See the UNCHARTED 3 Poster Powered by Penny Arcade

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See the UNCHARTED 3 Poster Powered by Penny Arcade

Hi everyone! We’re excited to announce today that we’ve partnered with Penny Arcade to bring you an exclusive new poster for UNCHARTED 3: Drake’s Deception that you’ll get for free when you pre-order the game from GameStop.


Created by the talented folks at Penny Arcade and inspired by the Hollywood blockbuster look and feel of UNCHARTED 3, this 17″ x 24″ poster brilliantly depicts Drake, Sully, Elena, Chloe, and our new villain Katherine Marlowe in a way that not only captures their core personalities, but also manages to reflect a lot of what’s happening between them in UNCHARTED 3.

Exclusive to GameStop, this poster will be a pre-order bonus in addition to the already announced Creepy Crawler Multiplayer Medal Kickback, and is redeemable for preordering in Standard Edition and the Collector’s Edition flavors at GameStop. You’ll get this pre-order bonus for both in-store and online orders.

What if you already pre-ordered? You’re covered! If you pre-ordered in-store, then you’ll get it when you go in to pick up your copy, and if you pre-ordered online, then it will ship out with your game or shortly after. But alas, as with all things awesome, supplies are limited here, so be sure to get your pre-order in sooner rather than later.

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  • F***ing awesome!
    I pre-ordered the Collector’s Edition at Game Stop.
    Hope I get this dope poster.

  • I’ve had enough of this. Retailer-specific bonuses are getting out of hand. Companies should be happy that anyone, no matter where they buy it from, is buying a game at $60. They should be giving bonuses to anyone that is willing to buy a game at $60 when they can wait a couple months and get it at $40, or a couple more months and get it at $30 or even $20. In this economy, one-time use DLC codes or packed-in “gifts” with new copies are really a much better and much more fair way to do this kind of thing.

    I might just cancel my pre-order and buy the game off of eBay or Craigslist. Then neither GameStop or Sony gets my money.

  • can sony or anyone please help me, my PS3 is having some problems and i heard that you can send it to sony and sony would fix it, is this ture? if it is, is it like a life time guarranty or something? someone please help me, im even scared of turning my PS3 on because its acting up VERY wierd

  • Looks like a funny poster.UNC 3 Can’t wait!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • You can send in ur ps3 to sony for a one time tune up i should say.Call Sony and set up an appointment with sony.They shouldn’t give u problem. If so just to speak to a supervisor that should take care of that.”Oh yea about the life time warranty theres no such thing.”

  • Hmm.. a so-so poster by an Xbox shilling webcomic (seriously Sony, PA?), or buy elsewhere and have the reassurance that my new video game will actually be new; having not been opened, played by grubby handed employees, shrink wrapped, and then sold as new.

  • I love it, but honestly? F Gamestop; nowhere makes you feel more like a criminal for buying games without *gasp!* preordering than they do. I wish more offers like this would happen with Amazon or somewhere that respects their customers. :(

  • Huge fan of Penny Arcade, bigger fan of Uncharted. The two combined only makes for an incredible masterpiece! Mike, you’re an incredible inspiration, looking forward to the pre-order for this :D

  • nooooo! Why Gamestop?!

  • Lol @ Chloe

  • I logged in for the first time ever to say that poster is terrible. I like Penny Arcade and I like Uncharted but we have now found out that the two don’t mix. Good lord that is hideous.

  • Hey! Awesome poster!

    but what if i already pre-ordered the CE like 4 months ago (from gamestop) do i still get everything included on the way to release?

  • Why does Nathan Drake look like Woll Smoth? Gabe has done better art. This is embarassing.

  • This poster is growing on me. At first I thought it was lame. but the more I see it, the more awesome it looks!

  • penny arcade style its horrible… sorry .. the assassins creed poster was horrible as well… anyways, i have my game pre-order and im pretty sure that the game wont be horrible lol!

  • Why would you work with those hacks over at Penny Arcade?

  • I agree that the artist went a little overboard with the freedom to draw them in his own depiction, however, this is just what i wanted as far as a clincher for the collector’s edition pre-order. I was hoping that we would get some kind of poster or something and this is good enough for me. I was going to pre-order Uncharted 3 after Battlefield 3 and Rage, but this definitely changes things. I might even head down to gamestop tomorrow!

  • Leave it to the clowns at Penny Arcade to make something as awesome as Uncharted look ugly and lame. I’d hardly call this ugly thing a “bonus.”

  • Awesome stuff! I love when games do this, So far I have pre-order posters for God of War 3, Infamous 2 and Kingdom Hearts 358/2 days. I will save a spot on my wall for this poster for sure!

