Starhawk Space Battles at PAX, MLG and more

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Starhawk Space Battles at PAX, MLG and more

It has been a wild and crazy few months since we announced in May. E3, Comic-Con, Gamescom…and now PAX and MLG! It has really been an incredibly exciting time for us and we truly appreciate all of your support. We announced the title back on May 5th at the Alamo Drafthouse in Austin, TX, and it’s been a sweet ride ever since!

It’s easy for us to tell everyone how cool the game is, but we think it’s much more believable if it comes from the fans directly. So, I’ve included a video from some of our great fans at San Diego Comic-Con a few weeks ago right after they got to play the game. Here’s what they had to say!

Next up is PAX Prime in Seattle this weekend, August 26th – 28th. We’ll be on hand to show off our new space station level, the same environment we showed Gamescom last week….but it damn well deserves an encore. You’ll be able to play with the jet packs and prox mines all in the friendly confines of space so come by the show floor and check us out! I’ll be there running the observer cam and will also be giving out some Starhawk t-shirts and Starhawk bags! Best of all you can get your hands on some great multiplayer action and blow some ++bleep++ up! Here’s a little taste of what the space environment looks like. Come to PAX and try it yourself!

Starhawk PAX t-shit

Starhawk PAX bag

Also this week, Starhawk will be playable at the Major League Gaming Pro Circuit in Raleigh, NC. Swing by the PlayStation Compound at the Raleigh Convention Center (500 South Salisbury Street, Raleigh, NC 26701) on Saturday, August 27th from 10:00am-10:00pm for a chance to win copies of Starhawk when it releases next year and other awesome PlayStation swag! Details can be found on the MLG website. Remember a spectator pass is required.

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  • This game looks so good!

  • @Harvard ~ I challenge you to a One-on-One in Warhawk. Champion’s Blades and Bio-Field Generators Only, in Hero Mode.
    Score Limit: 5 Kills
    Time Limit: 30 Minutes
    30 second respawn
    Rounds: 2
    Map: Vaporfield Glacier full Map
    And you can’t capture any Bases, or use any vehicles.


  • .. Collectors edition part 2

    .. Game
    Laminated thingy
    Dylan Jobe action figure – in Starhawk uniform
    Limited edition Starhawk Dualshock / BT combo ( maybe a comfortable one)
    code for In game special Hawk graphic – Rift energy theme
    and top it off with a tapestry (4’x7′) Starhawk Frontier town layout .. somewhere on Dust

    … Ooooo . .. and and and

    … A Diecast Emmett GUN .. one that actually looks like the game gun ..

    If it works, that would be a BIG bonus

    thats all I got

  • R/C Mech with laser show swarms and smoke machine exhaust. What could go wrong when you open a box, with a celebration ready mech?

  • I’m gald you guys are thinking of releasing a Collector’s Edition! the game looks EPIC! and Please the PSN needs more cool Avatars from PS3 exclusives, give us STARHAWK avatars and a Dynamic Theme would be SWEET!

  • oh man i found my fix on this game

    one question

    What role does Santa Monica Studios has on the development of this game?
    my guess is on the game engine

    thanks for the video

    • we help manage the project and contribute to the design, tech, production, art, etc. LBI is the primary dev but we finance and contribute in many ways. Its a great partnership

  • That’s a sweet looking shirt. :p

    Anyways, game is looking great and I’m excited to see *possible* footage of Starhawk on Youtube or something. I’m excited to see the improvements from pre-alpha to alpha.

    Keep up the work guys! You are definitely my favorite developer at the moment (since I STILL love Warhawk :p).

  • @ Harvard Bonin

    that sounds beast!

    nice use of powerful resources, oh this game is shaping up to take my PS3 hostage

    visuals look insane and all that on screen action OMG awesome!!!!

  • This game looks amazing the visual style idea the gameplay the graphics plus many modes and the build in battle looks like an innovative idea. I can tell this game looks like is going to be wroth every penny plus the campaign is going to be decent length and co-op mode to> Look forward to seeing more the people at Ligthbox are brilliant :D

  • I have a recommendation on the space battles for the developers/creators of Starhawk,
    – The “land” areas could be placed around but not in the center.
    – The center should be empty of any land mass and be a great place for dogfights.

    This great is looking to be great! I have played Warhawk when it was about a year or so old and it was a great game to play! Those were the times it was all I would play. I am really looking forward to Starhawk and I have already preordered it because I know that it will be amazing and even better than Warhawk!

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