3D Display Pre-Order Offer includes Resistance 3

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3D Display Pre-Order Offer includes Resistance 3

The PlayStation 3D Display we unveiled at E3 has been getting plenty of buzz, and I wanted to let you all know about a special pre-order offer that’s now available at retailers nationwide: If you pre-order the bundle – which includes the 24-inch 3D Display, one pair of universal PlayStation 3D glasses, MotorStorm Apocalypse on Blu-ray, and an HDMI cable – you’ll also receive a copy of Resistance 3 on Blu-ray. We’re excited to offer all of this for $499.99, and you’ll need to place your pre-orders by Sept. 30, 2011.

Check out the video below to learn all about the 3D Display that is launching in November.

The brilliant, ultrathin, 24” LED 3D Display is enhanced for gaming with SimulView technology, delivering individual full HD screen action to each player in two-player mode. Key product specs include:

  • Full HD 1080p resolution and 240hz refresh rate for ultra-smooth play
  • 3 HD inputs (2 HDMI and 1 component) so you can hook up your PS3, cable TV box, and PC
  • Built-in speakers and subwoofer for a more immersive audio experience.

With the 3D Display pre-order offer and so many amazing titles coming to PS3 in 3D this holiday, like Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception, Ratchet & Clank: All 4 One, The ICO & Shadow of the Colossus Collection, and more, now is the time to jump into 3D gaming.

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  • hey kim that looks cool but any chance of seeing perhaps a 40′ model down the line

  • man Motorstorm Apocalypse in 3D is something else , it does enhance the experience

  • Amazing technology.

  • I agree with ERC1980, I would also like to see a 40 Foot model

  • @4

    great minds think alike!

  • Since the 3D-Display does not ship until after Resistance 3 ships…if I pre-order now, when will I get Resistance 3?

  • hey #4 a 40 FOOT model indeed would be awesome. but i think the 2 games included might just push me over the line to get this. i need a tv for upstairs and this size would work awesomely.

  • I would like to test it first. Any chance Best Buy will have one for gamers to test?

  • really nice but and i might pre-order.. but i thought resistance 3 already came in the bundle :/

  • so the 2 player sim view thing, what is the resolution when it is on? and its not 3d when it is on, right?

  • I game on my projector w/ screen, 24″ is just too small for me to even consider. I imagine this would be perfect for college dorms and small-sized closet game rooms.

  • I am so excited for this I have watched it like 4 times now. 2 Free games, the 3D TV, 3D glasses that will work with other Sony 3D TV’s and possible others, NICE~!

  • Wished I could watch or play games in 3D, but unfortunately for me, I will not be able to. I am half blind with one good eye only. :-( But I am quite happy that you guys who have two good eyes can see them…

  • @13, Sorry to hear that, Maybe some day the tech companies will figure out a way to trick just one eye into seeing 3D images.

  • I need this,perfect for college :D

    btw what’s the song? :)

  • nvm,googled the lyrics and found it.

    All Eyes on Me – Go!

  • @13, your not alone, about 10% of the populace is stereoscopic blind, and another 30ish% get severe headaches when viewing the current 3D technology, not including children 6 and under that shouldn’t be using it to begin with. SO 40-45% of the buying population won’t use a technology that every company is constantly pushing… including myself.

    That and 24″ is tiny for a TV.

  • Would actually love to have it as a PC monitor.

  • I want this So Bad just don’t know if I want to buy this 3d TV its just small for me. I am used to playing on a KDS-55A3000 with no 3d just seems I will be losing my by big picture.

  • 24″ is too small for me. I mean, I have a 40″ Sony Bravia and the only think I thought after I installed it was: “My god, I thought it was way bigger…”. So I’ll pass on the 24″ display, even if the multiplayer tech is WAY TOO COOL! lol. I’d love to have this tech on my current TV with a software patch and additionnal glasses, that would rock!!

  • Placed Pre-order on Amazon July 1st, 2011 …. Will unfortunately have to buy 2 Copies of Resistance before than. [For me and the Mrs.] Not gonna wait til Dec/Jan for R3! – Thanks for the glasses and HDMI…

  • Can’t wait to get this and the headphones..My man-cave is gonna be the happening place to be lol

  • I pre-ordered a while ago, so I’m just disappointed to realize I won’t have it or Resistance 3 September. :(

  • When can we see a list of games that will support SimulView technology? Please tell me Twisted Metal is one of them!

  • I got a bad eye also. Also I would like to try it before I buy it. haven’t tryed 3-D yet!!! Last thing I watch in 3-D was Nightmare on elm street 5 in a movie theater 1989 (or something) LOL:)

  • this video showed us exactly who is getting these tvs…college kids for their dorm rooms..way too small for me

  • 24″ is simply way too tiny… It’s a miniature! I really want this and the new PlayStation Headphones but… I will have to wait for @ least a 30″ to 36″ display (I want a 40″ thought)… Make it quick!! :P

  • If I buy these SimulView glasses, will the 2-player feature work on my Bravia EX720?

