Resistance 3 Invades Today, See the Final Weapon: The Cryogun

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Resistance 3 Invades Today, See the Final Weapon: The Cryogun


It’s with a lot of pleasure that I write today’s post. It has been nearly three years since you last played Resistance 2, and in a studio where we keep up a game-a-year schedule, that seems like a very long time to wait. I’m very happy to announce the release of Resistance 3 in North America today, as well as the release across Europe over the next 2-3 days. The team here has poured three years of their lives into bringing you the heroic survival of Joseph Capelli on his cross-country trip to New York.

This brutal alternate 1957 America is our most polished take on the Resistance universe yet. Along the way, you’ll see the dust storm from a Chimeran Terraformer, a flooded town, young rebels fighting to take back St. Louis from the Chimera, haunted mine towns and a snow packed New York City. To make it even better, you can experience the whole game in 2-player co-op, either split-screen or online. Still not sold? Check out the launch trailer –which gives you the first-ever glimpse at the 12th and final R3 weapon: The Cryogun:

For those of you who love multiplayer, Resistance 3 features our most focused experience yet, letting you join fifteen other players in battles located in maps across the world. Our theme for Resistance 3 MP was to create something you could only see in Resistance. The 60-level progression and our new ability and attribute system allows you to create a loadout exactly to your play style, and further establishes our “only in Resistance” theme. You’ve seen two great maps in the beta, Wales (Seaside) and Bogota (Trainyard), and two more great ones at PAX and the Insomniac Community Day (Republic of Chad and Australia). There’s another 8 maps we’ve never shown before, including a snow-packed map and one with some great Chimeran Architecture. We have 4v4 and 2v2 maps as well. In short, we believe that R3 MP is a fully-featured experience.

Resistance 3 Doomsday Edition

For those of you excited about playing with PlayStation Move or the Sharpshooter, Resistance 3 fully supports both. Don’t have Move yet? No problem, the Doomsday Edition contains Resistance 3, the PlayStation Eye, a PS Move Controller, a Nav Controller and a Sharpshooter. Everything you need to repel the Chimeran invasion with the accurate control and aiming precision that Move brings you. Got a 3DTV? You’ll be excited to know the game supports stereoscopic 3D as well.


That said, we aren’t resting. Our team is also happy to reveal the first DLC we will have ready to release on October 4th. The Survival Pack brings you a brand new game mode: Invasion. Invasion requires both teams to divide resources to simultaneously own multiple control points on the map. As you hold the nodes, you’ll receive more points. It hearkens back to the wonderful balance in Resistance: Fall of Man of knowing when to send troops on the offensive, and when to hold other players back. In addition to the Invasion mode, your $3.99 gets you four new skins of the various Survivors in the game, as well as a static XMB theme. Also on October 4th, we will release a patch for ALL players that will bring two new maps with it as well.

We’re very excited to get Resistance 3 into your hands this week. We look forward to playing MP online with you soon!

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  • It needs more coop experience rather just campaign coop. :3

  • Have the game, love it but what’s up with the My Resistance.Net site not allowing logins unless you’re on Facebook? What if you don’t want a FB account or you don’t want to link your PSN to your FB? Not every body thinks it’s a great idea. So why aren’t we allowed to login with our PSN or just login normally at the site, especially since some ingame content requires we do?

  • I really cant wait to play this awesome game…I’ve been a fan of franchise since fall of man so I cant wait to play…I played the beta and made it until lvl30…cant wait to made at 60 in the full game…this game is pure awesomeness with no doubt.

  • @52 I refuse to have an FB account so apparently I get locked out of the full experience until they let you log in with your PSN account.

  • So, in 4th Octomber everyone is going toget 2 free MP maps right?

  • I bought my copy from Gamestop just 30 minutes ago

  • best game so far!!!!!!!!!!!

  • just got back from buying my copy :)

  • So the beta is not working anymore ?

    i’ve been working lately alot and i didn’t got the chance to play as much as i wanted

  • You better put that trailer on Tv. Gave me chills. Or was it the Cyrogun?
    Anyway looks good Insomniac.


  • @47, are you for real? Just because a game has online perks, doesnt make it cod… There is a lot more to multiplayerm this game plays nothing like cod…. Get a clue.

  • COD didn’t invent online perk/unlocks….

  • Just installed my copy and checked to make sure that it has split screen MP with dual PSN log in.
    IT DOES!!!!
    That means that me and a buddy can log on from my couch, and play split screen online against others in Multiplayer!!!
    AND we get to do it with our own PSN id, so that we can level up individually. Yay happy dance!!!!! And the graphics actually look really good in split screen too! BEST GAME ALREADY!!!

    You should’ve put that somewhere in your post because I and many others were starting to think that feature was cut out. No one was responding to the question.
    I was worried cause the beta didn’t have the feature. I can dream happy dreams now. You guys at Insomniac rock. Can’t wait to dip into the campaign with the misses :) Good times!

  • Should I get Resistance 3?

