The Next Evolution for PlayStation Home Coming Fall 2011

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The Next Evolution for PlayStation Home Coming Fall 2011

Hi everyone. I’ve got some huge news for you.

As you know, we’ve been working hard to fill PlayStation Home with hundreds of games – everything from pool tables and dart boards to full-on space shooters like Novus Prime: Escalation, zombie slashers like Dead Island Zombie Survivor, and massive online racing games like Sodium 2: Project Velocity. Today we are excited to announce a complete redesign of the heart of PlayStation Home to reinforce our evolution into the ultimate social game platform on consoles today. This redesign will connect you with the world of hundreds of games in Home faster and better than ever before.

Coming in Fall 2011, this new core experience for PlayStation Home features a “hub and districts” design that will help you find games, people and places that fit your favorite game genres. The design features a new Hub that integrates games, quests, community events, and user-generated content, while providing you with additional navigation, shopping, socialization and entertainment options.

playstation home map

The new, futuristic Hub (shown below) brings an ever changing roster of games right to the center of Home, including Cogs from Codename: Lazy 8 Studios which will be featured front and center on day one. The Hub will also feature a new Activity Board filled with games to play, rewards to be won, a new UGC events system, and cool stuff to discover.

PlayStation Home - Hub

Powering this Activity Board is a massive new questing system that literally transforms Home itself into a game if you so choose. From frequently updated community activities to huge, branching narrative adventures, this questing system will provide game play options delivered to you in ways never before imagined.

Additionally, surrounding the Hub will be districts based on game genres to suit your mood. Whether you want an intense, in-your-face experience, or a more chill, laid-back environment, these districts will be packed with games and navigation points leading you to content that suits your style.

PlayStation Home - Action

  • With a gritty, urban aesthetic reminiscent of a first-person shooter level, the Action District (shown above) is the perfect destination for gamers looking for action, shooter and horror games.
  • Come experience the outside-the-stadium feel of Sportswalk, which features up-to-the-minute major league sports scores, headlines and highlights, and sports-themed games.
  • Enter a lush beachfront jungle full of sights to see and adventure-themed games to discover in the Adventure District.

PlayStation Home - Pier Park

  • Pier Park (shown above) is your destination for carnival, puzzle, outdoor and arcade games, featuring a waterfront boardwalk, Ferris wheel and a fun party zone that is linked to dedicated indie and arcade game spaces.
  • On top of all this great news, I’m excited to announce that we are going to upgrade Home’s core client to provide a streamlined initial user experience, getting you in and playing games faster than ever before. This upgrade will be deployed as a separate release from the redesign, and together they will underscore PlayStation Home’s evolution into a world filled with hundreds of games ready for you to play, making Home the ultimate social game platform on consoles.

    We hope you’re as excited about PlayStation Home’s new core experience as we are!

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  • nice, going back with original design…. i dont know if its too much work but is there a way to have everyone on the same network (NA,EU,JP,ect.) then have a translator auto translate so everyone can communicate together?

  • OMG such a great idea guys I like /LOVE and cant wait for this thanx a LOT :D

  • And all this time, I thought Jack Buser went into hiding. Thanks for sharing this wonderful news!

    • Yep I’m here ;)

      I’ve been DEEP into this project as well as a few others we haven’t announced yet, so you haven’t seen me post in the forums lately. If you look closely, I’ll “like” posts in there every once in a while to let y’all know I’m still reading every thread…

      P.S. For those of you new to Home, be sure to check out the forums. We’re in there every day listening and gathering feedback for development. We can’t do everything everyone asks for, but if we hear enough people ask for something, we’ll certainly try to make it happen! Here’s the link:

  • This is great and all for this that care about HOME but how about an XMB redesign, cross game chat, speed improvements, more apps for services like YouTube are something.

  • We’ll probably have to pay $99.99 for the privilege of experiencing this amazing new development by Sony, like the Move Controller ‘SDK’.

  • looks kool but i want to be able to punch random ppl walking around. im 23 and that would get my ratings for home higher. talking crap only goes so far, i wanna knee someone in the groan.

  • So PS.Home will be out of beta by then right?

