3D Display Pre-Order Offer includes Resistance 3

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3D Display Pre-Order Offer includes Resistance 3

The PlayStation 3D Display we unveiled at E3 has been getting plenty of buzz, and I wanted to let you all know about a special pre-order offer that’s now available at retailers nationwide: If you pre-order the bundle – which includes the 24-inch 3D Display, one pair of universal PlayStation 3D glasses, MotorStorm Apocalypse on Blu-ray, and an HDMI cable – you’ll also receive a copy of Resistance 3 on Blu-ray. We’re excited to offer all of this for $499.99, and you’ll need to place your pre-orders by Sept. 30, 2011.

Check out the video below to learn all about the 3D Display that is launching in November.

The brilliant, ultrathin, 24” LED 3D Display is enhanced for gaming with SimulView technology, delivering individual full HD screen action to each player in two-player mode. Key product specs include:

  • Full HD 1080p resolution and 240hz refresh rate for ultra-smooth play
  • 3 HD inputs (2 HDMI and 1 component) so you can hook up your PS3, cable TV box, and PC
  • Built-in speakers and subwoofer for a more immersive audio experience.

With the 3D Display pre-order offer and so many amazing titles coming to PS3 in 3D this holiday, like Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception, Ratchet & Clank: All 4 One, The ICO & Shadow of the Colossus Collection, and more, now is the time to jump into 3D gaming.

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  • God I am so glad I don’t own a crap-box.

  • The apparent size is the same hey?

    The thing you forget is they selling this as a two player tv.

    Unless you like gaming with your buddy in your lap, LOL.

    Seriously two people sitting 3-5ft from this tv places them outside the tv’s frame at about 45 degree angles.

    Where as a 40″ would have both players within the frame lookin straight on at the reccommended distance.

    It’s apparent to me that a slightly bigger screen would be beneficial in this regard, dont you think?

  • @28 Just to be clear, does that mean current Bravia 3D TV’s can’t get this feature (SimulView) via firmware update? or is it some sort of hardware limitation?

  • I hope my 3D bravia HX800 gets an update to use simulview with the new glasses, thank you!

  • So for all those who live in Canada, only Gamestop seems to have it on their website. Didn’t see anything on Amazon or Best Buy’s website.

  • So you guys know, you can get a 50″ 3D plasma for around $150 more then this tv.

    I have heard no real features inherent in a 2011 tv so far.

    Wheres the internet tv? The RGB LED backlighting? The widgets? Only two HDMI? Can it play video via USB?

    Is it actually true 240hz or another trick in marketing, If it was true 240hz they could do dual 3D images so obviously not.(But they would need another HMDI input, and you would need two PS3’s for that, but that would be cool as hell, you could have a LAN party on one tv).

    Dont get sucked in.


  • Phillyblunz, why do you care so much? If people want to spend there money then it is their choice. I guess trolling is your choice, though.


  • @55 thanks for not ignoring Canada like the OP does.

    Too bad Gamestop is a horrible company with disgraceful business practices.
    Any of you hear about their company policy of opening games and stealing any and all codes within them in an attempt to decrease competition????? What a hurtin excuse, from a hurtin company.

    I hate supporting Gamestop, its bad enough I am forced to shop at EB games every few years due to game availability. These pirates will steal your soul.

  • For everyone complaining about the size; realize there are a lot of people that game on 24″ displays. We’re the “desk gamer” crowd. I enjoy sitting about 2 feet away in my comfortable chair with a good pair of surround headphones. The screen fills a good chunk of my field of vision. I even rest my nav and move controllers on my lap for extended FPS sessions. When I try to game from my sofa on my 46″ screen; it seems tiny compared to the 24″ at my desk, as it doesn’t nearly fill my field of view.

    I also game on other platforms a little. This display should support all major platforms. In addition, I have to spend a lot of hours each day using the display as a monitor for my computer so that I can get work done to pay for my gaming addiction. Anything over 24″ for 1920×1080 resolution is horrible for computer use (pixels too large).

