this as well. Veronica is underrated among many fans but I’ve still brought it out for my Dreamcast a few times over the past few years to replay it.

    I like trophies but I’m never EVER going to let them prevent me from playing a game. People are even getting trophies in these games so no need to complain.

  • @9 Thats what im saying a real gamer buys the game for the fun of the game not because of trophies or anything else. I mean what if other games like Resistance 3 or Infamous 2 didnt have trophies is that a reason to skip on playing a fun game?

  • Even though I have PS+, I think $19.99 is too expensive for this game for everyone else. Beyond Good and Evil was $9.99, and this game is a lot older than that, so I don’t see why it is so expensive.

  • @Asylum3395

    a lot of people have played these games already. trophies add VALUE to a package.

    A virtual trophy serves the same purpose as a physical trophy. An item you obtained doing something you enjoyed. That baseball trophy someone earned could be a meaningless door stop to someone else, but to the person that earned it, it means something. It was a goal and it was accomplished. ding!

    I play games to have fun, but I also collect trophies because it is fun FOR ME. maybe for you they don’t add anything to a game, but for many others trophy collecting is a game in itself.

  • @12

    Yes, but for a game that’s seen multiple releases, if nothing new is added to the table, it’s a hard sell. There’s no incentive for me to buy these games when there are many others out right now for which I have not played or offer more.

    It has nothing to do with skipping a fun game, it has to do with the lack of improvements to warrant a second, third, or fourth purchase of the title.

  • @12 Absolutely not, people shouldn’t ignore great games like those for the sake of trophies. But for games like RE4 and RECV, trophies are reasons for people to buy the game again, or for people who are on the edge of buying them. Like it or not, trophies can make or break a sale.

  • Not sure if I’m going to buy this. RE4 really doesn’t look that great for an HD version, and the audio is AWFUL! It is the worst sounding PS3 game I’ve ever heard (and I have about 50 retail games, and 50 PSN games).

    Wish there was an option to aim with the right analog stick too, aiming with the left was a really bad design choice.

  • No platinum like RE4 and dollar is very expensive in my country.

  • THANK YOU! for old Resident Evil games in HD! 8)
    I have wanted to see the older Resident Evil games in HD for a long time.
    It would be really great to also see Resident Evil 1, 2, and 3 in HD.
    I have them all on disc and also bought them off of psn but I will buy them all again if they are made in HD. lol
    I think I might have to finally go ahead and purchase Playstation Plus. 8)

  • @9 They do, in fact, have trophy support… One platinum trophy is what people are complaining about.. You need one trophy to tell you that you’ve collected all the other trophies? Thats what the platinum means…

  • The fact that people are complaining about no platinum trophy kind of makes me sick. Here you got 2 amazing games for $10 and yet you complain about not having a trophy noise pop up after you’ve completed 100% of the game. It’s not like this game has zero trophies and even if it did it would still be an amazing deal. I love trophies too but for God sake they don’t rule my gaming decisions. I bet if Sony offered Uncharted 3 for PS3 for free but it had no trophies people would complain. I’ll be buying Code Veronica just like I did RE4 this week, keep up the Plus sales and free games because the majority of us love them. You only hear complaints from the very vocal minority.

  • The GameCube remakes in HD would be so nice to have!

  • I bought RE4 HD and didn’t care if it had platinum trophy or not. What I care about the most is if the game has remastered quite well in HD version and the game itself. Also, I have never bought or even played RE4 back when it came out for the first time in certain platforms. The thought of people having to buy a game JUST for the trophies, especially for platinum is kinda ridiculous. Some people go for it at another reason but most I’ve seen is just down to one reason, trophies. Yes, I agree with you all that the game doesn’t have platinum and I seriously think Capcom should revamp the list because so far playing through the game for a few days, it really is worth having one. With that aside, RE: Code Veronica HD. Not sure if I want to get this since there is a game I’m aiming to get next month and it’s a downloadable as well. With the 50% off sale, I might consider it but who knows.

  • If you don’t care about trophies, good for you. The rest of us do like Trophies and don’t appreciate others telling us to just worry about the game. If the game is free, I will not complaint about trophies but if I’m paying good money for a ten year old game I will not settle for a hi res update. Capcom has a bad rep of double dipping on all their games instead of actually adding value.

  • i need RE4

  • I hope at least one of the CV avatars features Claire, (I’m sure it does) she’s my one of my top favorite female video game characters of all time.

  • People these days are spoiled! I love trophies myself but i don’t let them get in my way of some good gaming. I can’t wait to play Code Veronica HD, been playing Resident Evil 4 and all i gotta say is “ATRAS DE TI IMBECIL” LOL EPIC!

  • All of you are pathetic. Refusing to buy a game you love because of one silly trophy. Games are not about obsessing over platinum trophies. They are about playing. Get over it and buy the game you claim to love because it is good and not because it has one extra trophy that might make your profile score rise a couple of percentage points which nobody else but you looks at anyway.

  • Wow, what’s with the “Will it include a Platinum trophy?” questions with every game released. Maybe that’s because I play since the 90s and my only concern is if the game is (or was) entertaining or not. What do you get with the “Platinum trophy”? Is it more important a Platinum trophy than the game itself?

