See the UNCHARTED 3 Poster Powered by Penny Arcade

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See the UNCHARTED 3 Poster Powered by Penny Arcade

Hi everyone! We’re excited to announce today that we’ve partnered with Penny Arcade to bring you an exclusive new poster for UNCHARTED 3: Drake’s Deception that you’ll get for free when you pre-order the game from GameStop.


Created by the talented folks at Penny Arcade and inspired by the Hollywood blockbuster look and feel of UNCHARTED 3, this 17″ x 24″ poster brilliantly depicts Drake, Sully, Elena, Chloe, and our new villain Katherine Marlowe in a way that not only captures their core personalities, but also manages to reflect a lot of what’s happening between them in UNCHARTED 3.

Exclusive to GameStop, this poster will be a pre-order bonus in addition to the already announced Creepy Crawler Multiplayer Medal Kickback, and is redeemable for preordering in Standard Edition and the Collector’s Edition flavors at GameStop. You’ll get this pre-order bonus for both in-store and online orders.

What if you already pre-ordered? You’re covered! If you pre-ordered in-store, then you’ll get it when you go in to pick up your copy, and if you pre-ordered online, then it will ship out with your game or shortly after. But alas, as with all things awesome, supplies are limited here, so be sure to get your pre-order in sooner rather than later.

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  • Do want!

  • hahahahaha cool! I like, I like! :)

  • Can’t wait for Uncharted 3. Only problem is my studies ….

    Started college this week and I didn’t have time to play Resistance 3 :(

  • Cool. too bad i don’t have gamestop in my country. that’s why i don’t like pre orde bonuses that give you advantage over other players who can’t get them.

  • Hope I get one when I pick up the game, already have my Collector’s Edition pre-ordered.

    • @ RE_Player – You betcha! If you’ve already got it preordered you will definitely get it! This program is just starting so it’s going to cover everyone who has already preordered, as well as new preorders while supplies last. By the way, you are going to LOVE the Collector’s Edition my friend!

  • Guess where I’m pre-ordering! :D

  • I already preordered the collector’s edition.

    I’m assuming I can just come to the nearest GameStop and pick up my poster?

    they probably don’t have them yet though, so I’ll wait a few days.

    • @ jgrizzle358 – Nope! As I mentioned in the post, it’s available on 11-1-11 at game launch, you can go in and pick it up where you preordered it, or if you ordered online, they will mail it to you with the game (again, at launch) ;)
      Good decision on that CE preorder though, it totally rocks – HARD!

  • Perfect for this blank spot on my wall. Thanks Penny Arcade and Naughty Dog!

  • Looks great! But it will be better if Chloe is also facing front like the others.

  • Has this poster just spoiled the story line of UC3? Nath protecting elena. Elena looking at Drake (blushing). Sully looking quite deceptive… And Chloe looking very jealous… Very interesting poster…

  • GameStop + Penny Arcade


    What dimwitted marketing drone was allowed to come up with this garbage?

  • at PatriotEyez27 same (although I sent my playstation in for repairs so a little different)

  • This poster needs more cow bell.

  • Love it!

    But give GameStop my money? Not a chance.

    I respect the fine folks at NaughtyDog and other great devs’ work too much to support such a low-life organized crime racket.

  • Nice but I don’t give money to GameStop.

  • damn i started highschool as a senior and havent been able to play resistance 3,i cant even pass games i plan to pass its all happening to fast!!!208 hours into killzone 3 multiplayer thats probably why!!!

  • I’m a PA fan, and so I don’t say this lightly: This is some of the worst art I’ve seen Gabe do in a long time. I’ll definitely be pre-ordering the game, and I’ll definitely get the poster (since it comes with the pre-order), but it won’t be hanging up any where.

  • Cool poster, but BOO! to Gamestop. Never shop there, and their strong-arm tactics they use on the industry.

  • That is unbelievably lame.

    Sony’s top franchise and Game of the Year 2011 has a marketing hookup with a crappy webcomic???

    What tard would hang that junk on their wall?

  • stupid poster

  • @Mick Perona

    thank you for clearning that up. see I got confused because when I preordered Assassin’s Creed revelations I got a penny arcade poster with it right when I preordered it. I thought this was the same deal. my bad.

  • I liked Amazon’s bonuses better that Gamestop’s . so I went with them, but I do like the poster

  • It occurs to me that stuffing Online Passes into your games and then promoting pre-orders via GameStop is pretty damn hypocritical and insulting to your fans.

  • ……..that poster looks so terrible.

  • Don’t stare at our crotches while we synchronize our watches!!!

    P.S. Wide crotches.

  • best buy has a pre order 5 games get $100. You can keep your poster and I’ll take my 100 bucks :)

  • Yuck….who had the idea of making Catherine Marlow (and Chole? why?) the centerpiece of that poster…If anything Catherine should be in a more menacing and interesting pose. Drake, Sully and Elena seem to be the supporting cast or something…terrible composition to say the least.

  • I’ve already preordered the Collector’s Edition from amazon :(…. I seriously don’t want to support Gamestop * for many reasons *… but this isn’t fair

  • Uncharted 3: Powered By Ugly Stick

  • I liked the Amazon bonus better so pre-ordered there, & upgraded to CE after Nolan’s hilarious unboxing vid.

    Will November 1st EVER get here?!!!

  • Nice! It’s good to know that you guys are pseudo-boycotting Gamestop by linking them with the worst preorder bonus!

  • so if i go pre order it now i wont get the poster till nov?

  • What an ugly, ugly poster. It’s demeaning to the developers. With all the talented artists in the world that abomination is the best Sony could come up with? I wonder if Sony’s marketing dept are a few cards short of a full deck sometimes.

  • nice kool there

  • My kitty got wet!

  • meh, cold have looked better but cool idea.

  • Poster looks cool! but is it US gamestops only? also I’ve noticed that Sony games released in the US tend to have “reversible box arts” but Canadians version don’t. why? :(

  • How does this post only have a 2/5 rating, this thing looks awesome!

    Also, is this American Gamestops only? I’d love to get it up here in the Great White North.

  • yes I argee with everyone why promote gamestop out of all places that was a terrible mistake on u guys part try getting them at best buy and amazon also I for one don’t support gamestop because they steal our money and yours

  • Only for Game Stop Pre-Orders?

  • Not for me, I really dislike how they painted the characters, it doesn’t look nor feel like Uncharted… It’s looking like… something else.

  • lol cool poster

  • US Gamestop’s only or does this include Canadian Gamestop’s?

  • I pre-order Collectors Edition :P Cant wait :D

  • Awesome poster, but I don’t generally shop with GameStop. Pretty tired of being penalized for being a loyal Amazon customer.

  • I hope Gamestop has them when 11-1-11 comes. I definitely like my Uncharted 2 poster more than this one but I have been trying to collect anything Uncharted I can so I will frame it and put it up.

  • Call me a hater or troll or whatever but I just don’t like the poster. I understand individual artist’s don’t like the depiction of the characters to look exactly like the real ones, but they are just ugly in the poster in my opinion. Didn’t like the one from Comic-Con either but it was better than this.

    I like the posters like the one some people got for Infamous 2 from Gamestop (I didn’t get it there). It doesn’t change the character or anything but still looks cool and original.

    But I have to thank you Naughty Dog and Sony for making none of the preorder bonuses exclusive to that store/preorder, and instead just giving early access. I preordered from BestBuy but I didn’t care where I preordered because all the bonuses weren’t exclusive, so thank you guys very much. It was a hassle getting all the infamous 2 dlc, and having to wait until 2 months later on the store to buy them.

    Thanks guys

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