    Maybe Sony shouldn’t play up the two player mode so much. I don’t think most buyers of this display will be using it. It would be very cool in a dorm room or LAN party type situation though. Note that Sony and many others already sell 40″ 3D displays if you really want bigger. This is for people like me that have had zero options in the 24″ space with 3D HDMI 1.4 support.

  • @SDinfected

    I was hoping the OP would reply back to answer some of the several questions I’ve asked.

    Also the fact that none have been answered points towards me being right on the money and they dont want it to be officially confirmed.

    I feel bad for everyone who buys this for the seemingly useless only feature this device has.

    I just want to inform people, the better question is why wouldnt you want people to know all this?

    Go ahead and buy this thing, but beaware its being sold as something it most likely will not be useful for.
    Thats all I want you to know, and oh yeah your welcome.

  • Note to Canadians: the Playstation 3D Display is available at both GameStop.ca and Futureshop.ca.

    Futureshop.ca: http://www.futureshop.ca/fr-CA/product/playstation-3-playstation-3d-tv-bundle-98078/10178580.aspx

    GameStop.ca: http://www.gamestop.ca/accessories/playstation-3d-display/309849

  • @60

    I’m glad you want this monitor for what it is, not what its being sold as.

    I’m sure it will bring you tons of awesomeness and splatter it in your face with great 3D.

    I’m considering getting it, but will deffinitely wait for reviews to see what it truely can do.

    I havent been liking the R3 beta too much, but Motorstorm Apocalypse is the tits.


    Hey Motorstorm Apocalypse has 4 player split screen, why couldnt they rework that for two player 3D via dualview? Or Simulview?

    Maybe they will????

  • how are you suppose to enjoy a good move game? you have to stand at lest 4-5 feet from the Tv just so the Camera can pick you up. And you got a 24inch screen? I can put 4-5 24inch screens in 1 50inch screen.

  • 24 is small but i guess its not the size but the price, Idk sony … i think i’ll wait and buy this after the vita because you like to release better deals down the line.

  • I’d be all over this if they made a NON-3D version that was a little less expensive. My son is legally blind in one eye so he can’t view 3D. Sony needs to be aware of these types of handicaps.

  • The tv looks great now my friends won’t screen look in Black ops ;)! I have a question to will the tv be in bundle only for pre order or when it comes out thanks.

  • @ 63 they are going to make a feature like the kinect where u dont have to stand so far away. The tv is made for dorms and rooms not small living rooms by the way.

  • Where can we preorder this … website or someting?

    It says “display” … can i plug my cable in there and coaxial cable as well?

    Since it’s on the ps3 blog i’ll assume it’s ps3 enabled.

    it’s a 24 inch screen but is the total Display height, width and depth so, i can mesure and see if my it fits in my TV rack …. ?

  • I still think 24 inch tv is s little too small for todays viewing pleasure. I’m still debating if i should get it, had it been 32 inch tv (at least) I would’ve pre-ordered by now.

  • Why would I buy a 24″ 3D TV when I have a 42″ and 50″ plasma Samsung TV’s and quite frankly 2 people playing on a 24″ screen is tiny good job sony sell us some more stuff we don’t really need.

  • Is this going to be available for us Canadian users as well?

    I sure hope so!

  • Awesome! I am getting this!

  • Will you be selling the 3D Display individually? And if so, what’s the price?

  • The only problem I have with this is the size of the set. I wish it were bigger. How can anyone be immersed in 3D with only 24″ of screen?

  • @ LovesJapanManga i have the same thing :( i went to a 3D movie with my buds (harry potter) and they were saying that 3D was amazing!! so i said yes it looked good…. its sad for ppl like us

  • will i be able to use cable on this?

  • This display is awesome and I will be purchasing it I’m just hoping in the near future they make a bigger inch tv like a 40 or something but it is still a great display great job Sony!

  • You guys are crazy. I’ve tried multiple different screen sizes and chose a 24 inch 1080p Viore to go on my desktop next to my comp monitor. I have to say I am COMPLETELY satisfied with the size! I am always sitting about 3-4 feet away from it in my desk chair, though.. I guess a lot of other people are more into the couch thing, but if you have room on your desktop, this will be perfect! I can’t wait for the 3D Display to replace it! :D

  • i have to save my money for this!!

