See the UNCHARTED 3 Poster Powered by Penny Arcade

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See the UNCHARTED 3 Poster Powered by Penny Arcade

Hi everyone! We’re excited to announce today that we’ve partnered with Penny Arcade to bring you an exclusive new poster for UNCHARTED 3: Drake’s Deception that you’ll get for free when you pre-order the game from GameStop.


Created by the talented folks at Penny Arcade and inspired by the Hollywood blockbuster look and feel of UNCHARTED 3, this 17″ x 24″ poster brilliantly depicts Drake, Sully, Elena, Chloe, and our new villain Katherine Marlowe in a way that not only captures their core personalities, but also manages to reflect a lot of what’s happening between them in UNCHARTED 3.

Exclusive to GameStop, this poster will be a pre-order bonus in addition to the already announced Creepy Crawler Multiplayer Medal Kickback, and is redeemable for preordering in Standard Edition and the Collector’s Edition flavors at GameStop. You’ll get this pre-order bonus for both in-store and online orders.

What if you already pre-ordered? You’re covered! If you pre-ordered in-store, then you’ll get it when you go in to pick up your copy, and if you pre-ordered online, then it will ship out with your game or shortly after. But alas, as with all things awesome, supplies are limited here, so be sure to get your pre-order in sooner rather than later.

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