Resistance 3: Get in the Game Winners Revealed

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Resistance 3: Get in the Game Winners Revealed

Hey everyone,

Earlier this year, you may remember that we ran a Get in the Game contest for Resistance 3. In fact, we had winners from both the US and UK fly out to San Diego in late March to get scanned for the game, and also come to the Insomniac Community Day at the Egyptian Theatre in Hollywood. Our two winners had great entries in the contest, and we were really excited to have them out to California and put them in Resistance 3. Now that the game is almost here, we wanted to give you a glimpse at the head-scanning process, and show you how they look as their characters in the final game. Take a look.

We think the head scans turned out pretty well. You might be wondering where all of the other heads in the game came from. Many Insomniacs took a bus ride from Los Angeles down to San Diego to get their headscans in. We did some mixing and blending of the heads (not as gross as it sounds) so you may not recognize us specifically, but some of our features are certainly in the game!

That’s all for now, we’re so excited for you to get your hands on Resistance 3. If you already picked up a copy, let us know what you think in the comments!

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  • The game is almost here? Isn’t it out in every region by today? Anyway…cool video :)

  • After beating R3 last night, I can safely say R:FoM is still my favorite, by far. It is making me wish that game had trophies all the more… :'(

  • @#2 To each his own, I LOVE R1 but to me R3 (single player) was amazing. It built on R1’s strengths and ran with them. Only thing lacking was use of vehicles.

  • Error 20000013, that’s all I’m going to say.

  • I’ve only been able to play just a bit of the campaign so far and it is flippin amazing so far. I’m holding off until tomorrow where me and my close family members are doing a Resistance 3 marathon together at my place. So excited!
    Love the graphics. You guys did such an amazing job of taking the resistance graphic style and making it grittier and more realistic. Also love how there are so many NPCs that walk around and talk and feel like they’re alive. It makes the world feel alive and less stale. I love it so far. The MP really rocks! Can’t wait to get my first remnant!!!

    PS: when will have psn login? I can’t wait to login and link my account.
    Thanks again Insomniac Games!!!

  • Forgot to mention!
    Cool post btw!!! I think they came out really cool. I don’t know if those guys will be available as MP skin options but they should! Because they came out looking great in the game. They deserve it too :D

  • well im huge fan of the series , Fall of Man was my first FPS game and loved it but im really loving Resistance 3 ( every second of it ) the only problem i see is that im playing as capelli instead of Hale , but the single player campaign i think R3 is better than Fall of Man , one thing i can say , this is what Resistance 2 should have been , this is a true sequel to Fall of Man but with a different main character . love it !!!!

  • im proud to say i was not dissapointed the campaign was probably the best fps campaign ive ever played followed by killzones 3 campaign also the multiplayer is so fun i enjoyed it alot its a shame many people ignored this masterpiece!!10/10 just need to work on some more patches ok!!are there going to be any resistance 3 avatars i would love to switch to a chimera!!

  • hey james are you guys gonna release R3 dynamic theme and avatars ?

  • @remantud5

    I think the last Resistance 3 post said October 4th.

  • I’m really enjoying the game!

  • Those guys are so lucky. I’m picking up my Doomsday Edition today, can’t wait!

  • @dilbig5 Be warned …the Move/Sharpshooter controls are, at the moment, to put it VERY kindly, awfully implemented. They are on the verge of being completely broken. An example: when you are zoomed in the reticle is fixed and movement becomes extremely slow and sluggish to the point you can not aim effectively unless your target is motionless. To make matters worse, IG did not properly re-map buttons for the Sharpshooter – leaving Jump & Crouch on X and Circle respectively – making impossible to run and jump/crouch at the same time.

    On the plus side…the campaign, while playing with a DUALSHOCK 3, IMO, is the best in the series.

    @JamesStevenson I hate to derail this thread but, does IG have any plans in the works to release a patch for the Move controls?

  • um……..whats with the ending? I was hoping to see what happened to city as it got warm again. Are we to assume it is implied everything went back to normal just that fast?????

