When Resistance 3 Met Kevin Butler

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When Resistance 3 Met Kevin Butler

As we lead up to Resistance 3’s launch this Tuesday, we wanted to start your holiday weekend right with the two television commercials you will be seeing for Resistance 3 over the next few weeks. These commercials will be airing during NFL games and my personal favorite, college football, as well as series premieres of some of the biggest shows on TV.

Why two commercials, you ask? Well, we have two great approaches for Resistance 3. One involves the story of Joseph Capelli’s journey. In some ways this ties us back to the very first live-action prologue trailer that showed us the first glimpse of Resistance 3’s grim new world. Here you get a glimpse of the emotions and story that make up our game. We really feel like this ad wonderfully captures and encapsulates Resistance 3. Take a look:

Hope you liked that commercial and it got you pumped for the game’s launch. That said, what’s a huge PS3 exclusive without a Kevin Butler commercial? Maybe it’s best if you just watch.

So what do you think? Keep your eyes peeled as you watch TV over the next couple of weeks to spot these ads in the wild!

One other item I wanted to point out for our New York readers, the PlayStation Lounge in New York City will have the first seven chapters of Resistance 3 on-hand for you to go try out over the holiday weekend from 1:00 to 4:00pm Eastern Time on Saturday. Furthermore, they also have a limited quantity of the awesome Olly Moss posters that you’ve see us give away. Go check it out to get a taste of what you’ll be playing on September 6th!

That’s all for now – let us know what you think of the commercials in the comments below!

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  • If you’re listening to Kevin Butler… you are the Resistance!

  • Yay! But unfortunately for people like me in general that cannot understand what they are talking about because I am deaf. :-( But HOPEFULLY IN THE NEAR FUTURE, YOU BETTER DAMN DAMN LEARN WHEN IT IS TIME TO INCORPORATE CLOSED-CAPTION ON TELEVISION ADS AND INTERNET ADS!!! That is truly unfair of you not to do that for deaf community.

    Today is my birthday! Please bring awesomeness news/blogs on this blog! Thanx!

  • They will never take our Shooters!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Who’s going to this weekend’s PlayStation Lounge event this weekend? I know I am! Woo!!

  • KB and Resistance…. awesome combo. I’m loving the recent KB ads

  • With Kevin Butler on a horse, the chimera have officially lost.

  • @ 2 LovesJapanManga

    If it helps at all, it wasn’t terribly funny. Or informative. Actually, it was more of an ad for the Sharpshooter. Disappointing.

  • i am ready.

  • cant wait guys

  • Both are great. The first one has more effect on the player in my opinion though. It adds emotion etc to it. It made me feel sorry for them and made me very emotional. The second one had an opposite effect on me. Made me laugh.

    But the First in my opinion is more effective. Makes me more attached to him and the Resistance world and wanting them to succeed and above all resist and survive. I really loved the emotional attachment I got to the first video/trailer. I loved it!


  • We are the Resistance, They will never take our shooters!

  • PS3 has outsold 360 this week by 100,000 after the price cut, except still behind 7000 in the US, whats wrong with Americans LOL. If you can’t see the vaule in 249.99 for a PS3 you have issues. dont understand why US is the only country so fascinated by the xbox….. Ps3 is a way better machine

  • no where in that KB commercial do they even mention Resistance 3………. This is why PS3 exclusives sell poorly compared to Xbox/…. MS had lots of advertising and promotions.

  • Meh… I’m dissapointed all around. The commercial was too focused on PlayStation Move and the speech just did not grab me. Beyond that Sony dissapoints me greatly with this title and the introduction of the PlayStation Network pass (what garbage.)

  • love that guy makes me want to go buy a horse

  • Oops, yeah, the first one’s awesome. Very engaging. That’s a winner right there. Just make sure people see it. Damn, this could very well be the best one.

  • R3 is shaping up rather nice, I’m pleased.

  • Epic!!! can’t wait!!!

  • @LovesJapanManga At least you’re not blind.
    @Rorek_IronBlood I think the PlayStation Network Pass is the best idea ever. Buying used games gives $0 to the publishers and developers, but you still get to enjoy their game. From their standpoint, that’s the same as pirating the game! You may say “Oh, but I PAID for the game,” but you’re just making GameStop rich! With these online pass systems, anyone buying a game used has to pay the DEVELOPERS to play the game online, so they actually get money for their hard work! :O

  • I can’t get enough of KB. I think you should have painted his face, as long as you’re borrowing the Braveheart battle cry.

