When Resistance 3 Met Kevin Butler

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When Resistance 3 Met Kevin Butler

As we lead up to Resistance 3’s launch this Tuesday, we wanted to start your holiday weekend right with the two television commercials you will be seeing for Resistance 3 over the next few weeks. These commercials will be airing during NFL games and my personal favorite, college football, as well as series premieres of some of the biggest shows on TV.

Why two commercials, you ask? Well, we have two great approaches for Resistance 3. One involves the story of Joseph Capelli’s journey. In some ways this ties us back to the very first live-action prologue trailer that showed us the first glimpse of Resistance 3’s grim new world. Here you get a glimpse of the emotions and story that make up our game. We really feel like this ad wonderfully captures and encapsulates Resistance 3. Take a look:

Hope you liked that commercial and it got you pumped for the game’s launch. That said, what’s a huge PS3 exclusive without a Kevin Butler commercial? Maybe it’s best if you just watch.

So what do you think? Keep your eyes peeled as you watch TV over the next couple of weeks to spot these ads in the wild!

One other item I wanted to point out for our New York readers, the PlayStation Lounge in New York City will have the first seven chapters of Resistance 3 on-hand for you to go try out over the holiday weekend from 1:00 to 4:00pm Eastern Time on Saturday. Furthermore, they also have a limited quantity of the awesome Olly Moss posters that you’ve see us give away. Go check it out to get a taste of what you’ll be playing on September 6th!

That’s all for now – let us know what you think of the commercials in the comments below!

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  • Personally I loved the first one. It has a lot of emotion behind it, desperation of a last message you don’t even know will reach the people. Made me remember Will Smith in I am Legend to a degree.

    I’m gonna be honest the Kevin Butler one is good, but I think you need to hire new writers or find a way to better present it.

    Like have Kevin use the Bulleye to tag something in the distance (using one of the upgrade seen in the trailer (the triple tag shot)), and whilst explaining the game he fires, making resistance 3 logo in a wall saying how cool was that. He turns and see he also tagged a high profile persons car of Sony’s. He turns back to the camera with disbelief The ad for Long Live Play appear and a bit after it show the person seeing his car like that and Kevin trying to hide it somehow.

    Another one could have been using the abilities and weapons of Resistance 3 multiplayer whilst he’s in the office. A person running on fire, a Chimera running aorund, two Kevin’s (holographic ability) you could even have them compliment each other and have them fighting who is the real one.


  • Ok, I watched it a few more times with the volume maxed out and it seems as if R3 is about a guy tryin to please his wife by defeating an alien invasion.

    What a nice guy.

    I hope Nathan is one of the bosses like dadelaus turned into, that would be sweet.

    Also for a cool online mode let us be some cool ass aliens and defeat the puny human resistance once and for all!!! I’m so sick of them still lurking around, they disgust me.

  • @14, network pass – nothiong wrong with it, whats wrong is inflated used prices… If you buy new it wont effect you. Maybe now they will stop over charging for used games……….

    The first commercial was brilliant, showed emotion, struggle to survive as well as some great in game action…… all in 30-40 secs, what else do you want?

    The second commercial? Terrible, all about move, and KB, 99% of people watching won’t even clue in that the commercial is also about resistance 3….. KB commercials are great for the PS3, poor for advertising individual games….

  • There is nothing in that first one that is even close to a michal bay film, guy is a troll… First commercial good… Second…bad.

  • The first commercial is good, the second one can be improved slightly.

    When they are playing the MOVE on the TV, the players aim is not synched up to the screen. I dont know if that is what the MOVE actually plays like, but it looked broken. I would redo that part of the commercial if it doesnt accurately reflect what MOVE is capable of. IF not just leave it as it is.

    Cant wait for Resistance 3 to launch next week. Me and my nephew already have a day set aside for R3 campaign co-op. We also are hoping for an 8 player co-op DLC down the line.

    Long live the Resistance!

  • @Rorek
    You may have your reasons to complain about the online pass but there are some flaws in your argument.
    No game is technically worthless without the online pass. The single player campaign says hi. Multiplayer-Only games like MAG and Starhawk don’t have a single player mode but there are no Online Passes either.
    Also, how can you assure me that the game won’t have any future benefits from this investment? You are making a lot of pretentious claims without actually giving them a chance to show their future plans. Come on, the game isn’t even out yet.
    Look at Mortal Kombat. They have the same thing and there is a lot of new content now. Show me a thread about people complaining about the Online Pass in that game.

  • Hey, wait. Not Starhawk. I mean Warhawk.

  • I was a *little* disappointed with the Kevin Butler commercial. It could be because the other one inspires such emotion that when I watched them back to back the KB one just seemed meh.

