PlayStation Store Update

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PlayStation Store Update

It’s another great week for PSN games as the third week of PlayStation Network PLAY starts today with the release of BloodRayne: Betrayal! Developer WayForward takes the franchise in a bold new tough as nails 2D direction, and a beautiful art style that shines in HD. If you haven’t pre-ordered yours already, give the demo a spin. And as part of the PLAY event, if you purchase before 9/20, you’ll receive an exclusive BloodRayne: Betrayal Dynamic Theme, as well as an exclusive PlayStation Home shirt!


NFL fans have reasons to rejoice as well with DIRECTV NFL Sunday Ticket now available on PlayStation Network! Get access to live streaming video of every out-of-market Sunday NFL game and access highlights, stats, standings, and schedules. The subscription also includes the Red Zone Channel, which gives you live coverage of Sunday’s most exciting moments. Purchase NFL Sunday Ticket on your PlayStation 3 in the Store; you can find it under the Media section.

In PlayStation Plus updates, as we announced yesterday, it’s another great month for Plus subscribers as September’s free game is Popcap’s Plants vs. Zombies! In addition, Astro Tripper, the SEGA Genesis classic Altered Beast, and PS one Classic Jet Moto are hitting Plus today, free to download for the entire month!

Lastly, this month’s Qore episode is now available. It’s free and early, exclusive to PlayStation Plus subscribers, but will be available for all to download in 2 weeks. In this month’s episode, Veronica Belmont gets busy with co-op in Ratchet and Clank: All 4 One, interviews Amy Hennig the creative director behind Uncharted 3, and previews two remastered classics with the Ico/Shadow of the Colossus collection.

Let us know your quick thoughts and questions in the comments below, or sign in with your PSN ID and jump into the 9/6 Store Update thread in the PlayStation Community forums to get in on the discussion, hosted by the PSN team’s own Morgan Haro.

Here is the weekly PlayStation Store update:

PlayStation Plus


Free PSN Games and DLC: Plants vs. Zombies
Astro Tripper
Altered Beast
Free Minis: Bashi Blocks
Free PS one Classics: Jet Moto
Discounts & Sale Offers: Alpha Mission – Minis – 20% off
T.N.K. Iii – Minis – 20% off
The Impossible Game – 25% off
Vanguard Ii – Minis – 20% off
Armageddon Riders – 40% off
Battlefield Bad Company 2 Add On Bundle – 30% off Sale Price
Free Themes: Plus Exclusive Clouds Dynamic Theme
Free Avatars (One Week Only) Armageddon Rider – Armageddon Rider Avatar
Armageddon Rider -Collider Zombie Avatar
Armageddon Rider – Fast and Deadly Avatar
Media: Qore Episode 40, September 2011 – Early Access

Downloadable Games

Bloodrayne: Betrayal ($14.99)
The original video game femme fatale, Rayne, has returned to battle and feed in a brand new hack ‘n slash adventure. Slay ghastly enemies as Rayne, the sexy dhampir, recruited by the vampire hunting Brimstone Society. The target is in a secluded castle with plenty of gruesome surprises. With the help of a mysterious friend, and members of Brimstone, Rayne must infiltrate the manor, take out the fiendish horde, and stop an evil master plot.
ESRB rated T
File size 961 MB

Rugby 2011 ($49.99)
This is the official game of Rugby World Cup 2011 from the premier Rugby game developer. Be right in the center of the mud, sweat, tears and passion as you take your team through the pool and knockout stages, right the way to the Final. Back your team, take on your hardest rivals and fight every inch for the right to proudly lift the Webb Ellis Cup.
ESRB rated E
File size 2.09 GB

Skydrift ($14.99)
Get closer than ever before to the world of adrenaline pumping sky-racing where flyboys can test and master their flying and combat skills against the deadliest opponents!
Admire amazingly detailed terrains. Unlock state-of-the-art planes and personalize them with unique racing skins.
Be the first on the single and multiplayer challenges, where possibilities are limited only by your own imagination.
ESRB rated E10+
File size 458 MB

Game Demos (free)

Bloodrayne Demo
The original video game femme fatale, Rayne, has returned to battle and feed in a brand new hack ‘n slash adventure. Slay ghastly enemies as Rayne, the sexy dhampir, recruited by the vampire hunting Brimstone Society. The target is in a secluded castle with plenty of gruesome surprises. With the help of a mysterious friend, and members of Brimstone, Rayne must infiltrate the manor, take out the fiendish horde, and stop an evil master plot.
ESRB rated T
File size 961 MB

God of War Origins Demo
Discover the origins of Kratos with the definitive compilation of God of War: Chains of Olympus and God of War: Ghost of Sparta on a single Blu-ray disc for the very first time! Fully remastered in high-definition 720p and stereoscopic 3-D. Download the God of War Origins Demo today!
ESRB rated M
File size 1.04 GB