    By the way, I support Japanlovesmanga. Really, we should all be more inclusive of special needs gamers.

  • Long Live Play…

  • Enjoyed both commercials!

  • @James Stevenson,

    What did I think of the other? Do, I be brutaly honest? I thought I was watching a, Micheal Bay, film (I “hate”, Micheal Bay!) I could not tell though in the beginning if I was going to be watching a Terminator movie (John Connor, and the “resistance” speech over a radio system.) That and what I mean by the, Micheal Bay, reaction is that it looks stunningly beautiful, but it’s all a bunch of two second glances and clips smashed together like a sort of hodgepog of sorts. It apeals to those who enjoy the shiny and aethstetically apealing above all else.

    Personally? I enjoyed some of your very first commercials over these. Especially the slow paced commercial with a train traveling through various towns and cities. I also enjoyed the live action trailers. Maybe I’m a cynical jerk, but seriously this was trying to be too flashy (though hey, that is my opinion, and I garuntee a lot more enjoyed it.)

  • Shakatu, please… What does “blind” have anything to do with that? Really, it’s nothing. But I was simply pointing out that I WISHED SONY would hear us clear and loud that closed-caption OR subtitle SHOULD BE implement in television advertisements- that goes for Internet advertisements as well. Because I can tell you that many of you are damn lucky that you still have your hearing that you can HEAR AND UNDERSTAND. Don’t get me wrong, I do appreciate people telling us what is this or that from left and right. I prefer to listen and understand DIRECTLY FROM THE SOURCE. Nothing personal.

  • @ Shakatu,

    Well, I believe that buying into propaganda and being ignorant blind is redundant as well. Can you show me anywhere in any of the known articles or even legal proceedings that specifically state that a persons who purchases or is coerced into buying the “online pass” (even after purhcasing for a supposed full functioning game, but is now technically worthless and not without) that said money proceedings go, to said developer? I honestly have not seen or heard one word that the money made will go, to the developers themselves (not that they need it right? With most individual developers making six figures easily.) Am I to believe that this money will also somehow create new content then too? How, about operation of “real” servers? No? Continued support to a game? Not that past shows otherwise and that a said developer may continue to support a game for “X” length of time even before a “pass” system was adopted for console gaming.

  • These commercials are aimed at football viewers. Subtlety and film-noir art styles would not register while they’re chomping down on buffalo wings and nachos.

  • WOW! Resistance is really looking good, what nice looking graphics! The Beta was fun, but I’m really looking forward to single player.

    I’m a big KB fan (how can you not like KB?), however the 2nd commercial appears to show lag movement of sharp shooter controller when camera zooms in on TV. ( I haven’t bought sharpshoot yet…just bought a Sony/Google TV and next purchase is new Sony gamer headphones).

    I think the 1st commercial better emphasizes the game Resistance3!

  • 4 More Days Sharpshooter Is Already Locked And Loaded Waiting For The Resistance

  • The radio tv spot is excellent. The emotion and soundtrack really stand out.

    The Kevin Butler commercial is horrible. It’s an advertisement for Move, not R3.

  • SCEA really need to learn how to do special edition consoles. Xbox owners and Japanese PS3 owners have been getting them for years (SCEJ just revealed a GOLD PS3) and yet here in US (and europe) all we get is the boring black one.

    Seriously, can you imagine a red PS3 with that Olly Moss logo on it? that would be sooo awesome, but noooo SCEA continue being lame with their marketing budget. And they the wonder why 360 continues to outsell ps3. Idiots.

  • I liked the two, although, I liked the first one more..

  • two very opposite emotions out of these 2 commercials, the first sets my interest for the story sky high, it emphasizes the desperate situation Capeli faces, really sets the tone right. The second commercial made me laugh and concentrates too much on the sharp shooter peripheral, nevertheless KB nails it right

  • Like the first one a lot more. Second one was fun, but the spirit of R3 was better captured with the emotional trailer. Really looking forward to R3 getting extremely emotional and dark. I really hope the serious trailers that have been shown (which have been outstanding) represent truly what the game is all about.