  • I just don’t understand why they are not releasing all the Game Cube ones.

    The remake of the first one and Zero.

    Resident Evil 4 for Game Cube also looks much better. Has better colours, contrast and lighting effects.

  • Why are you charging $19.99 for this? I see its on Games on Demand on XBL and I’m guessing in order to get the game on Live you had to charge that price, so why are PS3 owners forced to pay that much?

    These remakes aren’t even in HD and I can buy Bioshock (a current gen game) for less than $10 so why are you charging that much?…

  • @30
    But Bioshock isn’t a remake.

  • Yet another game I will buy the 360 due to lack of a Platinum vs the 1000 points. Hope you’re reading this, Sony.

  • What were you trophywhores doing during the days before the trophy patch? “No trophies, no buy”. Those who say that shouldnt consider themselves gamers.

  • Can’t wait! It’s xmas come early for Resident Evil fans!

  • Having a platinum is not a be-all or end-all! If you like trophies, it still has them…sure you won’t get one more plat, but the value of the trophies should be identical to the Gamerscore, meaning platinum or not, you should still level up your score the same amount…

  • @30

    Neither are these so called remakes…both aren’t actually in HD. I’m saying Bioshock is a current gen game and RE4 & RE:CV are from a gen ago and Capcom did a lazy job porting it over. Clearly they were out to make a quick buck as usual but I don’t see how you don’t have a problem with the $20 price tag, I can’t recall a downloadable game, not even BG&E HD, that was released at such a price tag. My guess is that in order for Capcom to get the games on 360 (because of the large file size) they had to charge $20 to get it on Games on Demand, whereas Sony has no such file limit yet they’re still charging us $20…….*steps off soapbox*

  • @27

    Apparently, you’ve failed to see all the arguments people have brought up. With all the titles coming out from now until December, without an added incentive (PS Move Support, Platinum Trophy), we’re hard pressed to buy the games.

    Why would I re-buy a game I’ve played on GC/PS2/Wii when I can play something brand new? Like I said, unless you’re a hardcore RE fan, it’s a hard sell.

  • I paid $8 for this game 5 years ago. And on PS2… Still got ALL the RE on disk. zombie madness :)

  • @36

    *steps on soapbox*
    I really don’t have a problem with the price tag because I bought it for 10 bucks.
    Haters gonna hate anyways.
    *levitates off from the soapbox and flies away*
    Deal with it.

  • PLEASSSEEE re-release the other Resident evil’s.. the Remake of #1 on the gamecube was by far the best! I would pay anything to have that game again lol

  • @Asylum3395 & TheForbiddenOne are absolutely right… people should stop crying about trophies, that is so stupid, they’re not even real… is like if were getting something like money or a free game just because u got some stupid virtual trophy :P .. I’LL BE GETTING THIS AWESOME GAME just because the fact that it is fun, and i don’t care if it doesn’t even have a single trophy ..!!

  • That “HD” after the title adds a lot of value to the old games, not trophies.

  • Have to admit, for a $20($10 for plus members) game to not have a platinum on the psn… Is kinda’ weird.

  • @39

    You paid $10 after having paid either $17.99 or $50 for a Plus subscription, that doesn’t change the fact that the game is still $20 for everyone else..these games should have been $10 to $15 from the outset and Capcom should have spent more time making them actually in HD.

    Apparently Sony is the only one who cares about their HD remasters since Sly Collection, GoW Collections, and the Team Ico Collection have been much more lauded for their improvements

  • @14 kid commando
    Thats some real talk bro you might have even encouraged me to be a treasure hunter of sorts and start seeking these trophies…….its a shame however that this is how some ppl shop but i see your point…..Games like Metal Gear Solid 4 could have used a patch for trophies but i wouldnt let that turn me from a game ive been playing since ps1

  • The game is priced at 19.99 so that they could give ‘plus’ members 50% off. I’ll just wait for a sale.

  • “That means you can score both games for under $20! ”

    LMAO – I just read this – how exactly does $10 + $10 equal anything less than $20?

  • @44

    Capcom did a good job bringing RE4 to HD, and Code Veronica is noticeably more high-definition in the screenshots, but that’s why it’s not called a ‘remake’… it’s a ‘remastered in HD’ HD is a resolution based term, and pertains to how clear the graphics are displayed, not how diverse or complex textures are,… with a game like Code Veronica(approx 10 years old?)(originally a Dreamcast Exclusive ported to ps2) that is quite old in comparison to RE4(Originally a Nintendo Exclusive ported to ps2), Shadow of the Collosus, Most of the Sly’s, and most of the GoWs, there is only so much you can do in terms of remastering, Considering you can get these on the PSN for cheaper(if you’re a plus member) than the originals’ current prices even pre-owned at EB or Gamestop… The only thing to be upset about here is the fact that someone thought it wasn’t relevant to give them platinum trophies, and even then… who’s counting… <.<

    On a side note, I just want to add that the way Sony & co. are doing business lately, They're not making any mistakes, and taking great strides to please us as gamers, just like the Sony we know and love.

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