Resistance 3 Dev Diary: Enemy Munitions

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Resistance 3 Dev Diary: Enemy Munitions

It’s hard to believe that Resistance 3 is coming out next week! It’s been an amazing journey for those of us at Insomniac Games, we’ve spent the last three years ensuring this is our most polished, focused, and consistent entry in the Resistance franchise. We’re very excited to share it with you. As we get close to release, it’s time to show you our very last Dev Diary – this one focused on the high-tech weapons created or influenced by the Chimeran invaders. We were extremely pleased to work in collaboration with the PlayStation.Blog on these diaries, and we hope you love them as much as we do.

As you may know by now, the Resistance 3 Multiplayer Beta is winding down on September 4th, but we wanted to get one last blast of testing on our servers, so we’ve made the beta available to all on the PlayStation Store. We also wanted to acknowledge that while the R3 beta wasn’t always smooth sailing, we totally appreciated those of you who helped us test the game and stuck with us through the rough patches. We’ve announced a Beta Player Appreciation program – if you download and play a few rounds of the Resistance 3 Beta before it ends on September 4th, you’ll receive a couple of cool rewards for the final game. Check out our announcement about the Beta player appreciation program for more details. We’ll be continuing to update and tweak Resistance 3 with new patches and updates, as well as DLC in the coming weeks, so stay tuned.

That’s all for now, we have a few more exciting things to show you here on the PlayStation.Blog in the next couple of days, so keep coming back for more. And in the meantime, check out all the latest breaking news on Resistance 3 by following Insomniac Games on Twitter, Liking us on Facebook, or joining the conversation at

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  • I downloaded the beta when it was first available for plus members, but never got around to playing it, I mostly was going to play single player & try out the co-op mode when I get the game, but I’m going to try the beta now to get the rewards

  • I’ve been playing the beta for a while, and I’ve noticed that not one game I’ve played online has a weapon wheel, it’s always been primary and secondary weapon. Why did you choose to put that in the R3 MP? And on that note, will there be secondary weapons? I really enjoyed using the Magnum in R2 MP, especially when lugging around the fareye.

  • @48, stupid, Most every game has those things, the gameplay is nothing like COD…………… Unbalanced weapons? If I had a penny everytime someone whined abolut unbalance in an online game. BS. A couple similarites that 99% of shooters have is irrelevant, the gameplay, is nothing like COD. You cant cloak in COD, you dont have the weapons in COD like resistance has, dozens of different skills, that differentiate gameplay from cod.

  • Im Playing this awesome game right now! its sweet! but i got to tell u guys… i love the game and everything but u guys could have done much better graphics… the game looks good dont get me wrong, but i know u could have done better. other thing i dont like (for now since im in chapter 8) its that the story its pretty much that cappelli goes to new york to save the world… im expecting a lot more on the next chapters… anyways for now im loving the atomizer, the revolver and marksman weapons. fighting longlegs its sun as hell and i give praise to what u did with the AI! Chimeras are ruthless. they flank u and run to u while ur in cover! sweet!

    anyways thats that. thanks for the game guys ill give u my review as soon as i finish the game which im playing in 3 teeth for now… i think i need to beat it first to unlock superhuman?? bye

  • Hiiiii. i have a problem that is i download R3 beta but cant find any match to play ? plz answer what i will do?

  • me neither it takes ages just on the ‘finding game’ screen….
    are the servers down or wat

  • wow kudos to you guys that is a lot of detail behind the game. im a cs major and i want to go into gaming and create worlds like resistance. you guys put a lot into the game and from a programmer (well, not official and im more like a “junior” programmer) i appreciate all the hard work you put in. thanks!

  • this game has some similarities like COD but its deffinitly not LIKE COD…i kinda like how games take ideas from other games..and make them unique the perks..and the weapon makes it feel alot more rewarding for playing the game and being good at it. although i do have to say that leveling up is really easy….imo..or maybe im just abusing on the noobs out there..with my Bullseye gun and the Deadeye SR! …im not that into the human guns ..but they are alot more effective for some reason :/ This game is purchasing this DAY ONE..just like pre-rdered UNCHARTED 3 : Collectors Edition :p

  • Ok, insomniac, you probably won;t even read this but if you are, please add these to the game! It’s important to me and others.

    custom soundtracks. (PLEASE!!!!!!) My first playthrough I always go without it, but when I go back for trophy hunting I like to listen to music.

    XMB invites. Please make it so we can invite friends from the xmb itself….also I hope co-op campaign is jump in, jump out.

    Please implement all that in an update day one!

  • nothing will beat resistance fall of man but still day one purchase for me!

  • I am tired of people complaining about the upgrading of weapons and people griping about if the other person has a higher level then you. I went into the beta with people already had he Atomizer and I worked my way up to that level from level 1. If you can’t overcome the advantages people have over you because you are a lower level then you are most likely a very crappy gamer. I have destroyed shields, taken out people who are berserk, found invisible campers, outwitted snipers etc

    .Don’t fool yourselves into thinking it is the perks that stop you from winning. The perks don’t aim the gun for you or think for you. Just because some people can figure out how to use them to their advantage better then you doesn’t mean a thing. I’ll bet that even without the perks you would still get your butt kicked and come up with another excuse why your losing. If you can’t adapt to situation and overcome your disadvantages then you should stop gaming immediately. Don’t blame R3, it’s your own crappy skills