  • KB and Resistance I love both….so with no doubt Resistance 3 will be mine.Awesome commercial like always…KB is amaaaaaazing.

  • While the online pass does worry me a bit, the single player is what im most interested in. The multiplayer is worth buying a new copy for. So for any skeptics how about trying the game before judging it?

  • *Raises his Sharpshooter* Wow that really sounded better in my head, I’m with ya KB, I’m with ya lol!!! 8P 8)

  • SWEEET! That NYC PlayStation Lounge is amazing! LONG LIVE PLAY!

  • There is a lot wrong with the “pass”. A lot. I’m not talking about over inflated prices on used games or choosing between corporate evils (whether that be, GameStop/Eb-Games, Wal-Mart, Target, BestBuy, or any other number of coporations who have been selling used games or otherwise.) I’m talking and alway shave been about the larger picture. Though “if” Sony wants to bite the hands that feed them so, be it. That is on them and I honestly hope it comes to bite them in the arse. I’m ticked off about the larger picture which involves rights, and ownership. If the masses of nulls are too ignorant to understand this the industry is going to become a prison and sooner rather then later we all as owners will not have any rights or actual ownership to any of the products of which we purchase.

    Mastorpuppetz, Calling me a “troll”? Amazing last ditch effort there.

    Vinland_Kruaser, you must know about Bethesda then I take it? The “pass” may start out “testing” the waters with “online”, but Bethesda has taken Rage and taken it to a new level actually prohibiting anyone without the pass to play a portion of the game (underground and otherwise.)

  • PROTIP: Never put two messages with distinct feelings in the same post.

  • Sweet, got preorder. I thought it was out on the 7th so a day early awesome.

  • The Kevin Butler one showed almost no gameplay, only on one the TV’s when it zoomed it and it was for less than a second. It was a Sharpshooter TV commercial pretty much, the only Resistance 3 part of it was at the end where it says R3 Doomsday Bundle.

    The first one was a lot better but it showed zero gameplay as well. You have to show gameplay, R3 isn’t Halo that you don’t need to show gameplay for it to sell.

    On a sidenote, I’m very disappointed by Sony by adding an online pass to this game, that’s actually the reason why I won’t get this game and I’m a HUGE R:FoM fan. Shame Sony, your greedyness just lost you a plethora of sales and respect.

  • @Rorek
    Surely, but that’s Bethesda.
    Not all developers are going to cater to this strategy. Its not a rule (at least for now). Also, the sales will show if their business is right or wrong.

  • The same as others have said like iiGetMoney23. If this game wouldn’t have greedy and dirty online pass I would buy this game, and new.

  • @64, sony is not being greedy, research before posting, online passes are not new, they get ZERO from used games all your doing is making GAMESTOP rich, support devs and buy new…… Stop crying about online pass, get real.. Used game prices are ridiculous, maybe this will drop them so they are fair.. Stop supporting gamestop and support developers.

  • @66, if you buy new, online pass won’t efffect you, talk about backwards logic…………..

  • @ Vinland_Krauser,

    So, you are saying that somehow you feel that supposed “Mortal Kombat” content is totally afforded to the “pass” program? Really? Please. Justify six dollar characters, and who can say that those characters are actually “not” on the disc and are just unlocked using a code to which you purchase? The pass does nothing of supporting a game and only hurts a game in the long run. It’s not my fault the masses and majority are nulls. Like rotting zombies shambling aimlessly towards another meal so, long as it is “fresh”; or a raven whom is attracted by anything literally “shiny”.

    Ps. It starts with one does it not? Started slowly with ElectronicArts (EA) and now look! Sony and most major developers are looking to introduce this same system. It’s never a rule though it’s the enabling majority of ignorance that allows such actions and unethical practices to continue.

  • @61, you sound like a paranoid always thinking the feds are watching you………………………… Useless over paranoid ramblings. nothing wrong with online pass, it cots money to KEEP supporting online servers, with maps, patches, maintenance…. developers get ZERO from used games and deserve money if you buy used and play on their servers….., makes total sense.

  • @SoleAddict23
    If you buy it new, the Online Pass is free.
    Or are you willing to take for yourself the gamers’ pain for having to pay ten bucks on an already cheap used copy?

  • What tripe!

  • @Mastorpuppetz,

    Oh? Such behavior, and talk. You sound like a person grasping at straws and whom has no, “real” argument in which to rebutle with. Get an education and then come back here to talk. Okay? You are such an ignorant enabler who will never see outside his pitiful little box. You really are a sad being. You sound like “buying” and purchasing “used” games is illegal. Take notes though okay. You do, realize that when a company or corporation like GameStop purchases a bulk or orders any copies that said publisher is being paid for it’s good right? Why, do you believe it’s calles a “suggested retail price”? That price is for the retailer alone. Never the publisher or developer whom made and/or developed the product. The suggested retail price is to allow for them to pay wages, bills and cuts to the corporate offices.

