Resistance 3 Invades Today, See the Final Weapon: The Cryogun

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Resistance 3 Invades Today, See the Final Weapon: The Cryogun


It’s with a lot of pleasure that I write today’s post. It has been nearly three years since you last played Resistance 2, and in a studio where we keep up a game-a-year schedule, that seems like a very long time to wait. I’m very happy to announce the release of Resistance 3 in North America today, as well as the release across Europe over the next 2-3 days. The team here has poured three years of their lives into bringing you the heroic survival of Joseph Capelli on his cross-country trip to New York.

This brutal alternate 1957 America is our most polished take on the Resistance universe yet. Along the way, you’ll see the dust storm from a Chimeran Terraformer, a flooded town, young rebels fighting to take back St. Louis from the Chimera, haunted mine towns and a snow packed New York City. To make it even better, you can experience the whole game in 2-player co-op, either split-screen or online. Still not sold? Check out the launch trailer –which gives you the first-ever glimpse at the 12th and final R3 weapon: The Cryogun:

For those of you who love multiplayer, Resistance 3 features our most focused experience yet, letting you join fifteen other players in battles located in maps across the world. Our theme for Resistance 3 MP was to create something you could only see in Resistance. The 60-level progression and our new ability and attribute system allows you to create a loadout exactly to your play style, and further establishes our “only in Resistance” theme. You’ve seen two great maps in the beta, Wales (Seaside) and Bogota (Trainyard), and two more great ones at PAX and the Insomniac Community Day (Republic of Chad and Australia). There’s another 8 maps we’ve never shown before, including a snow-packed map and one with some great Chimeran Architecture. We have 4v4 and 2v2 maps as well. In short, we believe that R3 MP is a fully-featured experience.

Resistance 3 Doomsday Edition

For those of you excited about playing with PlayStation Move or the Sharpshooter, Resistance 3 fully supports both. Don’t have Move yet? No problem, the Doomsday Edition contains Resistance 3, the PlayStation Eye, a PS Move Controller, a Nav Controller and a Sharpshooter. Everything you need to repel the Chimeran invasion with the accurate control and aiming precision that Move brings you. Got a 3DTV? You’ll be excited to know the game supports stereoscopic 3D as well.


That said, we aren’t resting. Our team is also happy to reveal the first DLC we will have ready to release on October 4th. The Survival Pack brings you a brand new game mode: Invasion. Invasion requires both teams to divide resources to simultaneously own multiple control points on the map. As you hold the nodes, you’ll receive more points. It hearkens back to the wonderful balance in Resistance: Fall of Man of knowing when to send troops on the offensive, and when to hold other players back. In addition to the Invasion mode, your $3.99 gets you four new skins of the various Survivors in the game, as well as a static XMB theme. Also on October 4th, we will release a patch for ALL players that will bring two new maps with it as well.

We’re very excited to get Resistance 3 into your hands this week. We look forward to playing MP online with you soon!

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  • @PirateHarlock

    Exactly, you are a paying customer. You have to choice of what to buy, when to buy it, and if you want to buy it. Everything you comment on has a negative attitude and I bet that most people don’t even want to look at but they do and laugh at you. It’s funny how you only comment on Resistance 3 stuff and never anything actually worth commenting on like the PS Plus for September or the good games released this week.

    P.S. If you do have a “company” of your own, I can’t see you being in business much longer, especially with the way you talk to people. Learn some manners, take some business classes. You would understand if you didn’t make any money on your “products”.

    Let’s say your “company” makes calculators. They are as good as TI 84s so you sell them at $100. A local electronics store just so happens to buy new/used electronics. The get several shipments of your calculators. Weeks down the road, people sell them back. The used version of your calculator sells for $50. The store now has enough used calculators to match the new ones so they stop buying yours. You no longer make any money and your “company” goes broke.

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  • @PirateHarlock

    Ok, troll, you must not know the definition. Apparently you don’t run a business since you seem to have a personally of a donkey and didn’t answer any of my questions. Apparently I know more than you. I lied about nothing while you stated no facts. If you ran a business you would know that it’s Sony’s product. It’s their product, not yours. The only thing you own is the disc, unless you buy a digital copy (It’s stated on the PSN).

    With companies going under without a pass, a few THQ (one in austrailia, one in the US, and one in Europe) went under just a couple months ago.

    How am I lying? It’s a game. That’s all it will be, that’s all it can be. If you run a successful business, why the hell are you complaining? You talking as if you deserve something. Your talking as if you are owed something. Your talking like a cheap whore. Switch to Xbox. But you would be doing the same thing, just on much larger scale.

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  • @PirateHarlock

    Childish now? Yes you are. When did I say the store was stealing anything? If the major retailer for the calculators isn’t buying from them, then yes, they will most likely go out of business. Funny how you never gave any example or facts on how buying used/new products effects a business. Take your hypocrisy somewhere else. That sentence didn’t even makes sense, “You are the only hypocrite here and you can’t even do a good job at that.” Who is the one that can’t form coherent sentences? Buy games from Sony but complain when a game comes out with a pass, mind you it just came out so you have no choice but to buy new. Take your hypocrisy to your own “business”.

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  • I think what Gamestop and Bestbuy is doing with used games is wrong as they’re taking that money from developers and publisher sales. I agree and fully support online passes for that reason and buy every game NEW. If I want to hold off I wait until the game is cheaper and you can always find cheap deals on brand new games if you know where to look. Support Sony and game developers, buy new and stop supporting that garbage known as Gamestop.

  • hey James any plans on releasing a R3 dynamic theme and R3 avatars ?

  • @dilbag,

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  • @PirateHartard

    -If you buy used, Sony doesn’t need to give you anything because you aren’t their customer. If you buy new, no reason to complain. More hypocrisy. The only thing you own is the disc, not the software or engine that made the game. It’s different if you buy digital.
    -You are the one trolling sir.
    -Buy new, pay once for full service that you deserve from Sony. Buy used, don’t expect as much service since you aren’t Sony’s customer.
    -Foul mouthed says the troll. And no, you are the child. I buy my own things.
    -You haven’t said any facts and haven’t backed up anything. All you did was try to point out flaws in my arguement, which there wasn’t any. You had no arguement to begin with.
    -What defamation? I said don’t talk like you are owed something like a cheap whore. You are the one who called yourself one.
    -You said any developer, you didn’t say on PSN until your last post but THQ is one developer incase you didn’t notice and so is Nintendo. You do know passes on on the 360 as well?
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