  • really sucks i wont be able to get my copy tonite..i get out at 6 30 and it takes me about two hours to get home..(im a family guy now so i gotta pick up my son from the sitter and drive back home) and the gamestop i pre ordered it from closes at 8.I really enjoyed the hell out of the R3 beta.and made some cool R3 fan really looking forward to playing some co-op campaign online..although a co-op multiplayer mode wouldve seemed alot cooler. Also i agree with most people on this blog commenting about the DLC…im pretty sure it couldve fit into the 5o gb blueray disc..but i guess when it comes down to it its all about the money..:/

  • @PirateHarlock

    Stop whining and complaining. Everytime I see one of your comments it’s always negative. You never say anything good about anything. You were never gonna get the game so why complain about not getting it?

    You should just find a new hobby then playing video games.

    P.S. You are the biggest hypocrite I have ever seen. You don’t support the PSN Pass and won’t buy any game that requires it but you will play Dragon Age 2 and Mortal Kombat, both of which have online passes.

    Don’t quit your day job, if you have one.

  • @65

    Yes my friend. You should. Its awesome and has lots of content. well worth your hard earned cash!

  • Can you please add Online matchmaking for Coop?????

  • @68

    ok i’m going to get it. Its just i dont want to buy it then get bored of it in 2 months. -_-

  • The install time is RIDICULOUS LY LONGGG – I’m in the middle of DELETING the game as we speak to see if there might be CORRUPT DATA – to my surprise out there is UKNOWN of WHAT but attempting to reinstall…Not sure if I’m the only one experiencing this issue…GRRRRRRR!!!!!!!

  • @remanutd5

    Pretty sure the infection started in Russia and Asia got the worst of the first wave. So no I don’t think the second game should have been set in Asia. I also don’t think a South American setting would do the story any good as these “resistances” are groups of surviving military personnel. It is beleivable that Europe and North America would be the last of the resistance as they have the best trained forces. You can argue it all you want, but what nations have been at war the most and have the technological prowess to alter a battle in 1957? Soviets, Americans, Canadians (that’s right, we’re polite and badass! We got the objectives the Yanks and Brits couldn’t get in both WW1 and 2.), British, Australians, French, Germans, Italians…The other nations were still infants in comparison and would have been demolished by the Chimera. Just a lil’ food for thought. The writer’s have done a great job so far.

  • Alright, I feel obligated to mention this after playing the game for a bit… FIX THE CONTROLLERS. Seriously, when you switch back between the Move and Dual Shock … everything freaks out in recognizing the controllers. It’s awful. I also don’t understand why I can’t change the Move controls… I don’t want to use L1 to aim. It’s driving me nuts and I keep wasting grenades (*and I can’t change it * ). Why can’t I even see the Move calibration without playing the game. Why can’t I just stick to the menu and know if my calibration is off or not. I mean seriously COME ON. The game is great, but the controls drive the game and this was pretty annoying… especially since everything should be there and is there… but doesn’t work …

  • i dont know if it would be possible to add the co-op mode from R2 as a patch or DLC, because i would easily shell out 10-15$ just to get that mode

  • Picked up my copy of R3 today from Gamestop! Campaign is good so far, and multiplayer is pretty good as well, aside from the lagging.

  • I don’t understand the complaining about the $3.99 DLC. They already said another development team was working on it and they could put it on the disc. But they are giving us a whole new mode, 4 skins and a XMB background for that low price. Not to mention they are giving us 2 maps for free plus they already are giving us free stuff for just playing the demo and playing the game on their website. We are getting a ton of free stuff plus all that other stuff for only $3.99. Why the dispair?

  • i cannot wait until saturday i want this game sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo bad

  • Thank you Insomniac. You’ve made this fanboy happy!

  • I wasnt expecting much from R3 but wow, i was wrong the game plays amazing, is great. The online is one of the best, simply great. Love you Insomniac.

  • Well what should i say…. Amazing!!

  • One question about the game, installing it now, for it’s splitscreen coop, can both players use a move controller (meaning both the wand and the navigation controller) or do you have to use regular controllers? I’m really curious, because I really want a coop shooting game like this and kz3 that allow both players to use the move on the same tv. it would just make sense especially with the playstation tv coming out soon. And it would be another selling point for the move and any game that had move support for fans of the move like me. :)

  • I wish I could be playing my copy dang it, I popped it in my PS3 and it won’t load just spins it like a top, exchanged the disc even at gamestop still nothing. Odd thing is all my other games load just fine and without problem at all too, so odds say my PS3 needs to be replaced dang it.

    Still I am glad I pre-ordered and I am not getting rid of it anytime soon, I am destined to play this game one way or another. Got the Official headset for a reason and this was that too.

  • i have a region 1 resistance game, can i use the online pass in my region3 account ?

  • thank you sony and insomniac for this gem of a game the story is awesome and it looks like a movie top notch action the boat level is just one of the best i have played the chimeran look awesome to and are tough

  • i personally like the games online multiplayer. but im going to ask this, based on what ive seen on other boards. i know the “online pass” is required, but is there a trial we can use to play online for a short ammount of time?