    Please try harder. You sound stupid when you bark that one liner crap.

    “Just buy the game “new” and it won’t affect you”.
    – ignorant enabler

  • @Rorek

    “Though “if” Sony wants to bite the hands that feed them so, be it”

    Your argument fails right then and there. If you buy the game used, Sony gets nothing.

    “I’m ticked off about the larger picture which involves rights, and ownership.”

    You know last night when I played Madden 12, I saw nothing on the back of the box about any type of rights for gamers or anything about ownership. The only thing I saw was a bunch of trademarks and copyrights from publishers and developers who have spent millions in creating these games and have every right to protect their product.

    “I honestly have not seen or heard one word that the money made will go, to the developers themselves (not that they need it right? With most individual developers making six figures easily.)”

    Yeah and Sony doesn’t need to make money on stuff, right? They can just give everything away for free?

  • looks like a lot of DRAMA on here. And I didn’t care to much for the commercials ether wheres my close up shoot.
    Ah just giving U a hard time :) internet filters suck can’t see video (YET) :)

  • @Rorek
    I can’t assure you that the content is afforded to the Pass, but certainly there is some incentive to the developers if you pay for it. And what if they really are already in the disk? What can you do about it? I have some games with that type of content and I bought them on the PS Store. After all, it was optional content. No one forced me to purchase it.
    How does the Pass hurt a game, exactly? Everyone who’s buying it new can have free multiplayer.
    Remember, no one is forcing you to buy the Pass. There are people out there who enjoy the story in shooters and are satisfied with the campaign.
    Also, like I said before, the sales will tell if people are going to comply with this system.

  • @LovesJapanManga

    I’ve just submitted an idea to PS Blog Share for closed captions on all promotional videos on PlayStation Blog, PlayStation Store, and the PS channel on YouTube. It’s still awaiting moderation, but I hope someone sees it.

    @Sid, Jeff and Rey

    If you’re reading this, please can you see about getting closed captions added to all your videos. It’s great for the deaf and hard of hearing, as well as for those who speak English as a second language. On YouTube, in particular, it’s not that hard. Just paste in a transcript, and I think it works out all the timing for you.

  • The first one was ok the KB one is the best.


    Wow. W-A-Y to take what I said right out of it’s context. In what respect though does any publisher or develop deserve to make the money twice or more? You are exagerating that all a bit though and no, my argument does “not” fail (nor right then and there.) Again. You are one of those “enablers” too worked up about “which evil” is getting what money. Not the bigger picture. I’ll tell you what though. If you want to be fed propganda and believe that “your” money is going to “support” them. So, be it. Fall-in with the rest of the masses and have at it. Don’t forget to moan and wail.

  • @Vinland_Kruaser,

    Let me ask you something. Hypothetically speaking right now. Say a couple of years down the road a friend of your’s decides to give you a copy of an older game of his; and to which you do, not own or did not play. You pop it into your system to play it and suddenly you realize that you cannot only play a large portion of the game “offline” or any of the “online” components (and lets say, hypothetically it still has a base player number like Warhawk does still.) However, as the owner now of this game are you mad? Mad that your game will not function as it should like any other copy of your’s does? Do, you want to spend the money to (as you put it) “support” a game this old now even? See. It’s about the “bigger” picture. Which is what I have been arguing this entire time. “Not” which of the corporate evils gets the money. It’s about rights. It would be like if say Nintendo decided that you cannot “finish” or complete say “Super Mario” from the NES without forking over additional money (even years down the road.)

  • I’ve seen endless Deus Ex and Dead Island commercials. Not a single Resistance commercial.

  • Please respond to comments other than those that are entirely too critical of commercials that do the job just fine:

    – the first Resistance commercial effectively conveys the emotion the developers sought to accomplish.
    – the second commercial is a good way of showing a different play style while also introducing the new ad campaign.

    Do you know much about how the Sharp Shooter is set up for play? Such as the secondary functions, special abilities, grenades, and reloading? I haven’t heard much about it yet, but this looks like a fun way to experience the game.

  • played the demo… meh.

  • Love the New direction of R3. Story based with a ton of emotion and action to compliment. Day 1.

