Resistance 3 Dev Diary: Enemy Munitions

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Resistance 3 Dev Diary: Enemy Munitions

It’s hard to believe that Resistance 3 is coming out next week! It’s been an amazing journey for those of us at Insomniac Games, we’ve spent the last three years ensuring this is our most polished, focused, and consistent entry in the Resistance franchise. We’re very excited to share it with you. As we get close to release, it’s time to show you our very last Dev Diary – this one focused on the high-tech weapons created or influenced by the Chimeran invaders. We were extremely pleased to work in collaboration with the PlayStation.Blog on these diaries, and we hope you love them as much as we do.

As you may know by now, the Resistance 3 Multiplayer Beta is winding down on September 4th, but we wanted to get one last blast of testing on our servers, so we’ve made the beta available to all on the PlayStation Store. We also wanted to acknowledge that while the R3 beta wasn’t always smooth sailing, we totally appreciated those of you who helped us test the game and stuck with us through the rough patches. We’ve announced a Beta Player Appreciation program – if you download and play a few rounds of the Resistance 3 Beta before it ends on September 4th, you’ll receive a couple of cool rewards for the final game. Check out our announcement about the Beta player appreciation program for more details. We’ll be continuing to update and tweak Resistance 3 with new patches and updates, as well as DLC in the coming weeks, so stay tuned.

That’s all for now, we have a few more exciting things to show you here on the PlayStation.Blog in the next couple of days, so keep coming back for more. And in the meantime, check out all the latest breaking news on Resistance 3 by following Insomniac Games on Twitter, Liking us on Facebook, or joining the conversation at

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  • I’m soo excited, I’ve been waiting for this game forever! And as with the first two titles it looks amazing. You guys/girls at Insom rock.

  • Also, just curious. Now that we have the Deadeye will the Fareye no longer be making a return? I know it’s not in the beta but will it be in the campaign?

    • The fact that we are doing campaign co-op (and competitive MP) and wanting to keep our weapons as consistent as possible between all modes is the reason the Fareye is gone. Slowing down time doesn’t work super well in online games or online co-op. Narratively it also makes sense as most sniper ammunition would’ve been exhausted by 1957, and snipers would need to acquire and user Chimeran rifles and ammo.

  • R3 is my most wanted game this year i think. Very, very excited :) but that other multiplat game insomniac is working on, Overstrike? that looks like garbage LOL

  • 6 Days left!

  • 6 days !!!!!

  • I can’t wait only 6 more days to go till I pick this up!

  • Not long now :), love the beta and love the menu music

  • Will you PS3 gamers actually support this game? Xbox exclusives sell more in pre-orders then most Ps3 exclusives, why? Early reviews leaked for R3 were glowing some calling it the biggest surprise and maybe best shooter of the year… It wont sell because Sony don’t advertise its game library and Ps3 gamers don;t seem to support games like xbox gamers do.

  • The game beta is still rough while playing some games after the end of the 1st match i will than be on a screen waiting for the next match for like 10 minutes. I hear people talking on the mics but i stay on a black screen with the blue and yellow signs on the top right corner. Myself i feel like the online game mode is pretty cool better than Resistance 2 but i am still on the fence of picking this game up next week. Seaside is an amazing map and the killstreaks bring some excitement to the game but i still don’t know if this will be a better rental or purchase.

  • awesome. So looking forward to this game. Great birthday gift to myself :-D

  • Hope sony gives this game the advertising campaign it deserves.

  • AWESOME!!!!! i can’t wait till next tuesday ahhhhhh i want it now!!!!!!

  • @8, buy the game, developers like insomniac deserve support……… Amazes me how Ps3 gamers don’t buy games like xbox gamers do.

  • Is it true that the bullseye bomb is officially gone? If so why? What other features/weapons from R:FoM’s life have been removed? (besides the obvious ones missing from R2, unfortunately… and the three we know are gone, Air-fuel, shotguns double shot, and fareye).

    How many weapons in total can we find in the SP? Are there any secret ones for multiple play throughs like the splitter, reapers from R:FoM?

    Lastly, with the recently mentioned classic mode, why not make a REAL classic mode with weapon pickups and closed crosshairs? Just patch it in later, most R:FoM fans don’t really care how well it works honestly we just want to play it that way again, it was fun for us.

    • There are 12 weapons in SP, each with 2 upgrades (one that, generally speaking, effects the primary and one that effects the secondary). The Sledgehammer is the exception in that it isn’t upgraded.

      In terms of changing weapons, we’re always re-evaluating the arsenal and trying to surprise folks with some new twists on stuff.

      Finally, we never built anything like weapon spawns into the final game, not did we build the maps with them in mind, making big system level changes to aiming as well as MP systems is a lot bigger task than you might believe.

