UNCHARTED: Golden Abyss Walkthrough Video

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UNCHARTED: Golden Abyss Walkthrough Video

Hey everyone, this is John Garvin, writer and director of UNCHARTED: Golden Abyss. Today I’m here to run you through some of the highlights of the two levels we’re showcasing this week at the Tokyo Game Show. Watch the video and let us know what you think!

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  • The crashing truck didn’t animate in too well, you should get the guys over at Bend Studio to take a look at that. A question I had was: can we turn motion control off completely (includes on-screen prompts)?

  • Great job, Sony Bend!

    I can’t wait til Sony announces the release date for Vita.

    P.S., I hope is/will make a new Syphon Filter before this gen ends.

  • That Golden Abyss bundle is mine!!!

  • #1 reason to get a VITA, plus all the multimedia features I hope it has as well… Uncharted owns, you can make 100 uncharted’s and I’d probably buy them all ;)

  • Love the developer commentary! So much detailed explanation…can’t wait!

    I truly hope there’s an Uncharted Vita bundle because I would so much buy two…Long Live Play!

  • i hope there is a PS Vita and Uncharted bundle.. please make it happen sony!

  • looks amazing cant wait for the vita!

  • also in the truck part, animation needs work (marisa teleporting for the boost up animation, wood planks going thru drake) besides that it looks incredible.

  • We better be able to melee with the square button or I’m gonna be mad!

  • So…pretty! Can’t wait to the have the PlayStation Vita in my hands.

  • a little trivia I notice, Drakes gun holster has BND written on it, on the Naughty Dog games, the gun holster has NDI(Naughty Dog Incorporated) written on it. Nice touch!

  • Multiplayer?

  • Do this have online multiple player ?

  • I agree. That truck animation needs work. When I saw it, my heart stopped a little. That was like ps1 quality animation, no offense…

  • Okay this is torture guys. You have announced a Japan release date. Lets schedule an event and announce the US release date along with details on the 3G plan.

  • @Brapp347

    Yeah, that little jump looked bad. It seems to be missing better collision detection of the terrain his on.

  • I think i will be playing the PSV just as much as the PS3 once i have it…and i think i speak for everyone here who is really planning on getting one.

  • absolutely amazing. just take my money now.

  • “+ xCh0z3n-0n3x on September 16th, 2011 at 9:08 pm said:

    I think i will be playing the PSV just as much as the PS3 once i have it…and i think i speak for everyone here who is really planning on getting one.”

    Yes, yes you do! Agreed. This is a day one purchase for sure! I am drooling thinking about how good MLB ’12: The Show is going to look on it!!!

  • this makes me cry at the idea that i won’t get to play this until next year.
    Honestly i’m more looking forward to this game then i am any of the ps3 games that i’m getting this fall, and i’m even getting battlefield 3, batman, modern warfare 3, and… THE COLLECTORS EDITION of Uncharted 3.
    Yet i’m still more looking forward to this.
    And yet, you are making me wait until next year.
    I hate you sony….

    I’m just kidding, i loooove you sony,
    But seriously, can i please have it now?

  • love the PS3 series… if i do get a PSP2, this will be top of the list in terms of games i’d get for it… i just don’t play handhelds much… barely use my PSP honestly…

  • gotta love how so many people gotta nitpick all these little things… if you think programming and developing a game is so easy, then you do it… will take the game that much longer to come out and cost that much more to develop.. .get over it… the game looks phenomenal as shown… and forget multiplayer… i’d love for them just to concentrate and spend all their focus on the single player story….

  • The game looks great and I like the fact that there’s more exploration in this one than in the others. But I don’t like the reticule and all the touch gimmicks. Rubbing mini-games and such are okay, but I don’t want to tap the screen to jump, move along a ledge, melee an enemy or helping my ally up. If I wanted to do that, i’d play Shadow Guardian on my iPad.

  • Truly the most impressive thing I’ve seen… and it’s a handheld device!? Thanks for making the wait for a PS Vita release date that more difficult… smh.

  • Not bad at all, definitely impressed with the game and VIta, definitely looks like a powerful handheld. I was mostly impressed with the particle effects. One thing though, when Drake shoots a gun it doesn’t have that same feeling that it did in the Ps3 games, now I know ps3 is more powerful system, but I doubt that feeling couldn’t be replicated. I wasn’t the one playing, but just by how the gun looked and how the shots fired off seemed so….bleh. This is still a work in progress though right? Other than that small detail, the game is looking really good and definitely a purchase from me. If this is what developers are able to do now before it even launches, I can’t wait to see what they can do later in the handhelds life.

  • Is this VITA?! Gosh, SONY EPIC WIN! Can’t wait to get mine!

  • i hope there is a demo of every single launch title the say day vita releases

  • I need PSVita as much as I need oxygen. You’re killing me Sony!

  • Sony, ther goddess of love, di Amore di Vita.

  • If there is one game that makes us want to own a Vita it is Uncharted: Golden Abyss. Have a read of our preview and see why we are so psyched for this amazing title.

    Read here: http://bit.ly/rkWYxA


  • PSVIITA A.K.A. the 3DS killer

  • Thank you Sony for making my dreams come true with the Vita. This is a launch day purchase by the way =)

  • forget the 3DS i want a vita!

  • With all the awesome games coming out on Vita I hope they add an online banking app, I’m gonna need it.

  • this looks amazing cant wait first day buy..but does anyone knw if there will be a white psvita?


  • @84
    yes i am pretty shire there will be one

  • The fire particle effects look better than some PS3 games.

  • Looks great. However, I absolutely despise the ledges we’re supposed to be climbing on lighting up. Makes things just way too easy. I like having to look for the places to climb on.

  • Two words: Awesome VITA!!!

  • It’s just amazing, if so looks the first generation of games for the PS VITA, as I do not imagine you will be the later. And hoping to continue the saga of UNCHARTED in future games PS VITA. Sony as always surprised.

  • It’s games like this that will make the vita truly memorable.

  • One of the few minor complaints I have so far, is that enemies don’t seem to react appropriately to your shoots. For example, at one part near the end of the video, Drake shoot a bad guy in his gut, and he didn’t even flinch with pain.

  • I sure hope this game contains multiplayer.

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