Resistance 3: Get in the Game Winners Revealed

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Resistance 3: Get in the Game Winners Revealed

Hey everyone,

Earlier this year, you may remember that we ran a Get in the Game contest for Resistance 3. In fact, we had winners from both the US and UK fly out to San Diego in late March to get scanned for the game, and also come to the Insomniac Community Day at the Egyptian Theatre in Hollywood. Our two winners had great entries in the contest, and we were really excited to have them out to California and put them in Resistance 3. Now that the game is almost here, we wanted to give you a glimpse at the head-scanning process, and show you how they look as their characters in the final game. Take a look.

We think the head scans turned out pretty well. You might be wondering where all of the other heads in the game came from. Many Insomniacs took a bus ride from Los Angeles down to San Diego to get their headscans in. We did some mixing and blending of the heads (not as gross as it sounds) so you may not recognize us specifically, but some of our features are certainly in the game!

That’s all for now, we’re so excited for you to get your hands on Resistance 3. If you already picked up a copy, let us know what you think in the comments!

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  • PirateHartard, you arrogance is only matched by your ignorance. I went to Google, typed your name, and went to another Playstation post. Someone was having a quite intellectual conversation with you with nothing negative about anything in the comment. You apparently thought it was harrassment and then continued by harrassing him. Think of this as karma. Do unto others as you would like to have be done to you. Treat others like you would like to be treated. The golden rule, eh? Look at your own grammar before talking about others. My is not spelled may or mai. Where is the stalking you speak of? You actually had to look up so called public information because you for some reason wanted to know where I live. That is stalking sir. Stop harrassing me and go run your so called “business”. Oh, I forgot you lied about that. No one with your kind of mindset, attitude, language, and unfriendly people skill could ever run a business.

  • I don’t come on the blog often as the times I do think about PS3 I’m actually using it for either movies or a game here or there. While looking at this entry Rorek_IronBloods comment caught my attention when he referred to what he called overzealous fascist. Extremely strong language was my first thought. Reading further down I saw dilbig5’s commentary if you can call it that. I immediatly knew what Rorek_IronBlood was referring to. I realized dilbig5 must be falling down drunk and would wake up the next day with a blinding headache and no recollection of what he’d done. Here he is back at it again and not just in this singular blog entry. I’m shaking my head right now for a number of reasons. How this dilbig5 has no life other than spending 24/7 impersonating characters he watches on Steve Wilkos reruns. This part of my comment is directed at SNEA who apparantly do not pay much attention to what goes on here. This is for you. Best thing you could do right now, yes today, is to hand this dilbig5 a lifetime ban from the blog comments and playstation forums. He is doing you no favours. His commentary if anyone dares call it something so mild does nothing to promote the games SNEA or its 3rd partys sell.

  • Quite the contrary is certainly true. Worst yet is it leaves SNEA or Insomniac open for lawsuits as PirateHarlock pointed out. My view of both SNEA and Insomniac has taken a big hit since they’ve said or done nothing about this situation. Silence just gives Dilbig5 and his ilk a false sense of approval when nobody other than a handful of gamers state that his insanity is unacceptable. Simply ignoring the lunatic fringe like dilbig5 won’t make him go away. On the contrary it’s doing the opposite since he’s convinced himself quite mistakenly that he will face no consequences. It is unprofessional that he’s continued to be allowed back time and time again after the first incident. Take the high ground don’t cater to the gutter mentality.

  • @CaptainJames99

    Now you are just attacking someone’s character without any proof and without reading into it. I asked 3 very simply, very easy non-negative questions that could easily been answered but instead I was answered with blantant harrassment. Not to mention, everytime I asked a question to someone’s comment, a certain someon sees it as harrassment. Everytime I see a extremely negative comment, I ask “Why they feel that way”. So far, everyone has given me a valid reason, except for PirateHarlock. He/She alwasy comments on everything in a negative, never appreciating what is there, acting like he is owed something. Fallen back drunk? I don’t drink. How am I impersonating someone? And who is Steve Wilkos? I comment on how I feel about things and actually give facts and ask questions, not that I have to, because I can.