  • Great stuff. Resistance 3 is definitely the best game in the series. I was a little disappointed with 2 personally, but you guys made the right changes. I’m playing through the campaign again on Superhuman with a friend we’re having a great time. I’m also loving the 8 v 8 multiplayer. The games are very fast paced and just tons of action all over the place. I will be playing that for a long time. Great job on the game. The 3 year development cycle definitely shows.

    I had a quick question though, is there any update on linking the Global Resistance account to the PSN for the R3 unlocks?

  • This is to number 13 report that on the R3 forums not here you will get an answer back form there not here.

  • Love R3 it takes me back to R1 feels way better than R2. I love the move with the game really good with it takes some getting used to but it works fine for me. ? Are the guys in the video going to be available pick has skins for online that be cool?

  • Love that PlayStation 2 logo in the mocap room.

  • @ICU-KILLA I, and many other people, have but we’ve yet to get an official response from Insomniac.

  • @Alfred_Allen

    Thanks for the heads up but I probably won’t be playing Resistance 3 with the Move much. I got it mainly because it was cheaper than buying everything separate, I can get it all at once, and some of the Move-enabled games I already have. And I just so happen to be a lucky college student that got the for free, so I gotta try that out.

  • That was really cool. Man, it would be surreal to see yourself in game like that. Quite amusing.

  • Hands down without a doubt Resistance 3 was the BEST GAME I PLAYED THIS YEAR I WANT MORE!!!! THANK YOU INSOMNIAC FOR R3

  • Is anyone else having trouble getting the Playstation move controler to work on Resistance 3? It will connect but the the naviation controler will not connect. I have to use the regular controler with the move to get the game going. Also, you can’t select from the menu with the move either. I there a fix?

  • I liked the Sp game alot, but was easy and short. With that said, the online pass made me boycot the purchase of this game. Sony pushs the free to play online, but now makes us pay to play individual games online.

    So Instead I went to a rental store, spent a whoping 2 dollars and beat it in 2 days. There wasnt even a option of a limited week of online like all EA titles.

    I will say I rented Killzone 3 at first. Loved one of the online features, so I went out and purchased it to keep playing,as well as the Move Sharpshooter and the Nav Controller to go with it.

    Online Passes are just bad, along with Day one DLC. Dont make a game and plan to keep content out that you will just try to sell me later.

  • Hi ..When I play Deathmatch by myself it is ok…but when i play team death match with my brother with split scren it laggs really bad…does any1eles have this problem? or know the solution?

  • HA! That’s me with the beard. It IS VERY surreal to turn a corner and there you are speaking in a voice that is not your own. It’s been fun to go through and count how many times Hal and I pop up though. It was an Awesome trip. The Sony Reps and the San Diego Studios guys and gals were the BEST! Big Thanks to them!!!

    See if you can spot the Studio Tech (Eddie) that is talking to us about MoCap in Killzone 3!

  • 3D does so much justice to this game, i encourage everybody to get a 3D TV!

  • yes that’s why the other aspects are not as good because they spent all their time focusing on the 3D single player has bugs,multiplayer lags,move controls are horrible , but oh well at least you can buy a $1,100 tv to half way enjoy a $60 game… FAIL!!!!!!

  • @bakerarmy,

    Be careful of what you say around these over zealous, fascist. You’ll be crucified for your opinions (especially such words against Sony (because, you know that Sony can do, no wrong. Right? Pfft.)

  • 27 im trying to get one i totally like 3d but im probably getting one for christmas what brand,size,and kind of glasses would you recommend the shutter glasses or the plain theater glasses is there a diffrence?

  • I wanna get the first 2 games and play those. This game is awesome.

  • Bakerarmy & Rorek Ironblood are right, I brought up the online pass issue and was libelled repeatedly. Its stupid really. Once is inexcuseable but several times over weeks and months with no repurcussions shows Sony only regards their customers as a bottomless ATM with no regard for the consequences. And for their ignorant trolls to be allowed to libel people with legit concerns and throw defamatory insults like “cheap whore” about goes far beyond acceptable behaviour. Sony is winning the race to the bottom with microsoft, but thats a race they should never have entered.

