Resident Evil 4 HD Hits PSN Tuesday, Plus Subscribers Get 50% Off

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Resident Evil 4 HD Hits PSN Tuesday, Plus Subscribers Get 50% Off

Resident Evil 4 HD for PS3 (PSN)

Now’s your chance to relive one of the most critically acclaimed games of all time. Resident Evil 4 HD will be released via PlayStation Network on Tuesday, September 20th. Five years after the Raccoon City outbreak, Leon S. Kennedy is back in action and on a new assignment. The President’s daughter has been kidnapped by a mysterious cult in Europe and it’s your mission to rescue her and make it out alive. The entire Resident Evil 4 experience (including all bonus content from previous versions) has been remastered in high definition and will be a treat for both new fans and RE veterans.

Resident Evil 4 HD for PS3 (PSN)

The Resident Evil franchise had its beginnings on PlayStation 15 years ago and to help celebrate we’re offering some sweet Resident Evil deals for PlayStation fans. At launch we’re going to be giving everyone five free RE4 avatars to anyone who purchases Resident Evil 4 HD. On top of that, all PlayStation Plus subscribers will get 50 percent off the price of Resident Evil 4 HD, bringing it down to just $9.99! To help get you caught up on the series leading up to RE4, we’re offering the PSone versions of Resident Evil 1 Director’s Cut, Resident Evil 2, and Resident Evil 3: Nemesis at 50 percent off for all PlayStation users and FREE to PlayStation Plus subscribers.

That’s a ton of Resident Evil content coming your way on the cheap, but it doesn’t stop there … check back next week for more details on Resident Evil Code Veronica X HD!

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  • OMG!! Thats a great deal, I love my PSN+ account

  • Love you Sony :D A lot :D

  • This… this is AWESOME Sony!! As a Plus member, I don’t even think I’m going to bother buying it on my 360 now! Why spend twice as much and not get any of the old games free to boot?!

  • You guys give us the concept of trophies and yet don’t give us any. The standard of 12 trophies per a PSN game is just ridiculous. (get rid of this stupid limit!) And now brilliant games like ResidentEvil 4 and the recent Beyond Good and Evil get excluded of the platinum that they deserve… it’s just insulting. I’ll stick to my PS2 version.
    No platinum = No sale.

  • Seriously why is their no plat or move support?

  • Wait…. no Platinum when the 360 has 1000GS? Ewww… Forget what I said above.

  • Bull

  • can’t wait to replay this game, played the heck out of it in wii and ps2

  • Plus was worth it, I got my money back in the 1st 3 months of the service started last summer. Had to subscribe again and now it ends Dec 2012 for me. The Resident evil stuff is just awesome!

  • Can’t wait, but no platinum trophy? Really?

  • This is too good an offer to pass up, even though it will scare the bejesus out of me. Thanks, PS plus.

  • Any Trophies?

  • Thanks….. I already have RE 1, 2, and 3. But 50% off of makes me want to buy it for sure now. I hope this goes for code veronica.

    Any talk about trying to get Zero? Or the remade RE 1?

  • I can live with no Move support, but no platinum is unforgivable (to whoever is responsible for this, Sony or Capcom).

  • I’ve already bought this game twice and have yet to beat it.
    Guess I’ll buy it again…but is there really no Platinum trophy? This and Beyond Good and Evil should have had them.
    I didn’t buy it because the update and lack of trophies seemed weak.

    My major gripe is why is there no Move support? It seemed like a sure thing.
    Please patch it later to add Move support in!

  • 20 $ for re 4 & code veronica ??
    or 20 for every one ??

  • Real good deal for plus members

  • Sony…. make a rule that all games must come with platinum trophies except minis. This is really disappointing and some people won’t buy this game because of this.

  • I just bought a second move and oh how I wish this was move compatible

  • 50% off? I’m down.

  • @63

    I think Beyond and Evil HD is understandable because it was only 10 bucks. The price of most PSN games which also have 12 bronze trophies. But with RE4HD, psn users have to pay 20 bucks.

  • Thank you, i will so be getting this

  • this deal keeps getting…Good all the time! lol

    Shame RE4 won’t have platinum, I unlocked EVERYTHING in RE4 for gamecube and Wii I was confident I’d platinum RE4 but…oh well, it own’t deter me from getting this awesome game, along with Code X!

    Though I do have one gripe..if Capcom can Remake REsident Evil 0(wii),1,4,CVX,…why can’t they remake Resident evil 2 (^_^!!!) and 3?

  • @63 It’s 20$ each, but if you have PS+, each game is only 10$

  • Think I may be ready to sign up for PS+ now…

  • Since when did people get so anal about trophies? Isn’t it good enough the game was completely redone and then digitalized with a few trophies? Go make your own remake you idiot trophy hunters :D

  • Perversely, Resident Evil 4 is the one game in the core series that I’ve never played, so this is an absolute must-purchase for me! Also, the chance to play the original Playstation trilogy again for free, complete with the worst voice acting in history (‘Master of unlocking’ indeed!) is just the icing on the cake.
    Code Veronica is my favorite in the series (baring in mind I’ve not played RE4 yet!), although I had it on Dreamcast , so I’m looking forward to picking that up, too. Great deal for Plus subscribers!

