UNCHARTED: Golden Abyss Walkthrough Video

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UNCHARTED: Golden Abyss Walkthrough Video

Hey everyone, this is John Garvin, writer and director of UNCHARTED: Golden Abyss. Today I’m here to run you through some of the highlights of the two levels we’re showcasing this week at the Tokyo Game Show. Watch the video and let us know what you think!

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  • Yep I’m secretly in love with Uncharted, cant resist the epicness, ooooH so good

  • That looks amazing!

  • This looks so good it makes all other PSV games look like psp ports!

  • Wow this looks really amazing. Can’t wait for this to be released.

  • Yes! Although the console versions of Uncharted feature exploration I don’t think it’s anything quite like this one, such as doing little mini games with found artifacts/treasures. Sony better be announcing the NA release date for Vita soon!

  • wow…this looks FANTASTIC!!!!!!!!!

  • I can’t wait to get this game. I don’t know if say this hear will help, but when the truck crashes, there is a piece of wood that slides through Drake’s legs.

  • I feel having a Vita would make me not want to use my PS3, but Sony will find a new and compelling way to make me use both.


  • Sony I dare you release the console in 2011 and take my money! I DARE YOU!

  • *Watches video… looks at Best Buy to pre-order the game* Seriously for a launch game this looks mighty impressive.

  • Here’s hoping for a 2011 release!!! Looks amazing, great job guys! I already have TWO PSVitas pre-ordered and completely paid off, now I’m just waiting for that date!!!

  • this looks awesome although i think the e3 demo looked better

  • This game is AWESOME!

  • Looks great. Gravity Rush and Uncharted: Golden Abyss make the PSV look promising. I’ve never been a handheld person but I do always purchase them and just end up rarely playing them. Hopefully the PSV will change that.

  • AWESOME WORK On The Game!!! I Can’t Wait To Get A PS VITA!!



  • OMG ! I like already this game !

  • Already have MY Vita and Uncharted paid for via amazon credit.

  • My money! Take it all!

  • Gonna purchase that day one with vita!! This game is amazing!!

  • OMG i can t wait!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • If we just wait… HD version will be on PS3?

  • Looks awesome! Definitely going to purchase this at launch.

  • looks really great !!!! is there any ps3 / vita connectivity ? give us a NA vita release date !!!!

  • The Vita itself is my #1 reason for pre-ordering the Vita, but Golden Abyss is my #1 reason I have to get it on day 1.

    Thank you for nailing the coffin shut on my ability to be a productive member of society, when this releases.

  • @22 i was thinking the same. but id get them both.

  • WOW, that was AWESOME!!! 8)

  • Buying this and the Vita day 1

  • freaking Uncharted , one of the top reasons i preordered the PS Vita

  • Looking great!

    Handheld gaming will never be the same! = )

  • An full, complete, true Uncharted (except for multiplayer, add it!) on Vita, EPIC, MUST BUY!

    But Sony, you have made it that I won’t get Vita at launch and will wait until the next iteration of Vita, why? There aren’t any announcements of internal memory and some games require a memory card to save your game on it (all games should save on itself if Vita doesn’t have internal memory or if every Vita doesn’t come with a memory card bundled in), you won’t be able to save photos, music, videos, movies, probably the social network apps, mail, anything. If there isn’t going to be internal memory on the first Vita, bundle it with a good sized memory card.

    Sony, you have to and better include at least a USB cable, headphones, if everything AR isn’t going to be cardless than the AR card and if no internal memory a good sized memory card. Of course more things like cradle and pouch would be even better and you will look better to people.

  • All Uncharted 3 is missing is a 2-4 PLAYER CO-OP CAMPAIGN!!! this would’ve made the game SUPER EPIC…but i guess it can be in the U4..and besides… being EPIC is still a good thing..day one purchase for both U3 and UPSV..;)

  • I wanted to add, you need to have that EVERY PS3 game can be played on Vita and you can still do everything on your PS3, play games, watch movies, etc, you can turn on and off your PS3, neither PS3 or Vita have to be connected to the internet and the disc doesn’t have to be in the PS3. Or at least most of those things. That’s one of the main things I wanted when Vita was announced and it can happen and you even showed a demo of Killzone 3 beingn played on Vita via Remote Play mode, but the current Remote Play mode is crap since the PS3 is in unusable Remote Play mode.

    That would be HUGE, another HUGE reason to own Vita which means more people will own it and even PS3 owners that aren’t interested in a handheld or Vita will own it because they will be able to play their PS3 games ANYWHERE!

  • That would also make it that you can start your PS3 game at home and continue it on the go anywhere single player and multiplayer offline and online.

    Also, for the play your Vita games on Vita and PS3, you better not think about us having to buy both copies of the game, it has to be with either copy the PS3 or Vita version you can play it on the other console. This would also make it so you can play any Vita game on PS3 and any PS3 game on Vita even if the game isn’t out on both platforms.

  • AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • I want to know when the PSV will release here in America. that way I can preorder and pay it off in time.

  • Sony Bend let me give you all my money!!

  • To John and all the guys at Sony Bend,

    Keep up the great work. I just bought Resistance Retribution over the PS Store and am really enjoying it. I have the utmost confidence that you guys will make another awesome Uncharted game.

  • The Vita and Golden Abyss are a day one buy for me. Point blank. This handheld is going to be unreal and has a top notch line up coming in.

  • Ahhh, PSV, come to me :)

  • -Slams hands on desk- EPIC!

  • CAN SOME PLEASE ANSWER ME……. will this game have multiplayer, just like in uncharted 2 , and uncharted 3 ?

  • @ John Garvin

    Who is playing the female “Voice”?

    Oh and the game looks honey sweet yum yum :)

  • Good looking game-play.Also, you guys should use U3’s cross-hairs though

  • I hate touch screens so much. Especially in gameplay. Nothing but an absolute gimmick. The aliasing is really bothering me too. Regardless, I’ll be getting it day one. I’m excited for this handheld.

  • Looks pretty good; I’m excited to hear more about the story. Are there any GLBT characters?

    @45 I’m with you, the aliasing and shimmer artifacts are pretty distracting to me. Hopefully when we play Vita games on PS3, it uses one of the SPUs to do an upscale/AA pass. Then again, maybe they’ll optimize the native rendering resolution a bit before release.

  • Can we use triangle to pick up guns and use the square button to punch? I feel like the touch controls should only be used for action commands, instead of ordinary gameplay. I don’t hate touch controls, It’s just easier to press a button for me. Please reply, I really want to know! The game’s looking amazing :D

  • Wow, Drake’s got a machete now? Maybe all of those “he’s a remorseless killer” comments weren’t too far fetched.

    Also, game looks WOW. Super WOW. Sham WOW even.

  • I’d like to play it some day. Just keep it up to the standard, Uncharted is among the top 3 best current franchises and hopefully Golden Abyss will be another proud addition.

  • Looks amazing! Can’t wait to get my hands on this.

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