  • I already pre-ordered,I CANT WHAIT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • the problem is that every f.p.s. multi will be compared to call of duty. because of the fact the call of duty has a well oiled machine which pumps game after game out and also dollar after dollar, hence everyone owns , plays or has played a c.o.d. title.. the difference is quite clear, creativity and edge. my opinion is that c.o.d. as of late owns neither(except edging the w each fiscal year). so if this game had to be compared i would put it closer to killzone 3 than c.o.d. and even then its not close to being the same game, just a few things which can make one say “hey kinda reminds me of this or that” its impossible to bring a game which reminds you of nothing else but what is in front of you, and in the cases when it does, the company is taking a great chance and if its a winner, it will still have to contend w/ games which have deeper pockets and more success, thankfully resistance 3 is coming out. and until battlefield 3 shows us what f.p.s is supposed to look like from a mil. shooter/ f.p.s/epic period, then we will always compare to a game which is the most popular, and popular isnt always the best. as we all know

  • again this is all just my opinion, im just speaking from what i have seen in my many years of gaming. and games who put a choke hold in certain areas of gaming make companys feel pressured into having to follow or some how be or add an element which will remind you of a dominating factor in todays first persons shooters. choke hold has also been applied by e.a. w/madden . so this sint fanboy crap or activision vs e.a. . madden has dominated for so many years (since 05,i think) because they have obtained the rights to own the nfl w/in gaming basically, therefor either buy madden or dont play football on ps3. and because of this they have invested little to make any major changes in their games, but if there was another to compete w/ then we would see the true potential behind what madden could truely be, and thats a pure bred football simulation. this has happened to a lesser degree w/ f.p.s. and many sci-fi and even rpg’s will be compared if in fact at some point in the game you are holding a gun in first person, im not a fanboy, too old for that.. fact is that come mid oct. things will change, because the bar will be set higher on f.p.s. shooters..

  • b3 will bring forth a game which will in fact be the best all around f.p.s. and for fans of c.o.d. this is actually a good thing, a great thing.. meaning mw4 will more than likely unleash hell in 2013 to claim back the seat they own as of today from a financial/popularity standpoint and make some changes that will show you the true potential of c.o.d. instead of what many feel as a recycled game. popularity will only take you so far, when a brick wall is place directly in front of you, then you must get around it to reach destination(b3 being the wall, destination is dominance. and in the meantime great games are often over looked, not played and suffers a profit margin they deserve because it either lacks the familiar style or has glimpses of a familiar style of a certain game. so if anyone is comparing this to anything else, its usually because the game they are comparing it to is their comfort zone game, or a game which they indeed hate for the dominance or style it has introduced and remains. this is the reason games do not sell as well as they should, and why developers tend to model a game w/ (insert) game in mind. this does not remind me of cod

  • so if one wants to make a check list 1) unique story , check.. 2) campaign longer than a boxing match, check.
    3) chimera, check.. 4) sci fi, check.. 5) weapons which are not used by any army of this world, check.. 6) campaign is core, w/ good multiplayer to fall back on instead of vice versa, check..

    other than a few ribbons sim to k3,and a killstreak bonus i see nothing phased into this game but then again im not looking for them, what i am looking for is something different, a game w/ a story to tell, one which is unique and their own. and what a blast it was 2 play deus ex h.a.
    i do not see nuke strikes or ninja perks anywhere, and keep in mind that this is a sci fi and if one compares it to a war shooter i can see how it can be sim 2 a few, tossing live hand grenades back and forth like hot potato,nuke strikes survived while being in the radius of the launch, running around in circles wielding 2 shotguns, well yes it can be compared then, both being pure fantasy. but this is designed to be just that. if you ask me. lets let it launch before we pass judgement, or pass period.

  • when i play this game i look for a good sci fi story/campaign which is longer than the 6 o’clock news and a good multiplayer to fall back on.when i pre-order and then walk away with game in hand, this is what i want going into my ps3, not a prologue to multiplayer vibe, for a lack of a better term. lets not pass judgement on this game until it comes out, or pass on it period because the feelings one has toward another game makes one so angry that they see it everywhere they look.when i buy a army/special forces shooter i hope to find realism to a certain degree, when i buy a sci fi shooter, i want guns from out of this world and monsters to match. the only comparison i will make is the 2 games that were mentioned are fantasy promising to deliver just that, and the other being a game when you throw live grenades back and forth like hot potato, survive nukes w/in feet from launching them, wielding to heavy powered shotguns while running in circles,pure fantasy.please remember that these are video games we are playing..and btw what a treat deus ex was to play. anyways i hope gamers dont pass this ps3 exclusive up because of comparing it, this will be a mistake.

  • Absolutely love all the weapons I’ve played with in the R3 beta. Second only to Uncharted 2’s beta, I’d say R3’s beta is one of the best I’ve ever played. Insomniac, you’ve hit a home run. Really balanced gameplay, nothing too overpowered (hated the Wraith in R2). I’ve been loving the R3 beta, and can’t wait for R3 to hit. Won’t get it immediately (need to save some money right now), but I will get it before the year is out, brand new somewhere to support you guys, because I’ve really loved the Resistance series, and can’t wait to see how it is all wrapped up.

    And that multiplayer is just awesome in the beta. Looking forward to great single player and multiplayer!

    BTW, why no trophies for R3 online? I’ve loved chasing the multiplayer trophies on R2 lately (except the Killing Machine one).

  • @60, disagree, R3 will be better then RFOM. RFOM was good but lots of improvement to be had,

  • I had high hopes for this game because they implemented the PS Move, but no server browser and the fact the iron sights for the move are not detached (as they are in every other game) made this a pass.

    I am sick of games half assing it.

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