    I have the highest expectations for this game. The mutliplayer beta is one of the best multiplayer experiences I’ve had with any game since Uncharted 2. And if the single player is as good as the multiplayer has been? R3 is my dark horse right now for GOTY.

    U3 is up there as well, and I really love what I’m seeing from both of them. But with all the talk about U3 and Battlefield 3, MW3, ACR and Batman, R3 is very under the radar. Quietly, it’s proving it can run and maybe even beat the best of them.

    Kudos Insomniac. You’ve stepped your game up big time it appears. R1 was good, R2 was great, R3 looks like it’s going to be the masterpiece this series has been striving for.

  • I am a very recent Xbox 360 convert (Just bought a 160 gb PS3 this weekend after selling my xbox). I have to say I’m LOVING the PS3. Playing Uncharted 2 and MGS4. Both fantastic games. While I do love Gears of War (which is also a fantastic game), the PS3 feels like a more “adult” console (sadly, I’m 37). The ability to play such great games with the indition of a blu-ray player, built-in wi-fi and online capabilities make it a great machine.

    I’m totally into the Kevin Butler ads….I’m totally on the bandwagon!

    Although, as an aside (and not to troll) the 360’s controllers are much better from an ergonomic standpoint. I have larger hands and the PS3 controller is tiny and not really comfortable – it even feels a bit cheap. Having said that though, I don’t regret my decision and can’t wait to play the back log of great games. Think I’ll get God of War III next. I’m excited again to own a console.

  • Oh yea…..Resistance 3 looks great!

  • Is it just me, or has Kevin B. put on some weight since the last time we saw him?



  • btw i like the K. Butler Ad best. the other one seems targeted at my mom

  • This is great, I am glad SONY will actually advertise their 1st party games. I hope to see more commercials for ICO and Shadow of Collosus, God of War HD collection, Uncharted 3 (which I know we will see commercials for since this is NO. 1 PS3 and soon PS Vita franchise) and many others.

  • Love the Advert SONY;) Love KB :D + The Graphics on R3 look well good to :P

  • I know I’m a self proclaimed Resistance fanboy but I absolutely loved the first commercial. So much emotion in there I’ve already watched it four times. The KB commercial I didn’t like as much but I’ve always leaned toward the first type of commercial more.

    In any case I can’t wait! Just four more days!!

  • Yeah they flash the images way too quickly in that first ad.

    In the second they dont show the game at all.

    I think a better idea would have been to use the 41 seconds as follows.

    10sec intro, 25 seconds of continous epic gamplay, then a long live play rant by KB.

    I have my hearing and still dont know what the first ad is tryin to say, something about his wife meeting him at a tower when he destroys it?

    If you gonna destroy something you shouldnt tell your wife to meet you there, unless its his Ex-wife and he wants to stop paying alamoney and child support, LOL

    Anyway how we coming with that online cooperative DLC?????

    Dont know who’s idea is was to remove the best thing R2 had going for it.

    Sales>Pleasing customers

    In a year all games will be COD if thats all that matters.(Most already are)

  • @LovesJapanManga.
    Hey i know a friend who is just like you, she CAN hear but she can’t hear well, especially high pitched sounds, she can never play a game without subtitles.

  • this commercial is chock full of stuff that goes BOOM!

  • I don’t like the new ads. They try to inspire… but it doesn’t fit well.

  • Someone felt like they were watching a Michael Bay film? Ha. That trailer has more emotional power in it than Michael Bay has in all of his movies combined. Because he has none.

    Insomniac is actually presenting us with real characters that are believable into terrifying situations.

    Capelli looks like you guys really gave him an arc and added a lot of emotional power to his character. I think that’s fantastic, and it’s going to make the game’s story 10 times better. The larger context of Resistance has always been its strongest suit, but now it seems like the characters are going to be fully realized this time and make this the ultimate experience.

    R3 is my dark horse for GOTY. The multiplayer beta is the best multiplayer I’ve played since Uncharted 2 without question. If the single player can match the multiplayer, this is going to be a heck of a game.

    Looking forward to it, Insomniac. Can’t wait to go on this hopefully deeply internal emotional roller coaster you’ve presented us with thus far in the first ad and in the others.

  • @34 you can get third party xbox style controllers for your PS3,

    I just cannot get used to the analog stick being in the wrong place or the non-segmented D-pad the 360 has.

    Also you can get condoms for your PS3 controller to beef up the size a bit.


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