  • New book finished, R:FOM replay finished, replaying R2. Can’t wait.

    My only disappointment (which isnt affecting my purchase) is the blur in MP(when standing still, not running) . It completely ruins the image quality. I hope that it’s no in SP at least, or PLEASE give us a toggle to disable it.

  • I meant ‘when walking not running’

  • Does the deadeye have variable zoom? I’m a GREAT sniper in R2, but in R3 the zoom was way to much for me to hit medium range targets. The maps were also to small to really get far enough to take out people from far.

  • i smell a camper lol

  • Loving the beta right now! MP is so badass now i can’t wait to play the SP!
    Please make more resistance games Insomniac!!!

  • Played the Beta three days after it was down loadable and players already were at the max level cap. What is with the trend of leveling in shooters?

    Does this make me want to play…no absolutely not. Hey you know what is not fun, unbalanced play, caused by your opponent owning a game longer than you. So they have a higher level and access to better weapons, skins and upgrades. Then guess what happens the new players get pounded every time.

    I feel like the video game industry in total is losing the best and brightest and replacing them with baboons. A long time ago we solved the new player issue in MMOs, by having areas that only they can be in so they can learn and level up. But now where did that thought process go?

    Resistance 3 will not get my money based on the beta.

    • Keep in mind, with higher player counts in the final game, matchmaking will try to put you with players of your level. Also – leveling is MUCH slower in the final game. And finally, even though the beta finally became open to the public, it had been open to PSN+ and other folks prior, so they had more time to level up

  • @19, thats one of the most moronic reasons I saw for not buying a game, ever…. You know stats/levels from the beta get reset when the game launches right? You you got sooky because you were losing to more vet players? you can say that about every online game… Ever…. I guess no online game for you ever… LMAO, some of you ned help. Everyone takes their lumps in Mp at first, stop beign a baby.

  • my birthday is the day after this game releases..will i get it? no….so many other games look and feel so much better….kinda grown out of Ratchet and Clank after the PS2 games…sorry Insomniac you have failed to impress me with any of your PS3 titles…including this one and R&C All 4 One….

  • I haven’t had much time to play the R3 beta, but I got back to it recently and what an improvement!! Was already sold on the campaign, but now R3 is the entire package :)

  • @21, then why waste time posting…. your loss.

  • Thank you for your response. ^_^ However there is one question left unanswered that I hate to continue to bring up but is very important to me; is the bullseye bomb in R3’s SP? (tagging a surface as to create an orbit of bullseye bullets that we can then re-direct).

  • I loved the first 2 games and I had high hopes for R3, after playing Multiplayer Beta, I decided that this is a must buy for me. Great work Insomniac Games, and keep supporting/updating/fixing the game, I have seen significant improvements in BETA over last 2 weeks, but there is still some work left there.

    When joining game in progress I got stuck 3 times last night, that was with 2.05 and had to quit the game and restart it.

    Also is 3D supported in BETA, I have it all setup on my PS3 and my 3D TV but 3D option in R3 Multiplayer is grayed out? So I am unable to turn it on, unless I am missing something.

  • I can’t wait! I’ve had this baby preordered and paid off since the release date was announced earlier this year :D
    I’m glad I did. The first two games were really cool. I loved the atmosphere/universe of the resistance titles. Insomniac, you guys rock! You guys brought back everything that was awesome about the first two titles and look to have made Resistance 3 the best shooter this year. The split screen online/offline options, med kit, weapon wheel options are all things that fans like myself asked for. Thank you SO much for listening to your fans! Your hard work has been greatly appreciated. Me, my brother, and a couple of friends are going to support this title all the way!!! We’re all buying it on day uno.

    Anyway, slightly off topic:
    To all the haters out there. Come on. I don’t know how to say it nicely, but if you don’t have anything to say nicely don’t say it at all. Don’t be a JERK. Go post somewhere else. Sorry guys, I had to say it. I was SMH at every other post with all these prepubescent kids having nothing better to do. Some cheese with that wine someone? lol

  • Oh and by the way. The MP beta is AMAZING now. The first week was really bad. Unplayable. Second week still had trouble finding matches. The screen blur was really bad those first few weeks.
    But now. OMG!!!!!!
    Everything is perfect! All the weapons and abilities are very balanced. They all have strengths and weaknesses. I love them all and use them all. The screen blur is perfect now. DONT CHANGE ANYTHING. The kill cam is no longer a complete blur when I see who kicked my butt. The level designs are amazing. As you can see i’m super pumped because I was a little worried at the beginning but now its looking to be one of the best MP experiences around.
    Can’t wait to hear/read more from you guys in the week. 9/6/11. Cant wait.