  • And i guess you gave up on the trophy room. -_-

  • While you guys r out reconstructing everything add an idea building . A place where home goers can vote on ideas and document their ideas. It’s like the community forums share your idea post ,but specifically for home. This way voting for home ideas won’t be overshadowed by the ps3 functionality issues. Yup a town hall or capital hill we the people could hold meetings or press conferences with associates from pshomes business tycoons or game developers about upcoming and exclusive pshomes content…. On another note it doesn’t matter I’m very pleased to see all new stuff headed our way thanks guys , keep up the good work.

  • Things this needs:

    1. trophy support for the games.
    2. Cross platform play/experience with the Vita.

    If Sony doesn’t do this, they have really missed the boat.

  • also – allow for sub accounts to be changed into master accounts.

  • omg everything looks amazing cant wait to enter the hub this fall good job home team

  • when is this coming

  • Nice!!! Looks great, and what about our apartments? will they stay or what?

  • come on jack. the elephant in the room.. will you be able at some point, earn trophys buy using home ? playing home game and so on?

  • so when is this coming will there be a date when its coming

  • Since I’m ranting about home add a feature to make avatars disappear so that Mr. Pain of Sarrow up there doesn’t have to get suspended for fighting with trollish noob pervs.

  • Wow now this looks completely awesome! Can’t wait to check it out when it goes live. Keep up the great work!!!

  • I stopped using PS HOME some time ago, it just held nothing for me anymore, will this tempt me back, yes definitely, but unless I missed it where’s the PS Plus Area for the US/NA, the UK/EU has had one for ages, where’s ours?

  • P.S. I’ll be waiting for the servers to crash on the first day its opened because too many people are trying to get in at once lol!

  • Jack I’m so excited about the Home expansion! this is like getting 5 CP’s in exchange for our current one. hopefully we will see some PS+ integration when this goes live, I love home goodies and want my membership to go further when I do my shopping there. will this be global? will we see more of the global community when this happens? I really hope so, I have friends around the world and would love to share more than my apartments with them. Thank you and everybody else who is making this happen! :)

  • I’ll give it another go.

  • i have bn havin trouble gettin ps home to stay loaded up or updated am i doin something wrong?

  • Looking good, Mr. Buser. The Action District reminds me of my hometown where I grew up. And believe me, there was a lot of action.

    It’s great seeing Home continue to grow. While becoming more like a game, it will still retain it’s excellent social and communication aspect. The primary reasons I am a part of Home. Bravo!

  • The first image of the hub was leaked like 2 years ago. I remember seeing it in a post on the forums here before it turned into garbage…

  • I hate repeat what others have said already, but it’s time to bring Home to life! Where is Netflix? What happened to our old Netflix? What about watching Netflix with friends? XBOX Live has it, why not Home? You would bring in a lot of people to Home if we can watch movies with our friends. With this whole new design, we need and want Sony to out do Microsoft!

  • ill be patiently waiting for the awesomeness. never really been into the home thing but this may get me to give it another go.

  • + FOUR95NATIVE on August 23rd, 2011 at 9:00 am said:
    “While you guys r out reconstructing everything add an idea building . A place where home goers can vote on ideas and document their ideas. It’s like the community forums share your idea post ,but specifically for home.”

    We do have a forum specifically for Home. It includes a monthly suggestion thread and a board to discuss and expand on those suggestions. Many things we have in Home came from ideas shared by the community.

  • I say fix featured game nights!!!

    Ok as we all know teh featured games are supopsed to be from 6pm to 10pm (CST)… my first tim edoing it a few weeks ago to play you dont know jack, the gamehosts were there at teh deisgnated time we fplayed once we found people ok that went fine… last weke however when Uncharted 2 was a featured game the gamehost was an hour and 30 mins later…. we ddidnt find many ppl but we finally played 2-3 hours AFTER the event was supposed to start due to the gamehost being late…

    and finally yesterday when the game was modnation racers.. i show up to play online as usual…. and the gamehost NEVER shows up AT ALL.. not even late.. just plan no show… why have a time span for these events if they gamehosts will show up late or even worse not at all? I can understand late as the gamehosts are volunteers and not getting paid but not at all? So those of us who go to the gamers lounge expecting to play and not just flirt/try to cyber with girls who are most likely really men, get shafted and end up wasting our time…

  • I agree with Post 60. These games need to have trophies. It would be great if our friends can see our stats in these new games as well. I think we should be able to recommend these games to a friend as well and when they click on the message it launches them into HOME and into the game.