    Your attacks on my character are biased and have no basis. You don’t know and you probably never will. What handful of gamers? I was only talking to one. Only one. That does not suffice for a handful. No, I’m not harrassing you, I’m telling you how it is.

  • And I am not the only one. Several people have asked question and shown facts to PirateHarlock. She somehow got the thought of harrassment and continued by harrassing them with name calling and said she somehow present facts over and over with 2 sentences.

    Don’t believe me? Check out this link

    http:/ /share /ideas/2010/06/24 /sony-must-come-clean-about-psn/

    Go ahead and ask the_lone_wolf42.

  • Dilbig5
    Why are you here 24/7 defending a game you have yet to play?
    Your profile shows you just got the game yesterday Sept.12 and have zero trophies on R3 only two on R2 both yesterday.
    Why are you not at school or work but instead attacking people with epiphets found only in a drunken sailors vocabulary?
    Where is your proof?
    This was asked of you before and as stated by others you have none.
    Where are these other people you say are backing you up?
    Not here obviously.
    Where are these questions you say you’ve been asking?
    Perhaps only in your own mind if you can call it that.
    Why did Rorek_IronBlood call you a fascist?
    Beyond obvious at this point.
    Are you going to continue attacking others who have stated gripes about bugs in this game?
    Probably right up until your well deserved ban.
    You’ve only proven one thing Dilbig5. Your own delusions are incurable. People point out several failings in this game but you lie and harass as not only I but others pointed out. You can’t even keep your own lies straight from one moment to the next. Good riddence to you. Nobody will miss you when your gone.

  • Im not here 24/7, I just happen to get on my computer a lot. I play multiplayer on R3 for not and story for R2, I can take my time with that, what I do with the game I bought cant be brought into an arguement.
    I am at my college from 7 to 3 or 4 on Monday thru Friday. I am the one getting harrassed, so I harrass back. Golden rule, eh?
    Proof to what?
    When did I say there was other people backing me up? I said PirateHarlock has harrassed and called others names, in the link if you even looked, and harrassing innocent people showing him the difference.
    You never read any of my comments did you? Plenty of questions are there unanswered. You’re probably just one of their friends with a biased attitude.
    PirateHarlock is continually complaining over something he hasn’t bought and doesn’t plan on buying. So he doesn’t even have a legitimate reason to complain. Attacking? Is anyone physically hurt? Emotionally? Spiritually? I’m not telling them what to buy or what not to buy but don’t come on here and complain about a product that you have no interest in buying. How will that help?

    If the person doesn’t even own the game and they aren’t even talking about anything really having the game, what is there to complain about.

  • “for now”

  • Also, will you tell what I have lied about? I apparently don’t know that I was lying and PirateHarlock never told me what I was lying about so I wasn’t. If anyone deserves to get banned, it is him. Hypocrisy all over the place and thinking he is owed something from buying nothing. Talking about paying extra for a game that just came out. It’s $60 plus tax just like any other game. No extra fees. I bought the Doomsday Edition so I got the Move, nav controller, Sharpshooter, Eyetoy, and the game. I paid extra and got extra. See the difference.

  • *shakes head* (see comments above)…..

    anyways…… insomniac R3 its Awesome! no doubt about it! I love the game! but as always theres always a “but”.
    this time… it was the ending… it was weak and generic….. i was expecting a lot…LOT more….and Bosses! NEED MORE BOSSES!!! LOL! apart of that the game mechanics where awesome! and Weapon wheel and freedom of use was BEAST! and last but not least…. the graphics of the game… they were good but i know a developers house such as Insomniac which make R&C games which they look like Pixar movies, could have done a better job. I was thinking that its maybe the engine where u are creating the games…but im not sure im no expert…so ill leave it to u…
    maybe u guys should consider using Unreal Engine for R4? u know what im referring to right?
    anyways, i love u guys keep doing better games for us, ur loyal Ps3 fans :)

    NOTE: im still angry that u excluded Puerto Rico from the Contest… u have fans here too u know… :(

  • I can’t blame you Darkone_PR not one bit. The biggest irony is the D-bag is posting in a blog entitled “get in the game winners revealed”. Yet he’s a loser who only bought the game after he was called out not having it and has yet to play it. LOL

  • Wow, you talk about me harrassing people when you are going around name calling, something you said I should get banned for? Hypocritical FAIL. Even after I haven’t said anything negative to you, you attack my character and resort to name calling. Who is the loser here? That is you.