  • Has anyone else noticed a horrendous amount of lag while playing? I played for around 3 hours yesterday but the lag became too much for me. Anytime I got in a gun fight the framerate dropped horribly and sometimes it would freeze all together for a few seconds.

    I was playing on split screen don’t know if that had something to do with it but it was nearly unplayable.

    Also, where the hell are the co-op missions like resistance 2?! Very disappointing!

  • Is it possible for future DLC 8 player co-op mode, like in Resistance 2? That’s the only thing that’s keeping Resistance 3 from been perfect, in my opinion. Other than that, great job as always Insomniac.

  • O.o they took coop map packs…that sucks!

  • Hey Sony. What’s up with the pre-order codes not working? Everytime that I enter the codes that I got from Bestbuy , and Amazon they say invalid.

  • I have played many many shooters in my day.

    I have beaten Killzone 2-3, Halo 1-3, Singularity, Resistance 1-2, Half-Life 1-2 (and many mods that came after), Duke Nukem 3D, Doom 1-3, Fear 1-3, and all of the CODs to grace the consoles and I have to say, this is my favorite shooting game of all time. Thank you Insomniac for Resistance 3. I seriously love this game. Can you guys hire me please? I’ll do anything, make you sandwiches, scrub your toilets, and read you bed time stories.

  • @trolls: pleas stop harassing us to pay the online pass with its dubious legality. It as a tax on all gamers and not the least bit legit. And no it isn’t really even “free”. And dont keep telling us that blatant lie that insomniac or any other dev needs the money to stay in business, they don’t. Here are some hard solid facts to counteract the propaganda being spewed here:

    – used games are not illegal or immoral
    – Sony or any dev or publisher does not have the legal right to enact taxes on what they sell
    – used games do not fund terrorism (yes some foolish clown made just that clame some months ago!)
    – NO developer or publisher has gone bankrupt selling their $60+ games buy not charging excessive extra fees on games with NO benefit to the gamer

    Anyone claiming otherwise is at best exceedingly foolish, and thats being generous.

  • @dilbig

    How bout you stop being a sony propogandist and get a job instead. Hows that for hypocrosy. BTW I did get stuck with some games that did have the online pass and you’ll notice they haven’t been played beyond a couple sessions either. Yet you failed to mention that. And btw heres some more clear hard facts for you: I HAVE A JOB, I own my own company thank you very much so I’m gainfully employed and unlick you I buy my games. yet you call me a hypocrite and you come on here with your screaming defamation at me or anyone else who calls sony / devs on their own foolish mistakes. The hypocrite here is clearly yourself. Truth is a few friends have pointed out your comments to me as they fell over laughing at your mindless stupidity. Heres another fact for you, I’m whats called a PAYING CUSTOMER, that gives me the right to speak up for myself when I’m expected to keep forking out $60+ for games with obvious problems. This isn’t a communist or fascist state where you can make wild unjustified claims and the public can’t speak up for themselves. If you can’t live with that then its you who needs to leave, and the sooner the better.

  • played Resistance 3 for about 2 hrs last night….WOW.. a few time during game play I was so mesmerized by the graphic quality I had to remind myself I was still playing. the scene in Omaha? wind blowing and fighting that HUGE guy…AMAZING! GUNS ARE AWESOME TOO!

  • Question? the PSN pass does that ONLY work on my user account? or all account on my PS3? Hard to find details? LOVE the game!

  • Has anyone got any feedback that plays this with the Move? Is it the same style of play that KZ3 had? Damn, I’m going to have to pick this up instead. I mean I already have parts 1 & 2 so might as well…

  • Why the hell do i have to reactivate that god forsaken online pass every time i turn on my ps3 in order to play resistance 3??

    It’s not bad enough they started making us use these stupid gimics but I have to enable it EVERY time i turn on my system?? Why should i even bother!

  • game is awesome !

  • lot of action in this game

  • Now i see the reason the game take a perfect Reviews BECAUSE IS AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! DID YOU SEE THE WEAPON AT THE AND OMG!!!!!!!LONG LIVE PLAY FTW!!!!!!!!!

  • @PirateHarlock

    You are the only one that is trolling on here. Since you do “own” your own company, what is the name of it? Also, since you do “own” your own company, you should be able to think hard enough that the pass isn’t illegal in anyway. Your so called “business” probably doesn’t even make products. It doesn’t matter how much you played the game, you are still a hypocrite for saying you won’t get a game that has an online pass when you already? “Unlike you, I buy my games.” How would I have any games if I didn’t buy them? And how am I propaganding Sony? Apparently you are using the same propaganda to be a PSN user. Hypocrisy, yes you are.
    The games are made under Sony. It’s their decision to do whatever they want with it. The could decide to cut out multiplayer for every game. They could decide to make the multiplayer a different game all together by releasing 2 games side by side.

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