  • So how much hidden DRM and Sony spyware does this TV have in it? My bet is that it’s loaded to the brim, I wouldn’t be surprised if you got hit with a 500 page ToS agreement when you first turn on the TV.

  • yeh but 24″ is very small…

  • Is there some technological issue that is going to prevent larger sizes? You’ve been ignoring all the questions about different models.

    Out with it already!

  • i pre-ordered mine. looking forward to it and the vita this holiday.

  • it looks like great technology and a sweet bundle sony people, my only regret is a 24 inch screen is too small. I already own a 46 inch sony TV in my house( non 3D) and it is amazing. IF, you made a bigger screened tv of this kind of tech with such a sweet bundle, ofc id get it; but until then , no way.

  • Well, release Resistance 3 beta to all, and I might. I just hate the way you close out everyone but PS+ members :(
    But that’s just my opinion…..
    They’ve made other betas open to all after a certain amount of days, but then when my favorite game comes, it’s a PS+ exclusive :( lol

  • Some people just don’t understand the tech, I’m getting this as a second display, imagine running 2 on ps3 with GT5, I’ll let ya kno what a blast it is or switch to one flip it 3d… Understand the tech!

  • You’ll get a chance helm

  • Hey any chance this is coming to Canada, also I pre-ordered this and Resistance 3 so now I will have two copies of Resistance and Motorstorm any chance you’ll put out an alternative bundle like maybe more glasses or Ico/ Shadow of the Colossus collection

  • also could you add a DVI input

  • @octus I guess you didnt hear the news bro.. The PlayStation Vita wont be out tell Spring 2012. It will be out in Japan this Holiday Season of 2011 but here in the USA we have to wait tell Spring 2012.

  • To who ever is moderating this BLOG.. will you please accept my Comment Post about the TV’s for everyone. There SONY Branded!

  • @tonylabb6 3D is something you dont have to have.. it takes 3D content to make the 3D display work in 3D so if your son is blind in one eye. Dont buy 3D content that he cant use. This TV is a great TV even if you weren’t going to use the 3D part of the TV. You cant buy a HD TV that supports 240hz of Resolution on a TV for that price. That is a really good TV with really got HD Content to Display. Dont look at this TV as a 3D TV its more then just that if your looking at the FULL 1080p with the 240Hz Refresh rate. ;)

  • I’ll only purchase this display if there is little to no lag when gaming on it. Can someone at Sony ensure that this is the case? (Little to no input lag)

  • Does the SimulView work for all games on the PS3 or just certain ones? Is there SimulView on any other TV models?

  • @SupaDaveoz the Refresh Rate is 240hz which mean its the fast Refresh rate in a LED TV there is out there besides Plasma TV’s which are 600hz but from what I hear Plasma’s dont display color very crisp and LED displays are lower cost efficiency in electricity in energy which will lower your bill vs a Plasma.

    I recommend LED over anything there is out there and if you can try to get a 240hz TV and your size preference of coarse.

    If it was me Im looking for a LED TV that’s 46″ inch or bigger that has a 240hz Refresh rate thats 3D that cost under $1000

    I hope SONY is reading because this is my Christmas wish list ;)

  • I spy with my little eye.. the Official DUALSHOCK 3 Charging Stand only on sale in Japan/Asia so far on the left of the table.

  • @Skater_Ricky dude 46″ 240 Hz and 3D for under $1000 that is a little too demanding man, maybe for like $1500 or less, but I really don’t care about size I actually want a smaller version so this is perfect for me. But I did read all your comments dude thanks for enlightening me on the 240 Hz it made me want this TV even more and I agree with you

  • When I heard about this at e3, it sounded pretty cool, but now we have to wait until nov. To get it after resistance 3 releases????? Thanks but no thanks. I’ll just play my ps3 games on my lg 47 in tv. Maybe later I’ll upgrade to 3d.

  • @DopeMunky3 Look up this on Bestbuy.com “KDL46EX723″ its selling a Sony 46” for $1,099.99 thats 120hz which isnt bad.. but still they will come down in price. The best time to buy a TV is on Black Friday. always good deals then for TV’s at your Local Best Buy. Not sure how good of deals you can get online for a TV.

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