  • salmonK, it is cool to be in the game. I think it is cool when they do this sort of thing.

    The sad thing is that the ps3 can put any of us in a game. Take Fight Night Champion, I used my USB camera and created myself as a boxer. Even matched the hair almost. I boxed Tyson and countless other players. That was Epic, so I ask the question, why can’t they do it more.

    Think of muti-player, you actualy make your own player. Can’t be that hard developers, maybe just some extra server strain.

  • guys help i passed the campaign 3 times on hard and wont give me the trophy for it and also wont allow me to purchase rewards after beating campaign hell my profile says not complete campaign ive passed it 3 times and no trophies or super human difficulty!!im dissapointed in that if it doesnt get fixed but also fix the lag in multiplayer well back to killzone 3 mp!!!

  • @Troll

    Why be a PSN user if you hate Sony so much? And if you aren’t getting the game, why complain? Also, why are you constantly trolling Resistance 3 blogs? I know you won’t answer these because you never do.

    Video Game Rights:
    When you buy any kind of video game on a disc, you only own the disc. You do not own the software or engine that makes up the game. When you buy digital, it’s a whole different story.

  • @dilbag

    As has been pointed out many times the troll here is you. And again you are lying to everyone here. I am a PAYING CUSTOMER who has rights to get what I pay for in working condition. Which R3 clearly isn’t. And frankly you are are the harassing lunatic who yourself in the past few days been hurling near constant harassment at myself and others throwing out a constant spew of defamatory insults including “cheap whore” among others. Your accusation that I’m “only trolliing resistance 3 blogs” is also a lie, you know its a lie, so does everyone else who’s a regular reader of the blogs. In fact I’ve put several questions to you, and to date you’re the only one who’s refused to answer them. You’ve had FACTS explained to you many times now. But you instead you continually return to Lie, Harass, and Libel both myself and others with no justification or basis in fact. So tell us this: Why do you avoid the questions put to you? Why do you hide behind a keyboard and harass but not face myself or anyone else in person? Why can’t you present any facts or even make a coherent argument? The answer is clear, you’re unable of doing any of those things.

  • insomniac, you have really done it this time, this probably one of the best fps of all time! the only problem i have with the game is the little bugs that happen but other than that, i love the game!

  • 1 other thing, i love the final level of the game is flat out amazing! best level of the series!

  • Ha that’s freaking cool. Sony should be doing more neat stuff like this instead of wasting time/money/intelligence on junk like the tester.

  • @PirateHartard

    Haaa, you just called yourself a troll by commenting back. Again, you have failed to tell me where/when I lied. “Paying customer”. That is the ONLY FACT you have given me about anything. Not only that, YOU AREN’T EVEN GONNA BUY THE GAME, SO NO YOU AREN’T A PAYING CUSTOMER. Resistance 3 is a game, I’m pretty sure it’s doing a good job at being a game. In the past few days, the only one I commented against was you because you are wrong with no facts. YOU CAN’T READ CAN YOU?? I said “Why are you constantly trolling Resistance 3 blogs?” Where do you see an only in that? If answered every single one of your questions as simple as anyone possibly could, why can’t you understand child? You have yet to answer any of mine.

  • You aren’t paying for PSN usage and you hardly buy any games with passes and when you did, that’s a developer decision, not Sony’s. WHAT ARE YOU COMPLAINING ABOUT?? I don’t want to meet you in person, again I’ve already answered why. Plus no one over the internet asks you to meet them in person unless they want to rape or kill you or are on a dating/social site. YOU HAVE NEVER HAD AND NEVER WILL HAVE AN ARGUEMENT. BACKLASHING AT SOMEONE ELSE’S ARGUEMENT DOESN’T MAKE UP FOR YOUR LACK OF ONE.