  • guys and gals, just like any promo at gamestop “when an item such as infamous 2 poster or the l.a.noire cup poster art book, supplies are in fact limited, dont ask me how or why they run out but they do.. hence i have my penny arcade revelations poster hanging up now in my game room.. just make sure you do get to the store before 2 hours of closing because your pre-order may be deemed”not honored/going to pick up” and all the extra posters will be given out to regular customers who ask , horded and end result, no poster.. it happens all the time, i buy so much stuff at my local game stop that i dont have to pre-order to get in on the goodies… just the dlc’s are exempt from goodies. and im not the only one so keep this in mind and try to get there as soon as you can to avoid “wtf is my poster?” crazy thing is that they get sent extra’s and ive seen pre-ordered gamers not get a poster simply because of time , and the fact of not doing what they are supposed to do, hold one per pre-order until the store closes. just a fyi

  • @ 13 YOU need more cow bell. Looks awesome Naughty Dog!

  • Man I wish my local retailer lets me pre-order this, or at least reserve a copy…

  • I hate Gamestop so if we (amazon customers and everyone) can get the same treatment it will be great, if not ,thanks for just ingnoring us.

  • While the art style is certainly different, I’m extremely excited to pick up this poster. I’ve been a long time reader of Penny Arcade and I have the Assassin’s Creed poster they did as well. This is just a sweet bonus to an already sweet looking game, even better if you pre-ordered the collector’s ed. (I did!) Thanks Sony and Penny Arcade! Now I’ll have one more thing to hang on my wall.

  • Ew, Gamestop.

  • People still shop at RapeStop?

  • come are saying this know.i have pre-ordered from an other shop.that is bad :(

  • Not a fan of Gamestop or Penny Arcade, so I’m not really missing out on anything here.

  • I think I’d rather a poster I can pick up at a mall of Nathan Drake, I have a God Of War 3 one on my wall right now… no offence that’s just to cartoony for even my taste. I like the idea of it, but it’s not my cup of joe… still pretty good.

  • Sorry, anything to do with Penny Arcade gets no recognition from me.

  • oh wow :D I am so looking forward to this.

  • I’ve already preordered but to be honest PA’s style doesn’t appeal to me. I’d have much preferred actual art from Naughty Dog or the stuff used in the comics.

  • Just because they are Penny Arcade and famous for PAX, etc DOES NOT MAKE THEM GOOD ARTISTS as this poster proves. Sorry, I like Penny Arcade to some extent and go to PAX yearly, but this poster SUCKS. I’ve seen much better from those guys, and that’s with their middling talent.

  • I love uncharted but poster looks stupid ac revelations poster was same really cartoon lokking (although its grown on me) but this no ive preordered this but will be throwing poster away.

  • okay thats pretty cool, maybe i should preorder after all

  • I do appreciate Gabe’s art style, but when I saw the crop that he posted on PA I had to stop and think “why does Drake have long hair that’s pulled up?” And then I got that he overlaps Chloe. 8)
    For me, that’s the photographic equivalent of a lamppost coming out of someone’s head.

    Still, if ND ever asks PA to do a minicomic I’d read it.

  • 7200 x 10800? I’ll take that file to Kinkos; already pre-ordered at Best Buy.

  • the poster sux

  • At first glance I thought you had resurrected ‘Al Hirschfeld’, deceased illustrator from the NY Times and had him make a poster. That would be cool. Then I looked a little more closely, not Hirschfeld, nowhere near his quality of illustration.

    This poster does not do the game, or the extremely talented people who have worked tirelessly to make this game, justice. It doesn’t look like it represents the game or the fans of the game. Lame.

  • Sorry, I’m not a fan of this poster :[
    I would rather have a poster with the real characters, not a cartoon kind. (don’t know what else to call it, lol)
    Any chance of a different style poster somewhere? Even if I had to buy it separate somewhere else?

  • That’s a fugly poster..well good thing is free, so can’t truly complain ;)
    Well go good next to my ACR Penny Arcade poster.

  • @90 we’d be lucky enough if they put something for Uc3 at Walmart.
    Walmart has fairly cool game posters, but sadly they usually only have like 4-5 and the rest are occupied by justin biber or something :/

  • i dont really care where i spend my money as far as pre-ordering, what i do care about is what i will be getting for pre-ordering, dlc’s, the exclusive kind,lol
    for instance i got the chimera teeth and level 5 booster at gamestop, but now that i think about it ( and after logging onto multiplayer) ive noticed that some bypassed the campaign( to each their own, what ever way they decide to game is up to them, they paid 60 bucks so getting the online edge is understandable because the campaign isnt going anywhere but m.p. rankings are,lol) and went straight to m.p. so my booster was worthless and ranking up to level 5 takes a few matches or so. hence a special skin wouldve been more worth while to me after dawn hit marble head, but hey the teeth are cool, im missing my entire top row so i inserted them there, so it wasnt so bad i guess,lol.. do i see gamers playing w/ them around their neck? i can picture it, and often do when im having a bad day and need a good laugh. either way penny arcade isnt enough of a pre-order incentive for me, combined w/ some exclusive dlc and then its something i wouldnt mind having, but can do w/o

  • I pre ordered the regular edtion, will I still get one? I pre ordered it before the collectiors edtion was announced, I would have pre ordered that one but didnt know about it until afterwards.. :(

  • im in the uk and ordered the explorer edition from gamestop, is this offer on in the uk also

  • making poster available = good PR

    making a poster this bad…….well it just isn’t good PR

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