  • No composite inputs? I don’t have watch tv in my room that much so I don’t have an HD cable box in my room.. only the old red/white/yellow cables…

  • Took me years just to get ps3 and a few more for my 36′ or so LG TV…I’ll pass on 3d….I’m proud enough of my hard earned possessions but I do apreciate Sony for opening the door to us little guys who dont have it all…One day I hope to play on my friends 50′ 3d so I can see what all the hype is about but until then gamestop could switch to 3d tvs for ps3 demos “Hint hint”?


  • Soo…no composite or S-Video ports in the back? Does that mean I wouldn’t be able to use my Dazzle capture device with this TV?

  • I’d prefer a 50″ PlayStation Television.

  • Why is the screen so incredibly small? Standard HD televisions should be like 32 inches right?

  • 24 is way to small, 32 up to 40 is the playing field. i have a 52 inch and a 42 inch and i seem to spend more time on the 42 inch.

  • @9 A couple months ago, they quietly changed the bundle. They took out Resistance and put in Motorstorm. Cause a bit of an uproar on Amazon. A lot of people (myself included) dropped their pre-orders cause really, it was only a good deal if you wanted the bundled game. Looks like they have corrected their error, and sweetened the deal a bit. I’m still out, though. I was on the fence about the size, and now that my pre-order has been canceled, I don’t think I could place it again.

  • I also agree with everyone who is talking about the screen size..its way too small..even to put in my bedroom..replacing my 32 in the bedroom with a 24 is going to be disappointing. I hope they are working on bigger sizes with the same great 3d features.I will be waiting :p

  • It’s not even a TV, it’s a “display”. Glad I bought a 32″ Sony HDTV last month for only $378. $500 for a 3D display? No thanks…..

  • It would be useful to know where we can preorder the thing. And what about Canada? Does it get this sweet preorder bonus?

  • Can you loan me $500 so i can buy TV sony ;)

  • Hey guys, do we know how much latency this TV has? I would love to buy it, but I’m a fighting game fanatic and I really need to know if the game has a low latency.

    Thanks in advance!

  • What 39 said. How can we preorder it if we don’t know where to preorder it FROM? Otherwise it kind of makes the whole announcement pointless, don’t you think?

  • Hey, this simulview isnt anything new is it?

    Is it the same as dual view?

    Dont all 3DTV’s have dual view?

    My 61″, RGB LED, 3DTV has dual view and its 4yr old already, LOL.

    I thought the selling point was two full HD 3D screens.

    Do any games even support Simulview? AKA dual view???

    Always nice to have hardware technology that no software supports, good ol Sony.

    Can anyone name a single game that can use this Simul/dual view?

  • 24 inch is far too small for my needs. My wife’s monitor is 24 and it’s microscopic compared to my 32 incher. How about a 32 or 40 inch deal?

  • hells to the yeah!!! This totally gets me excited about getting a PS3 put not after I get the PSVita, so i’m going to save save save……

  • So the two Image snd to the simulview glasses are on 2D? Then why is named PlayStation 3D? Te 3D mode is only for one player?

    Now I think that 500$ for a two player display it isn’t so Cheap after all…(even with two games)

  • Imagine two people squeezing together in front of this thing, I foresee some black eyes from flyin elbows.

    So it looks like this Simulview just takes the split screen image and stretches it out to fill the whole screen, I imagine this would either require some massive cropping or severe aspect ratio errors.
    Also that means the “full HD” each person see’s is only upscaled, couple that with the fact that these games arent even 1080p native resolution to begin with(most are 720p), and in split screen the resolution is generally half the native resolution(Standard definition everyone).

    Combine this with the fact that no one wants to wear 3D glases to watch standard def 2D, and you truely have a winner.

    Basically the Simulview is terribly gimmicky, and explains the super small size, due to blowing up a standard definition image to full screen.

    So you are left with a small 240hz 3DTV, fit for a single person sitting within 5 feet.

    I bet the 3D is fantastic and the screen wont lag much due to small size, but I hope they dont trick too many people with this “Simulview” tactic.

  • TV size is relative to how close you are to the TV. For a 42-inch TV, sit ~10 feet away…for a 24-inch T, sit only a few feet away. The “apparent” size is the same.

  • But I hope this means I can try out the “dual view” feature of my tv now.

    If this simulview ever gets coded support by any games (Which it probably wont knowing Sony’s track record)

    Remember the Guncon 3? Of course you dont, it was only supported by a single game, the game it came with.
    It was actually a better gun configuration then the Sharpshooter, and has dual analogs allowing you to look right while aiming left(which you cant do with Move).

    Any comment?

  • I just want to send a HUGE thank you to you guys for developing this product! I game at my desk and need to use my display for computer and other devices in addition to my PS3. I’ve been searching for a 24″ 3D display that would work for everything; and they are impossible to find.

    This is EXACTLY the product I want. Plus I get two great games I would have bought anyway; which is like a $120 discount! I just placed my pre-order at Amazon.

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