  • surely Sony could find out if their gamehost is gonna either be late or no show and have another volunteer take their place so that those of us who were waiting get to do what it was we came there to do. right?


  • I love the way things are looking. As I have always said, “Home will continue grow and expand.” Thank you, Mr. Buser. Bravo!

  • I think this is exactly what PlayStation Home needs, some content updates that’ll make Home more of a game. I am looking forward to it! Still, the thing I really want to know is what happened to the Trophy Room (already mentioned in this thread, but still) and the Steampunk Space? A core update like this is great and everything, but what about the stuff you already promised us?

  • New Home coming out soon but where does that leave the personal spaces we’ve bought (for some of us) over the years? And the costumes that we’re bought or earned? Will we be keeping them also?

  • I’m starting to get back into Home so this is welcome news.


  • Yeah yeah Whatever…
    Still.. there is no ps home for Mexico, probably it will never ever release here
    So whatever your focus for the next evolution means it, doesn’t involves a bigger community.

  • This looks awesome in a can

  • Great news! Glad to see there are quests now; a reason to play Home!

  • I’m very excited for this update, but I’ll still kinda miss the current Home experience, from the Home Plaza, Theater, Bowling Alley, and Mall in the “center” of Home. Obviously shopping will still remain, but will aspects of the older experience come along to the revamped version? For example: Chess, bowling, pool, arcade games, theaters, specifically the community theater, etc?

    Time to log into PS Home to take in and savor the old Plaza and other spaces before that all changes (for yet another time!)…

  • + frankma1962 on August 23rd, 2011 at 9:29 am said:
    “New Home coming out soon but where does that leave the personal spaces we’ve bought (for some of us) over the years? And the costumes that we’re bought or earned? Will we be keeping them also?”

    Everything we’ve collected will still be available to us to use, look at and hang out in. There is no need to worry about that.

  • Needs trophies, how cool would it be to see what your friends have been doing inside Home? Home NEEDS them, then you will get the userbase you want.

  • I’m very excited! Looking forward to it! Ahh! Yay! Woot!

  • Fantastic news, Jack! Can’t wait to experience it!

  • Jack Buser: There a great many issues that have been ignored on home for far too long. Firstly the lack of moderation. Home has long been a service aimed almost entirely at Perverts & Pedophiles. I cant be on home more than 5 minutes without witnessing numerous instances of sexual harassment, stalking, verbal abuse & threats against not only the few women on home but against children. How many times must be said before you clue in to the fact that THIS IS NOT ACCEPTABLE! When I started home 2 years ago there were some mods present, at least during business hours warning then dealing with the harassers. Now it’s the complete opposite, the only recourse is the report feature which more often than not fails with the laughable “server error” which in fact does NOT submit a report (hence it reports the ERROR). When it does work its more often abused by those doing the harassment in an attempt to get their victims banned, which happens far too frequently.

  • AWSOME!!, but the theater, the mall, central plaza is all going to be gone??

  • This is quite exciting :)
    What about the Bowling Alley? Will it still be intact and the same? Or will it be remodeled? What about the Echochrome and Ice Breaker arcade games in the Bowling Alley?
    *attempts to rip hair out, but is none to grab*

  • Cool. I’ve been away from Home for a while (mainly due to the weirdos.) Was just curious, are the actual avatars going to be getting an update too? Concerned that older avatars in a new environment might look a little off. Thanks!

  • Can you please add more hair styles for black people, the ones you have are not good at all. I think you should make the avatars look more cartoon like………they look way too realistic and creepy.

    Also cant you make HOME be a part of your profile page (on the XMB) along with the trophies? this would get way more people involved. come on Sony! do it.

  • Also, is every core space being changed and upgraded? Like the Gaming Lounge? Because that needs a redesign too, well in my opinion it does.

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