Rugby 2011 Demo
This is the official game of Rugby World Cup 2011 from the premier Rugby game developer. Be right in the center of the mud, sweat, tears and passion as you take your team through the pool and knockout stages, right the way to the Final. Back your team, take on your hardest rivals and fight every inch for the right to proudly lift the Webb Ellis Cup.
ESRB rated E
File size 2.09 GB

Supremacy MMA Demo
Supremacy MMA brings the brutality of unsanctioned, amateur and unlicensed MMA fighting to your PlayStation 3 system, favoring fast-and-furious gameplay and underground aesthetics over official branding and television-style presentation. Tha game aims to raise the bar by bringing an unprecedented level of fast, fluid combat, intuitive controls and true-to-the-sport brutality.
It follows the rise of fighters and their individual stories as they fight their way to supremacy.
ESRB rated M
File size 1.37 GB

Skydrift Demo
It’s time to download the incredible trial of SkyDrift and taste the world of adrenaline pumping arcade sky-racing! Try out the exhilarating Power Race mode in Single-Player or compete online against up to 7 opponents. Admire the breathtaking Lagoon track and choose from two different state-of-the-art planes. If you like it, buy the full game and unlock all the additional exotic locations, deadliest and fastest planes and exciting game modes!
ESRB rated E10+
File size 458 MB

Add-on Game Content

Resistance 3 Online Pass ($9.99)
Download Online Pass to unlock all the online features and multiplayer in Resistance 3.
File size: 103 KB

Street Fighter III: Third Strike Online Edition Character Color Pack 1 ($2.99)
Fight in style by unlocking a new set of seven colors for every character.
File size 1.78 MB

LittleBigPlanet 2 World Peace Day Costume (1 week offer) (Free)
File size 110 KB

Battlefield Bad Company 2 – Add-On Bundle ($29.99)
Get all the Battlefield: Bad Company 2 in one unique bundle! Includes the Vietnam Expansion Pack, Onslaught Mode, VIP Pack, All SPECACT Kit Upgrades, and Shortcut Packs
File size 534 KB

Dynasty Warriors Gundam 3 – Mobile Suit Pack 4 ($5.99)
Unlocks Arios Gundam and its pilot Allelujah Haptism as a playable character. An additional mission “Mission Plan: Infiltrating the Enemy Forces” is also included in the pack.
File size 5.95 MB

Warhammer 40,000: Space Marine – Blood Raven’s Armour Pack ($0.99)
Power armor adorned with the heraldry of the BLOOD RAVENS Chapter. Usable in Multiplayer when playing as Space Marines.
File size 100 KB

Rock Band 3
Build your Rock Band library by purchasing these song game tracks. For song credits, visit

  • “Dream Police” – Cheap Trick ($1.99)
  • “I Want You To Want Me (Live)” – Cheap Trick ($1.99)
  • “Surrender (Live)” – Cheap Trick ($1.99)
  • “Unbelievable” – EMF ($1.99)
  • Artist pack ($5.49) – Build your Rock Band library by purchasing this song game album: Cheap Trick Pack 01. This pack includes “Dream Police,” “I Want You to Want Me (Live),” and “Surrender (Live)” by Cheap Trick.

File size: 25 – 35 MB (singles), 95 MB (track pack)

Rock Band Network v2.0

  • “Eden” – TesseracT ($1.99)
  • “Expert Mode” – LeetStreet Boys ($0.99)
  • “Midnight Eyes (RB3 Version)” – Rose of Jericho ($0.99)
  • “Morte Et Dabo” – Asking Alexandria ($1.99)
  • “Piano Sonata No. 11 – Ronda Alla Turca (Mozart)” – Thomas Walker ($0.99)

File size: 3.95 – 68 MB (singles)


Blazblue: Calamity Trigger Portable Digital – Public Release – Price Change (PSP) (now $9.99, original price $24.99)
Gladiator Begins Digital – Public Release – Price Change (PSP) (now $9.99, original price $34.99)
Guilty Gear XX Accent Core Plus Legacy – Price Change (PSP) (now $9.99, original price $19.99)
Carnivores: Dinosaur Hunter – Minis – Sale (PS3/PSP) (now $1.99, original price $3.99)


Qore Episode 40 – September 2011 (Annual Subscribers Only)
Qore: Presented by the PlayStation Network is a high-definition monthly interactive video production covering the world of PlayStation. Qore provides its audience with exclusive behind-the-scenes access to upcoming titles from both the SCE Worldwide Studios and the third-party developers across the globe.
File size: 1.38 GB

PS one Imports

Mega Man 4
For a year the Earth has been quiet after the defeat of Dr. Wily. But now a new robotic terror has arrived! A mysterious Russian scientist named Dr. Cossack has brought with him eight Robot Masters, bigger and badder than anything Dr. Wily ever dreamed of!
File Size 392 MB