  • How in the heck did you allow capcom to stiff your fan base like this. There is NO reason why the 360 version of RE4 gets a 1000 gamer score and we don’t get a platinum. In case YOU did not know there are are a whole lot people who upset about this and I myself will not purchase RE4 until this fixed!!!

  • To all those people complaining that they won’t buy the game because it has no Platinum trophy: WTF???? Can’t you enjoy a game just for the sake of it’s own entertainment value? You really need a meaningless carrot on a stick to get you to play a game? Wow.
    I guess you guys never played a game before the current generation hardware then, right? I mean, what would be the point?
    Maybe Hollywood should introduce an achievement system into films (‘You sat all the way through The Last Airbender in 3D. Achievement unlocked!), I’m sure you people would lap it up!

  • Good deal and who gives a d a m n if it has no platinum trophy…

  • I’m so old. I all ready have all these on PSone disk. All this remade old stuff is getting old. LOL :)

  • I cant wait…….this will be the first game i will purchase on the day of release.

    ABout he trophies??
    I dont care that it doesn’t have a platinum, im just glad it has trophies to begin with. I am more angry at the online trophies for any games. Some people don’t play online. I don’t, and im sure im not the only one. It sucks because since i never buy new games, by the time i buy them no one is playing online or servers are no longer up for that game and even if i wanted to get the plat for that game i couldn’t.

  • who cares is this doesn’t have platinum? and wtf is wrong with the 360 1000G? I mean those Gs dont worth nothing! and the reason for this not having platinum is because it would be an easy platinum this game only have 12 easy to get trophies! Stop complaining!

  • Gotta say, I’m pretty bummed about there being no Platinum Trophy. Move support would’ve been a no brainer too. Still, it’s a great game and between a $9.99 price for Plus subscribers and 1,2 and 3 being free, it’s a good announcement all around. I’m still sick of downloadable games being treated like anything less than retail titles and not getting “full” Trophy support. Beyond Good and Evil HD was the same way.

  • no platinum = no buy every1 should boycott it

  • I agree with everything zzamaro said. I too am not buying this crap without a platinum, especially since 360 has 1K.

    I own this game for 3 platforms already, platinum was the ONLY reason I would purchase this game again.

    Glad I’m not a PS+ user, now I can purchase RE Director’s Cut for my PSP at half price and keep the game forever while + users have to keep wasting money just to have access at it :p

  • I just spotted this in the post

    “Five years after the Raccoon City outbreak”

    RE2 was September 1998
    RE4 was Fall 2004

    6 years, not 5 lol :p

  • My first thought was “Will this have platinum since it is a “retail” game?” Not that I would have bought it anyway, I still have the GC version, but I would have been interested in seeing a trophy list at least. Maybe there is a platinum nd everyone is just confused.

  • Don’t give a Splinter’s arse about no plat trophy, but very disappointed there’s no Move support, because i just got all this cool Move stuff 50% off at the Gamestop sale. May not buy RE4 because I want to save my money for stuff that works with all the crap I bought.

  • I don’t see why this doesn’t get a platinum and yet a game like spelunker hd does.

  • No Platinum = No Buy

    The reason for this is simple. I own it on GameCube and PS2. The *only* reason I was going to get this was because it would have a full set of trophies. But now there’s no reason for me to triple-dip on this game. Sorry, Crapcom, you just lost a sale from me.

  • sony yr da best of them all

  • Yes its true its sad that the game have no platinum, but its not a big deal.

    You all people, you play games just for trophies or what ? I think some people care a little too much over trophies this generation.

  • No PLATINUM TROPHY? Oh come on Sony!! ¬¬

  • It should have been $9.99 to begin with.

    Who would pay $20 for a non-platinum psn game?

    I don’t get why XBLA gets the full 1000 gamerscore and we don’t get our platinum. [DELETED]

  • I can’t believe how much some of you guys care about trophies. I didn’t think a trophy was that important but I guess I was wrong.

    Anyway I’m buying this on Tuesday and Code Veronica when it comes out, then imma sit down a beat all of them. :)

  • No Plat = No buy!

  • Only one response from Capcom? Well, I don’t like it.

    @91 and 93.

    One of the reasons for this game is to include both HD and trophies. I read some comments and most of them have said that they already played it before(me included). We are paying for these features but it not really worth the value due to the fact that the game will be 20$.

  • It would’ve been nice to implement Move for this but there are trophies and honestly who knows? Maybe it would’ve made the game almost unplayable for some. I completed KZ3’s campaign with the Move and loved it. I just got Resistance 3 and no matter how many times I tweak the settings it’s still not comfortable to play the whole game through with it and will kill the experience for me. More of a hassle than an entertaining exeperience thing would have only more people complaining.

    Besides, the controls style for RE games are unique compared to 1st person shooter, imo. The navigation controls wouldn’t fit it correct perhaps. I’m just saying it’s a great game that I’m gonna swoop up for $10. A case of beer costs more than that. Why compain about it?

    Just my two centavos.

  • I have to say, I’m with all of those who have noted that lack of Move support is a dealbreaker. It leaves the Wii version still the superior version, and puts the lie to the claim that this version is “the entire Resident Evil 4 experience (including all bonus content from previous versions).” Uhm, no. The “entire” experience uses point-and-shoot motion controls, at least as an option.

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