    You don’t know me, you never will. I have the game, whether I play it or not is none of your concern. But yes I have played the multiplayer. I’m not touching the story until I finish Resistance 2. I can take as long as I want with that, you can’t do anything about me playing my games.

    Funny you didn’t answer anything I stated either. Just goes to show that trolls will be trolls. Oh by the way, your friend Pirate, never even said anything about the actual game. So, both your trolling and his, are both invalid and have no reason behind it.

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  • @captainjames, It must be clear you now that dilbag is a lost cause. This is how his demented mind works, he accuses everyone else of exactly what he’s doing. No matter how many times he’s hit in the head with the obvious it just resounds off his head like a gong. but you are right its long overdue he was flushed, his naseating presence is no longer entertaining and he never did anything the least bit useful. That is unless making gamers look like vacous pinheads was somehow “useful” but again that describes him more than the rest of us. He certainly is doing a terrible job of “defending” sony & insomniac. If anything he’s made them look very foolish for allowing his continued presence. Enabling his stupidity achieves nothing. It’s not my reputation, captain or rorek or anyone else who has had problems with this game that he’s ruined only his own and those he’s so ineptly tried to “defend”. Time to get rid of dilbag not hide behind him Sony. Start living by the same rules you expect everyone else to live by.

  • Enough with the insults. the_lone_wolf42 wants you to read his comment Pirate but it won’t let him comment on here so here’s a link to it.

    http:/ /share /ideas/2010/06/24 /sony-must-come-clean-about-psn/

  • Dilbag, you are truly one pathetic troll. Took you that long to invent this new charade? thats really the best you can come up with? you cease to amaze me. A troll impersonating another troll. I saw your attempt at impersonating him here yesterday except you made 2 obvious mistakes in your pitiful attempt, namely u got the ID wrong, since it was never yours to begin with you couldn’t used it and made up sumthing similar leading to your 2nd mistake, the trophy count, which doesn’t match up. And btw just so you know impersonating another user, troll or not, is yet another bannable offence. As for not being able to comment here well thats the 1 of the consequences of trolling. You’ve been told that more than once, you should have listened. To bad for you, no loss for the rest of the world.

  • Wow, who’s the d-bag that can’t speak in an adult manner? Gave you a chance to stop being childish with throwing around random insults. You lost your arguement and decided to try to make another one by attacking me on a personal basis. No one is impersonating anyone, he is him and I am me.

    No more insults. Just answer my questions. Avoid the questions and you just admit you are here to troll.

    Why are you complaining about a PSN Pass on a game that you AREN’T getting?
    Why do you constantly avoid any question given to you?

    And trying to make attempts to attack me personally will only prove that you cannot hold an arguement. Also, you can’t use being a paying customer as a back up to your arguement, especially when you aren’t buying what you are complaining about.

  • @dilbag *YAWN* Just give it up trollboy, reason nobody answers your questions is you haven’t asked anything that makes sense. All you do is lie lie lie then make a pitiful attempt at blaming your own stupidity on everyone else who shows you for what you really are. Go outside, get a life, do something useful for once. Wait nvm you can’t. And yeah your pitiful impersonation attempt is so obvious and brought on by the fact that others am saying the same thing as I am. Yet nobody agrees with you, few will spend time on your unintelligent gibberish. So you make a desparate ill concieved attempt at ficticious support that is so transparent it immediately shows itself for what it really is. Now back to rest of my day, unlike you I have things to do.