Rocket Knight Avatar ($0.49)

Rocket Knight Close Up Avatar ($0.49)

Rocket Knight Driver Pig Avatar ($0.49)

Rocket Knight Hover Pig Avatar ($0.49)

Rocket Knight Pig Soldier Avatar ($0.49)

Rocket Knight Red Bomb 2 Avatar ($0.49)

Rocket Knight Stealth Pig Avatar ($0.49)

Rocket Knight Ulfgar Avatar ($0.49)

Rocket Knight Wolf Glider Avatar ($0.49)

Rocket Knight Yellow Bomb Avatar ($0.49)

Game Videos (free)

Pulse 9/6 Edition

inFAMOUS 2 Festival of Blood Teaser Trailer

UNCHARTED Greatest Hits Dual Pack Trailer

PlayStation 3 Wireless Stereo Headset Video

Rage – Uprising Trailer

Skydrift Debut Trailer

Need For Speed The Run: Buried Alive

Need For Speed The Run: Limited Edition Trailer

Need For Speed The Run: Run For The Hills Trailer

NHL 12 – Ea Sports NHL 12 Demo Video

NHL 12 – Ea Sports NHL 12 Trailer

The Baconing – Opening Cinematic Trailer

The Baconing Character Trailer

L.A. Noire – Reefer Madness Trailer

L.A.Noire – Launch Trailer

Anarchy Reigns Gamemode Trailer #1

Sonic Generations Gamescom/Pax Trailer

PS3 Themes

Castlevania Lords Of Shadow Lycan Theme ($1.99)

Castlevania Lords Of Shadow Vampire Theme ($1.99)

Lion Dynamic Theme ($2.99)

Bane Of Yoto Dynamic Theme ($2.99)

Campfire Dynamic Theme ($2.99)

PlayStation Store for PSP

PSP minis (also available from PS3 Storefront)

Alpha Mission Minis ($2.99)
ESRB rated E
File size 6.1 MB

Doodle Fit Minis ($1.99)
ESRB rated E
File size 12.2 MB

The Impossible Game – Minis ($2.99)
ESRB rated E
File size 10 MB

T.N.K. III – Minis ($2.99)
ESRB rated E10+
File size 5.4 MB

Vanguard II – Minis ($2.99)
ESRB rated E
File size 2.3 MB

Game Videos (free)

Pulse 9/6 Edition
File size 47 MB

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  • I can’t even find the NFL SUNDAY TICKET app on the ps3 let alone buy it. I am very skeptical of this. My Netflix is also giving me trouble today…could that be weather related? My Wi-Fi on my iPad works fine so I don’t think it is that.

  • Nice update, but just wondering why the North American store doesn’t get the same PSP sales/price drops that the European markets gets. I know PSP can play Minis & PS One games, but could PS Plus get some offers on PSP games as well?

    Speaking of PS Plus, Can’t wait for Resident Evil 4 HD. I was on the fence before due to owning the game on Gamecube & Wii, but the price drop is making my triple dip more worth it. But any word on PS Move support yet?

  • Red Dead is up a week early! sweet!

  • I liked this update a lot.

  • I think you forgot to update Megaman 4 that was announced at the drop on sunday, it’s not on the blog post (at least I don’t see it).

  • Hey Ro or Morgan,

    Can either of you guys put in a request for the Original Twisted Metal on PS1, and can we get some discounts on add-ons for Folklore and LittleBigPlanet 1? I’d really like to play the original Twisted Metal before the new one comes out and the discounted add-ons would be nice since most of those games are kinda old.

    Hope you guys hear me out

  • Grace, Blazblue: Calamity Trigger Portable Digital, Gladiator Begins and Guilty Gear XX Accent Core Plus are PSP games not PS3.

  • No Disgaea 4 DLC?

    Also why are PSP games marked as (PS3), do they play on PS3 now?

  • Pre-ordered Bloodrayne, but where are the RE’s, I thought some were coming today?
    Awesome PS+ Update <3

    • The Resident Evil titles in Plus are mostly hitting on 9/20; with the exception of RE Code Veronica, which is 9/27.

  • Rockstar said Red Dead DLC will be out next week.
    I think you made an error ;)

  • When is the black ops map pack is coming out i need to know?

  • I Hate this update.

  • Finally got my hands on Bloodrayne. Great deals for PS+ by the way ^^

  • Resistance 3 online pass is usable by one account only? Or can someone use it from many accounts on his PS3? Can you clarify this?

  • NFL Sunday Ticket. OMFG thank you Sony!

  • Holy free stuff.


  • Best update in a good while

  • Will we be getting any Mortal Kombat avatars? :(

  • Mega Man 4 really was my favorite… probably because I only owned that one and borrowed all the rest…

  • Need PSone classics Die Hard Trilogy, Return Fire, MDK, Soul Blade, Tenchu. Thanks.