  • @Rorek just buy new

  • for anyone who doesnt know about the online pass, in all the other games i have bought
    NEW, the pass is included for free.
    when you buy a USED game, thats when you need to buy an online pass. it makes complete sense from a business point of view. it also makes sense if you think about pirated games and people playing online for free with those games.
    if they made it so you had to buy it along with a new product then there would be a problem, but so far this is not the case.
    it seems to be the most logical thing to do in order to protect the title you spent a lot of money developing and producing.

  • @ Rorek

    So it’s a bad thing to make sure that Sony and Electronics Arts protect their product and make money? If they don’t protect their product and if they don’t make money then how are they going to find the money to give us gamers a PS4 or Madden 13. You say, “In what way does a publisher have a right to make money twice or more?” Well why should a publisher only be able to get money once? If you have one copy of Madden that was sold new for $65, why should Sony and EA be forced to lose money if that game is then traded-in and re-sold tens of times? People who buy used games don’t support the devlopers and the publishers becuase none of their money reached the people who actually make the game. I fully support the online pass and hope that it becomes an industry standard. Oh wait, sorry. That’s probably some more enabler propaganda talk right there, huh?

  • My name is Mobius2525 and I just join the Resistance!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • @Rorek

    if a friend “hypothetically” gave me a free game, then its pretty hard to complain since i didnt spend any money on it at all.

    if it was completely unplayable i would throw it away and play whatever other game was coming out in the “hypothetical” future.

  • @ Rorek

    If you are given a free copy of a game, I don’t view you as the true owner of it. You have possession of it, but the person who paid for the game is the true owner. But let’s say years from now a friend gave me a copy of a game that was a greatest hit. And let’s say I got to a point where I needed to pay in order to unlock the whole thing. So be it. Considering I didn’t spend the $60 to buy it new, or the $30 or $20 to buy it new as a Greatest Hit, I would look at the ten dollars as a good deal. And no, I wouldn’t be mad. Because deep down I would know that I got it for free.

  • @Rorek
    First of all, I’ve never seen a game where you cannot play a large portion of it “offline”. The single player campaign is supposed to be offline. The exception is the Online DRM activation but this is a totally different issue.
    As the owner, I recognize that the people who bought this game new were entitled to free multiplayer and since I’ve got this game from my friend, probably he is the one entitled to the code and not me. I have to buy it for myself and I’m perfectly fine with this. He can still play online once I give him back the game.
    Also, I suppose you have never worked with servers before, have you? The maintenance on these things are quite expensive, regardless of how long you wish to keep it running. As long as there are lots of people playing it, you gotta make them work. While its free for everybody playing it, you still have to pay the maintenance. Do you have any other solution for this matter?
    About your last comment, I have never seen in my life a game which makes you to pay more to unlock the full game. Only demos and “freemium” online games do this.

  • I loved ’em both. :) Tuesday can’t come soon enough, come on Amazon!

  • I bought a move+sharpshooter for one reason and that was to use it for FPS games. I played Killzone 3 with it and didn’t like it. Sold it a few months back for 100 bucks.

  • Not the greatest of KB commercials… pretty bad actually.

  • @34 Civil actions, if you’re still here. Welcome to our contentious little clan. I know you’re not used to this rather uncivil in-fighting as I have scoped out the X blog & it’s nothing like this.

    You’ll love the exclusive games. So much freedom of choice. And you’re a great example that Sony was right to drop the price to bring in new gamers.

  • Oh, my lord… This is just priceless. ASILENTENIGMA, you have zero “logic” and by your own “sense” of being you justify the worst. By what you said alone you could potentially justify car manufactures in charging “owners” of used cars in which they just purchased an anonymous fee because, they purchased the car used. It’s like saying well, you bought the body and the car itself, but to turn it “on” you have to pay the manufacture said anonymous fee. Talk about priceless.
    Oh, and bravo on the definition of “ownership”. By that alone I doubt you even “own” your life. Since technically your mother gave you that. (lol) Get real.

    As for you, Vinland_Krauser, you must the worlds most “gentle” being. “Hypothetical”. I never gave a name or time period. For all you know it could be a potential and very viable (and soonly realized future.) You’ve never seen such a game because, it has “not” gotten that bad (yet.) However, Bethesda is changing that with testing the pass with Rage. So, yeah.

    Thanks for the good laugh though. Also as far as it concerns ITs; Yes, I have worked on small personal servers (upto a terabyte) and it can be a pain to be sure.

  • @Rorek
    You gave me an hypothesis and I worked on it. The argument is still valid since its quite possible to happen.
    Yes, it has not gotten that bad yet. But who can say that this is really going to happen? Who can guarantee that Bethesda will create an industry-standard rule with Rage?
    So, you worked with servers. Good for you. But what about the maintenance issue? Would you just pull the plug on everyone once there’s no money left to cover the costs?

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