  • Your pitiful attempts are laughable at best. But look, you just admitted you are just here to troll sir. It is proof you cannot uphold any form arguement, much less act like an adult.

    That first question, it is the whole reason the arguement even started. Yet you can’t back up anything you have said. Tell me this. What have I lied about. Everything you have said was a lie. You sir, just need to shut up or put up. And try to do it in a civilized manner. Kids insult like you do, no one over the age of 17 acts like that. It’s a pity how your parents have raised you and apparently still are.

    Back up your arguement. Don’t get off subject by attacking me personally. It only shows how you can’t even form a relevant thought. You’re almost as bad or just as bad as people on Call of Duty on Xbox.

    PSN Pass is nothing more than a simple way to make money. You can’t argue with that. Whether it goes to developers or not, it goes to Sony. It’s a way to curve game sales. THIS IS FACT AND CAN’T BE DENIED.
    So live in your fantasy world. Stuff to do? Shouldn’t you be in school?

  • @dilbag, I said no such thing and you know it. again your lying out your backside, again your blaming your own actions on anyone who calls you on your BS. So unless you actually have something new to say than shutup. Clearly you don’t have a point, just as clear as your feeble attempt at manufacturing support for you that isn’t there. Stop wasting everyones time and beat into your thick skull already. Nobody believes your lies nor does anybody want you here. you’ve been proven a liar and its more than just me proving it. Your crybaby tantrums are unjustified, unwanted, and no longer entertaining. You’ve been told so many times now so its past time you left the real world alone since your incapable of functioning in it.

  • You didn’t directly but you admitted you are just here to troll. “Avoid the questions and you just admit you are here to troll,” is what I said if you can understand that. My BS? I called you out on your BS and you replied with childish name calling. You have strayed away from the lack of arguement you claim to have had and are now talking like a babbling fool. You have lost your whole point of commenting on here.

    Everyone? I have only been talking to you, not counting CaptainJames. 1 person does not suffice for everyone on the PSN.

    Tell me, what have I lied about? I have constantly asked you this but you continue to fail at telling me how. You are the one who is lying.

    Crybaby? Wasn’t it you that came on here whining and complaining about the PSN Pass on a game that you have no interest in buying? That is the real thing that doesn’t make any sense. It’s time you start going back to school seeing as you have much more to learn.

  • One things become clear in this fiasco. That is Dilbig5 is no Playstation fanboy. I wondered who would gain most from ignoring the other problems people have had with this game and focusing on defending this Pass to the exclusion of all else. It doesn’t take much effort to find the answer. That answer is an xbox fanboy butthurt over having his a** handed to him over having paid for xbox live. He sees this backdoor way of paying for online play as a chance for his revenge. Never stood a chance though as his fanboy skills if you can call them that are insufficient to carry a conversation. What it comes down to is Pirateharlock was right as dilbig5 is a crybaby. Sitting in the basement fuming in his nerdrage while the rest of the world living life. For all his pointless posturing he cannot even say anything original. He just takes whatever is said to him and tries to accuse those who showed him for what he really is. Sad really but its his own loss.

  • Thanks for the no fanboy comment. But who is defending anything? I simply want to know why he is complaining about it when he has no interest in buying it. He never once answered this very simple question. I no longer have an xbox but when I did, I never even got online. Besides, no one on the PSN is even paying to play online. Not unless they buy EA games used. But even people on xbox have to pay for those passes too. Carry a conversation? You simply attacked my character without even reading into it. You are obviously can’t even say anything about me seeing as you know nothing about me.

    Name calling = no conversation. This is exactly what you and Pirateharlock have been doing in every single comment.

    Crybaby? I have cried about anything. I just simply called out his BS on a game he has no interest in buying but still complains about it. Answer me this: Are you gonna complain about food you don’t like at a buffett when it’s nowhere near you? You have the option to eat it but since you don’t like, its obvious you won’t. Same logic here. Why is he crying over something he has he option of buying but isn’t going to?

    Everything I have said has been my own. Pirateharlock and you fail at trying to turn things around.

  • *I have cried about nothing*

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