  • Not impressed at all to be honest. Lack of real PlayStation portable content? Check. One PlayStation title (and make that an import which is japanese only.) No, real choice in avatars (again?) Roger. I mean who honestly was asking for Rocket Knight avatars? The choice in DLC is pathetic too, and overpriced (again as well.) Where are the MLB avatars so, many have been waiting on anyway? Which also brings up that bastardized PlayStation pass program. Not sure which is more pathetic though; Sony’s pass, or the cattle protecting Sony and whom fallow Sony like a whipped dog and enable such poor behavior.

    Really just not impressed. I guess the “only” real reedeming peice to this entire update is the “coupon book”. It really is the only impressive thing to this update (and that is saying something.)

  • on top of Space Marine, Resistance 3, Dead Island, and trying out the official PS3 headset, now i have Plants vs Zombies and Altered Beast? Damn, i know where all my free time will go

  • Okay, am I the only person not seeing the Resident Evil stuff? It’s not on the list above, and I just checked the store and saw nothing. I thought plus members were supposed to get the original three free and 50% off on RE4 and CV? The games are still listed at full price for everyone.
    Does that start at a later date or something? The stuff I read earlier said it started today and was going for 2 weeks. These were the only things of interest for me this week, as a plus member. Now, there is absolutely nothing worth my time in this update (except the new Qore). :(

  • Awesome!

  • glad I got my copy of Resistance new, saved $10, is the Red Dead DLC an error, thought it came out next week

  • To hell with the greedy, dirty and a middle finger to us, the gamers, their consumers, online pass.

  • @Darquedragon the resident evil games will be free starting september 20th

  • will God of War: Origins Collection be available via PSN?

  • I just bought the pig avatar. It looks cool :D

  • I will download the GOW demo ASAP

  • Any idea why the Red Dead DLC is not working?

  • Hope we some some Disgaea 4 avatars/DLC soon in the weeks to come. Otherwise, great update.

  • great update can finally download BloodRayne which I pre ordered ,Red Dead DLC and Plants vs Zombies :P

  • How do you access the Sunday Ticket stuff? I can’t find it anywhere.

  • when is the BF3 BETA RELEASE DATE any 1 know

  • Awesome =0

  • @83 when you download it off the store it will be under Media (TV/Video) Services on the XMB

  • Resistance 3 Online Pass.
    Banish it and all Online Passes to the moon! We have no need for any online pass in Video Gaming.
    If Developers are so worried on losing money from rentals or used game sales, then they shouldn’t be money greedy in the first place (Like EA or Ubisoft), or should drop being game developers in the first place.

  • Any plains to release Legend of the Dragoon in the PS1 Classics section? It shouldn’t be too hard to release. You were the ones that published the game Sony.

  • not a great update but…I do like free stuff :p

  • @tapantaola
    you put it on one account and any account on the same system will be permitted online

  • I’m glad that someone in the Sony Hierarchy listened to me. Today is a good day now that I have MM4 is on my PSP. Don’t mean to sound greedy or anything but You could make a lot more money if you continue the trend (Wink…) Alas, BloodRayne doesn’t look shabby either. Sony, you never cease to amaze me w/ your ability to give the public what they ask for. I look forward to doing more business in the future when RE4 hits the store. Until then continue to tantalize me with your wares PSN (EVIL GRIN….)

  • Any news on the LittleBigPlanet 2 Move Pack release date?

  • Am I the only one wondering where Oddworld: Stranger’s Wrath and the free Portal 2 DLC both of which are supposed to be out by the end of summer?

  • What is this talk about RDR DLC being released early, then it doesn’t work? its due out on the 13th Rockstar said. also, can somebody please tell me whyyyyyyy the Assassins Creed multiplayer beta isn’t free to the poor users yet? last week was Plus exclusive, and now this week too? this ain’t fair!

  • ok great update but…. what the heck happened to the new RDR free pack, i downloaded it, and began to to play RDR then to my surprise i got NOTHING!!! no myths or mavericks, then i looked again in the ps store and the content has been removed! what is going on?? i thought i was supposed to come out on the 13th so im really confused…. :/

  • @43 It’s an absolute joke!
    Every week there are a handful of comments regarding the unreleased MLB avatars and every week the comments either go unnoticed, unanswered or just plain ignored. I’m beginning to think Sony will never release the avatars!


  • You *do* realize you have Guilty Gear for PSP listed at both $9.99 and $19.99 in the store, right?

  • Grabbed all my PS+ swag. Thanks!

    Excited for Renegade Ops next week!

  • @Mbice I know man it realty sucks. I’ve been waiting on them to put the rest of the MLB avatars on the store for a couple of months now. I really don’t understand why they weren’t all put on the store at the same time. All I can do is ask for them every week. Lol

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