    (I can use uppercase too, it doesn’t make your arguement better)

  • @dilbag, nothing has changed you are still lying yet again. Only a someone acting on behalf of sony even unofficially or a completely clued out buffoon wouldn’t have any clue what I’m talking about. This online pass IS INDEED PAYING FOR PSN USAGE, there is no doubt of that, NONE AT ALL. FACTS don’t like dilbag but you do. and no insomniac did NOT issue psn passes only Sony does. All you’re doing is showing deliberate ignorance. And no trying to deflect your own willfull stupidity doesn’t invalidate what I’m saying. Fact cannot be dismissed by your own ignorance. The real reason you wont make your mindless accusations in any public place is you are fully aware that your a liar engaged in stalking and libellous behaviour, have your parents look both of those up for you. Neither is socially or legally acceptable and both will land in you in court with serious consequances. Yet somehow in your twisted vindictive little mind you think you can get away with accusing me of “raping you”, yet you continue to follow me online (stalking) and engaging in Libel. The only question you need answer even to yourself is this: are you going to stop your illegal behaviour before you face the consequences?

  • @PirateHartard

    You have still yet tell me how I am lying. If the game that has the pass is the same price as one without (which it is) then how are you paying for usage? Answer that, but you probably won’t. YOU HAVE NO FACTS. Sony controls the PSN Pass. Other companies controll their own online passes. EA started it, NOT Sony. Your stupidity doesn’t make up for the lack of an arguement. TELL ME HOW I AM LYING. You need to stop skipping school and learn something. How am I stalking? I read this blog and comment on a lot of them (others that don’t include Resistance 3 unlike you). And how is anything libel? I didn’t flat out call you anything, you assumed it did because YOU CAN’T READ. I doubt anything is going to effect your “reputation” since no one on here knows your real persona. YOU SERIOUSLY CAN’T READ. NO ONE, I MEAN NO ONE, ASKS YOU TO MEET THEM IN PERSON OVER THE INTERNET UNLESS THEY HAVE MALICIOUS INTENT. Nothing I’m doing is illegal in any way. Commenting against you isn’t in any way illegal. Learn some business, stop skipping school, and LEARN HOW TO READ.

  • Oh, to show even more of your hypocrisy, don’t expect anyone to answer anymore of your questions if you won’t answer any back. Just shows that you don’t understand things and you either can’t think for yourself or someone else besides you is commenting on your profile.

    Your Hypocrisy:
    -You continue to comment on here negatively, troll Sony (mainly Insomniac’s Resistance 3), and apparently hate Sony but you continue to use Sony products and play PS3 games.
    -You say you “own” a “business” so you must have “a lot” of “money” but you complain about something as small as $60, even more when something is included for free with said $60 game.
    -You apparently are old enough to read what you write but can’t understand what someone else writes.
    -Hate the PSN Pass but have played games with online passes.

    What are you gonna do when the online pass becomes an industry standard? Are you gonna eat your words and play them anyway? Or are you gonna leave video games forever and still complain?

  • did they get payed to do this mocho stuff?? or was it like, “ur on the set, just be happy about ok, dont need to get payed”

  • 44@ i think you won what is she going to do when this becomes standard on all video games!!!quit?resistance 3 9.5 in my opinion!!

  • @dilbag,

    or should I say David Keith Biggs, hows life in Anderson SC? I won’t give out the rest of your info in public but know this, your campaign of harassment is over, now. I kid you not when I warned you time & time again that your petty and illegal harassment is unacceptable. You can have either police show up on your door or an officer of the court serving you legal documents, either way you will not be continuing your attacks. And since I’ve already established your a minor and this is an M rated game I needn’t point out the only hypocrisy is once again yours. But even that isn’t all of it, you see your profile is public and I’ve already seen you havent even played the game as it doesn’t even show as 0% complete. you were given many chances to stop your pitiful little tirade but foolishly continued. now you should be ready to face the legal consequences. Don’t continue to make the foolish mistake of thinking I’m joking, its no joke.

  • @PirateHartard


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  • Funny actually, you would go to that links just to make someone stop proving you wrong.

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