  • I just downloaded the beta last night and hopefully I’ll find some time to play it today. I think this game is going to impress and surprise a lot of people.

    @mastorofpuppetz I think that the reason PlayStation games seem to sell less than Xbox games is that the PlayStation audience really skews much older. My friends and I are all over 25 and are all quite busy. While I keep up with games like I always have they no longer do. They typically don’t follow what games are coming out and end up buying a couple of the same ones every year (Call of Duty, NHL, etc.). Of course I’m sure there are other reasons like lack of advertising as you mentioned.


  • “Early reviews leaked for R3 were glowing some calling it the biggest surprise and maybe best shooter of the year…”

    ..I guess they enjoy flicker control and scaling blur. I don’t.. seriously, the beta gave me a headache and my eyes just started hurting after one game. Perspective-correction and zoom is just.. stomach-turning.. It doesn’t look good in any resolution, or what is presumably the setting without stretching/scaling..

    It’s the same thing as with Little Big Planet 2. There’s just this total blur across the entire screen, and anything that moves starts to bleed into the sub-pixel smoothing. Horrible stuff..

    In my opinion, anyone who said this looks good should have their eyes checked out (..and you might want to do so as well if you’ve played the beta for a while..).

  • I’m already playing the BETA and its awesome as hell…cant wait to get my hands on the full game…day 6.Probably the best FPS after Killzone.

  • @30, its a beat for a reason….. And of all things to mark a game down for, those are not it, those are called nit picks. get real. Gameplay > graphics. Also, online graphics are always toned down from SP.

  • I meant Beta!!

  • @31, resistance is better then killzone in every way, better story, atmosphere, weapons.. Killzone was a huge dissappointment, killzone is generic.

  • So, anyone that doesn’t post praising Resistance, mastorofpuppetz (love the spelling) will scorn you. Well, I played the first and most of the second. The story is really the only compelling part of it. Gameplay is not the only thing that makes a game.

  • Doing my pre-order today actually.

  • Ill picking this up and the headset on Tuesday. Can’t wait. Thanks for all your hard work on this series over the years.

  • i just had a simple question how many wepons can we expect to see in MP. oh and good job with R3 loved the beta and now is a for sure buy cant wait

  • ugh, hated the multiplayer beta. Switching my pre-order to something else not influenced by CoD.

    Insomniac, you guys need some sleep.

  • @36, the gameplay of Resistance blows away killzone the weapons atmosphere, story, all better, please show m where I said gameplay is the only thing that matters? I said gameplay is More important then graphics, learn to read.

  • @40, its nothing like COD…………. You need more then sleep apparently.

  • @40 bro you’re insane, this feels like a much improved RFOM which is a major plus

  • Hey soo I got to play the 1st game in a co-op story mode…but not in the 2nd :( is the 3rd one going to be the same???? Regardless, cant wait!!! Great series!

  • Oooh. Did I offend you? I never said that’s what you said. I am well aware of exactly what you said. The sentence goes: Gameplay is not the only thing that makes a game. Simply stating that all parts of a game should be examined. I enjoyed killzone for the graphics. You obviously just like acting intelligent on the internet. Congrats. You’ve succeeded in merely acting intelligent, spouting your preferences as rhetoric and attacking everyone else’s like blasphomey. I’m guessing your Christian.

  • Why you guys took away the reticle for the Marksman? This gun is about the only gun I really love and Resistance 2, I even maxed out the Marksman class. I’m kind of disappointed that the reticle site is gone from the Marksman in R3.

  • @41 I completely agree. Like I said, this game is Call of Duty with Resistance skins. It sadden me to see my favorite FPS of all time, RFOM, get butcher to appeal to another audience. I think IG should just give the IP to another studio. So far the Resistance game released by someone other than IG has been much better than the Resistance games release by IG. Hell, I am so excited for Resistance Burning Sky because it actually look like Resistance.

    @43 mastorofpuppetz
    Nothing like COD?
    Let see here:
    unbalance weapons…CHECK
    Need I say more?

  • LOL anyone click the link for beta announcement?

  • I have had this game pre-ordered for a couple of weeks now.

    Its me and my nephews favorite game. We are really looking forward to being able to play through the campaign again together.

    On the other hand we hope they bring back the Resistance 2 co-op mode in a future DLC. The campaign co-op is still our favorite, but the 8 player co-op is our second favorite :) I hear there are alot of problems with the multiplayer beta right now so I hope they get that sorted out. I am not a huge multiplayer player, but I have a feeling I will be playing Resistance 3 alot.

    This is the first game I have ever pre-ordered. Keep up the good work Insomniac, Resistance 3 looks like your best title yet!

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